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Talisman Casualty Explains Their Tailored Claims Management Program

January 15, 2020 – – Las Vegas, Nevada based insurance specialist Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is reaching out to the wider community to explain their tailored claims management program. The specialized insurance company offers their clients an alternative risk transfer option for liability and property insurance. More information about the services provided by the company can be found at the following link: Talisman Casualty Claims.

A representative for Talisman Casualty Insurance Company says, “Everyone wants to keep their businesses insured, and the best way to do that is by retaining the services of an expert insurance company. At Talisman Casualty, we use a number of different claims management service providers to enable efficient claim processing for each of our cell programs. Delegated claims authority is only given to firms who have extensive claims management experience, know the local markets where claims are made and operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.”

The company claims that the advanced technology they use can bring efficiency to the claims process, allowing for more streamlining within the cell and giving participants a high standard of service. According to the insurance company, claims management of captive cells relies on state of the art claims technology that delivers immediate feedback of the overall impact of claims. Furthermore, the time needed to make adjustments can be decreased via the simple aggregation of data within a cell captive. Since claims account for the majority of a captive’s expenses, best practice claims management is one area in which Talisman Casualty distinguishes themselves from most traditional insurers.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is a captive insurance company. A ‘captive insurer’ is typically an insurance business that is completely controlled and owned by its own insureds. The main purpose of a captive insurer is to provide insurance to its owners, a partnership that offers many advantages to the latter. When being insured by a captive insurer, the insured companies are able to benefit from the underwriting profits of the captive insurer.

With over 7,006 captives licensed worldwide and a staggering $55 billion of global captive premium, Talisman Casualty Insurance Company has proved to be a reliable insurer. Within Nevada alone, the company has over 204 captives licensed and over $4 billion captive premium. “From the tremendously organized policies to the high quality claims process, we display professionalism in all that we do,” says the representative. “We are one of the most trusted insurance companies for clients looking to go with a legitimate provider and who don’t want someone cutting corners along the way.”

They continue, “Clients universally want one thing from any insurance provider: to sign up with a company that provides a quality policy, and they want to feel in control of each and every element of the claims process. No one wants to feel left out or confused during the process, which can happen with a lot of modern insurance providers. There is no need to worry about this with us, however. We offer clients exactly the type of control they desire when it is time to sign on the dotted line. We firmly believe that this control is essential, whether they are choosing specific features or making sure a given claim goes through as desired.”

The company is proud to boast that their team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked in insurance for many years. The representatives are all fully trained and qualified to handle the task, and their expertise can be seen in each step of the process, be it the initial consultation or the claims process. The representative stated, “If the goal is to go with the right provider and feel in control of your insurance policy, Talisman Casualty is your best option. The results you will see with us are guaranteed to be impressive from day one.”

Those who wish to learn more about Talisman Casualty Insurance Company and the various services they provide can find more information on the company’s website. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with them directly via email, phone, or the contact form on their website. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company also maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates and communicate with their clients. Further details about the company can also be found at the following link: Talisman Casualty Licensing.


For more information about Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, contact the company here:

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company
Talisman Casualty Insurance Company
7881 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite 210 Las Vegas, NV 89117

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Charlotte Document Management Provider Announces a Significant Investment in New Information Management Software

January 15, 2020 – – Record Storage Systems, a leader in document storage and information management services, recently announced a significant investment in new information management software. The new software will offer notable enhancements to the company’s already established records inventory management, operations and transportation, and customer service processes. This Charlotte, North Carolina document management provider has a history of innovative updates and enhancements that enable them to remain a leader in the industry. The significant software investment affirms their commitment to remaining on the forefront of the information management landscape, while offering improvements in efficiency and automation that translate into more convenience and cost savings for the end user.

