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Independence, CA Author Publishes Novel

Her Crown of Light, a new book by Norma I. Brandt, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

What tears family members and friends apart? Religion? Money? Infidelity? Murder? Maybe a better question is what can bring us together. Norma I. Brandt believes it is forgiveness through unconditional love! In a story that spans two continents and several families, Brandt explores the reasons behind the bonds we share with each other.

About the Author:
A native of Minnesota, Norma I. Brandt served her local community in choral and instrumental music, and later in several military installations in the United States and overseas. She is an accomplished musician and educator, teaching all grade school levels. She moved to an administrative role as principal later in her career. In her retirement years, she has turned to the joys and delights of writing. Every year, Norma bakes Scandinavian delicacies from old family recipes, puts on her Santa Lucia crown and gives plates of cookies to her family and friends to usher in the Christmas season.

Her Crown of Light is a 330-page paperback with a retail price of $52.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-3154-1. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at

Jessica Stillwell
Dorrance Publishing

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Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Training is now available Online

May 31, 2017 – As the Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup industry continues to become mainstream, and industry leaders recognize the importance of quality training for their technicians, NIDS has made training accessible and affordable by creating two new online programs.

The first is their full Crime and Trauma Scene BioRecovery Technician Course, complete with photos, diagrams, narration and videos. The second is their abbreviated refresher course for those who just need an update or an extension of their certification. Either online course can be taken at the student’s own schedule and pace.

Students who don’t have the time, ability, or finances to travel and be away from home or work for a week can now learn from the comfort and convenience of home. Quizes throughout the course ensure that the student understands the material and upon successfully passing with an overall score of 78%, will receive their certificate of training, and join the other graduates from around the world who provide this important service. More information is available at

Cheryl Berg
National Institute of Decontamination Specialists

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Cave Hollywood Posts Harvey Kubernik’s Interview, “Travis Pike’s Career Re-launch Celebrates the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love.”

May 31, 2017 – You’d expect Kubernik’s Cave Hollywood pictorial interview to focus mainly on Pike’s music, and it does, detailing a 45 vinyl single by UK-based State Records of “Watch Out Woman” and “The Way That I Need You,” both from the 1966 movie, “Feelin’ Good,” and DeeJay Rob Bailey’s release of Travis Pike’s Tea Party’s Summer of Love single, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” and its flip side, “The Likes of You,” both due for release this summer. “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” is already out on Bailey’s latest compilation album, “Le Beat Bespoké 7,” and State Records is already getting UK and Continental airplay for “Watch Out Woman.”

It’s not surprising that, with all the excitement generated by the overseas recordings and airplay, an enterprising American DeeJay would step forward and invite Travis to appear on his program – and one did. Tonight, at 9:00 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, Gary Schneider will be talking to Travis and playing a number of Travis’ recent recordings on his two-hour “Open Mynd Excursion” show on Luxuria Radio. Few, if any, of tonight’s recordings of Travis singing the original songs that made him a popular concert draw in his native New England, have ever been broadcast on American radio. In fact, apart from some rehearsals, none had ever been recorded for release to the public until Travis began recording them with his brother, Adam, in 2013. Should you miss tonight’s broadcast, the good news is, it will be posted online, so you will be able to tune to the show at a time more convenient for you. Of course, for those tuning in to the live show, the chat room will be open, and historically, Gary manages, somehow, to keep an eye on it, all through the show.

Kubernik’s comprehensive Cave Hollywood interview also discusses Pike’s approach to his music, his favorite and most memorable live performances from the sixties, and even touches on Pike’s “Changeling’s Return,” the current title of his proposed movie musical, first conceived in the seventies, then recorded in the progressive rock style popular in the mid-eighties. The story, set in the English Midlands and the supernatural realm of Morningstone, is about an American rock star, whose out-of-body experience, triggers a sudden and profound commitment to the environment, and a dramatic change in his music, its lyrical content, and purpose. Pike’s book, “Changeling’s Return,” introduced by still another Harvey Kubernik interview, presents the entire screenplay, and features a fascinating section Pike calls “His Secrets All Revealed” about its underlying European folklore, mythology, and the supernatural. Its re-mastered soundtrack album, “Mystical Encounter (Songs from Changeling’s Return),” is currently sold online and is available through select brick and mortar stores worldwide.

