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Dr. Aaron Kosins Discusses Rhinoplasty In Newport Beach

April 08, 2019 – – Dr. Aaron Kosins, a prominent plastic surgeon in California, recently discussed rhinoplasty Newport Beach and the positive effects that it can have on patients. Dr. Kosins provides a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and is renowned for his work in rhinoplasty.

“We are proud to be known as the best provider of rhinoplasty in Newport Beach,” says Dr. Kosins. “We have worked with patients from all over the nation, all over the world, in fact, and are pleased that patients continue to place their trust in us for their plastic surgery needs.”

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that involves changing the overall appearance of the nose. The procedure is chosen by many patients who want to change the size or shape of their nose, and has been used as a means of helping patients to breathe easier.

“Rhinoplasty is a procedure that has been chosen numerous times by patients who have difficulty breathing out of their noses,” says Dr. Kosins. “It is also commonly chosen as a procedure to repair deformities that patients may have due to any injury or to a birth defect, or patients may simply not be happy with the shape or size of their noses and want something new and exciting. In any case, we are pleased that patients call on us at The Rhinoplasty Center for their needs.”

Dr. Kosins took over the clinic in 2016 when the founding doctor retired. The clinic itself has seen more than 6,000 rhinoplasty procedures done since it was opened and Dr. Kosins says that all of these procedures resulted in patients who were more than pleased with their individual results.

“It takes a complete understanding of the procedure before a patient can choose rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Kosins. “This is why our first step is to always consult with the patient to ensure that they fully understand the procedure and any recovery time that will be needed. We can help patients to choose a new look with various photographs and graphics, and our website has a great image gallery of before and after pictures that patients can look at to get a better idea of the work that we can do.”

Dr. Kosins says that patients who are considering rhinoplasty, whether for medical or cosmetic purposes, can contact the clinic to schedule their initial consultation. He says that the first appointment is critical in ensuring that each patient gets the individual results that he or she wants.

Dr. Kosins has traveled all over the world, providing lectures about rhinoplasty and helping to teach other plastic surgeons the art of the procedure. He says that these travels have helped to make the clinic a world renowned center for rhinoplasty and has ensured that they receive patients from all over the globe who want Dr. Kosins himself to perform their procedures.

Dr. Kosins has received a number of awards and accolades over the years for his work, as well. He is considered the top plastic surgeon in Newport Beach for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and a host of other procedures. Those who are interested in learning about each of the procedures that Dr. Kosins provides can visit the plastic surgeon on his website at to learn more.

Dr. Kosins’ website offers detailed information about all of the procedures that he offers, as well as before and after photos of various procedures and a blog that provides even more information on plastic surgery techniques and procedures. Dr. Kosins urges those who are interested in learning more to contact his office and schedule an appointment. He states that during this appointment, the patient will be provided with detailed information about rhinoplasty, or any of the plastic surgery procedures that they choose, and Dr. Kosins can help the patient to get an idea of what their changes will look like after their surgery is completed. Those interested can schedule their free, no obligation consultation with Dr. Kosins by using the online form on the website or directly by phone or email.


For more information about The Rhinoplasty Center, contact the company here:

The Rhinoplasty Center
Dr. Aaron Kosins
(949) 721-0494
1441 Avacado Ave
Suite 308
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Northbrook Dentist Uses The Latest In Dental Technology

April 08, 2019 – – Dr. Steven Kacel, a Northbrook dentist, states that he and his team use only the latest in dental technology to ensure a positive experience for all of their patients. The Illinois based dental practice uses a number of new and improved methods and equipment to help their patients to receive the very best in dental care.

Dr. Steven Kacel says, “Our practice is pleased to offer our patients the latest in cutting edge dental technology. We use only the best equipment to give our patients the healthiest and most beautiful smiles in the world.”