Claude Mitchell, Vice President, had this to say about purchasing the new information management software, “Without a doubt, the document management business is constantly changing when it comes to completing data-related tasks. At Record Storage Systems we feel this new software purchase shows our commitment to investments in new data management technology and operational improvements.” He added that the software will also help customers better adhere to government regulatory requirements through customized record retention and inventory control, and increased data security through improved client web access methods.

The newly purchased software will offer more transparency for customers throughout the document management workflow process — from new client onboarding and record retention planning, to file retrieval, record delivery, and finally document destruction. Record Storage Systems drivers will enjoy optimized route planning for record delivery and new box pickup, streamlined box scanning, electronic signature capture, and chain of custody tracking for files and boxes. Mitchell said the new software is making document management smarter and simpler for customers by giving them the ability to manage hard copy and digital records inventory, data protection, destruction dates, digital records requests, and more.

The software will be available for use in the first quarter of 2020, giving customers the opportunity to take advantage of the new features for the upcoming year and beyond. For more updates regarding the software launch, current customers and other interested parties can visit the company’s main website at

Record Storage Systems started its document services business in Charlotte, N.C in 1984. They are a privately held, full-service document management provider that specializes in lifecycle information management services. The company offers businesses a wide variety of data and document management solutions, including document storage, scanning, electronic management, and document shredding. A partnership with Record Storage Systems offers customers unparalleled industry experience, innovative solutions, and superior customer service.

For those that want to learn more about the document management services this North Carolina company offers, they can visit or their Facebook page.


For more information about Record Storage Systems, contact the company here:

Record Storage Systems
Claude Mitchell – Vice President
14620 Carowinds Boulevard
BLDG #12
Charlotte, NC 28273

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STD Dating Expert Releases New STD Dating Tips Post

January 15, 2020 – – Most people living with an STD have a hard time coping with life after diagnosis. Dating is normally a difficult task for most people and when an STD is involved, the process can be daunting. has been in the front line of providing positive singles with a platform where they can find friendship, companionship and romance. The site provides a platform for HIV dating, herpes dating, and HPV dating

According to the post, “If you have an STD, you might think that it is an end for your love life. You might be anxious and wonder if you can find love even when you have been diagnosed with an STD. You might even be scared that you will be misjudged or worry about passing on the disease to your new partner. But, if you look around, you should know that you are not alone. Here are some excellent tips that will allow you to explore dating with an STD.”

“There are also a couple of tips that anyone living with a lifelong STD can follow when they are dating to avoid disappointments and embarrassments, “STD is More Common than You Think. You might be worried that people will judge you if you try to date with an STD. The truth is that there might be cruel people out there, but not all of them are that way. Also, not everyone knows that they have STD, and it is the reason why it spreads. So, if someone judges you, ask them if they have ever been tested. When they realize how easily STD can be transmitted when a partner does not even know they have them, they are less likely to judge you.”

“Do Not Judge Yourself. If you have an STD, it should not define who you really are. Remember that you are not your disease and you have much more to offer to your partner. Dating can be fun, full of drama, pain and can even cause heartbreak. You should consider the disease just to one part of the total dating experience that you have to deal with. Also, sex is not the only criterion for why people date. You might be looking for someone who is interesting to you and with whom you share hobbies and interests. So, if you like someone, STD is just one factor that you will need to deal with.”

“Be Open About Your STD with Your Partner. If you happen to find someone with whom you connect to at different levels, you should disclose your condition before you have sex. It allows your partner to make a decision based on the risks and what they are comfortable with. If someone is really interested in you before they knew about your STD, they will surely be interested after you tell them about it. So, make sure that you tell them as early as possible in the relationship; otherwise, they might feel betrayed. Reduce the Risk. If you are scared of passing on STD to your partner, you should take measures to stop the spread. You can try suppressive therapy that reduces the number and the severity of the STD outbreaks. Make sure to use preventive measures such as condoms and dental dams to stop STD from spreading to your partner.”