Travis Edward Pike
Otherworld Cottage Industries
323 733 1074

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The Link Between Commercial Truck Driving And Mental Health

Dallas, 05/30/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

You can run into many issues on the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is only now starting to tackle the issue of the link between commercial truck driving and mental health. While you may be wondering why that is a big issue, the fact is that truck drivers face a number of challenges that can affect how they perform behind the wheel and that affects other motorists on the road.

“I think you’re starting to see more focus on the mental and physical well being of commercial truck drivers,” stated Dallas Truck Wreck Attorney Amy Witherite of the personal injury firm of Eberstein Witherite, LLP. “Commercial truck drivers are placed under significant stress, because they are constantly worried about making delivery times, they are subjected to physical strain and they spend hours upon hours alone in the cab of a truck. We really need to pay attention to their needs, so we can help their mental outlook and help to lower the number of truck accidents.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ lays out in the Occupational Outlook Handbook that commercial truck drivers often operate their vehicles for 14 hours a day, with 11 hours of actual driving and three hours of safety inspections and paperwork.

Because truck drivers are paid per-mile, and not per hour, every minute they spend idling in traffic or waiting at a shipping dock for workers to load goods is a minute in which they are not paid.

As a result, some truck drivers will lie in their logbooks and claim that they were resting, when they were actually on the road, desperate to reach their destination because of a delay.

PTSD and Truck Drivers

One of the most difficult aspects of commercial truck driving occurs after a driver has been involved in an accident. In an article published by The Atlantic, they spoke with drivers that were mentally affected by a truck wreck.

“Being in a wreck –– or even seeing one –– can cause enough stress and anxiety to become a diagnosable mental illness, like acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And with jobs that keep them away from their communities for such long stretches of time, many truckers lack the social support that could otherwise help them cope,” one driver stated.

Too often, social media platforms are the only place where they can trade stories and vent their frustrations with people who can understand exactly what they are talking about. This is especially helpful after truck drivers have witnessed an accident that shakes them up, because it is a safe forum for them to express their fears without being judged.

Drivers describe in detail the combination of exhaustion, the mental stress of ensuring that a delivery schedule is met and the anxiety of witnessing an accident or being involved in an accident that can cause PTSD in some commercial truck drivers.

PTSD is often diagnosed in soldiers returning from battle, but health care experts have also identified PTSD in some professions like commercial truck driving. Common PTSD symptoms include panic attacks, lack of focus and sleep difficulties, which echo what drivers described on social media channels.

Perhaps a truck driver who goes by the moniker ‘Maddog Trucker,’ says it best on his trucking blog:

“The sad reality some truckers have witnessed, and live with, is the screams they hear every night in [their] nightmares,” he writes. “Those screams are from a young child much like your own, pulled from the wreckage beside her dead mother killed by an ignorant trucker that couldn’t stop in time and crashed. No freight is worth your life and regardless of any situation, it’s not worth going home in a body bag.”

Getting You Back On Your Feet

“From personal experience, I know how emotional and devastating it is to be hurt in a truck wreck,” stated Amy Witherite. “That’s why our firm treats our clients like family members and takes care of the person like they are one of our own. We know getting compensation for our clients is very important, but most important is restoring your body and spirit, and that’s what we do best.”

Truck wrecks can stop your life in its tracks, which is why the team of lawyers, investigators and support staff at 1-800-Truck-Wreck are committed to keep your life running after you’ve been hurt in a truck accident.  Give us a call at 1 (800) Truck Wreck for a free consultation if you’ve been hurt in a wreck.

