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US Border Movers Celebrates 25+ Years

Cross-Border Moving Company Hits Quarter Century

Phoenix, United States – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Arizona-based US Border Movers celebrates its silver anniversary in the dedicated transportation of possessions and property over the Mexican/American border.

With white-glove packing, seamless transport, and knowledge about regulations and red tape, US Border Movers looks to relieve the burdens of customers. Being entrusted to provide a worry-free chain of custody from origin to destination, US Border Movers takes on all the hassles of over-the-border transfer and delivery.

From customized services for family needs to comprehensive relocation solutions for corporations and their employees, US Border Movers has years of expertise. With a team familiar with locations up both coasts of Mexico and the interior – Baja, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta among many others. Whether planning a vacation, moving a family, or relocating a company to Mexico, US Border Movers has decades of experience to handle every aspect of the move.

“Cross-border moving is a specialty of the company, with over 25 years of experience moving to and from Mexico.” says CEO Geoff Henderson, “US Border Movers is one of the best choices for extended moves across country lines.” Geoff is known to go the extra mile for clientele, like flying in at the last minute to honor a move date or bringing a longtime customer a favorite box of Saltine crackers. Whenever crossing the border, Geoff is hands-on to help with the job.

With a team determined to stay up to date on various rules and regulations regarding the transition of personal and household items in Mexico, US Border Movers leverages vast knowledge and expertise in dealing with Mexican customs, allowing belongings to be delivered safe and sound. Moving to Baja or vacationing in Cabo is easy with US Border Movers.

Based out of Phoenix, US Border Movers specializes in US-Mexico cross-border moving. Run by CEO Geoff Henderson, for over 25 years they have assisted families and major corporations to gain peace of mind with their relocation projects.

Contact Info:
Name: Geoff Henderson
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Organization: US Border Movers
Phone: (480) 232-3518

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Technoderma Medicines Doses TDM-105795 in Phase 1b (MAD) Androgenetic Alopecia Multi-Dose Escalation Clinical Trial

Technoderma Medicines, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to report the Company has begun dosing in its Phase 1b (MAD)clinical trial of topical TDM-105795 solution in patients with Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA).

Shanghai – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Technoderma Medicines, Inc. (“the Company”), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to report the Company has begun dosing in its Phase 1b (MAD)clinical trial of topical TDM-105795 solution in patients with Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). This second clinical trial in the program is a 28-day multiple dose escalation study entitled, “A Randomized, Double-Blind, Vehicle-Controlled, Parallel Group, Multi-Dose Escalation Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of TDM-105795 in Healthy Male Subjects with Androgenetic Alopecia”. Study objectives are to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of topical TDM-105795 following repeated doses. Two U.S. clinical sites are currently participating in this study.

Arthur P. Bertolino, MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Technoderma Medicines commented, “We also expect the current study results to guide choice of formulation strength(s) appropriate for a subsequent proof-of-concept (PoC) Phase 2 Androgenetic Alopecia study. The Company anticipates the robust induction of hair growth demonstrated by TDM-105795 in preclinical testing should be observable within several months of initiating treatment.”

“We look to the TDM-105795 AGA program as the first clinical anchor among our pipeline products for treatment of various dermatologic diseases,” said Zengquan Wang, Chief Executive Officer at Technoderma Medicines. “We are working to bring a second pipeline product (Atopic Dermatitis) into clinical testing soon in mid-year.”

About TDM-105795

TDM 105795 is a small molecule drug candidate being developed as a topical drug to promote hair growth. Preclinical assessment of TDM 105795 indicates that TDM 105795 has poor systemic absorption following topical application and a short elimination half-life, features well-suited to avoid unwanted systemic effects. Moreover, in vivo efficacy studies in C3H mice showed that TDM 105795 was able to potently stimulate hair growth in a dose-dependent manner when applied topically. This is likely because TDM 105795 is able to activate dormant hair follicle stem cells and induce anagen (growth phase) in telogen (resting phase) hair follicles when binding to hair follicle cell target receptor proteins.

About Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA)

Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), also called male or female pattern baldness, is the most common hair loss condition affecting both men and women, with a higher incidence in men. While more than half of adult males suffer from AGA, this rate increases to 80% in men at age 50 and above. Male AGA is characterized by receding hairline and baldness on the top and front of the head. Female AGA is usually manifested as hair density thinning on the top and crown of the head. As a degenerative disorder with etiology largely unknown, genetic, psychological and mental, endocrinologic and metabolic factors may play a role. The pathogenesis underlying AGA has been linked to hyperactivation of androgen receptors in hair follicle cells, rendering resting hair follicles unable to re-enter the growth phase and undergoing miniaturization.

About Technoderma Medicines,Inc.

Technoderma Medicines, Inc. is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company located in Jiaxing Xiuzhou Biomedicine Guoqian Park. Its current core programs focus on development of innovative therapies for Androgenetic Alopecia, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Lupus Erythematosus . Its “first-in-class” small molecule drug candidate TDM-105795 for Androgenetic Alopecia is currently undergoing clinical testing. Technoderma’s JAK1/TYK2 inhibitor for Atopic Dermatitis is completing late-stage preclinical testing and it has a target IND filing date in mid-year 2022. The pipeline targets dermatologic indications.

Contact Info:
Name: Zengquan Wang, PhD, CEO
Email: Send Email
Organization: Technoderma Medicines, Inc.

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Embark Your Presence Globally With The Best And Most Effective Web Design Services of Stealth Media

Stealth Media is one of the finest web design and marketing agencies that works to help businesses create a unique presence for their brand on a global level. Numerous businesses across diverse industries have succeeded with their expert web design and marketing solutions.

SK, Canada – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

What makes Stealth Media unique from other web design agencies is their excellent team of marketing advisors who know all the latest marketing strategies to make your brand a well recognised one worldwide. They know what ways can help your target audience connect with you more. They also understand that every business is different and requires custom web solutions to help them reach their target audience. This is why they believe in offering utmost flexibility in their solutions by offering a blend of both online and offline marketing.

The team of Stealth Media will make sure to never go beyond your marketing budget and provide you solutions that fit your needs and budget constraints perfectly, while also ensuring your business drives towards growth. So, whenever you think of partnering with any marketing agency for the long term, trust no other than Stealth Media. This professional web design agency can make even impractical ideas possible to execute. People connect more with the story behind brands, and Stealth Media makes sure you have a perfect one! Not everyone is an expert in marketing. But understanding that without appropriate marketing tools you cannot take your business to another level is something business owners are now understanding. This is why Stealth Media has become a recommended web design and marketing agency catering to the diverse web requirements of many businesses. They utilize every marketing tactic from the smartest to the silliest one to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Stealth Media has a presence in various cities of Canada, so whether you have a business in Saskatoon, Vancouver or Toronto, the team is always there to help wherever you are.

“It was a pleasure to work with Stealth Media. From the first meeting to the final result, the team was always there to help accommodate our needs and gave a positive direction to our project. Their work quality, fast turnaround time and attention to detail is something you do not get from any other web design agency. I would highly recommend Stealth Media to everyone who has media needs to be taken care of. ”, reviewed by Lauren Cook, Deloitte.

Stealth Media is a go-to web design agency for many Toronto businesses to reach out to more target audiences. Their full time digital services can help any business owner in Toronto achieve great heights which otherwise is not possible. Their diverse range of services include logo designing, website development, search engine optimization, online reputation management, social media management and many more. Stealth Media has excellent marketing tools to create a long lasting impact on the Toronto audience.

“We have been coming to Stealth Media for all our website needs since 2013. Every piece of our marketing, both online and offline that you see around, including our user-friendly website, interactive billboards, engaging videography and successful campaigns, are the end-results of the professional and highly dedicated team of Stealth Media. We have even got a pat on the back by Aviva Canada, our most trusted international supplier for your excellent marketing campaigns. I cannot thank Stealth Media enough for their extraordinary efforts.”, reviewed by Robyn Cherry, Cherry Insurance.

How would you make sure that your business in Vancouver stands out from others? What are the options to make sure that the Vancuover people do not confuse your brand for others? Well, the answer is Stealth Media. Their Vancuover web design and marketing team helps to captivate your audience and deliver the message simultaneously. Their comprehensive web solutions make an impactful influence on the Vancuover audience. The good thing is that every kind of web solution is available under one platform. It is no longer a difficult task to market your business if you have Stealth Media as your marketing partner.