For more information on STD dating, visit


For more information about, contact the company here:
Jack Lombardi
(855) 747-2031
Herpes dating website for people with herpes. Meet positive singles

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TNL Is Now Serving Ohio Residents Under Financial Duress

January 15, 2020 – – The Net Lender (TNL), a financial aid provider based out of California, recently opened a new location in Ohio in order to bring their services to local residents. The company allows customers across the United States to obtain easy financial aid using their car titles as collateral. More information about the company can be found at the following link:

The Net Lender says, “What with so many jobs being sent overseas, the economy in Ohio has seen a significant hit. Recent statistics actually show a steady downward trend, and its effects can be seen in all Ohio households. Given how bad the economy is, you might have already been affected. Perhaps your main water line broke and is flooding your home, and you need to get immediate cash to pay for the fixtures. Perhaps you’ve been hit with a medical emergency and need to pay for hospital bills but don’t have enough money on hand to cover the expenses. In such situations, it is always good to have a reliable option to reach out to.”

TNL continues, “If you’re looking for financial aid in Ohio and you’re running out of options, you might want to consider getting obtaining financial aid using your car title. We can help you get the cash you need to cover all your emergencies and personal needs with incredible ease. In fact, with The Net Lender, you can have money on hand on the same day you apply, and you can get approved for your financial aid in less than 15 minutes.” More information about The Net Lender’s Ohio location can be found at the following link: Auto Title Loan Columbus Ohio.

According to the Net Lender, getting financial aid using a car title in Ohio is a relatively simple process. Those who want to get financial aid simply need to own and possess the title to their car (as well prove that they are the sole owner of the vehicle). Depending on the vehicle’s resale market value, they’ll be able to get financial aid that can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $30,000 and more. While obtaining financial aid from banks requires a good credit history, no such thing is needed with The Net Lender. The only thing that matters is the vehicle’s value, which means that even those with poor credit score can still be eligible to get their loan.

The Net Lender has established themselves as a reputable company that provides reliable services. In a review found on the company’s website, Jeremiah Lutes says that the Net Lender restored his faith in financial aid companies. His review says, “I am the head of the household, and I know of the pressure one can get from bills and discrepancies in their credit. I used the car I bought before I got married, and it turned out to be such a lifesaver for me. I took out about half of what I was offered and wasn’t pressured any further. Thank you, and hopefully my car will be eligible again if need be.”

Meanwhile, on TrustPilot, where The Net Lender has a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars, Andy Jones says, “If you need financial aid using car titles, call this place and only this place. I was in desperate need of cash—I had some financial problems that I won’t get into. I called around a few places and was not getting much help, so I decided to call The Net Lender. I had a professional staff person explain the process and got financial aid the same day. I highly recommend this company.”

Those who wish to learn more about The Net Lender and the various services they provide can find more information on the company’s website. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch via email, phone, or the contact form on their website. The Net Lender also maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates and communicate with their customers. Further details about the financial aid agency can also be found at the following link:


For more information about The Net Lender, contact the company here:

The Net Lender
(888) 663-7074
The Net Lender

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Commercial Painting Company In Silicon Valley Provides Award-Winning Service

January 15, 2020 – –

Los Gatos, California based The Painting Pros is proud to announce that they are the very first painting contractor in the area to be recognized as ‘Certified Green’ by Green America. The company, which has more than 40 years of experience in the commercial painting industry, also holds the distinction of being a Lead Safe Regular Firm as well as a Diamond Certified awardee.

The Diamond Certified Award is given to local companies who consistently deliver the best and highest quality results and services. In order to receive the award, The Painting Pros passed a rigorous vetting process from the certifying agency, which randomly sampled around 400 of their past customers from whom they received a score of over 90% in quality and expertise.

The Painting Pros is a fully-insured and licensed painting contractor that services the greater Silicon Valley area. They are capable of handling all types of painting jobs for residential houses and commercial establishments alike. Additionally, the company prides themselves on having a team of painting professionals who are specially trained in the trade. They only use high-quality paints, primers, caulking, and spackle made by leading paint manufacturers.