Dr. Kacel states that one of the ways that his practice offers patients the best in dental care is through their use of CariVu infrared cavity detection. He states that along with digital x-rays, this cavity detection can help to find cavities before they get completely out of hand and helps to protect against tooth decay.

“We strive to always give our patients the best in dental care and using this innovative technology allows us to do so,” says Dr. Kacel. “At our Northbrook dentist office, patients can count on the very best in care.”

Dr. Kacel says that digital x-rays give them a much more convenient way to examine the teeth and gums of their patients. Digital x-rays use less radiation than their traditional counterparts, which make them safer for patients. They also provide a much more detailed look at the patient’s teeth and gums, allowing the dentist and his team to locate and identify any dental issues that may be evident.

“Digital x-rays help us to catch tooth decay and other dental issues early,” says Dr. Kacel. “And we all know that early detection is key in treating any number of health concerns. We use digital x-rays for their technological advances in helping us to diagnose and treat patient dental issues as well as for the overall safety of our patients.”

Dr. Steven Kacel is a D.D.S., M.A.G.D. and F.A.D. Dr. Kacel has been treating patients in his Northbrook, Illinois dental office for a number of years and states that during that time, he has always kept up to date with the latest in new procedures and cutting edge technological equipment in an effort to offer the most effective dental care for his patients.

The dentist has more than 30 years of experience in his field and has received extensive training in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of a number of dental issues. His practice provides a wide range of dental procedures for the entire family, including regular cleanings and a number of cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Kacel adds that his entire team is dedicated to the healthy smiles of their patients. He states that his staff consists of friendly and professional dental associates who are ready to assist patients with any of their dental concerns. Dr. Kacel’s practice has a website, which can be accessed at

The dentist’s website offers much more detailed information on the various dental procedures that they provide. Patients can find information related to their initial consultation, as well as a blog that provides detailed information on various dental procedures. Those who are in need of scheduling an appointment can do so on the website using the convenient online form or by contacting the dental practice directly by phone or email. The website offers office hours for the practice, as well as directions and a map to help patients find the office for their appointment.

Dr. Kacel urges those who have not had a regular checkup for their dental health to visit the practice online and learn more about their services. He states that everyone should visit the dentist no less than once per year and adds that the practice offers first consultations that are designed to help patients to better understand their oral health and any procedures that they may need to improve their oral health. More on this can be found on the practice’s website.


For more information about Northbrook Dentist Office , contact the company here:

Northbrook Dentist Office
Dr. Steven Kacel
(847) 457-0400
1535 Lake Cook Rd Suite 107
Northbrook, IL 60062

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Spark Cleaning Solutions Offers Commercial Cleaning Services In Wisconsin

April 08, 2019 – – Spark Cleaning Solutions, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has announced that they are offering cleaning services to commercial establishments in Green Bay and neighboring areas. They provide their services to various commercial buildings such as general office buildings, retail stores, factories, bars, and restaurants. The are available 24/7, 365 days a year and ensures that they can accommodate the client’s schedule.

Noemi Montiel, spokesperson for Spark Cleaning Solutions, says, “We are happy to announce that we are providing cleaning services for commercial establishments in Green Bay and nearby areas. Many office cleaning companies say they provide good customer service, but Spark Cleaning Solutions does more than just talk about it. We incorporate great service into everything we do from our convenient hours to our employee screening policies. As part of our quality control program, we provide you with reliable and honest office cleaners, trained in best practices and company standards. As a result, you not only get top quality when it comes to Green Bay business cleaning services, but also friendly commercial cleaning professionals.”

According to Noemi Montiel, they focus on a number of factors to ensure that high quality cleaning services are provided. These include: provision of cleaning services 24/7, 365 days a year; provision of a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all their services; the hiring of local janitors or cleaners based on strict policies; provision of training to the cleaners based on industry specific commercial cleaning policies; making sure they are licensed, bonded and insured; and provision of honest, friendly and reliable people clients can rely on. Furthermore, their medical office cleaning services are approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Essentially, they offer they services to any type of business, but not residential homes. Some of the facilities or offices that they can provide their services to are: medical offices, dentist offices, professional offices, banks, schools, municipal offices, manufacturing buildings, stores, bars, and restaurants.