Thinking of building your brand in Saskatoon? Stealth Media’s Saskatoon web design team can help you in this. The team knows everything about the local audience, making it easier for you to convey your message to them. Since they understand the audience so well, they will make sure that your brand’s story aligns with their interests and expectations.

Stealth Media has experience working across industries and helping them turn into global brands with high conversion rates. Their digital services help to convey your media message to a global audience and convince them to learn more about you.

About Stealth Media
Since its formation in 2006, Stealth Media has been dominating in the marketing industry. They have several awards under their belt for marketing and designing. Their outstanding impressive portfolio and positive client reviews are proof why businesses consider them for their web needs. Get in contact with Stealth Media and make your business a global success.

Contact Info:
Name: STEALTH Media
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Organization: STEALTH Media
Address: 15 Innovation Blvd #304, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8, Canada
Phone: 1 833-333-0344

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IFTA Will Be No Longer A Burden With eTrucks

The kind of stress the truckers go through during IFTA is enormous. They often get headaches even thinking about it. But, you need not worry as eTrucks is here to make it easy for you to comply with all IFTA regulations seamlessly.

SK, Canada – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

eTrucks is one of the leading software providers in the transport industry that is meant to take care of all your IFTA compliance needs. This IFTA software comes with ELD integration that can provide you with the best protection against hefty fines for non-compliance with IFTA rules. This software is a blessing to many truckers who spent countless hours creating IFTA reports manually.

It is a well-known fact that IFTA is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are so many things to take care of, and even a single mistake can cause you a lot of wastage of time and money. Not keeping up to date with the changing regulations will waste your efforts. Many motor carriers companies still don’t understand the impact of incorrectly filing IFTA reports. What would you prefer among the two- getting your license suspended or doing your IFTA correctly? With wrong IFTA filing comes other problems as well. These include high fuel taxes and increased fees, and insurance premiums. So, every person in the trucking business needs an efficient solution that will help to cover every aspect of IFTA efficiently. eTrucks is one such solution that is designed explicitly for IFTA compliance. The good thing is that the solution is cost-friendly and updates itself regularly to keep up with the changing IFTA regulations.

“Everything is so easy with eTrucks. I only have to enter the fuel and mileage information, and the software automatically provides you with the IFTA report. We have been in the trucking industry only for one year, but everything is so easy to manage with eTrucks. Preparing IFTA reports is so much easier with it.”, reviewed by Patricia Davila, Marlon’s Trucking LLC.

One of the unique tools of eTrucks is the mileage calculator. Complying with the regulations is crucial for motor carrier businesses as when you break any of them, you are putting your business in danger. One of the recent laws that have been passed has made it essential to use ELDs to compute the IFTA miles. Although you will see many ELD service providers in the market, eTrucks is the best one as it pings the location to the driver every 15 minutes, which is actually the time limit fixed by the authorities.

eTrucks IFTA mileage calculator avoids you getting headaches of computing your miles manually. It will even locate your missing miles and verify them. It can help you in all of your IFTA fuel reporting tasks and quickly answer all your fuel tax questions.

“I started using eTrucks a month ago when I was looking for an easy-to-use solution to keep track of my miles and found this amazing software. It can store receipts for each of jurisdiction effortlessly. It takes about 30 seconds to enter the fuel data and get the accurate mileage. This is better than the traditional way I used before, where I put everything in order a night before the deadline. I would recommend this solution to everyone who wants to save their precious time.”, reviewed by Zach Martin, Hoss Heavy LLC.

If you think IFTA is the only tax, well, you are wrong. There are many states who charge over and above IFTA and call it the Highway Use Tax. All the motor carriers that drive through these states are required to file the HUT reports. Since the conditions and tax rates differ from state to state, you need an efficient tool that will help you determine this tax accurately. With eTrucks, this becomes easy. In a few steps, you are able to generate the weight distance tax report without having to scratch your mind. Undoubtedly, the software never fails to amaze you with its perennial features.

About eTrucks

eTrucks is one of the most efficient IFTA compliance tools that offer you the greatest protection against IFTA audits, fines and penalties. The software is capable of generating automated reports, thus saving truckers a lot of hassle, effort and time. Apart from this, eTrucks also brings fuel efficiency and improves driver safety. Thus, this easy-to-use tool has multipurpose features, making it an excellent investment for trucking companies.