“In addition to providing professional, high-quality painting work for our customers, we also ensure that the job will be finished on time and within the specified budget. With proven experience, quality results, and a solid reputation, you can’t go wrong by hiring The Painting Pros for your home or business,” says Cleve Dayton, founder and owner of The Painting Pros. Besides painting projects, Dayton states that they handle deck refinishing, light carpentry (trim installation and general repairs), and minor sheetrock repairs and texturing. The company also gives free advice and professional color consultation to customers to help them choose the correct paint colors for their homes or businesses. Interested parties may contact The Painting Pros to learn more about their wide range of services.

“We prioritize quality workmanship; that’s why we only employ professional and full-time painters. We also enforce strict quality control measures and ensure that all our materials are applied in accordance with the industry standards and manufacturer’s specifications,” Dayton says. He also asserts that The Painting Pros is committed to practicing safe and environmentally friendly standards. In fact, they use paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-containing substances that release harmful vapors and gases. They are also committed to recycling papers and plastics and are on their way to becoming a completely paperless company.

The Painting Pros is a trusted painting contractor in the greater San Francisco area, based on hundreds of positive pieces of feedback regarding their quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Dianne B., on, says, “I thought they had excellent service. It was very personal, the price was right, and I felt like I really got an excellent job. Everyone from the owner, Cleve, to each person who showed up to work on our job site was just excellent. They cleaned up everyday and our house was put back to normal at the end. They’ve done two jobs for us before; they did the interior and exterior of our house. Their work surpassed my expectations. I have pretty high expectations. The quality at the appropriate price, and the quality of the service and the paint was excellent. I think they did a great job.”

Meanwhile, in a 5-Star Google review, Julie Saffren says, “We have now worked with Cleve and his team on both exterior and interior painting of our home. We are so pleased with the results. Having painters in the house requires a level of professionalism and trust, and they exceeded expectations. Work was completed exactly on schedule and looks fantastic. Richard was especially pleasant to work with, and great at spotting and solving problems. Roshawn is a talented color specialist. She was great about keeping in touch by email and making sure the paint was exactly what we wanted and on site when needed. They also took great care of the newly refinished floors so the ‘big reveal’ at the end was terrific. Thank you, The Painting Pros.”

Complete details can be found on the company’s website. Alternatively, interested parties looking for a reliable company that offers residential and commercial painting in Silicon Valley may connect with The Painting Pros through their official social media pages to get started.


For more information about The Painting Pros, contact the company here:

The Painting Pros
Cleve Dayton
(408) 395-5815
14960 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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Dentist In South Arlington, Texas Continues To Improve The Quality Of Patient Care

January 15, 2020 – – South Arlington Smiles, a dental office based in Arlington, Texas, is proud to announce that they have acquired a new piece of equipment that will significantly improve the quality of their X-Ray imaging, allowing for a more accurate pre-surgical assessment of a patient’s condition. The clinic has been serving the community for several years, earning praise for striving to deliver services of the highest quality, with top-notch equipment and undisputed expertise among their dentists. Further information on the office’s dental treatments and the various procedures that they offer, is available here:

The newest addition to South Arlington Smiles’ equipment is a CBCT machine. The CBCT is known to be the gold standard in X-Ray imaging, providing pictures of the best quality that allow for a better and more accurate assessment of the patient’s dental condition. It is most commonly used as a pre-surgical tool in procedures such as dental implants and various other oral surgery treatments where a simple glance would not be enough to identify the underlying problems troubling a patient.

Dr. Talon Davis, owner and lead dentist at South Arlington Smiles, states, “While this was a significant financial investment, as this is a high-end piece of dental equipment that ranges anywhere from $90,000 to $150,000, the improvement of the images should be enough to make it worthwhile since we will no longer be limited by the quality of the X-Rays we can produce. At South Arlington Smiles, we are committed to the use of modern technology to expand our capabilities, so we see equipment such as this CBCT machine—which will allow us to treat patients with the most complete information possible—as a necessary investment for the sake of our patients and the overall improvement of our practice.”