For their medical office cleaning services, the cleaning personnel from Spark Cleaning Solutions: strictly comply with a Written Work Plan; wear gloves and abide by all safety rules; do not permit the trash bags to come in contact with their bodies and do not pack the trash into the bags with their hands; read the Material Safety Data Sheets that describe the chemicals that are used in the facility; follow the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards; have hepatitis B vaccinations before being sent to clean the facility; comply with the rules provided by OSHA; and use private label products that all comply with labeling requirements.

Noemi Montiel says, “We understand the requirements of healthcare cleaning and medical facilities cleaning and work hard to meet those needs. The staff at Spark Cleaning Solutions is specially trained and equipped to handle the special needs of the medical profession. Spark Cleaning Solutions delivers the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve. Many healthcare and medical facilities choose Spark Cleaning Solutions as their commercial cleaning provider because our employees are trained to give your facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time we clean.”

Some of the common services the provide are: carpet cleaning, ceramic floor cleaning, hard floor finishing, floor buffing, grout cleaning and sealing, pressure washing, floor scrubbing, spot cleaning, window washing, upholstery cleaning, and heavy duty stain removal. They also provide cleaning services for events and post construction buildings.

Some of the cities that are served by Spark Cleaning Solutions are: Green Bay, Oshkosh, Appleton, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Ashwaubenon, De Pere, Suamico, Allouez, and Kimberly.

Spark Cleaning Solutions has been providing cleaning services for commercial establishments in Green Bay and Fox Valley since 2003 and is a bonded, licensed, and insured Green Bay cleaning company. They have made sure to employ the best janitors in the area and their customer service policies have been carefully studied to make sure that clients get the best quality commercial janitorial services.

Those who require more information about the commercial cleaning services offered by Spark Cleaning Solutions can visit their website or contact them by telephone or by email.


For more information about Spark Cleaning Solutions, contact the company here:

Spark Cleaning Solutions
Noemi Montiel
Spark Cleaning Solutions
Green Bay, WI 54311

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Personal Injury Attorney In San Diego Discusses Victim Options

April 08, 2019 – – A personal injury attorney San Diego, California recently spoke out about personal injuries and the options that victims have in these cases. Brett Geruntino says that many victims who are injured at the fault of someone else are unaware that they even have options.

“It’s sad,” says the San Diego attorney. “Many people are injured by someone else’s negligence and these victims often have no idea that they have every right to be compensated for those injuries. At the very least, victims should receive compensation that takes care of any medical costs related to their injuries.”

Geruntino says that in today’s society, people are quick to want to take to the courts to settle things. He says that there have been so many ridiculous lawsuits over things that could have been very easily settled out of court that victims of real cases, such as personal injury, are often afraid to even think about legal representation.

Geruntino, who works with Acclaim Law Group in San Diego, says that it is time that consumers know that if they are injured at the fault of another person, they have rights. He says that his firm is dedicated to helping consumers to better understand and to protect those rights.

“Let’s say someone has a dog, a neighbor for instance,” says Geruntino. “Now, let’s say that this dog is known to be aggressive. In fact, the dog has been reported but the owners have done nothing to take care of the problem. Now, let’s say that this dog bites a neighbor. That neighbor has every right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering through the courts. People need to know that certain actions make others responsible for injuries that they may cause.”

Geruntino says that while most consumers know that they have certain rights when it comes to being injured, some do not. He states that his firm desires to reach out to those who are unaware that they have rights when it comes to being injured at the fault of someone else.

