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Vismaya Rubin Nominated for Celebrate You Wellness Woman of the Year 2020

Vismaya Rubin, the founder of Living in GRATITUDE Today, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author, is nominated for Celebrate You Wellness Woman of the Year 2020.

MIAMI, US – January 31, 2021 / /

Vismaya Rubin is one of nine women to be honored on Saturday, February 6, 2021, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. EST, at the first Celebrate You Woman of the Year Virtual Gala. One nominee will be chosen as the Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2020 during the virtual event.

Vismaya Rubin said her favorite role is that of a “GRATITUDE Gangsta, whatttt?” Rubin explained that A GRATITUDE Gangsta is skilled in the art of appreciation, lives life to the fullest, and finds magic in life’s challenges. “My mission is to fill the world with GRATITUDE Gangstas!” Rubin’s journey began in 1997 in the classroom of an inner-city school, where she encouraged her students to find the beauty and joy in their life by shifting their perspectives despite adversity.

“When my high school freshmen entered the room, they carried more than the weight of their backpacks,” she said. “Feelings of worthlessness and depression, secrets of unreported abuse, and the inability to protect the ones they loved weighed them down. My greatest challenge was figuring out how to teach my curriculum and lighten their emotional load.”

That year, Rubin helped her students create a monthly GRATITUDE chart. It was a list of 20 unique things they were grateful for that month.

“In August, I was met with blank stares. Some said they would lie, while others complained they had nothing to be grateful for. By November, the thank you messages began. By February, they were excited to fill out their charts and turn them in.”

Over just a few months, Rubin saw her students change for the better. “Some expressed gratitude for evenings and weekends at home with their family, relationships between siblings improved, and most importantly, they believed they mattered. You see, nothing changed but their perception of their reality,” Rubin said.

“Knowing my message could change lives, I decided to leave the classroom and share it with the world,” she said. “What started as a hobby became the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement.” Through Rubin’s research and life experience, she learned that when “we practice gratitude, we open the door for more happiness, joy, productivity, and stronger connections with the people around us.”

Rubin now teaches about gratitude at live events and live webinars worldwide. The Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement and GRATITUDE swag was designed to support people in growing their GRATITUDE muscle.

Rubin offers some tips about how to use gratitude for success in life. “1. Be kind to yourself; you will make mistakes. 2. Practice GRATITUDE. 3. Have a plan in place and be open to new opportunities.”

Rubin has remained focused on the journey to success for the movement,” I’ve had to learn how to get out of my own way and not be such a perfectionist,” she said. “Two of my favorite mantras are “Done is better than none!” and “The Universe has my back!””

As a Celebrate Your Wellness Woman of 2020 nominee, Rubin said her “goal for 2021 is to continue to grow the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement so that families, communities, and the world experience the ripple effect of this simple, yet poignant, practice.”

“My superpower is showing people how to find happiness in their life even when faced with adversity,” Rubin said. “Living in GRATITUDE Today focuses on rewiring the brain to find what’s right rather than what’s wrong.”

Rubin has many courses in production and says people can experience being a GRATITUDE Gangsta for a free trial.

“Members of the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement receive daily reminders, tips, and tricks on how they can strengthen their GRATITUDE muscle. At Living in GRATITUDE Today we prescribe to the belief that it is a GRATITUDE Practice, not an Attitude of GRATITUDE that promotes real shifts in your levels of happiness, optimism, and resilience.”

Contact Rubin at and

LaWanna Bradford, co-founder of the Celebrate Your Wellness program, said that Rubin’s message inspires individuals to live in gratitude.

Co-Founder LaWanna Bradford explained, “In Celebrate You, we believe that when a woman can embrace and celebrate herself truly, she is then able to rise up and make an impact in the lives of her family, her community, the nation, and ultimately the world.”

“These exceptional women are leaders and influencers. They always seek to find ways to encourage, inspire, uplift, and celebrate others,” she said.