The CBCT takes up to 600 different images as it scans around the head of the patient. Put together, these images give a complete 3-Dimensional view of the teeth, jaw, and other bones that would otherwise be difficult (if not impossible) to see, allowing for better diagnosis and assessment of the patient’s situation before moving onto surgery. Dr. Davis adds that the acquisition of this piece of equipment will have a significant impact on the patient’s experience, helping improve their quality of life.

He states, “This state-of-the-art CBCT machine allows for same-day implant placement in addition to finding new solutions to problems that can’t be seen on normal X-Rays. Overall, our patients will have at least one fewer appointment to make, allowing us to treat their condition sooner than we could have otherwise.”

The commitment that is shown by Dr. Davis and his office have always been a core foundation of the office’s services. They are known within the community for keeping their patient’s best interests at heart and working hard to educate them where necessary. The attention they pay their patients is what makes South Arlington Smiles one of Texas’ best-rated dental care offices, according to the office. They currently enjoy an outstanding review score of 4.9 out of 5 Stars on the Google platform.

Through this space, patients share their experience with Dr. Davis and express their gratitude for the personalized attention they were given. A recent testimonial written by Ben Nicholson states, “Liz and Becky at the front desk were very nice and helpful. Briana did a really good job with my X-Rays and cleaning. Painless and quick. I needed a filling replaced, and Dr. Davis and Jeanna had some time so they knocked it out real quick. I did not even feel the shot from Dr. Davis. I’ve been in the chair for all sorts of reasons throughout my life, and that was by far the most painless shot I’ve had. Work was done super quick, and I was on my way.”

The office’s website includes further information on the dental care treatments that South Arlington Smiles has to offer, as well as a thorough description of what patients may expect from an appointment. Interested parties may connect with the local office through their official Facebook page as well, where they interact with their patients, and share any news that may be of relevance. Visit their Facebook page here:


For more information about South Arlington Smiles, contact the company here:

South Arlington Smiles
Dr. Talon Davis
4412 Matlock Rd Suite 200, Arlington, TX 76018

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Re Emergence of Black Lung in Mining Industry and Preventative Measures

January 15, 2020 – – Global Road Technology (GRT) has announced that black lung disease, which started to reappear a few years ago, has now re-emerged as a major problem for both miners and mine operators.

Long term exposure to coal dust can lead to a potentially fatal disease called pneumoconiosis. Pneumoconiosis is one of a group of interstitial lung diseases caused by breathing in certain kinds of dust particles that damage the lungs. It is categorized as an occupational lung disease because these dust are encountered only in workplaces such as the coal industry.

When pneumoconiosis started to appear once again, Andrew Vickers, the national president of one of Australia’s biggest unions, the CFMEU, was quoted as saying, “…we are seeing a re-occurrence of the disease, and terribly debilitating disease and a murderous disease that we thought we had eradicated from the industry. It is just not good enough.”

The disease is more commonly known as “black lung” because those who have contracted the disease have lungs that look black rather than the normal healthy pink that they should be. There are two forms of black lung disease. The first, simple black lung, sometimes known as coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (CWP), has few symptoms and the prognosis is relatively good.

The second form though is not so simple and the prognosis is not so good. CWP can sometimes, unfortunately, progress into progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) also known as complicated black lung. Symptoms exhibited for PMF may include a long-term cough and shortness of breath.

Although doctors may be able to treat the symptoms and complications arising from black lung disease, there is no known cure and the disease is potentially fatal. According to The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals, coal worker’s pneumoconiosis killed 25,000 people in 2013.