Media Contact

Lucy Tiseo

Eberstein Witherite, LLP

Phone: 800-878-2597


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Beware Of Trailers This Summer Warns Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Philadelphia, PA, USA, 05/30/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

The trailers you see just aren’t of the tractor-trailer variety. As the weather warms, more and more people will be towing campers, boats and horse trailers. If improperly driven, equipped or poorly maintained these trailers can pose a deadly threat on our highways and streets. Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear says drivers need to be wary of these vehicles and be prepared in case the unexpected happens.

Causes of towing accidents include overloading the camper or trailer, the towing vehicle isn’t powerful enough to safely tow it, tires burst because they haven’t been inflated or replaced as needed and poor driving technique. Other causes can include jackknifing when braking, the trailer swaying, poorly matched equipment and unbalanced loads. The United Kingdom’s Highway Agency has these suggestions to avoid these problems for anyone towing something,

Do a final maintenance check before your trip, especially if what you’re towing hasn’t moved all year,

Check the vehicle and trailer tires (including the spares) to make sure they’re in safe condition and properly inflated,

Make sure the loads in the towed and towing vehicles are secure, that the weight is evenly distributed and not excessive,

Be aware that driving with a trailer is different than just driving the vehicle, especially the longer braking distances and slower acceleration,

Use extended mirrors if you’re towing a wider trailer to make sure you have clear and sufficient visibility of the trailer and of other vehicles on the road, and

If you need to pull over in an emergency make sure you have enough space to safely do so.

GMC has these safety tips for towers,

Learn the towing capacity of your vehicle and make sure it’s capable of handling the weight of what you’re towing. If you exceed the towing limit it can result in dangerous handling, insufficient braking or serious vehicle damage. You should also make sure your trailer hitch is capable of handling your trailer’s loaded weight.

If you’re carrying extra passengers or cargo, factor in the trailer and make sure you’re not asking your vehicle to transport too much weight. Look at the gross vehicle weight (GVW) and the gross combination weight rating (GCWR) ratings and ensure your vehicle doesn’t exceed them.

Check your trailer lights. Make sure the tail lights and marker lamps on your trailer function. Without them other drivers will have a hard time seeing your trailer, especially at night.

Check your trailer’s brakes. Smaller, lighter trailers may not need brakes but campers and heavier trailers, or those designed to carry heavier loads like boats, normally incorporate a trailer brake system. Make sure the emergency “breakaway” cable is attached to your vehicle. If the trailer disconnects from the hitch, it’s designed to trigger the trailer brakes to quickly bring it to a stop.

If you’ll be towing anything this summer, take these steps to make sure that you, your passengers and everyone else on the road gets to their destination safely. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident because a driver didn’t do the right things and negligently drove his or her vehicle and trailer, don’t wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Protect your rights- visit us on the web or call Philadelphia and New Jersey car accident lawyer Rand Spear today at 877-GET-RAND.


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What Is Obstruction Of Justice?

Dallas, TX, USA, 05/30/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing something about President Trump and the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Whatever your political leanings, it can be unsettling to hear people talk about high-ranking officials, including the president, interfering with a criminal investigation.

The media has tossed around phrases like “obstruction of justice,” but what does this mean, exactly? Here’s a brief overview of obstruction of justice and what could happen if you’re charged with it.

Obstruction of Justice Defined

As the New York Times points out in their article, “What is Obstruction of Justice? An Often Murky Crime Explained,” obstruction of justice is something of a “murky” crime. This is because there are several federal statutes that address it.

Furthermore, not all behaviors that constitute obstruction of justice are clear-cut or concrete. In many cases, it’s up to prosecutors to prove that an individual’s actions or behavior were intended to interfere with, obstruct, or quell an investigation or criminal proceeding.

For example, obstruction of justice can be definitive in certain cases — destroying evidence like recordings (as Nixon did in the Watergate Scandal) or killing a witness. These are clear and obvious examples of someone willfully and intentionally getting in the way of the criminal justice system for their own benefit.