Bradford said, “We are excited to announce that the Master of Ceremonies is the Regional Sales Director with Provenir, Harlan Bradford, Jr., and live music will be played by two-time Emmy-award winning bassist, Tony Saunders.

Tickets are on sale for $10.

The virtual celebration will be filled with tributes, spotlights, music, laughter, and a lot of fun. Everyone to “glam up from the waist up” and get ready to get your celebrate on!

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Help Heal Humanity Charity. Help Heal Humanity is an internationally registered charity mindfully designed to provide the world’s most vulnerable youth with access to education, food, support, and love. Learn more about their service at Help Heal Humanity.

About Celebrate You Wellness
Celebrate You was founded by visionary LaWanna Bradford with co-founders Barbara Beckley, Gwen Marshall, and Jacqueline Lulu Brown.

“Our Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness movement is designed for women to truly celebrate their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially and to reach for the highest and best version of themselves,” said LaWanna Bradford.

“It is about standing in your truth and being able to love yourself, embrace yourself, and always celebrate you!”
Join the Celebrate You movement

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Chris Kamberis – Helps With the Opening of Ladybird Style Lab in Crossroads District

Founded in 2010 by Molly Bingaman, Ladybird Styling offers wardrobe consulting and clothing amenities to men and women.

Kansas City, MO – January 31, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Chris Kamberis, CEO of CTK Real Estate, has been facilitating the acquisition development of real estate all over the US. Lately, he helped with the opening of Ladybird Style Lab in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri, which improves the lives of many residents.

Founded in 2010 by Molly Bingaman, Ladybird Styling offers wardrobe consulting and clothing amenities to men and women. With the addition of new Director of Operations, Rachel Doescher, Ladybird will launch the Style Lab’s storefront on Southwest Boulevard, in the Crossroads District in late May. After six years of working as a wardrobe stylist, Bingaman observed the patterns and behaviors of her clients and is prepared to provide her services through the Ladybird Style Lab. It will function as a destination which helps people determine their individual style through personal advice from the staff.

Chris Kamberis has played a pivotal role in providing Bingaman the opportunity to offer her talents to a wider range of citizens in the community. “Everyone has an identity, and everyone should benefit from a true expression of it,” she believes. “Clothing is inextricably linked with how we feel about ourselves, and with how others perceive us, so it has incredible power attached to it.”

The Ladybird Style Lab was named to reflect the emphasis on its experimentation, discovery, and distinctive results. While there are seemingly endless possibilities for one’s personal style, the experts have found a method that works for targeting what feels best on their client. Bingaman is honored by the help from CTK Real Estate and Kamberis, who helped her obtain a property that maximizes exposure for her talents. “We wanted to be in the Crossroads because it’s the center of creativity and innovation in Kansas City, and we aimed to resonate with—and amplify—that signal.” She described Kamberis as going “above and beyond to support us throughout the lengthy process of lease finalizations and built-out.” He acquired the ideal location on a corner that is surrounded by more energy every day.

Today, Kansas City locals can visit the Style Lab for a fresh and new start on their appearance, with professionals who cater to the personal needs of its clientele. They offer specific, curated, inventory in a full range of sizes, with a hair and makeup salon that makes The Ladybird Style Lab a unique service intended to determine what best works on an individual. Chris Kamberis has long been a supporter of personal expression and has praised the work achieved by the Style Lab in allowing the opportunity for individuals dress accordingly. It will be open by appointment beginning in late May. To inquire further or get on the list of appointments, contact Rachel at

Chris Kamberis is a property expert and established leader in the commercial real estate market, with over two decades of experience. As the Founder and President of CTK Real Estate, he has been the driving force behind some of the most innovative and complex expansions for commercial real estate. The company has helped thousands of businesses and individuals obtain some of the world’s best property, including Bank of America, McDonald’s, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Burger King, Fifth Third Bank, BP Products North America, and Starbucks.

CChris Kamberis – Property Expert and Founder of CTK Real Estate:

Opus Development plans 256 apartments over retail in Westport:

New Westport player flips one of his properties for Opus’ redevelopment:

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New Patient Marketing Software Gets Low-Cost Leads In Just 3 Clicks

Breakthrough marketing automation for medical practices seeking solution for new patients.