The risk of getting black lung depends on how much time has been spent around coal dust and it is for this reason that dust suppression has become such an important issue within the mining industry. The resurgence of black lung disease among coal miners has been blamed, in part, on changes in mining practices. Factors include longer shifts, an increase in surface mining and the mining of lower-grade coal beds, which, in addition to coal dust, create more silica dust. Silica and coal dust together form a highly potent and toxic mix.

Traditionally, water-only dust suppression systems have been widely used throughout the industry as a low-cost suppressant. Conventional dust suppression methods such as this not only use significant amounts of water but are simply not very effective. It is partially effective on large coal dust particles but coal dust small enough to breathe in is a weak hydrophilic and strong hydrophobic substance. In other words, it does not mix well with water and actively tries to repel it. It is these breathable fine particles of coal dust that are the fundamental cause of black lung disease.

Because of this, legislation was introduced that specifically called for the use of additives and chemicals to help settle dust much more effectively thus helping to prevent it from becoming airborne and reducing the risk of black lung.

GRT has developed dust suppression technology that is simple to use, highly effective, and cost-effective. These benefits can be delivered using existing or readily available equipment such as existing spray systems and water lines, water trucks, cannons, and overhead spray bar systems.

Completely committed to solving the problems of dust control, GRT’s research and development department have produced many groundbreaking and highly effective chemicals and additives designed specifically for mining dust suppression. In particular GRT: ACTIVATE has been developed specifically to strip out airborne dust in underground coal mining and also CHPP applications.

GRT’s chemicals and additives can improve dust suppression significantly for haul roads, conveyors, underground mining roads, anywhere, in fact, that needs to have harmful airborne coal and silica dust targeted and suppressed.

Daniel Grundy, GRT’s General Manager, said: “GRT is proactively working with mining companies globally to provide safer working conditions and to reduce workers’ exposure to dust in the workplace.”


For more information about Global Road Technology, contact the company here:

Global Road Technology
4 Activity Ct
Yatala QLD 4207

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Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, a Leading Plumber in Seattle, WA Celebrates 43 Years in The Industry

January 15, 2020 – – Seattle, Wa.– Raymark Plumbing & Sewer is celebrating 43 years in the industry.

Raymark Plumbing & Sewer is a highly regarded local and women-owned plumber in Seattle, WA. Raymark began in 1977 with Ray, a plumber from England, and Mark, a Seattle native. Ray and Mark have now retired, and sisters Margaret Hayes and Susan Hofacker own and run the company. Dan Gardner, the first employee hired and one of the extended family, is a born problem-solver. He is still with the company, passing on his considerable knowledge to the next generation of plumbers.

Raymark employs a diverse team of 25 full-time plumbers, apprentices, field technicians, and customer service representatives. The company practices a culture of respect and integrity and is highly involved in community organizations such as the Lake City Food Bank, Special Olympics Washington, and more.

“Our employees are part of our family and that sets us apart,” said Margaret Hayes, President. “Every member of our team is personable and trustworthy, and of course professional. Together we solve challenging problems for our customers and aim to deliver the best possible customer experience.”

To commemorate more than four decades as one of Seattle’s most trusted plumbing and sewer companies, Raymark recently kicked off a Neighbor Certified ™ campaign.

“We like ‘Neighbor Certified’ because Seattle residents and homeowners trust Raymark. We offer excellent customer service and a team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians. We have the skills to tackle any job and our customers certainly attest to that,” Hayes said. “We develop long-standing relationships with our customers; we work closely with them to ensure they have a great plumbing experience.”

With its outstanding reputation and wealth of experience, Raymark is known among other local plumbing services in Seattle, WA for their depth and breadth of knowledge and their expertise in all types of plumbing and sewer scenarios.

Jon Fox, one of Raymark’s customer service representatives and fairly new to the company, says this about Raymark, “Working at Raymark has been a breath of fresh air. They really support us as employees which helps us in turn, give the best customer care possible. I love working at Raymark!”

