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Waterdrop Introduces Flash Powerful Countertop Water Filtration System

Waterdrop introduces Flash Countertop Water Filtration System, delivering pure water in 1 second. With one-tap dispensing, a long-lasting battery, and a large water tank, it offers convenient access to clean water. Built with advanced technology, it aims to improve water quality globally.

Qingdao, Shandong, China – June 30, 2023

Waterdrop is excited to introduce the Flash Powerful Countertop Water Filtration System, a revolutionary product designed to deliver pure water in just 1 second. This compact and portable system is set to transform the way people access clean drinking water.

The Flash system offers unparalleled convenience with its one-tap water dispensing feature, providing users with instant access to fresh and purified water. Equipped with a long-lasting battery that provides up to 30 days of usage, the system ensures continuous water filtration without frequent recharging. Intelligent indicators for battery life and filter life help users maintain optimal performance effortlessly.

With a larger 15-cup water tank, the Flash system allows users to filter and dispense ample amounts of water as needed. Its electric filtration system enables a rapid flow rate of 0.8L/min, guaranteeing instant access to freshly filtered water. By upgrading from gravity filtration, the Flash system eliminates the risk of stagnant water that can breed bacteria, providing timely, smarter, and easier water retrieval.

Designed to be portable and battery-operated, the Flash Powerful Countertop Water Filtration System is an ideal solution for any location, including the fridge. Users can enjoy clean water on-the-go, whether at home, in the office, or during outdoor activities.

Waterdrop is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. The Flash system is built with premium materials and features advanced technology, ensuring reliable performance. Its waterproof design protects it from accidental spills, enhancing its durability. Waterdrop’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the system’s design and construction.

About Waterdrop

Established in 2015, Waterdrop aims to offer dependable water purification products worldwide. The brand is committed to providing the purest, safest, and healthiest drinking water possible. Through research and development, design, and production of innovative water filtration technologies, Waterdrop has become a leader in the industry.

Waterdrop strives to enhance water quality in areas where it is most needed and exceeds customer expectations. The introduction of the Flash Powerful Countertop Water Filtration System represents a significant step in the company’s mission to improve people’s daily lives through innovative products and services. Its innovative features, mobility, and speed in purifying water make safe drinking water accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.

For more information about Waterdrop and its innovative water filtration products, please visit

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Name: Ryan Gao
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Organization: Waterdrop

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Introducing GATSBY INU, New Memecoin

Meet GATSBY Inu, the latest memetoken to hit the market. GATSBY Inu has launched with the goal of creating a cryptocurrency that is unique, entertaining, and most importantly, accessible to the mainstream.

Berlin, Germany – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

As an emerging market with radical growth, the memetoken ecosystem has proved to be a surprisingly effective entry point into the financial market’s new age. As of a May 2023 report by, the meme coin economy holds a total value of $18.25bn.

GATSBY Inu is one of the newest meme coin projects, focused on leveraging the mass community-building potential. GATSBY is built on the robust Ethereum network, with multiple security audits already scheduled to further strengthen its digital and code security. Furthermore, the keys to the liquidity pool have been ‘burned’, meaning no team member has access to or control of the capital involved.

The GATSBY Inu team currently consists of more than six dedicated professionals, with personnel expansion expected in the near future. Each member of the team shares a passion for crypto, community, and meme culture, striving to help people around the world navigate the blockchain universe and have a little fun whilst doing so.

The GATSBY core team states: “While the team has starter initiatives and a longer-term vision to get things going, we’re already seeing the community step in and start contributing. This means we have a strong and active base of people that will be able to carry the project to incredible heights.

“On the security side, we felt it was our responsibility to make the project impenetrable. Extensive testing, followed by multiple security audits by reputable third-parties, helps us ensure that GATSBY Inu project is safe for crypto enthusiasts.”

GATSBY Inu is currently listed on CoinMarketCap with the token symbol ‘$GATSBY’.

