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Cattail Removal Service Lake & Pond Weed Control Announced

Lafayette, CA based weed removal experts, DK Environmental, have announced they can help local residents with weed control for their pond or lake. They can control cattails with cutting edge technology.

Lafayette, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

DK Environmental, the Lafayette, CA based aquatic environment specialist, has announced it can help local clients with all their aquatic weed problems. In addition to water level services, it provides affordable weed removal services and flood control options with a range of amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment available.

Full details can be found at:

For those who use their lakes or ponds for recreation, it’s no fun having it choked with weeds. The experts at DK Environmental specialize in making aquatic weed problems go away, so that people can go back to enjoying their lakes effortlessly.

Weed removal services include water iris removal, bulrush removal, and cattail removal. The expert team can also help with pond weed removal, tule removal, and algae removal, along with pond weed harvesting, sediment removal, dredging and wetland construction.

Cattails can add beauty to a pond, lake or shoreline, and they provide a safe area for small fish to hide from their predators. In addition to this, birds build their nests in them, and they can help to assist in a form of natural erosion control.

Other benefits include providing shade in specific areas of the lake, while also creating a safe haven for bugs and small creatures seeking shelter. However, despite the benefits that come with cattails, it’s important to keep them under control.

Cattails are a very aggressive weed, and new stalks can show up anywhere and in quick fashion. Once the spreading begins, it can be hard to stop the cattails covering too much area.

Experts like DK Environmental can help to control the cattails with a range of options. These include spraying the cattails with herbicide, or using their specialist aquatic equipment. This can provide a more eco friendly way of treating the weeds, and offers high levels of control for the pond or lake.

Full details of the cattail control service and weed removal options provided by DK Environmental can be found on the URL above.

Contact Info:
Name: Dave McNabb
Organization: DK Environmental
Address: 3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #306, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States

For more information, please visit

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Slate Roof RidgeTiles Repaired or Replaced In Mapperley Nottingham Launched

Crest Roofers Nottingham not only undertakes new roofs or re-roofs but provides a wide range of repairs like new or re-pointed ridge tiles on slate roofs. Especially after a storm where damage occurs regularly.

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

Local Nottingham roofing contractor Mick Newton launches a new service in Mapperley Nottingham. Information can be found at the firms website to provide additional choices in residential and industry contracts.

A new service has launched that provides people with a wide range of practical and necessary roofing services like ridge tile replacement. Crest Roofers Nottingham a company based in the heart of Nottingham in the East Midlands. It’s website explains how the business prides itself on providing the best customer service so a variety of residential, commercial customers and clients can benefit in the local area from top roof services covering leaking roofs to emergency roof repairs and many more in between

More information can be found on the Crest Roofers Nottingham website at: Crest Roofers Nottingham

The Roofers Nottingham website features a selection of primary services to choose from, including EPDM roofing, flat roof repair and roof cladding. These services all come with hand-picked tradesmen who are experienced and highly skilled in the roofing profession and operate to the highest safety standards. Clients can request a free written quote or engage the firm for a full non biased roof survey report prior to a house purchase or home renovation. Mick can organise this as part of the overall service if required. All work is fully insured.

Full details ridge tiles repair and replacement are provided on the website.The home or residential roof contract provides a guaranteed quote and longevity report . If people are still unsure which roofing contractor or how long the job could last, then, Mick can supply a detailed and free quote for the work with no commitment at all. As a family-run business, Mick Newton has realistic affordable roofing prices for all types of site work and Mick goes on to explain that “Nottingham is home to a number of huge new building contracts and renovations that provide many new and remodeled homes for individuals and families throughout the Nottinghamshire. These new sites, need experienced building contractors to keep work on target and the use of specialised skills is essential.”

Mick can be contacted easily on his Facebook account

Anyone with questions about the roofing services or the booking process can find a contact form on site, which sends their queries directly to Mick Newtons office. Alternatively use twitter to contact Mick.

Contact Info:
Name: Mick Newton
Organization: Crest Roofers Nottingham
Address: 27 Whitegates Way, Department RN2 , Nottinghamshire NG17 2SA , United Kingdom

For more information, please visit

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Kyle TX Water Damage Restoration Cleaning Service Expansion Announced

Seeking to help more people restore their home or business after water damage, fire or a natural disaster, Catstrong Restoration and Construction have expanded their 24/7 water removal, building restoration, and mold removal services to Kyle, Buda, Bastrop, Taylor and San Marcos Texas.