Contact Info:
Name: eTrucks and Axon Development Corporation
Email: Send Email
Organization: eTrucks and Axon Development Corporation
Address: 15 Innovation Blvd #211 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 2X8, Canada
Phone: (888) 575-8605

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Reduce Your Workload And Increase Your Productivity With Axon Software

Axon Software is a real-time trucking solution designed to slash your administration work and file IFTA reports with a few mouse clicks. Running a transport business becomes easy and smooth with their trucking software options.

SK, Canada – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Axon Software is the only trucking software that you will see in the market today which is totally integrated in real-time. This means that the information you enter in one part of your system will automatically get updated on others. In simple words, the software makes it possible to manage everything from dispatch, invoicing, driver pay, fleet management, fuel optimization to accounting through one single entry.

Axon Software’s trucking dispatch software provides freight visibility and helps transport companies save thousands of dollars. The software is an all-in-one solution to communicate and share load information with everyone who needs it. All the information related to order processing, maintenance and financial reporting is readily available on a real-time basis. This means no more conflicts among different departments. The dispatch solution has excellent visual features to help you know where your drivers and vehicles are, thereby reducing vehicle downtime. It will automatically help you compute trip distance and strict delivery schedules timely.

“We started in 2018 with no trucks, one accountant and two dispatchers. With time, we have increased our fleet size to 25 trucks with no additional accountant. This is how efficient Axon is. It helps you double your fleet without contributing to more expenses. Almost everything is automated; the few things that are left, I can easily do them. We have saved a lot of money using this software in terms of not paying to another accountant.”, reviewed Kiran Sheena, Accounting Manager of Alta Rose Freightlines.

Another remarkable product of Axon is oilfield software for trucking companies. With this software, you can expand your business growth in no time. There will be no missing invoice with this solution as this is the best accounting software for oilfield trucking, well servicing, water hauling, and crane movers. The fully integrated Axon oilfield software can help you get paid faster and keep your drivers satisfied and customers delighted.

The oilfield software reduces your stress and helps you run a smooth and efficient business. It almost reduces your work to half and increases your profits by ensuring that the billing processes are accurate.

“Axon has taken a lot from our plate. When one of our staff members retired, we were anxious regarding how we would find a replacement. But, thanks to Axon, we did not have to hire anyone new. The software took care of everything. Also, the team has a lot of free time on their hands which they now can utilize on other important aspects of the business.”, reviewed Shane Wilkie, Fleet Manager, Vision Truck Lines Inc.

Another crucial solution from Axon is freight broker software that helps you plan, execute and deliver on time. It is a specialized trucking software that will ensure you do not lose another order. It is an all-in-transport solution that will not let you forget to bill a shipper or overpay a carrier ever again. It is a fully integrated tool that will increase your efficiency and visibility.

About Axon Software

Axon Software is real-time software designed to help trucking companies automate the most complex trucking operations. It takes away the pain of recording information manually and allows truckers to do the most challenging and time-consuming tasks efficiently and effortlessly. The software covers a wide range of trucking aspects such as fleet management, IFTA compliance, trucking accounting, transport management and many more.

Contact Info:
Name: Jason Kretzer
Email: Send Email
Organization: Axon Development Company
Address: 210-15 Innovation Boulevard Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8
Phone: 800-567-8385

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Pure Journi Releases New Line of Fine Quality Citrine Gemstones

Pure Journi acquired small lots of stones in multiple sizes, shapes, and showpieces used in homes and offices. The Citrine stone is not only beautiful but close to the hardness of a diamond.

Chula Vista, United States – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Citrine is a hard yellow crystal resembling a yellow diamond. It is a beautiful stone to own or wear on the body. These stones look amazing in a ring setting, pendant, or earrings. The benefit of Citrine is that it is less expensive than a diamond, but looks very similar and still retains value over time.

Citrine rates seven on the Mohs hardness scale. This puts it three ratings down from a diamond. The quality and the look of a faceted and polished stone are striking. The stone’s quality is similar to any precious stone and can be shaped and worn like a diamond. From the naked view of the eye, a Citrine gemstone looks like a yellow diamond.

In February of 2022, Pure Journi invested in and acquired small lots of stones in multiple sizes, shapes, and showpieces used in homes and offices.

Madagascar and Brazilian Citrine
Pure Journi acquires Citrine from two areas of the world. The only difference in the stone is the clarity.