To find out more about GATSBY Inu, visit:

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Name: Christian Black
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Organization: GATSBY

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Revamp Your Pittsburgh Property with Top Notch Pressure Washing’s Exterior Cleaning Services

New pressure washing company in Greater Pittsburgh, PA area is transforming homes and commercial properties with professional soft washing and exterior cleaning services.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Top Notch Pressure Washing takes pride in announcing their exceptional pressure washing and exterior cleaning services. Serving both commercial and residential clients in Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties of Pittsburgh, PA, the company is dedicated to delivering top-quality results that surpass competitors in the field.

Top Notch Pressure Washing specializes in an array of services, including pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Their mission is to restore properties to their former glory, leaving them looking pristine and rejuvenated.

What sets Top Notch Pressure Washing apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. With a skilled team of experts and cutting-edge equipment, the company guarantees a flawless experience for every client. Employing gentle soft washing techniques, they ensure surfaces are meticulously cleaned without causing any damage.

“Cleaning with pressure washing is more than just removing dirt, moss, and algae,” explained Zach Blumling, Owner of Top Notch Pressure Washing. “At Top Notch, we take extra care to ensure our clients’ properties look amazing after each cleaning experience. We believe that everyone deserves a clean and visually appealing property, and that is what we strive to achieve every day.”

Understanding that each client has unique needs, Top Notch Pressure Washing provides customizable cleaning solutions tailored to specific requirements. Their trained team evaluates surface conditions, considering factors such as the type of dirt, algae, or moss present, as well as the surface material, to ensure the optimal cleaning approach.

Blumling emphasized, “Different surfaces require different cleaning methods. That’s why we specialize in soft washing, which is gentler on windows, siding, roofs, and gutters, preserving their integrity while achieving outstanding results.”

The services offered by Top Notch Pressure Washing are comprehensive. Their pressure washing solutions cover concrete surfaces, driveways, and sidewalks, effectively removing dirt, grime, and oil stains that can diminish the aesthetic appeal of a property. Check out their residential exterior cleaning services here:

For crystal-clear windows, the company employs a combination of traditional cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether it’s house windows, storefront windows, or other glass surfaces, Top Notch Pressure Washing ensures a streak-free and immaculate finish.

Gutter cleaning is another vital service provided by the company. By addressing clogged gutters, their team safeguards properties from potential water damage, mold, and mildew. With expertise in gutter maintenance, Top Notch Pressure Washing ensures that gutters function optimally and efficiently.

Top Notch Pressure Washing prioritizes both safety and customer satisfaction. Before commencing any cleaning, they conduct thorough pre-inspections to assess surface conditions and identify specific stains or debris. Following the cleaning process, the team performs post-inspections to ensure surfaces are restored to their former glory.

“At Top Notch Pressure Washing, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal,” declared Blumling. “We guarantee that our clients will be delighted with our services and will return for more. Our team is prepared to go above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

For testimonials from satisfied customers, visit Top Notch Pressure Washing’s Google Reviews page here:

Top Notch Pressure Washing isn’t limited to residential and commercial clients alone. They also cater to institutions such as schools, churches, and hospitals. No job is too big or too small for their dedicated team.

To experience a hassle-free and transformative exterior cleaning service, start by scheduling an initial consultation or requesting an online quote through their website or by calling (724) 217-3150 for more information.

About Us: Top Notch Pressure Washing is a Greensburg-based pressure washing and cleaning service provider. The company specializes in exterior cleaning services for residential, commercial, and institutional clients in Westmoreland County and Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, PA. Top Notch Pressure Washing is committed to restoring and revamping properties through gentle, yet effective cleaning solutions that result in 100% customer satisfaction.