Statistically, personal injuries caused by another party account for millions of dollars in medical expenses every year. Geruntino says that these medical expenses are often the responsibility of the party at fault and that someone who is injured by someone else or due to someone else’s negligence needs to know that they are well within their legal rights to seek compensation to pay for these medical expenses, as well as any loss of income due to not being able to work and other suffering that they may endure.

One of the reasons that some victims fail to pursue compensation may be because they know the person at fault. For instance, a dog bit victim may not want to take their case to court because they are friends or neighbors with the dog owner. Geruntino says that anyone who is on the fence about pursuing a personal injury case should contact the firm to speak with a qualified attorney and learn more about their rights.

Those who are interested in learning more can contact the law firm on their website at or call or email them to schedule an initial consultation. The attorney states that the firm can schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss any personal injury case with potential clients where they can enlighten them on their rights as a victim and the process that will need to be taken in order to secure that compensation.

Geruntino states that victims of personal injury need to know that they have rights. He says that his firm is happy to explain those rights and to help victims who have been injured in seeking the compensation to which they are entitled. Those who are interested in learning more can contact the firm through their website or directly to schedule their initial consultation to learn more about their rights and whether or not they have a valid case.


For more information about Acclaim Law Group, contact the company here:

Acclaim Law Group
Brett Geruntino
(858) 252-0781
591 Camino de la Reina, Suite 650, San Diego, CA, 92108

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Dependable Homebuyers Nashville Creates Controversy With Recent We Buy Houses Ad

April 08, 2019 – –

Dependable Homebuyers in the Nashville, Tennessee area has created great controversy with area real estate agents. There seems to be great worry that the company is interfering with the status quo for the real estate industry.

The top executives of the company have become very familiar with the standards of the market and have begun to target homeowners that are willing to sell their homes directly to them. Once the properties are selected, they make cash offers to the homeowners. In the instances where homeowners accept the offer, closing is set up and takes place within 7 days. This allows a great solution for homeowners who have a need to sell their home quickly and without having to do costly repairs.

To get the attention of potential clients, Dependable Homebuyers recently ran an ad campaign on Facebook titled “Fire Your Realtor!” This was met with great offense from real estate agents in the area. Many of the more well known companies became angry with the tactic of the company and view it as a threat to their place in the industry.

Dependable Homebuyers sets themselves apart from traditional real estate agents in that they can guarantee the homeowner a sell. This is something that a real estate agent is unable to offer to clients. Homeowners who do not want to be faced with the inconveniences that often come along with selling a home find working with Dependable Homebuyers to be a great solution because the process is short and straightforward.

“For hundreds of years, the real estate industry has been run in the same fashion. As with any industry, there are some main key players who have gotten comfortable with the status quo. They feel that we are rocking the boat and posing a potential threat,” says Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers. “We have defined our strengths and learned to use it to benefit out clients when it comes to selling their home. We make the best possible offer for our clients, getting them the money they deserve for their home.”

Dependable Homebuyers in Nashville has a reputation that is constantly growing, making their company one that many people want to turn to. Customer recommendations have resulted in many new clients for the company, which helps their growing reputation. They have become familiar with the Nashville area and know how to get the best offer for homeowners. For more information about their services visit their website.

Dependable Homebuyers in Nashville is a strong team of agents who are ready to work with clients looking to sell their home quickly. They are ready to work with clients in answering any questions or concerns that they may have regarding the sale of their home. For those who are interested in learning more about the company and the services they have to offer, more information can be found on their website as well as the contact information to get the process started. With any offer, the client is never placed under any obligation to accept and can rest assured that Dependable Homebuyers will get them the best offer possible. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Nashville, contact the company here:

Dependable Homebuyers Nashville
Evan Roberts
(615) 257-7774
182 Millwood Dr, Nashville, TN 37217

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New Orleans Digital Marketing Firm Brings Their Web Design And SEO Expertise

April 08, 2019 – – Louisiana based Infintech Designs is pleased to announce that they now offer a variety of digital marketing solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and local businesses in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

“We look to build relationships based on integrity, trust, persistence, and achieving goals,” said Brian Hong from Infintech Designs. “Our employees and business partners exemplify all these ideals, and it shows in the effectiveness of our campaigns. Our vision is to deliver the most effective marketing tools, and improve how local businesses in New Orleans are presented, shared, and discussed online.”