According to Art Saborio, CEO of Pure Journi, “There are two kinds of Citrine. The first kind of Citrine is a gemstone that is clear and looks very similar to a Yellow diamond. Then there is the other that is a little cloudy but still very beautiful.

Citrine from Madagascar is clear. It is diamond-like in its appearance, and the cloudier gemstone comes from Brazilian mines.

The more clear the stone, the more expensive it is. Although the cost is a consideration for most buyers, the cut and clarity that is the result of the Madagascar stones are well worth the gemstone’s additional cost. There is nothing like it!

My company Pure Journi is active in the gemstone community and deals with Citrine gemstones. We often find some of the best stones locally from vendors who travel the world, bringing good quality stones back to the United States. Supporting our local vendors, manufacturers, and artisans is part of our mission.”

Pure Journi is a crystal and stone shop offering tarot cards, crystals, and semi-precious stones. They are located in Chula Vista, California, and have been in business since 2015. They carry a wide range of Citrine, Obsidian, Tourmaline, and other semi-precious gemstones.

Contact Info:
Name: Art Saborio
Email: Send Email
Organization: Pure Journi
Address: 1741 Eastlake Pkwy Ste 102 PMB 1005 Chula Vista CA 91915
Phone: (619) 393-6457

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Double Dip Games Announces The Closed Beta Launch Of

Indie blockchain gaming startup, Double Dip Games, officially Announces the Closed Beta Launch of, a play-to-earn platform shooter game with NFT character skins

February 27, 2022

The team at Double Dip Games have again reiterated their commitment to delivering the best possible gaming experience to as many people as possible across the globe as the blockchain gaming company recently announced the Closed Beta Launch of The move will allow NFT holders to play the shooter game and earn while having fun competing with others.

Several industries have continued to take advantage of blockchain technology and its inherent solutions. The global gaming industry has undoubtedly benefited from the increasing adoption of blockchain, with the growing popularity of NFT and play-to-earn games further substantiating this claim. However, Double Dip Games seek to take the experience a notch higher with the launch of

The project is designed as a play-to-earn platform shooter game featuring endless multiplayer action and NFT character skins. The gaming ecosystem comes with several features that stand it out from other similar projects, with the Closed Beta Launch on February 22 enabling NFT holders to play the game at

Players are able to unlock Closed Beta access by holding a ShooterPals NFT in their MetaMask wallet. ShooterPals NFTs are ERC1155 tokens on Polygon Network (Ethereum blockchain layer 2). Players sign into the game with MetaMask and customize the appearance of their character with their Pal and Hat NFTs available on OpenSea. NFT holders get the first chance to earn ShooterPals Chips (CHIPS) tokens playing the game, before the eventual token launch. Players earn CHIPS tokens with each Kill and for holding a Top 3 position during each match.

ShooterPals Launch NFTs come in various rarities that determine their max supply – Common: 100 Supply, Rare: 20 Supply, and Legendary: 4 Supply, each having their unique benefits to holders. As part of the move to reward members of the all-inclusive ecosystem, CHIPS tokens earned during Closed Beta will be distributed to players at p2e + token launch in Q2 2022. The tokens can be used to buy exclusive NFT skins and collectibles, reduce transaction fees at the ShooterPals Marketplace, which will be launched in Q3, and as a wager in high-risk, high-reward game modes that allow for increased earnings potential, with additional use cases to be announced in future. There are also plans to give away 2 million Chips to interested people.

For further information about ShooterPals and to receive free CHIPS tokens at P2E launch in Q2 as one of the first 1,100 members to join the ShooterPals Discord server, visit –

Contact Info:
Name: Brian
Email: Send Email
Organization: Double Dip Games

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Transform Your Game With The World’s Most Affordable Home Golf Simulator!

Imagine being able to play some of the world’s most iconic golf courses without needing to leave your home. Thanks to the ground-breaking Phigolf home simulator by pioneering technology brand PhiNetworks, players can do just that. Considered one of the most advanced simulation games on the market, Phigolf can help users improve their swing and drop their handicap while having fun and playing over 80 different courses.

February 27, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Golf is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, but for many golfers, the idea of owning a home simulator is a dream. Particularly given traditional simulators cost upwards of $40,000, making them an unrealistic choice for many avid golfers. Phigolf is eager to transform the market and make this dream a reality. Leading technology developer PhiNetworks has created an innovative and affordable solution that is designed to suit players of all budgets.