In other cases, however, things are less black and white. In the Comey firing case, many have pointed out that the president has the discretion and authority to hire and fire government officials. It’s part of the job description.

The issue boils down to what motivated the firing. As the article states, “Obstruction of justice cases often come down to whether prosecutors can prove defendants’ mental state when they committed the act…” In other words, prosecutors must find evidence of a specific intention to impede a criminal investigation or other proceeding.

This means that a person — whether a president or a regular citizen — can do something that’s perfectly legal, but if they undertake the action with the intent to interfere with the law, they can be charged with obstruction of justice.

What If You Are Charged with Obstruction of Justice?

Obstruction of justice is a charge that’s usually partnered with a list of other charges. However, in some cases prosecutors charge an individual with obstruction of justice if they don’t have enough evidence to file charges for other crimes. In either case, it’s imperative to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you’re facing an obstruction of justice charge. The penalties for a conviction are serious and could cost you your freedom.

Obstruction of justice is a serious charge, but it’s also a “murky” one, which means prosecutors have a tough job. If there are holes in their case, an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can find them.

Media Contact:

Attorney John Helms –  Dallas Federal Crime Lawyer

12240 Inwood Rd #220, Dallas, TX 75244

(214) 666-8010  Available 24/7


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Instant Callers Founders Proudly Sponsor Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Historic Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, California

Instant Callers, a relative newcomer to the 150 year old Gaslamp Quarter of historic downtown San Diego, has pledged sponsorship of a fiberglass rabbit sculpture for the Gaslamp Quarter’s Public Art Installation “Rabbitville”.

Instant Callers Founders Proudly Sponsor Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Historic Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, California

San Diego, California, United States – May 31, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Instant Callers, along with Coca-Cola, Ghirardelli, and District 3 City Councilman Chris Ward’s office, have each sponsored one of 15 fiberglass rabbit sculptures that will be used to memorialize the 150th Anniversary of downtown San Diego’s founding settlement. Back in 1867, this settlement was affectionately referred to as “Rabbitville”, due to the preponderance of rabbits in the area, but it is now known as the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego.

The Gaslamp Quarter Association announced the launch of this year-long celebration earlier this year to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of their National Historic District. The celebration will include several special events and a public art installation of the 15 rabbits, each uniquely decorated by a different commissioned artist, to memorialize the occasion.

The Honorable Kevin L. Faulconer, Mayor, City of San Diego proclaimed May 24th the official 150th Anniversary of the Gaslamp Quarter. “It is remarkable that in only a century and a half we were able to grow into the commercial core of America’s eighth largest city,” says, Michael Trimble, Executive Director of the Gaslamp Quarter Association. The Gaslamp Quarter Association is working in conjunction with the Downtown San Diego Partnership Clean and Safe program to make this unique public art installation possible.

Having recently selected the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego as the city for their national headquarters, President of Instant Callers, John Ramirez was quoted as saying, “At Instant Callers, we felt it was important to support such a historic occasion in order to become more connected within the community in which we live, work, and play.”

Instant Callers has seen overwhelming support since dedicating their sculpture to the very businesses that make up the vibrant and thriving Gaslamp Quarter community. Committing significant resources to the effort, Instant Callers has begun collecting business cards, mementos, and memorabilia from businesses throughout the Gaslamp Quarter, while working with managers and owners alike to develop campaigns aimed at driving new business to the district.

Instant Callers is eager to see the other corporations, community groups, merchants or even private citizens sponsor a rabbit in order to help raise funds for a proposed capital improvement project to re-light Fifth Avenue.

The Gaslamp Quarter extends from Broadway to Harbor Drive, and from 4th to 6th Avenue, covering 16½ blocks. It includes 94 historic buildings, most of which were constructed in the Victorian Era, and are still in use with active tenants including businesses, merchants, restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

About Instant Callers
Instant Callers, LLC is a performance based lead generation company with six offices across the country, including their national headquarters based in downtown San Diego, CA.