As noted on the agency’s website at, they specialize in providing online advertising solutions, including general internet marketing services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, online reputation management, guest post outreach, and web and graphics design. They also pride themselves in having served more than 150 local companies that now rank higher on Google, Google Maps, and a number of other search engines and online channels. Some of their notable clients include the likes of Guzu, Mossy Motors, Joule Solar Energy, NBA, Russo Chiropractic Clinic, Fitness Expo, Phillips Law Group, Solar Alternatives, and more.

Hong explained that having a strong online presence is no longer optional for SMEs. This is because consumers, both in the Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) segments of the market, now utilize the internet to find convenient solutions to most of their corporate needs. “Your website is basically the face of your business where potential customers can get to know you, and it’s important to build one that leaves a clear and compelling impact regarding who you are and what you can do as a brand,” he said.

According to a recent study, a brand has approximately 10 seconds to make an impression through its website. If users are not able to figure out what’s on their computer screens within this time frame, they will often leave the website. The study also showed that 44% of online visitors usually close a web page if it does not include some sort of contact information such as a phone number. Every added second of loading time may also result in a 7% loss in conversions, and 40% user abandonment if the website takes longer than three seconds to load. Furthermore, based on a survey, almost 50% of online visitors leave a website that is isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

Local businesses looking to redesign, upgrade, and improve their company websites may consider Infintech Designs. Aside from website design and development, they also offer a variety of digital marketing solutions to SMEs in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, they are considered one of the top online advertising firms in Louisiana, based on a number of positive reviews and recommendations received online.

Ben Jones said in a Google Review, “I found Infintech via a referral from a friend of mine who hired Brian before, and for two years had gotten significant growth and results on his website. When I told him I wanted to start my own blog and drive traffic to it primarily via search engines, he said I needed a consultation with Infintech for sure. I gave Brian a call, and although I didn’t avail myself of their premier SEO package, he is currently serving as my consultant and is providing me invaluable information on how I can best optimize my site. I can’t recommended Infintech enough.”

“I got in touch with Infintech Designs to get help with pulling traffic to my site,” said Mary Ann Dunbar, another satisfied customer. “At first, I only hired them for SEO, but after seeing how good they are, I ended up asking them to redesign my website too. I now receive more online traffic than I had ever imagined, and I am able to consistently attract a steady stream of customers to my business. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Brian and his team from Infintech Designs. I highly recommend them.”

More information about Infintech Designs can be found on their website. Business owners may also utilize the website’s functionality to request a free quotation and initial consultation with one of Infintech’s marketing experts. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with them through their official Facebook page to stay up to date with their latest news and important announcements.


For more information about Infintech Designs, contact the company here:

Infintech Designs
Brian Hong
Infintech Designs
3436 Magazine St., #120
New Orleans, LA 70115

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Partner With Anthony For Business Advice

April 08, 2019 – – Along with many other business owners and entrepreneurs, Dan L’Heureux of Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated has partnered with Anthony Morrison, the latter of whom has made a name for himself in the online business world as a successful marketer, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. The new partnership between Dan L’Heureux and Anthony Morrison is great news for those looking to start or grow their online business. The program will allow them to provide businesses with training and strategies to help them take their goals to new levels.

From the start of his first business in 2005 at the age of 21, Morrison has been unstoppable in the online business world. A self-taught businessman, he successfully launched over 20 businesses during the last 10 years, and is now branching out to help others with the same entrepreneurial mindset. From the five books that he has published on the subject, to various training courses he offers the owners of online businesses, the digital mogul has been extremely successful in helping others help themselves when it comes to helping them start a new Business.