Launched in 2008, PhiNetworks has been at the forefront of consumer sports technology, creating an array of innovative products. In 2013, the revolutionary brand moved into the world of golf, launching Phigolf with huge success. Alongside some of the most realistic graphics and gameplay on the market, this ground-breaking simulator also features a unique swing analysis algorithm that allows users to improve their game.

Since then, the team at Phigolf has continuously advanced the product, working with two of the sector’s most recognized brands, Top Golf’s World Golf Tour and TruGolf’s E6 Connect Software. This has allowed it to develop one of the most advanced home golf simulators on the market, providing photorealistic simulation and seeing over 15 million players across the globe use the game.

One of the most popular features is the revolutionary Phigolf swing stick, which features a nine-axis motion sensor, providing the most realistic representation of a club. The game also now features an advanced stroke analysis function, which comprehensively reviews each swing, providing a 3D view of a range of factors, including clubhead speed, tempo, swing path, face angle, and estimated distance. The function can also recognize a range of different swings, such as a drive, chip, or putt, ensuring players can improve every aspect of their game.

Thanks to its partnerships with World Golf Tour and TruGolf, Phigolf provides access to recreations of over 60 of the world’s leading golf courses. This ensures that players will be able to travel the globe and experience some of the very best courses, all from the comfort of their home. To provide an ultra-realistic feel, the simulator also accurately recreates different environments such as fairways, bunkers, rough, and fringe.

The Phigolf simulator has been designed to suit players of all skill levels and budgets, creating one of the most exciting simulators on the market. Priced at just $249, the innovative game does not sacrifice on graphics or realism, ensuring players are able to enjoy one of the very best home simulators at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Young Hun Kim, CEO at Phigolf added, “Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports, but it can sometimes be hard to find the time to play 18 holes, or take lessons. Phigolf is the innovative solution designed to allow players the chance to improve their swing from the comfort of their own home while also enjoying some of the world’s greatest golf courses.

Our fun and engaging simulator is as close to real-life as you can get, and we believe it is a truly interactive solution that the entire family will enjoy”

For more information on the Phigolf simulator, visit

Contact Info:
Name: Jae Yang
Email: Send Email
Organization: PhiGolf

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Knowledge and education platform for high school student with Tracnghiemonline

The name Tracnghiemonline is now very familiar to many people, when you can easily see it appearing in many forums, especially those about learning and exchanging knowledge.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – February 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The number of visitors to Tracnghiemonline is increasing and is one of the top websites with a huge number of visitors. So what website is Tracnghiemonline?

1. What website is Tracnghiemonline?
Tracnghiemonline is a website about knowledge and education at current levels from 3rd to 6th grade, along with many fields such as Java programming, web development, databases, exam preparation exercises for students. Great National High School Exam with different levels.

The exercises and solutions in Tracnghiemonline are provided to learners by reputable teachers. The website divides learning content into different levels from grade 3 to grade 12, with different subjects for users to easily find the content they need. Each subject has solutions that follow the textbook, to help students master the basic knowledge first, then continue to learn more advanced exercises.

With the IT course, learners have access to knowledge and exercises of Java, C, C++, PHP, Python, … from basic to advanced to get basic knowledge, then advanced to confidently go to practice or go to work. Particularly, the topic of English grammar is separated into a separate study topic with different tips for studying and preparing for university and TOEIC exams.

In addition, online courses are also being chosen by many people to get the best results.

2. Quality courses at Tracnghiemonline
In addition to the available lectures based on textbook knowledge, there are online courses at Tracnghiemonline. Online courses include courses for Primary, Middle School, Grade 10, 11 or a block dedicated to students preparing for the National High School Exam.

These online courses are also divided into different subjects. Users can choose to focus on core subjects such as Math, Literature, and Chemistry under the guidance of teachers from many different prestigious schools. Each course has specific information such as study subject, number of chapters and total number of lectures.

For students in high school, you also have university exam preparation courses with different grading scales, depending on each person’s learning needs. It can be seen that Tracnghiemonline’s courses are very diverse and rich, in different subjects, meeting many requirements from students.

Especially, Tracnghiemonline has a lot of attractive promotions, such as giving away some courses for free, discounting many different courses. This also contributes to an increase in the number of registered users and the number of visitors to the page.