Specializing in performance based marketing, Instant Callers is a referral based service that provides businesses with inbound leads via telephone. Instant Callers is the leader in over 66 verticals and specializes in unique industries like Addiction Treatment, Home Services, and Local Business.

For more information on the Rabbitville Art Installation – please contact:
Erin Liddell / Gaslamp Association Marketing Director

Photo Caption: (L to R) John Zakharia of Instant Callers, Michael Trimble of the Gaslamp Quarter Association, and John Ramirez of Instant Callers


Contact Info:
Name: James Hickey
Organization: Instant Callers LLC
Address: 311 Fourth Ave. Suite 309, San Diego, California 92101
Phone: (888) 309-8995

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Tummy Control Shapewear High Waist Body Shaper Women Panties Launched

BigEasyStores, a company providing fitness clothing and accessories, launched an updated collection of women shapewear. The new body control underpants feature stainless steel boning for improved posture, ultra high waist design and thicker materials.

Tummy Control Shapewear High Waist Body Shaper Women Panties Launched

Las Vegas, United States – May 31, 2017 /PressCable/

BigEasyStores, a company specializing in shapewear and fitness accessories, announced an update of its popular collection of women’s high waist shapewear. Featuring a durable construction, thicker materials and a higher waist, the new collection aims to provide quality body shaper panties for various body types and sizes.

More information can be found at… and…

Shapewear has become a popular alternative for anyone looking to improve their body contour or fit various types of clothes for special occasions.

BigEasyStores provides a large collection of body shapers, yoga pants and fitness accessories. The company has recently updated its women body control underpants collection to increase durability and body shaping properties.

The new BigEasyStores tummy control underpants features stainless steel boning for improved posture and body control. Ultra high waist underpants tend to roll down – the stainless steel boning of the BigEasyStores underpants is designed to prevent such situations while also helping the wearer develop a correct body posture.

Another improvement over previous models is the use of thicker materials. This increases wearing comfort and improves stomach and waist control while also maintaining the natural lightness of thinner fabrics.

Finally, the new BigEasyStores underpants are designed to cover more of the waist. The ultra high waist design represents a departure from previous models, in an effort to respond to the latest customer demands.

The company announced that it will continue its efforts to improve the original design of their shapewear, with new models and additional features being currently under research.

“Our company has worked hard over the last eight months in researching for a perfect product for our customers. Series of tests have been made to come up with a product that can give our customers 100% satisfaction. Our products are designed based on customer feedback and it is exciting to see the reactions of our customers on the innovations we made for this product.”, said Rick Neeley, CEO of BigEasyStores.

Interested parties can find more information at:

Contact Info:
Name: Rick Neeley
Organization: BigEasyStores
Address: 1155 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, United States

Source: PressCable

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Keiser University Develops Joint Degree Program at Shanghai Campus in China

Keiser University, in partnership with the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College, has developed a joint degree program along with access to Shanghai’s Big Data Lab.

Keiser University Develops Joint Degree Program at Shanghai Campus in China

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States – May 31, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Keiser University will begin offering the Associate of Science degree in Computer Technology with a concentration in data analysis (Associate of Science in Business Analytics) program in Shanghai, China. The joint degree program is in partnership with the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College (SICFL) and is approved by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education to enroll 80 students this fall. The government’s approval is significant because of the process students go through during and after high school to enroll in college. For those who passed the entrance requirement, the ministry will allocate students to colleges and degree programs.

The Shanghai campus of Keiser University is located in the Nanhui Technical and Educational Park. “Through Keiser University’s agreement with SICFL, Keiser University students will have joint access to the approximately 50-acre campus. This site offers 200 classroom facilities, 14 computer labs, multiple offices, meeting and conference rooms, and a 600,000 volume multi-functional library,” shared Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor and CEO.