Kyle, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

Kyle water damage restoration company Catstrong Restoration and Construction Texas (512-200-7245) expanded its services to help residential and commercial clients in the Kyle area. The company offers professional water damage cleaning, sanitation, repair and restoration services.

Catstrong Restoration and Construction Texas, a water damage restoration company based in Austin, announced an expansion of its services into the Kyle area. The company offers water removal, damage restoration, cleaning, sanitizing and other services for commercial and residential clients.

More information can be found at

Indoor water accumulations resulting from floods, broken plumbing installations and other causes can have a wide range of negative effects, from structural damage to favoring unhealthy, moldy environments. Working with a professional water restoration company is essential to minimize the negative impact associated with flooding.

Catstrong Restoration and Construction Texas has extensive experience helping residential and commercial clients repair, restore, clean and sanitize their properties after storms, flooding and similar events. Following a recent increase in demand, the company has recently announced an expansion of its services into the Kyle area.

Clients can contact Catstrong Restoration and Construction for complete water extraction and removal services. The company works with licensed and certified technicians to remove all water from the affected premises, using heavy-duty submersible pumps to ensure effective removal in areas with severe water accumulations.

After the water extraction is completed, the area is dried using cutting-edge blowers, fans and dehumidifiers, thus minimizing the risks of mold accumulations and further water damage.

The company also provides Kyle residents and business owners with complete cleaning and sanitation services for a variety of contaminated, unsafe or damaged areas. The company ensures that all areas are cleaned and sanitized using industry-approved equipment and solutions, the services including complete HVAC system cleaning as well. Repair services are available for walls, flooring, ceiling etc.

Clients can contact Catstrong Restoration and Construction Texas for emergency services, the company working 24/7 to provide high-quality services for clients in Kyle and other areas.

The recent expansion is part of the company’s dedication to providing clients throughout Texas with professional and reliable water damage cleaning, repair and restoration services.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the mentioned website .

Contact Info:
Name: Allen Zeiss
Organization: Catstrong Restoration and Construction
Address: 4211 Benner Road #100, Kyle, Texas 78640, United States
Phone: +1-512-200-7245

For more information, please visit

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Foxboro MA Carpet Cleaning Expert and Upholstery Protection Services Launched

Foxboro carpet cleaning company New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning launched a full range of Eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning services. An IICRC-certified firm, the company employees licensed and insured experts to guarantee safe and reliable cleaning and fabric protection.

Foxborough, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning, a professional carpet and fabric cleaning company based in Foxboro, launched an updated range of services for clients looking for professional, Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. New Dimension’s licensed and certified experts using cutting-edge cleaning equipment to ensure high standards of quality and client satisfaction.

More information can be found at

Professional carpet cleaning solutions are essential to remove deep layers of dirt, dust and debris, while also ensuring that luxury carpets are protected and that their delicate fibers are not damaged.

New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning has more than 25 years of experience providing complete carpet and fabric cleaning solutions for clients in Foxboro and other areas. The company has recently updated its services to offer cutting-edge cleaning solutions for clients interested in deep carpet and upholstery cleaning.

The company provides complete cleaning for all types of carpets, including Persian, Oriental, Chinese, Indian and other luxury models. The Foxboro carpet cleaning experts have extensive experience working with all types of carpets, using custom cleaning methods to ensure complete dirt removal and carpet protection along with upholstery protection.

Clients interested in upholstery cleaning can also contact New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning. The Foxboro experts use a 12-step cleaning process to ensure thorough cleaning for all types of upholstery. The process includes inspection and area preparation, pre-treatment, soil extraction, neutralization, speed drying and various others.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge eco-friendly fabric cleaning and upholstery protection services for clients in Foxboro and other areas. New Dimension is leading the charge when it come to the cleaning and protection of Viscose fibers.

A satisfied client said: “New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning were super efficient and reliable. I left the guys there working while I ran some errands, and when I came home and inspected the work not only was everything clean, but the guy left a diamond ring on the table that my wife lost years ago. I would definitely recommend their services.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website. If you are interested in fabric protection in the NYC or Tri-State area, please visit our sister company at

Contact Info:
Name: tony
Organization: New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning
Address: 140 Washington Street # 2, Foxborough, MA 02035, United States

For more information, please visit

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New Self-Help YouTube Channel Launches Reviews for Ultimate Self Improvement

The Natural Pantry Reviews launches a new YouTube Channel aimed at Self Improvement that plans to cover topics on Healing the whole body from the inside out. Tackling communication issues and related topics for Natural Healing.The channel can be found at

Bentonville, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

Self Improvement enthusiast looking for the latest information on How to experience the full benefits of mindfulness, are invited to subscribe to the all-new YouTube channel by The Natural Pantry Reviews. This new channel promises to provide expert guidance and information on Self-Help guidance for Meditation on a regular basis. Learn more:

This new YouTube channel was created specifically with the needs For anyone who wants a fast, easy, science based method to feel less stressed and to flourish in life and mind. The Natural Pantry Reviews offers input on healthier options and topics to explore.