About Raymark Plumbing & Sewer

Founded in 1977, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer has been serving homeowners and residents of the greater Seattle area for over 40 years. Raymark is located on Lake City Way NE and provides 24/7 service. To schedule service, call 206-440-9077. Visit the Raymark website at


For more information about Raymark Plumbing and Sewer, contact the company here:

Raymark Plumbing and Sewer
Raymark Plumbing and Sewer
10710 Lake City Way NE

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San Francisco Mold Services Provider Issues Advisory On Conflict Of Interest

January 15, 2020 – – San Francisco, California based Bay Area Mold Pros has issued an advisory to San Francisco property owners to avoid conflicts of interest when undertaking periodic mold inspection and testing. The company offers mold inspection and testing services, and they caution homeowners against hiring companies that offer both testing and remediation services. Learn more here: Mold Services In San Francisco.

Owner Rick Bruce, one of the foremost mold detection experts in and around San Francisco, says, “Mold can be dangerous, and we recommend every property owner gets periodic testing. However, some inspection service providers offer a low inspection price and, once they have their foot in the door, offer numerous additional services or up-sell their products. Having served the San Mateo, Redwood City, and throughout the Bay Area for over 40 years, I feel honor bound to caution anyone who is being pressured into buying more than they want to stand their ground. Make sure you understand up front what you will be getting and what that will cost. Stick to your budget and the price.”

This advice is echoed by their customers, many of whom have left online reviews about their experience. Kylie Grams, who had an unfortunate experience with her first mold testing providers, says, “Rick is extremely knowledgeable and saved us so much time, money and heartache. We first hired a company to do mold testing that was also a remediation company. Do not do this! A company that does both testing and clean up could cause bias in your lab results, or they will straight up lie to you like they did to us. We were told that we had the worst kind of black mold that had spread everywhere throughout our house. We were told we would have to have a huge, expensive remediation or have to move. We were devastated.”

Luckily Grams decided something was not right, and continues, “My intuition kept nagging me that something wasn’t right, so I started researching and found an expert in mold testing, Rick. He thoroughly answered all my questions and asked me to send my lab work over for his interpretation. Rick told us we did in fact have mold but it was not black mold, and it is the kind that stays in the spot it grows. He also said we did not have to throw away our lives and move. It was like a Christmas miracle for us.”

Kylie ends her 5-Star review thanking Bay Area Mold Pros, saying, “Rick saved us from a total nightmare that was based on a crooked remediation company trying to scam us out of 10K. I am incredibly grateful to Rick for taking the time to help us understand our lab results and what it would take to fix the problem. It is rare to find a business that cares; Rick definitely cares. If you are reading this, look no further, you have found a true professional in this field.”

Bruce observes that, “Fortunately, Kylie asked for a second opinion. I’m extremely grateful that she has shared her very unfortunate experience. We want all San Francisco property owners to be aware that some companies will take advantage of their lack of knowledge. Since we only offer mold inspection services, we gain nothing by making things sound worse than they are. Our flat fees mean you know exactly what you will get and what you are paying for when you book with us.”

Bay Area Mold Pros was recently featured on Fox 34 in an article that advised homeowners to get periodic mold inspections, helping keep in check the potential harm that mold can cause in a household. Bruce stated in the article, “Undetected mold growth can cause myriad health problems and more. The sooner it’s found, the sooner it can be eradicated and the less long-term damage it can do. A thorough inspection can identify areas in a home where mold is growing and help pinpoint the moisture source that’s feeding that mold growth. For the small price a homeowner will pay for this service, they will reap a variety of short and long-term benefits from getting it done. Professional mold inspection services like ours not only detect current areas where mold is growing in a home, but we can also point out potential problem areas in a home where mold growth is likely to occur in the future.”