“The internet provides everyone around the world an opportunity to publish and build a business online by sharing information,” says Morrison. “The key to success in that business is building a large online presence and a powerful email subscriber list.” Now, thanks to his new partnership with Dan L’Heureux, Morrison will be able to get his message out to even more business owners.

Those interested in learning more about the techniques that have made Anthony Morrison and many others so successful can sign up for any of his various training courses. Once they are signed up to a specific program, or a few different programs, business owners will have access to his monthly training courses. He published a new training course each month so businesses can continuously have access to new and relevant material. Most of the courses focus on email marketing, digital publishing, and internet commerce, but there are many courses available on other related topics as well.

Each course is specifically designed with different goals in mind so up-and-coming business owners can choose one that best aligns with their future plans for their company. Students of Anthony Morrison also have access to impressive software systems that allow them to automate different aspects of their online businesses, such as email marketing, social media advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

One of the most successful programs offered by the company is the Partner with Anthony Program. This opportunity is a great choice for businesses that are just starting out as it helps owners understand all the essential steps necessary to building a successful online business. Company owners who choose this program, such as Dan L’Heureux, will promote the Partner with Anthony Program and help spread the word about this opportunity to other online businesses. The benefit of this program is that Anthony Morrison’s partners will be taught how to build their business while simultaneously promoting and building their partnership that generates its own success and income.

Along with the various training courses and software programs that are available to businesses that choose to sign up under any of Anthony Morrison’s online business programs, business owners are often invited to live events where they can meet with experts in a variety of different business fields. This allows each person in any of Anthony Morrison’s programs the opportunity to learn from and interact with those who are already successful in similar business ventures. These live events hosted by Anthony Morrison and his company also make it a point to allocate those who attend the time to network with other online business owners and entrepreneurs.This networking opportunity allows business owners to forge invaluable relationships that will help catapult their business to new levels.

To learn more about Anthony Morrison, the live events his company hosts, his Partner with Anthony Program, or any of his other training courses, interested business owners may visit the blog on his website. All the posts found on his blog are written by the businessman himself, who is also a published author. The blog is updated frequently and contains articles on a multitude of different subjects related to online business, such as helping business owners Learn Email Marketing, understand the importance of social media, and much more. The blog also contains updates on the training courses the company offers, and details regarding upcoming live events that the members of his programs can attend.


For more information about Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, contact the company here:

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated
Dan LHeureux
105-8701 94 st
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
T8L 4P7

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Chicago Website Design SEO Company Offers Contractor Marketing Services

April 08, 2019 – – Chicago Website Design SEO Company has announced that they are offering contractor marketing website design and SEO services. They provide three in one website designs for local and corporate construction firms. This means that people searching for a contractor using computers, tablets or cellphones can view the website properly without any technical problems.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “What we offer are cellphones, tablets, and computer capable websites that put your company or service at the top of developers’ lists. We create websites that make it easy for you and your customers to use, navigate, and get things done online. While a well designed website is key, functionality is even more important which is why we are recommended by many of our clients.”

A contractor client of Chicago Website Design SEO Company will receive a company website with a professional URL, a website design that reflects the contractor’s services and brand, a top of the line website that is simple and easy to use while capable of doing the required functions, and a three in one website design that allows the website to be viewed on tablets, computers, and smartphones.

In addition to the three in one website design, clients will also get other services, such as: reports on how the contractor website is performing; search engine optimization, which means the website appears in better positions in search results; and client communication, which means the digital marketing company communicates with the client to discuss various key factors, such as budget, details about the company, and what the client wants to accomplish with the site.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is another service offered by Chicago Website Design SEO Company. SEM provides additional copy, features, and web advertising so that the construction company could have a higher rank compared to other businesses online. It is this messaging that also builds the company’s brand and enhances recognition in potential clients who are not otherwise in the company’s radar or in current client databases.