Elaine Tate, Affiliate member for 7 Minute Mindfulness, is the reviewer of The Natural Pantry Reviews said: “I wanted to start a channel on You Tube to share my opinions on information that would be valuable. With wanting to help promote healthier alternatives to modern medicine and uplifting ways to communicate. It is important that healing our bodies comes from the inside. I am not just sharing about the things I believe in, but I’m also walking this Life out one day at a time wanting to become a healthier person also.”

The Natural Pantry Review’s Affiliate for 7 Minute Mindfulness goes on to say: “The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to Reveal healthier Alternatives to Medicine to help treat Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks and overall mental and Physical Health. The more feedback we can get, the better we can serve our audience.

Anybody interested in a Self-Help Guidance to living Healthy can subscribe to the YouTube channel here

Alternatively, they are welcome to read more on the company website at:

Some of the planned subject include:

Create More Calm, Focus, and Clarity In Your Daily Life! – In just 7 Minutes per day you can reduce stress and transform your brain to perform better. Seven Minute Mindfulness offers a fast and super easy solution for people looking to experience the full benefits of mindfulness. – Whether it’s self-improvement, over coming stress and anxiety, achieving specific goals, improving relationships, finances, de-cluttering your mind, or generally improving your relationship with your mind and body, then Seven Minute Mindfulness can help. There is a difference between Meditation and Mindfulness – Meditation is just one Mindfulness method. Mindfulness can be working for you all the time and be essentially on autopilot

After the YouTube Channel launch 12-19-2017, new viewers can view all the latest videos here:

Further details on the channel, the direction and other information on The Natural Pantry Reviews itself can be found on their website:

Contact Info:
Name: Mrs.Tate
Organization: The Natural Pantry Reviews
Address: NWA, Bentonville, Ar 72712, United States

For more information, please visit

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Aaron Judge Yankees Onesies & Derek Jeter CC Sabathia Jerseys E-Store Launched

The, a store offering Yankees fans all the clothing and gear they need to support the team on game day, dress up their children and pets or gift friends and family, has been launched.

Lafayette, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

The, a new online store providing true New York baseball fans the cool, comfortable Yankees jerseys, onesies and merchandise they need to support their favorite team, has been launched.

More information is available at

The is a store created to provide true Yankees fans a place where they can get the cool, affordable jerseys they need to wear on game day, gift friends and family or show the love, pride and support for the most popular team in America around town.

The store debuted with a variety of button up jerseys in alternate navy colors or the traditional stripped patterns including embroided logos and cool Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, Brett Gardner, ‘Aaron Judge: All Rise’ or ‘Reggie Jackson: Mr. October’ designs.

It also offers a wide selection of jerseys for the female New York baseball fans, classy Yankees polos, half zip training jackets and t-shirts by Cool Base, 500 Level or Majestic and customized jerseys featuring any name and number on the back.

For the parents who want to start getting their kids in on the Yankees early, the store also provides an extensive selection of onesies, rompers and cute bodysuit, bib and bootie sets in infant or toddler sizes. They are available for boys and girls with Aaron Judge homerun record, Derek Jeter retirement or vintage Giancarlo Stanton designs, among many others.

Authentic Mariano Rivera mesh batting practice jerseys for the sports memorabilia collectors and Yankees gym shorts to wear while jogging, working out or just relaxing at home are also available at the new store along with jerseys for the dog to wear at home or around the neighborhood on game day.

All the jerseys and gear are provide at some of the most affordable prices in the market, displayed with customer reviews and available with a safe, reliable and intuitive Amazon shopping experience that ensures all the New York football fans can get the gear they need stress free.

More information on the new e-store and access to its full collection of jerseys, shorts, onesies and gear are available at the website link provided above.

Contact Info:
Name: Dave Duncan
Address: 3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #306, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States

For more information, please visit

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Black Ember Launches Successful KickStarter Campaign

Campaign Brings On Funded Today To Increase Pledges

San Francisco, United States – December 31, 2017 /FundedToday/

Black Ember has launched an incredibly successful campaign for their durable backpack line. They have also partnered with Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of their campaign.