Boise, ID, United States – January 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

A new marketing software has begun creating quite a stir for private practices in search of new patients. For most private practices, acquiring new patients at a reasonable price and in a consistent volume is a chronic problem and can lead to small clinics going under. However, amidst extreme challenges during 2020 a new software company called Patient Stream has rolled out automated lead generation, prospect management, and at a fraction of the cost of comparable services.

Patient Stream delivers new patient leads for local practices on auto-pilot. It requires zero advertising experience, it allows the user to control marketing campaigns, and uses machine learning to manage the back end “tech stuff”.

Co-Founder Sam Carlson says, “You know, it still blows my mind how well Patient Stream works. In fact, new users are blown away by not just how well performs compared to their past Ad Agency’s, but that our customer service is light-years ahead of any other company they’ve worked with. It’s a lot of fun and we’re so happy for these businesses. ”

Patient Stream is an ideal solution for any business seeking niche patients. Namely, our current users span practice with focuses in Chiropractic, Medical, Regenerative Med, Functional Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Med Spa, Dental, and Orthodontic.

To learn more, please visit the company’s website at:

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Organization: Patient Stream LLC
Address: 950 W Bannock St Suite 1100, Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 994-3632‬

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CouldYou? is changing the world, nonprofit program empowers women across globe

For over a decade, CouldYou? has driven innovation in the non-profit sector offering transformational programming providing menstrual health education and the CouldYou? menstrual cup in The United States, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Liberia.

San Diego, United States – January 30, 2021 /PressCable/

San Diego, CA-The CouldYou? Women and Girls’ Health Initiative promotes empowerment of women and girls through the distribution of the CouldYou? menstrual cup, menstrual health education, monitoring and evaluation. The data driven program is rooted in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 1, 3-6, 8, 12 and 17, and to date has helped change the lives of more than 19,500 girls and women.

The CouldYou? program which was developed and launched by grass roots strategist Christine Garde Denning, began in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Ghana and Mozambique to defeat a scourge of young women and school age girls around the world experiencing “Period Poverty” .

“Period Poverty” which occurs at the onset of puberty forces millions of young women globally into a well documented downward spiral where girls end up not receiving a secondary education and therefore are more likely to enter into child marriages, experience early pregnancy, malnourishment, suffer domestic violence and pregnancy complications.

This massive worldwide issue, which disproportionately affects low income communities, causes physical health risks and stops women from reaching their full potential due to missed earning potential, educational and professional opportunities.

CouldYou? has established key partnerships in Africa, with the former president of Mozambique, Joaquim Chissano’s Foundation, as well as Ministries of Education, Culture, Gender and Health in several countries, and key friendships with the Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu Fellows, with a focus to shift the paradigm in addressing poverty.

The CouldYou? program was designed with guidance from Professor Penelope A. Phillips-Howard, the world’s leading researcher on menstrual health in rural Africa. It addresses longstanding socio-cultural restrictions, taboos and destigmatizes menstruation, giving dignity to girls and women. The program provides girls and women with a medical grade silicone menstrual cup, and is supported by a robust, data-driven monitoring and evaluation model that has seen acceptability rates as high as 91%. The CouldYou? Cup comes with a handmade cotton carrying bag sewn in Africa – all CouldYou? Cups distributed in the USA include carrying bags sewn by 10-17 year old young girls who are transitioning out of the sex trade in Uganda. These girls are paid by CouldYou? to aid them in their journey to freedom.

The menstrual cup is also the most environmental menstrual product. In the USA alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded each year. Tampons can take up to 500 years to break down in landfills. If over the course of a woman’s roughly 38 years of menstruation, she only had to throw away 4 small menstrual cups instead of 8,000 to 17,000 tampons, that’s a difference of almost 300 pounds of waste!