3. Should you study on Tracnghiemonline?
Tracnghiemonline is the leading educational website in Vietnam that you should not ignore. The information at Tracnghiemonline is prepared at the request of the Ministry of Education. The source of knowledge at trac nghiem online is refreshed and richly displayed so that students, students, teachers and even parents are always motivated to study and research.

4. Other forms of online learning
In addition to Tracnghiemonline, you can also search for other forms of online learning such as: join Facebook groups, search for lectures on Youtube, seek knowledge from other websites. However, Tracnghiemonline standards follow the education system, so it will ensure accurate knowledge. This information is never as misleading as information found in many other sources.

Tracnghiemonline also has free registration information for poor students overcoming difficulties. You should visit to find out information about courses. This is the form of learning that is most interested in today by the Ministry of Education, students, teachers and parents.

We hope the information about Tracnghiemonline has been helpful for finding reputable websites for online learning. We will continue to provide you with other reputable educational websites in the following content.

Contact Info:
Name: Tracnghiemonline
Email: Send Email
Organization: HK Studio
Address: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +81-50-6867-7135

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American Screening LLC -– Allows Fast and Effective Decision-Making with Wide Array of Rapid Tests

From its inception, the company has been committed to offering products of the highest quality at affordable prices along with supporting efforts to combat drug addiction.

Shreveport, LA – February 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

While the world at large has progressed greatly over the past years, it still confronts with some specific issues. One of these is drug abuse, which has been draining financial resources, impacting jobs and endangering people. However, medical and technological advances have enabled government agencies, healthcare professionals, employers, and individuals to make progress in the fight against substance abuse and its broader consequences. As American Screening LLC (ASC) can attest, rapid drug tests have become one of the most useful diagnostic tools in modern society, providing fast and accurate results that often save lives or enhance business results by improving the decision-making process. American Screening LLC, a leading ISO13485 contract manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic products and essential medical supplies, maintains a robust inventory of rapid drug testing kits to help public organizations, corporate entities, and regular citizens act quickly and minimize the risk of any substance abuse-related problems escalating.

From its inception, the company has been committed to offering products of the highest quality at affordable prices along with supporting efforts to combat drug addiction. American Screening LLC says that even though they grew into a major organization with operations across the globe, their core mission has remained the same. An important part of it is providing cost-effective and efficient solutions for addressing this serious problem. They say that their inventory grows constantly, but they made it a priority to always have in stock an array of rapid tests for drugs due to their realization of the importance of these products. ASC adds that whether in the workplace, at home, or in a law enforcement setting, these kits become crucial as illicit substance use increases. Their extensive range features tests that can detect from one to as many as 12 drugs of abuse with accuracy of up to 99%. These kits make it easy to check for the presence of the most commonly used drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, fentanyl, oxycodone, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, K2, ETG, phencyclidine (PCP), benzodiazepine, barbiturates, methadone, and ecstasy (MDMA).

The importance of rapid drug tests is underscored by the fact that this segment of the drug abuse testing market is expected to register the strongest growth in the years ahead, American Screening LLC notes. According to Allied Market Research, total industry revenues will rise by 8.2% annually from 2017 to 2025, increasing from $6.24 billion to $11.83 billion over the specified period. Notably, the report projects a compound annual growth rate of 14.2% for the rapid testing products segment due to its advatages such as accuracy in results and in less time and advent of technologically advanced devices. For American Screening LLC, providing a rich choice of rapid drug tests is a way to ensure optimal outcomes for all parties concerned, be it in emergency medical settings, corporate environments, or public places. Its products empower healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, employers, and family members to make the right decisions and act quickly, thus preventing or rectifying situations with potentially fatal consequences.

American Screening LLC started in a small room in Shreveport, Louisiana as a family business on a mission to provide quality drug and alcohol testing products. Since its launch in 2004, the company has expanded steadily to become a top vendor of diagnostic tests and essential medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Much of its success is attributable to the founder, Ron Kilgarlin, who drew on his extensive expertise in business management, medical devices, product development, distribution, and marketing. Among the many things American Screening LLC takes pride in are its multiple certifications, including the highly coveted one issued under MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), which designates the company as compliant with the requirements for quality management systems in multiple jurisdictions.

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