About Black Ember

Black Ember backpacks are designed to keep all gear safe and organized for any activity. The Citadel Collection is waterproof and made with a unique textile that absorbs light. Each pack is equipped with 3D shoulder straps made with supportive and comfortable foam. The line comes with a wide array of modular packs that can connect to the backpacks and allow users to customize gear storage and style.

Pricing and Availability

The Citadel Collection is available to back now on KickStarter. They hope to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the packs are set to produce and ship to all backers by May of 2018. The starting price for one backpack is $155 USD.

To learn more about Black Ember or to back the campaign, visit their KickStarter page here:

Contact Info:
Name: Pascal Friedmann
Email: Send Email
Organization: Funded Today
Phone: 8016955804

Source URL:

For more information, please visit

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Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility – Tips to Remember While in Addiction Treatment

Massachusetts addiction treatment Serenity at Summit discusses important things to remember while you are in a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program

UNION, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2017 / Residential drug and alcohol treatment facility, Serenity at Summit offers some helpful tips for you or your loved one as you go through addiction treatment. These tips are important to remember as you get started with your recovery.

Don’t Forget Why You Are There

You know that you need help for your addiction. But when you actually get to detox, and then rehab, your addiction may try to talk you out of it. It’s often within the first couple of days that people who are new in treatment begin to think that maybe things were not so bad that they need to be there. Thoughts like those can’t be listened to. Stay focused on the reasons that you need to be in recovery when you start to feel like you want to leave.

Ask Questions

It’s very common to have a lot of questions when you start addiction treatment – don’t be afraid to ask them! When you allow unanswered questions to pile up in your head, you will likely become anxious, and that isn’t what you need in treatment. Keep in mind that many of the staff who work in rehab facilities are in recovery themselves and they have been where you are, so there is no reason to feel uneasy asking them questions.

Stay Mindful

Mindfulness is trying to stay present in the moment – focusing on what is happening right now. Being mindful helps you to not dwell on the past and not worry about the future. Your concentration needs to be on what you are working on in treatment. You may have to remind yourself of this often.

Be Patient

Recovery is a process, and it is a life-long journey that is different for each person. You have to give yourself (and others) freedom to process things at your own pace. When you start to put a timeline on your recovery, you are setting yourself up for failure. Be patient with yourself as you work through issues and grow in recovery.

Be Willing

You are already showing that you are willing to change your life just by taking the first step and getting help. But you will likely find that you have to remind yourself to continue being willing when you face challenges in your recovery. Remember that sustained willingness will lead to sustained recovery.

Be Accepting

There will be times during your stay in detox and rehab (and all during recovery) that you will face an inner conflict about many aspects of your life. But when you accept that you are in the situation you are in and that the only thing you can change is your future, not your past, you will have a much easier time.

Be Committed

Treatment for addiction is a time for you to be away from your “real life” and focus on you and your recovery. Take advantage of what treatment has to offer by committing yourself to the process.

Be Honest

Everyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol lies – it’s part of the nature of the disease. But it’s something that you need to let go of in treatment. Healing begins from a place of honesty.

Be Ready for Good Days and Bad Days

Just like in life, you will experience ups and downs in treatment. Some days will seem almost unbearable, but you will make it through. And some days you will feel great and have an optimistic outlook on your recovery. Just remember that you are making progress, and a bad day does not equal a bad life.

About Serenity at Summit

Serenity at Summit offers holistic drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment for patients in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Contact Serenity at Summit for more information about its programs at 1-908-481-4400 (NJ), 1-978-641-3001 (MA).

Media Contact:

Rebecca O’Mara
Executive Director Brand Management

Follow Summit Behavioral Health on Facebook for more information


SOURCE: Summit Behavioral Health

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Adventure Electric Bicycles In Arlington Gives Away a $2,500 eBike

Adventure Electric Bicycles, the first all electric bicycle shop in Arlington, Texas Gives Away $2500 Kalkhoff Agattu B7 electric bicycle to Santosh Cherukuri

Arlington, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

Arlington, TX — This Christmas was certainly a happy one for Santosh Cherukuri, who was gifted an electric bicycle valued at $2,500. It wasn’t the work of Santa or a beloved family member, but rather, Adventure Electric Bicycles, the first all electric bicycle shop in Arlington Texas.

In August of 2017, Adventure Electric Bicycles began promoting the giveaway of an electric bike for Christmas. The drawing was available to various groups of people; those who came into their store, attended an event or recieved a flyer in the mail. It was also promoted on their social media pages and via email. The winner was selected, at random, on Saturday, December 23, and was given the option to choose one of five pre-selected electric bicycles.