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Name: Zach Blumling
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Organization: Top Notch Pressure Washing
Address: 430 Trees Mills Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: (724) 217-3150

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Erie Criminal Defense Law Firm Is Here To Help As Crimes Rates Heat Up During Summer

It’s important to hire an aggressive criminal defense law firm, with a proven track record, as crime rates rise during the summer months in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Erie County, Pennsylvania, United States – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

As summer heats up in Erie, PA so does the unfortunate rise in criminal activities. Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox, the region’s premier law firm specializing in criminal defense, stands ready to protect the rights of individuals facing criminal charges. With their unparalleled expertise, extensive experience, and proven track record of success, the attorneys at Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox are dedicated to ensuring justice prevails and criminal charges are effectively removed.

The summer season often witnesses an increase in crimes, as people venture outdoors and engage in various activities. Unfortunately, even law-abiding citizens can find themselves embroiled in unforeseen circumstances, leading to criminal charges that can have far-reaching consequences. In such challenging times, it is crucial to have a professional criminal defense attorney by your side, someone who will tirelessly advocate for you and safeguard your rights.

Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox has earned a stellar reputation as the go-to law firm in Erie, Pennsylvania, for those in need of superior criminal defense representation. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate attorneys, they provide comprehensive legal services across a broad range of criminal matters, including DUI offenses, drug crimes, theft, assault, and more. Their in-depth knowledge of local laws and courtroom procedures, combined with their unmatched expertise, allows them to craft formidable defense strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation. Learn more about their criminal defense legal services here:

“We understand the challenges and complexities individuals face when confronting criminal charges,” said Attorney Steve Sebald, founder and partner of Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox. “Our mission is to protect our clients’ rights, navigate the legal system on their behalf, and strive for the best possible outcome in every case we handle.”

What sets Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox apart is their unwavering commitment to their clients. They take the time to listen attentively, offering a supportive and non-judgmental environment, ensuring that every client feels heard and understood. The attorneys at Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox work tirelessly to build strong attorney-client relationships, allowing them to effectively represent their clients’ interests.

The firm’s proven track record of success speaks volumes about their competence and dedication. Over the years, Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox has achieved numerous dismissals, acquittals, and reduced charges for their clients, bringing hope and relief to individuals facing serious criminal allegations. Their commitment to excellence has earned them recognition from clients and peers alike, establishing them as one of the most trusted and respected criminal defense firms in Erie.

“Being charged with a crime can be a distressing and life-altering experience,” Attorney Eric Hackwelder noted. “At Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox, we understand the significance of our role as criminal defense attorneys. We strive to provide personalized, top-notch legal representation, with the ultimate goal of securing the best possible outcome for our clients.”

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges this summer, Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox is here to help. Their attorneys are available around the clock, ready to provide the aggressive and skilled representation needed to navigate the legal system effectively. By hiring a professional criminal defense attorney with a proven track record, individuals can ensure their rights are protected and maximize their chances of having criminal charges removed.

For more information about Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox and their exceptional legal services, please visit or contact their office at (814) 480-0575.

About Us: Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox is a leading criminal defense law firm based in Erie, Pennsylvania. With their commitment to excellence, unwavering dedication, and unmatched expertise, their attorneys provide superior legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges. Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox has a proven track record of success in obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients and is widely regarded as one of the most trusted criminal defense firms in the region.

Contact Info:
Name: Attorney Stephen Sebald
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Organization: Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox
Address: 137 E 13th St, Erie, PA 16503
Phone: (814) 480-0575

Release ID: 89101222

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PayMore Electronic Stores in Malvern Excel in Buying & Selling Used Devices

PayMore Store in Malvern has an online and offline store for buying and selling used electronics.

Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

When people buy a new electronic item, they may be tempted to toss away their old one. However, doing so is wasteful and should be avoided. Considering selling unwanted devices instead is a better choice. Because of their lower selling price, old electronics are in high demand. Not everyone wants to spend large funds on a newer item. Even if one of the gadgets is no longer operational, users may be able to disassemble it and sell its components. Televisions and other equipment that are no longer repairable can nevertheless be helpful. While selling individual pieces may involve a little more effort than simply throwing the entire gadget away, it is well worth the effort when consumers consider the benefits of selling used electronics. These advantages are adequately outlined by PayMore retailers, specializing in the trade of used and new electronic equipment. 