Ms. Garde Denning worked with Young Life and Steadfast Properties, envisioning and overseeing multiple learning centers across California that served thousands of low-income families. As a precursor to CouldYou?, Christine adapted and implemented an experience based program called NYC Urban Plunge, which gave college students an immersion experience of life in the South Bronx, encouraging students to look at broken systems and social justice, helping students envision how they could become agents for change. Christine was chosen as one of Forbes’ 40 over 40 Women in 2016 for reinventing, disrupting and making an impact globally.

Ms. Garde Denning has devoted her life to caring for the poor and trying to make the world a better place. After receiving an International Business degree from Pace University in NYC, she began her career by approaching Housing and Urban Development (HUD), suggesting that she become a community police officer, living in public housing in order to address gang activity on their property. Christine then spent 10 years living/working for HUD at the San Diego/Tijuana border area. Her efforts resulted in significant decreases in gang tagging and violence on property, while investing in the lives of hundreds of teens and families.

For more information or to meet the menstrual health needs of a vulnerable girl for 10 years for $10 go to

Follow CouldYou?

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Netstar IT Support wins 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award for third consecutive year

The London-based firm’s place at the industry’s very top table was highlighted once more following a fantastic year in the face of unprecedented times.

January 30, 2021 / /

This week, Netstar attended the virtual ’50 Best Managed IT Companies Awards’ ceremony. They are thrilled to announce that they have been selected as one of the 50 top UK IT support companies for the third consecutive year.

A Hat-Trick Of Victories At The Prestigious Awards

The awards are run by TechnoPlanet, an international marketing and communications firm who specialise in the technology sector. Achieving top 50 status demonstrates Netstar’s ability to consistently follow IT best practices and deliver an exceptional service to their clients.

TechoPlanet runs the annual awards to recognise VARs, MSPs, MSSPs and ITSPs. The judging planet scored all companies on 12 distinct criteria points to determine their overall performance and impact within the industry. Netstar’s appearance on the list confirms that the IT specialist has maintained its impressive proficiency and level to detail in all aspects of IT management.

The comprehensive analysis and widespread criteria used to judge applicants places the TechoPlanet awards among the industry’s very best, serving as a clear barometer of which companies have excelled over the previous 12 months.

Mit Patel, Managing Director at Netstar says, “Being selected as one of the best 50 Managed IT Companies is a great achievement for us, especially as this is the third consecutive year that we’ve won the award. 2020 has been a challenging year for every business, so it’s great to see that we’ve been able to maintain our excellent level of service, even in such unprecedented circumstances.”

Meanwhile, the detailed analysis across all 12 criteria points provides companies, including Netstar, the opportunity to truly understand their strengths and weaknesses as a business before implementing the necessary changes to bounce back from a testing 2020 in style.

In Netstar’s case, however, those upgrades may be focused on simply evolving with the times. After all, their third award in as many years shows that the blueprint for success in the industry is already in place, delivering peace of mind for the business and its clients alike.

About Netstar

Netstar is an IT Support company based in Central London. Providing fully managed IT Support and Technology Consulting services. Founded in 2002 the company has grown significantly, now supporting over 150 clients based in London and the South East. Netstar’s core mission is Helping People Succeed Through Technology.

The company’s commitment to its B2B clients is underpinned by lightning-fast responses, a dedicated approach to cybersecurity, and fully tailored services matched to the specific needs of the individual company. The ISO 27001 certified company is additionally audited on an annual basis in a show to maintain the highest standards at all times.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Sarah Robson on 020 7101 0544 or email

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Federated Mint to Introduce Never Opened Vault Bags Packed with .999 Solid State Silver Bars

The company is bracing for enormous demand for these new 2020 edition state silver bars

Massillon, OH – January 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Federated Mint, a private US association that focuses on producing fine metal goods, is thrilled to introduce a special offer for Americans residing in some specific states. Like this, the organization becomes the first to offer new Silver Vault Bags loaded with ten solid .999 pure Silver State BarsThis unique opportunity is made all the more attractive by the fact that prospective buyers who beat the 48-hour deadline to call the National Silver Hotline will benefit from the lowest ever state minimum set by Federated Mint.