On Wednesday, Cherukuri arrived at Adventure Electric Bicycles to select his prize. “Never in my life have I gotten anything for free” said Cherukuri ecstatically. “This is something that I really love and am looking forward to having. So when I heard that I won it, I was on top of the world!”

After testing out a few different models, Cherukuri decided on the Kalkhoff Agattu B7, a German engineered electric bicycle complete with an Internal Gear Hub, 250 Watt Bosch Performance Line Motor, and a range of over 100 miles.

Cherukuri first learned about electric bicycles in August when Adventure Electric Bicycles attended an event hosted by Southwest Airlines Headquarters in Dallas, where Cherukuri works. “I’m a ‘Go-Green’ person”, he explained. “I recycle and I care about the environment, so I’m into these new inventions that help me to do my part as much as I can.”

Cherukuri was actually saving money to purchase an eBike when he was selected as the winner of the drawing. “Learning the capacity that these bikes have made me realize ‘wow, this is something that I really need to have!’” he said.

Electric bicycles have taken the world by storm in the last few years. Operating on an average energy cost of just 10 cents per day, they are very practical and eco-friendly. Additionally, electric bikes don’t require any of the extraneous fees that cars do, such as license, registration, inspection, gas, or parking fees. For these reasons, many people choose to use an electric bicycle instead of their car.

Cherukuri plans to use his electric bicycle to run errands, get exercise, and enjoy the fresh air. The bike shop’s owner, Alex Ryan, plans to hold more drawings like this in the near future.

For more information on Adventure Electric Bicycles, contact Alex Ryan at 972-641-7771.

Contact Info:
Name: Alex Ryan
Organization: Adventure Electric Bicycles, LLC
Address: 1060 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, Texas 76006, United States
Phone: +1-972-641-7771

For more information, please visit

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Bezop Network ICO Set To Change The Face Of eCommerce and Advertising

Bezop Blockchain Ltd releases information on how its new eCommerce system built on Ethereum Blockchain will change things in the ecommerce space for the better. Further information can be found at

London, United States – December 31, 2017 /PressCable/

Earlier today, Bezop Blockchain Ltd announced the launch of a new eCommerce system built on the Ethereum Blockchain that is set to go live August, 2018. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of eCommerce, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Currently, with even a passing glance, a person should notice that eCommerce systems are generally difficult – they are hard to configure properly and cost too much to maintain. Certainly, everyone’s noticed how bad traditional advertising has become and that companies will do anything to grab data. The CTO at Bezop Blockchain Ltd, Deryck Jones, makes a point of saying “things are going to change when the Bezop Network launches”.

Deryck continues… “Where competitors continue doing the same old thing, Bezop will greatly simplify eCommerce for the majority of small businesses while reducing costs. It’s important to note that it is built on blockchain with multiple merchant wallets and provides a decentralized order management system built on the Ethereum blockchain network, proof-of-order that includes proof-of-transaction and proof-of-tax, and then proof-of-delivery, and smart contracts and promises.” He goes on to say, “We are committed to this project for two reasons – a belief that eCommerce is too difficult for the majority of small businesses; and secondly, traditional advertising is fundamentally broken. Bezop and blockchain are taking steps toward fixing the myriad of issues with each. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to customers because of smart contracts with end-to-end traceability, decentralized order management, proof-or-orders, proof-of-delivery, and end-to-end transparency that will lower costs while eliminating unnecessary middlemen”. Bezop Blockchain Ltd was established in September 2017, launching their ICO on December 23rd. Their mission is to act is an agent of change in the marketplace.

Currently, the closest thing to Bezop Blockchain Ltd., are the very few companies that have tried to cross over to blockchain while retaining too many characteristics of old failed methods. Bezop Blockchain improved on this by baking blockchain directly into the fabric of the system starting with five key components – the DOM (Distributed Order Management) with its network, proof-of-order that includes its proof-of-transaction and proof-of tax, and then proof-of-delivery, and elegant smart contracts and promises coupled with multiple merchant wallets, and buyer protection. This alone is predicted to make Bezop Blockchain Ltd’s eCommerce system more popular with customers in the eCommerce space, quickly, because of the reduced costs, transparency, and removal of unnecessary middlemen.

Bezop Network is set to launch with their beta MVP (minimum viable product).

Further information about Bezop Blockchain Ltd., can be discovered at

Contact Info:
Name: Deryck Jones
Organization: Bezop Blockchain Ltd
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street , London, England WC2H 9JQ, United States
Phone: +1-571-336-6626

For more information, please visit

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