Another customer, Giselle Sperber, says in her own 5-Star review that, “Rick saved the day! He was at my door less than two hours after I called and expedited the lab results, so we got them the same evening. I had construction in progress and needed to know if a wall could be closed back up, so this speed was critical. Rick is a good communicator and straight to the point. My experience with Bay Area Mold Pros was 100% positive.”

Bay Area Mold Pros is available from 7am to 7pm to speak with those who want to request an inspection on their property. Those who prefer can either email them or fill in the contact form on their website. The website host a variety of other resources on mold that homeowners may find helpful to browse through.


For more information about Bay Area Mold Pros, contact the company here:

Bay Area Mold Pros
Rick Bruce
(650) 296-0323
64 Lamartine St
San Francisco, CA 94112

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Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Continues To Provide Top Quality Services To Business Owners Across The US

January 15, 2020 – – Las Vegas, Nevada based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is reaching out to business owners across the US to reassure them of the availability of their services as well as explain how the insurance specialist can help their clients protect their company in difficult situations. Talisman Casualty specializes in handling insurance claims for businesses of all industries and sizes, protecting their clients and allowing them to address these crucial matters in an efficient and assertive manner.

“Most business owners do not see the need for custom-tailored insurance coverage until their company’s future depends on it,” states a representative of Talisman Casualty Insurance Company LLC, adding that many companies, unfortunately, lack a true awareness of the problems they may face. “Even though they recognize that a standardized approach to this will not bear the same results as a personalized one, they still believe that the difference will not be enough to justify adapting to this new method. The reality is that it can be the difference between whether or not you overcome any specific challenge and emergency that your business is facing and you succumbing to it.”

As stated by Talisman Casualty, this plays an indisputable role in any businesses’ future, as it marks the difference between taking control of every aspect of their operations to prevent further losses or maintaining a reactive approach that could prove detrimental. Aside from this, having flexible and custom-tailored insurance coverage will also lower the client’s insurance costs, as these self-insured homogeneous groups offer better risk profiles than any standardized insurance provider would—and these costs tend to be significantly lower. This is a key part of Talisman Casualty’s Claim and Insurance Management services, as they maintain that keeping their undivided attention on each sector is a more practical way to lower a company’s premiums, thus allowing them to expand their capacity.

Through the employment of several different strategies, Talisman Casualty guarantees their clients the best, most efficient management of their insurance claims, protecting them against any unforeseen emergency that may destabilize their company’s proper operation. As previously noted, one of these strategies is the use of custom-tailored insurance claims management. The firm states, “We use a variety of claims management service providers to enable efficient claim processing for each of our cell programs. This means that, depending on your company’s niche and your unique needs for your current situation, your insurance claim will be delegated to a relevant provider who will manage your case professionally and with undisputed expertise. All of our delegated claims authorities are firms who possess extensive claims management experience, know the local markets where claims are made, and operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. You can rest assured knowing that your company is in good, capable hands.”

These claims are complemented by the use of cutting edge technology, which allows Talisman Claim to streamline the claims process within any given cell to accommodate participants with the best possible experience. This technology provides immediate feedback on the overall impact that a claim may have in any environment, reducing the time needed to make adjustments within a given claim due to the simple aggregation of data within a cell captive. It also allows the claim management provider to better weigh their options and proceed with whichever one has the chance of delivering the best results.

Talisman Casualty offers a wide variety of programs, protecting their clients in a multitude of situations and tailoring each of these programs according to what would be most beneficial in each case. One of their most renowned initiatives is their Surety Program, which makes use of the reliability, flexibility, and creativity that is characteristic of the firm to help small contractors find success in their niche. In addition to this, they offer Insurance Coverage Programs For Pet Professionals and Insurance Coverage For Marine Contractors (including fishing operations and any other business with assets on the water).

Their website includes more information on Talisman Casualty Insurance, as well as a complete list of their services and what they encompass. This space also hosts further contact information that interested parties may use to contact the firm’s specialists. Learn more here: Who is Talisman Casualty Insurance.


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