One of the interesting features of the program is its Big Data Lab located at the Shanghai off-campus site. The laboratory is a modern classroom and multi-functional study-center equipped with an instructor-controlled multimedia presentation system and interactive desktop computer system for each student participant. The purpose of the Big Data Lab is to provide students with hands on instruction in big data analysis and problem solving. The large auditorium consists of a comfortable desk station for each student featuring a computer with wireless internet access and a system that projects the instructor’s presentation and other applications directly on the student’s computer screen. Advance software applications provide enhanced student-instructor interaction for data collection, analysis, and application in business case study analysis. This laboratory has been invaluable in the delivery of the business analytics courses contained in the program.

One of the foci of the programmatic initiatives of Keiser University located at the Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College is to combine the language focus of the Shanghai institution with business administration education in a model that closely resembles the American model, initially in Mandarin and gradually adding instruction in English so as to eventually graduate bilingual Chinese nationals who have received an American baccalaureate business administration degree.

For 40 years, Keiser University has been a talent development leader providing over 100 doctoral through associate degrees in workforce shortage areas in Florida’s targeted industries. The “students first” philosophy combines soft skills, leadership preparation, financial literacy, student support services including tutoring, writing and math labs, monitored learning gains, and convenient scheduling options for working adults.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS), visited the Shanghai location in February of this year and re-affirmed the location’s accreditation status.

About Keiser University:
Keiser University, co-founded by Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor in 1977, is a private, not-for-profit University serving nearly 20,000 students offering 100 degrees at the doctoral through associate level on 18 Florida campuses, online and internationally, employing 3,800 staff and faculty.

Ranked #23 by US News & World Report in its 2017 Best Regional Colleges South category, Keiser University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award certificates and degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, specialist, and doctoral levels. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Keiser University.

For additional information regarding Keiser University, visit

Photo Caption: Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor and CEO of Keiser University

Contact Info:
Name: Kimberly Dale
Organization: Keiser University
Address: 1500 Northwest 49th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Phone: (954) 849-5304

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Digital Strategy Announces New Web Services Discount Codes

The site is showing visitors how to get GoDaddy’s premium domain and web hosting services at much lower prices, reports

Chantilly, VA – May 31, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Digital Strategy, a premier online resource for business owners who want to win in the online arena, recently announced the publication of their newest web services discount codes. This month, the site is focusing on GoDaddy’s services and giving readers the opportunity to get web hosting, domain names, and other offerings from the company at a significantly lower price. All discount codes are available via the Digital Strategy website at

“With worldwide internet usage at an all-time high, many business owners are starting to understand the importance of having a solid presence online. Having a great website means having the potential to market to a larger segment of your target audience, and it all starts with the simple act of getting a domain name and a reliable web hosting service. As a website that has dedicated ourselves to helping businesses succeed online, it’s only right that we also provide access to the tools they need to make it happen,” said Chris Jameson of Digital Strategy.

The GoDaddy discount codes available from the Digital Strategy team include $0.99 domain names, website hosting for $1 per month, and a coupon for 30 percent off of all new products from GoDaddy. Each discount code is exclusive to the Digital Strategy website and can be used alongside the site’s online marketing tips and tricks to build an effective web presence for businesses and individuals in a plethora of niches and industries.

Jameson continued, “Building a business and creating an online presence can be difficult, but GoDaddy strives to make it easy with their affordable domains and web hosting and their expanded line of business and website management products and services. The longest team looks forward to helping our readers take advantage of these tools so they can get on the path to creating the thriving business they’ve always dreamed of having.”

About Digital Strategy:

With a varied background that includes degrees in both computer science and intellectual property law, Digital Strategy author Brian Longest provides readers with practical online business advice on how to build sound digital strategies to take their business to the next level. Revealing the secrets he has learned during his 20 years starting, running, and raising venture capital for successful companies, Brian covers topics such as online website development, e-commerce, hosting, and domains.

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Jameson
Organization: Digital Strategy
Phone: (703) 996-4968

Source URL:

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