“Collectors and other interested parties who find their zip code on the distribution list we publish will be eligible for this exclusive offer provided that they make the deadline. The terms of the offer are incredible: we have slashed the state minimum to the record low of $29 for each silver half-ounce bar, or what amounts to a mere $290 per Silver Vault Bag, every one of which contains ten pristine State Silver Bars. The keenest among collectors and other buyers can go for the jumbo silver ballistic bags, each of them holding 100 state silver bars and coming with an even steeper discount. Once the deadline expires, the state minimum will rise to $500 per vault bag, so we urge people to hurry and snatch this exceptional offer,” says Federated Mint.

The company is bracing for enormous demand for these new 2020 edition state silver bars, noting that people should act quickly as there is no limit on the number of jumbo silver ballistic bags a person can get, so many risk missing this chance if they delay. Made of solid .999 pure fine silver, these are the only existing Silver Bars struck with the double forged state proclamation. Federated Mint adds, “In case some are wondering whether they can buy a single bar, the answer is yes, but the record low state minimum we have set ($29 per bar) applies only to residents who acquire at least one Silver Vault Bag or a Jumbo Silver Ballistic Bag. Our exclusive price does not extend to single bar purchases, nor does it benefit those who place orders after the 48-hour deadline expires or reside outside the state. In these cases, buyers will be expected to pay $50 per silver half-ounce bar. We hope that as many people as possible manage to seize our unmissable offer, which gives dedicated collectors an incredible opportunity to possess artifacts that are in pristine collector condition.”

Headquartered in Massillon, OH, Federated Mint began operating in 2010 as a specialist dealer in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products. Boasting more than 75,000 satisfied customers, the company uses full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide to inform potential buyers of its offers. Federated Mint has no affiliation to any United States government agency or bank.

Federated Mint – Coin and Collectible Giant:

Federated Mint Offers Unsearched Vault Bags Loaded with Valuable Government-Issued Coins:

Federated Mint Offers Up Jumbo State Gold Bars to Residents in Select States:

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Palm Desert CA Tax Preparation Small Business Accounting Services Launched

Allman & Allman is now offering an updated range of professional tax preparation services to small business owners in Palm Desert, California, and the surrounding area.

Palm Desert, United States – January 29, 2021 /NewsNetwork/

Allman & Allman, a professional accounting CPA firm in Palm Desert, California, announced the launch of an updated range of professional tax preparation services. The company specializes in helping small businesses manage all their federal, state and local tax returns.

More information can be found at

The newly launched tax preparation services at Allman & Allman aim to help small businesses make informed decisions and save more money on taxes.

Small business owners in particular find it difficult to track their finances, keep a record of all their invoices, bank statements, receipts, and sales slips, and prepare for tax season.

For those who want to ensure that their taxes are handled properly, working with a business tax preparation expert like the team at Allman & Allman can be an excellent solution. The experienced tax consultants can help businesses manage, prepare and file taxes on time and accurately, and can handle any other small business tax and accounting matters.

Their small business tax services include completion of corporation tax returns and filing requirements, payroll services, R&D tax relief claims, advice in relation to tax-efficient drawings, minimizing the tax bills of owner-managers, and many more.

By choosing the tax preparation services at Allman & Allman, small business owners will make sure that they file accurate taxes, avoid tax liability surprises, and save money by taking advantage of deductions and credits.

The tax preparation team have extensive experience helping small businesses minimize their tax payout, uncover all appropriate deductions, and implement business strategies that will increase their post-tax income.

A satisfied client said: “I have been a client of Allman & Allman for 5 years and I am more than satisfied with the work they do. They are prompt, provide great service, and quality work. If you are looking for a CPA firm that can be a strategic partner for your personal or business needs I highly recommend working with them.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing

Contact Info:
Name: Genna Allman
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Organization: Allman & Allman
Address: 36953 Cook St. Suite 104, Palm Desert, CA 92211, United States
Phone: +1-760-773-1120

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Tanika de Souza Challenges Women to Earn $100k in their Business

A new challenge has been set, calling all female business owners to increase their business income and earn over $100,000 in the next year.