Next, the digital marketing company will make use of engaging content on the website pages that will inform visitors and potential clients about what makes this particular contractor different from the others. By providing engaging web content and information, a larger return on investment can be realized from the website.

Meanwhile, the real measure of whether a company is truly a provider of high quality services is the feedback from past clients. For instance, on Yelp, Chicago Website Design SEO Company has a perfect 5 star overall rating. For example, Lindsay B. said, “Jack Lombardi is the man. After struggling to understand and keep up with the world of search engine optimization for my local business I started to scour the internet in desperation. Chicago Website Design immediately caught my attention and it has been a blessing since. The best thing about this company has been the accessibility to Jack the CEO. He is extremely thorough and the best in the business. He is caring, compassionate, and helped me understand what he was doing on a simple and down to earth level. In addition to SEO Jack has been one hell of a business consultant and has helped me in areas that I wasn’t even considering when I decided to work with him. His cost of doing business is more than fair for the results that we have gotten and I have recommend him to anybody I know who is looking to boost their business to the next level. Thank you Sir!”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company is a full service digital marketing service provider. It was founded by SEO expert Jack Lombardi in 2008. Its main offices can be found in Chicago, Illinois, but the company has other offices in seven other major cities.

Those who need to learn more about the contractor marketing services of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, including the process of optimizing Google listing, can check out their website or contact on the phone or by email.


For more information about Chicago Website Design SEO Company, contact the company here:

Chicago Website Design SEO Company
Jack Lombardi
10 S. Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL. 60606

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Chicago Company Highlights Importance of SEO for Doctors

April 08, 2019 – – Doctors in Chicago are being urged to use the internet more if they want to attract more patients and bring awareness to their services. The suggestion comes from CEO and founder of the Chicago Website Design SEO Company Jack Lombardi. CWDSC helps to connect doctors and patients through search engine optimization services. SEO refers to a number of strategies used to enhance a website so users can find it when they search for related keywords.

People are using the internet to find almost every product and service they need. This means those businesses which don’t have a web presence will find it increasingly hard to attract clients and increase competitiveness. Doctors are not left out of this development. In 2013, 80 percent of Internet users searched for a health-related topic, according to research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. This makes health information one of the most searched categories on the internet and Lombardi says helping doctors to improve their websites will be of great benefit to both them and their patients.

One of the key aims of SEO is to get a business on the first page of search engine result pages. This is because most users don’t look past the first page when they are trying to find a product or service. They trust that the first few entries they see are the best, most relevant and most authoritative. Therefore, doctors need to pay attention to their SEO if they want to attract new clients and build stronger relationships with existing patients. An optimized website puts a medical practice in front of people who are searching for medical services around them as well as those looking for specific services and doctors. Patients do their research online, so the doctor’s website is often the first point of contact instead of the receptionist on the phone.

Search engine-optimized websites are ideal for a range of practitioners including plastic surgeons, chiropractors, cardiologists, OB/GYNs, dentists, and medical spa professionals. Cosmetic dermatologists and vein specialists will also find it useful. “With search engine optimization services, doctors can connect with patients nearby, keep them in the loop about new services and provide health education. It also helps them to communicate better with potential patients and turn website browsers into clients,” Lombardi says. The CEO points out that SEO spans a wide range of services including marketing, website design, content marketing, medical writing and more.

CWDSC uses proven strategies for getting medical practices on the first page of the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The company’s SEO services also push businesses up the rankings on the review site Yelp. Lombardi says the aim is to improve competitiveness and target individuals who are looking for what a particular medical practice has to offer.

He says one of the first things the company’s SEO professionals do is ensure the client has a well-structured website. This is because poorly designed websites are less likely to rank at the top of search engines’ results pages. They are also less likely to engage visitors even if they do come across them. To further improve clients web presence, the company assists them in creating professionally written content which is based on keyword research. This involves identifying the words and phrases which people are most likely to type into search engines in an effort to find out what to rank for. CWDSC also looks after clients’ social media management and online reputation management to ensure both on-page and off-page SEO are taken care of.