January 30, 2021 / /

Statistically, 60% of all small businesses are owned by women. While that’s an impressive stat, the worrying thing is that only around 18% of female business owners gross over $100,000 per year. There’s a disproportionate number of women-owned businesses that are starting up each year and struggling to earn enough to survive.

Tanika de Souza is a business coach also known as The $100K Challenge Chick. She’s realized that these stats don’t add up. How can women own such a large percentage of new businesses yet less than 20% of them earn over $100,000 a year? So, she’s hoping to correct this by introducing her new $100k Strategy Challenge. It’s seen as a disaster-proof way to gain control of your income, increase profits, and see business growth.

Monthly business strategy sessions
Tanika starts women with a free five-day strategy session every single month. These sessions have been put together to help women understand nine (9) different strategies they can utilize to increase their income without increasing their stress. Tanika’s provides lots of resources and advice that’s all geared towards helping women drive their revenue up beyond the $100k mark. Her mission is to help over 500,000 women shatter the $100k ceiling.

The ‘challenge’ element comes from the idea of motivating female business owners to push themselves. For the members of her coaching program, the gauntlet has been laid down to challenge women to actually reach this target and surpass it. There is clearly some reason why women own a large number of small businesses and see low profits, so Tanika’s expert business coaching is set to reveal how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Building a community and a system
As well as getting professional business coaching from Tanika, members have the chance to be part of a community of strong businesswomen. The idea behind this is that more brains are better than one, and the community is designed to encourage one another and help each other see results.

Alongside this, members of this challenge will learn how to develop a business system. According to Tanika, 97% of businesses fail because they have poor systems in place. She’s created her own system that is proven to work, and it is given to the women that sign up for this challenge. It all culminates in the ability to empower businesswomen and bring about some much-needed change in the business world. Men dominate things in terms of revenue, but could this new challenge be the spark that lights a real change?

About Tanika de Souza
Tanika de Souza is often known by her alias ‘The Challenge Chick.’ She’s a business coach that has developed systems helping her build two 6-figure organizations. Now, she’s committed to helping other women see the same success, through her various coaching services.

More information can be found at

Press contact details:
Tanika de Souza
12352 Wilkins Ave Rockville MD 20852

Contact Info:
Name: Tanika de Souza
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Organization: The $100K Challenge Chic
Address: 12352 Wilkins Ave Rockville MD 20852
Phone: 4432919193


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Wooden Toys for Kids and Toddlers Brand Makes Impressive Launch on Amazon

Panda Brothers has recently launched its wooden toys for kids and toddlers on Amazon US and UK. The company is set to add several other toys to its online marketplaces in the coming year.

GA30236 – January 30, 2021

The up-and-coming brand for wooden toys for kids, Panda Brothers, has recently launched its two widely popular products on Amazon to high acclaim. The brand’s educational tools and puzzles are suitable for children of all ages, focusing on ages 2 to 10. Panda Brothers designs its toys with particular attention to top-quality standards and materials.

Learn more about Montessori toys by visiting

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, co-founders Krystsina Uradzimskaya and Maria Grygorenko created the new company after testing various play items for their children inspired them to create unique toys for toddlers. Maria adds, “As we are both moms ourselves, we quickly realized how poorly made and designed the current assortment of toys on the marketplace is.”

Creating long-lasting and durable toys while maintaining economic and environmental consciousness was a must for the duo. Parents looking for quality toys can expect the following from Panda Brothers:

Toys are made with solid European hardwood, including maple, birch, cherry, and walnut from FSC-certified (sustainably harvested or locally-grown wood) sources.
Only non-toxic glue is used on toys requiring assembly.
Toys are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.
Only organic finish is used on toys, which is 100% non-toxic and edible.
Less waste created than with plastic toys. Wood is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

“We strongly believe that trendy, light-flashing, music-playing toys, gadgets and iPads do not stimulate brain development and cognition in your child,” explains Krystsina. “Creative, unstructured play is the most effective way to develop cognitive skills and stimulate a child’s cerebral cortex, thereby helping them to read and understand numbers better, improve memory and develop social skills.”

Having recently launched its Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board and Screw Driver Board on Amazon US and Amazon UK, the company is set to add two-to-three new products within the next two months in the same marketplaces. The brand’s goal is to have 8-to-10 new toys launched by the end of 2021 on Amazon US and EU and its Shopify site.

Amazon shoppers who have already experienced the brand’s toys for toddlers have been raving about the Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board. One reviewer is happy to report, “My 3-year-old started learning letters and the alphabet, and this is the perfect learning tool! We don’t have to be wasteful with paper, and he is getting really good at tracing the outlines of the alphabet. I am going to purchase more for his daycare because I know the other kids would love this product and will benefit from it as well. Highly, highly recommend!“

Parents can visit the brand’s YouTube channel for product demos or find informative blogs on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

Those interested in additional information about Panda Brothers’ Montessori materials should visit its official website or Amazon storefront.





About Us: Panda Brothers is a leading brand of wooden toys for kids. We design and produce Montessori toys, educational tools and puzzles for children of different ages, from babies to high school, with special attention to the highest quality standards.

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Name: Iaroslav Grygorenko
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Organization: Panda Brothers
Address: 2810 Summit Dr Jonesboro, GA, USA, 30236

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Passive Investing Free Virtual Event: Entrepreneur Shares Cornerstones of Success

JT Foxx is pleased to announce that it will soon host a nine-part virtual event series. Join investor and entrepreneur Wai-yee Schmidt on Feb. 13, 2021, for a presentation exploring passive investing and Schmidt’s Five Cornerstones of Success.

United States – January 30, 2021

Successful investor Wai-yee Schmidt is set to join the JT Foxx nine-week virtual event series. Her free presentation, entitled “8 Figure Passive Investing,” will stream on Feb. 13, 2021.

Learn more about this passive investing free event at

“Imagine knowing you can do it all! Invest in real estate, businesses, startups; speak, coach, do trading,” says a spokesperson from the JT Foxx event. “Wai-yee manages to do it all and masters the art of hedging and diversifying. Wai-yee knows how to add a zero to a net worth, as she did it for herself.”

Schmidt is a well-versed eight-figure power entrepreneur and a member of the JT Foxx Organization’s Founders Group. As an attorney turned investor, she controls a diverse portfolio of active and passive investments, ranging from real estate and the equities market to direct investments in tech companies and angel investing. She currently owns rental properties in Germany and the United States. For several years, she was the owner of a successful remodeling business in Frankfurt, Germany.

Through the JT Foxx Founders’ Group, Schmidt has participated in equity holdings in high-profile tech companies, such as She has also provided bridge funding for the film industry. She is the founder and CEO of a consulting and business coaching company focused on exponential growth in careers and businesses. She consults on asset diversification and wealth creation strategies under the brands Triangle Wealth and Kings & Wealth.

Schmidt’s free course is geared toward people hoping to make a life change amid ongoing stress. She observes that many people feel that they’re only able to keep their head above water; achieving growth is challenging. To remedy this problem, she encourages her participants to understand their core beliefs to switch career paths skillfully. She uses an approach she calls her 5 Cornerstones of Success.

“This will not be one of those mega-zoom calls where there are hundreds of people drowning each other out,” explains the event spokesperson. “You are not just another number, and we are keeping this to a more intimate discussion. After this free 45-minute virtual event, you will leave with a renewed outlook on success and a step-by-step guide on how to get started. Your life is full of complications already, so let’s simplify it together!”

To learn more about Wai-yee Schmidt or register for other upcoming events, visit the official JT Foxx website at





About Us: International business of helping other business owners and entrepreneurs with anything and everything they may need. We now have business coaching, events, and special training held all over the world.

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Name: J Moretti
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Organization: Mega Events
Address: , 33919, United States

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