Lombardi stresses that while medical practitioners are more concerned with their day-to-day operations and treating patients, they should not let digital marketing fall by the wayside. He says SEO is crucial to reaching the right people in 2019 and this would only become more important in the future. Lombardi says SEO for doctors should not be overlooked if a practice wants to grow and become more profitable.


For more information about Chicago Website Design SEO Company, contact the company here:

Chicago Website Design SEO Company
Jack Lombardi
10 S. Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL. 60606

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Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Wins 2 Million Dollar Settlement

April 08, 2019 – – The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. is pleased to announce their success in a recent case which saw a client walk away with a 1.95 million dollar settlement after sustaining a back injury in a car accident. The settlement was made two weeks before the case was scheduled to go to court.

Justin Wojtkowski, the plaintiff, was driving north on Interstate 55 near Bolingbrook when he was rear ended by Anthony J. Hofer, a Will County Sheriff’s Deputy. The vehicle was seriously damaged, and Wojtkowski suffered herniation of the disk in his lower back which, according to doctors, may have shortened his work life by ten years. Will County admitted negligence by its deputy but chose to contest the seriousness of the injuries. While Wojtkowski has recovered, his career has been shortened significantly, and the 1.95 million dollar settlement is meant to compensate him for his potentially shortened career.

Parente & Norem is a civil litigation and trial firm that focuses mainly on personal injury construction site injuries and wrongful death claims resulting from auto accidents and transportation negligence, medical negligence, defective products, railroad injuries, FELA, premises accidents, and so on in the Greater Chicago area. They provide service mainly in the area shown here on this Google map.

Parente & Norem’s personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injured people and their families, having successfully recovered over 300 million dollars for their clients as compensation for physical, financial, and emotional losses. “Our firm philosophy is simple,” says Parente & Norm. “If the offer is not fair to our client, we try the case.”

Personalized attention to the needs of each client is one of the most important things to the firm, and they make every effort to ensure transparent and constant communication with every client regarding their cases. This is done by keeping partner caseloads as low as possible. The firm states that, “Parente & Norem is not a ‘referral house’, and if your file is accepted, they will be the personal injury lawyers handling the case completely through to its resolution, including its trial and appeal if necessary.”

With years of experience with all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, Parente & Norem’s attorneys make every effort to maximize each client’s recovery through the appropriate use of medical testimony, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, safety experts, human factor experts, and the effective use of various demonstrative exhibits, drawings, models, computer technology, and videos. “At Parente & Norem, our personal injury lawyers have a significant network of experts and investigators, and we will spare no expense in the development of a case,” asserts the firm.

Their commitment to helping clients receive fair compensation for life-changing injuries has seen a number of people in difficult situations, that could have potentially derailed their lives, walk away with fair compensation with the help of Parente & Norem’s lawyers. A Google review written by Patrice Jones, a pleased client, states, “This law firm has been the best! My lawyer, Izabela, was the best! I was out of work for almost two years, and Izabela ensured that I received my earnings. There were times that I couldn’t hear her voice but email became our best friend. I received a response within 24 hours or less. She was my personal pitbull: Fighting on my behalf to ensure my financial needs were met, my health concerns, and my overall mental health concerns. I would not have remained sane without her.”

Another client states, “During my workman’s comp case, I contacted Matt Coleman. He assured me that everything would be okay. During the process, he was always available and always took the time to explain to me what was going on. Without his help, I wouldn’t have gotten the settlement I did. Even today, Matt still calls to check up on me. I would highly recommended him and his firm.”

An injury can completely change one’s life, and Wojtkowski’s case could have concluded very differently in the hands of another attorney. Those looking for a reliable and experienced attorney with a strong commitment to helping people receive fair compensation may contact Sal Terracciano of Parente & Norem, P.C. More information is also available on their website.


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