Although nearly all electronic waste is recyclable, many people discard their unwanted devices. Unfortunately, this common practice has resulted in a rapidly developing problem of e-waste poisoning the environment. When heated, many discarded gadgets leak poisons into the air, soil, and groundwater, in addition to filling landfills. Toxins released into the environment harm the Earth and the atmosphere, causing many health problems for all kinds of life on the planet. Fortunately, selling gadgets helps reduce the rate at which electronics wind up in landfills and can help avert additional environmental harm.

Selling second-hand electronics is especially advantageous for people wanting to reduce their environmental impact because it reduces the demand for brand-new products by extending the product’s life. This decrease in demand helps lower the amount of energy and valuable materials used to manufacture new electronics. As a result, the option to sell unwanted technology will benefit the environment even more. To sell electronics, Malvern residents have entrusted PayMore stores given their transparent working rules and professional take on easy buying and trading. 

“Came into this store to see what my phone was worth. Scott assisted me and was very helpful. Prior to coming in, I called him and explained the circumstances of my cell phone. He was understanding and very considerate. So moving forward I will be coming here to sell my cell phones and laptops prior to getting a new one every year. Or every 6 months. (I get bored easily of colors and like to stay up to date with technology so I will be returning) . Thanks again Scott and Pay More!” – Genesis Abreu

Many individuals are uncertain of the authenticity of online electronic marts and prefer to visit stores in person. Residents of Malvern, for example, frequently search for “Electronic stores Malvern” to learn about nearby stores that sell used phones, tablets, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, go pro, apple watches, or digital cameras, among other utilities. They might come across various companies, such as PayMore stores in the United States, which have also opened retail walk-in sites enabling customers to purchase, sell, and exchange devices in a secure environment.

Selling electronic devices online can be difficult for many people, particularly senior citizens. Accepting payments via bank transfers, e-checks, mobile payments, or payment links always carries the risk of digital payment failure and fraud. Due to a faulty internet connection or a technological error, the payment amount is frequently deducted from a customer’s account without being charged to the selling party. And obtaining this amount is not a quick process. One must notify the site and wait 7-10 days before the money is reimbursed to their bank accounts. However, in the case of offline selling and purchasing, the situation is steadily improving as individuals become more educated when difficulties are resolved in person. 

Throwing away electronics is one of the quickest ways to increase landfills. Electronics contain toxins that can leach into the soil and water surrounding them, causing harm to animals and people who come into touch with them. Recycling electronics rather than tossing them away guarantees that harmful pollutants are contained within a recycling center and may be safely disposed of. It keeps pollution from entering the ecosystem and causing harm to its people. Selling second-hand devices at nearby stores can also be an excellent method of adding to the income. In case, people have an old iPhone or a MacBook that is beyond repair, many merchants will buy it for a price. They will reuse and resell these electronics, allowing individuals to profit from something that would otherwise take up space in their homes.

Many people, their friends, or family often have an old, broken iPhone lying around collecting dust. The Apple phone might not be helpful owing to newer models, yet it cannot be thrown away like that. This is when electronic trading comes in handy. Individuals can trade in their old iPhones for a new phone or device. The phone they are trading for could be brand new or used, as many electronic dealers use pieces of the phone rather than the entire piece of equipment. This is also an excellent option to get rid of an old phone while receiving a new one for free. People in and around Malvern frequently search for “sell iPhone Malvern” to find stores specializing in buying or trading utilized and new things.

About Us: A PayMore Store is a safe and secure retail venue where consumers can sell their new, used, or broken devices for cash. They also make it easier to earn top dollar for electronics. The company does not ship the devices to an unknown location. It does not need consumers to meet a stranger they met on the internet. They also encourage recycling electronics that are no longer useful by charging them for free. They also ensure that each gadget is adequately cleaned to secure their customers’ data privacy. People can buy, sell, or trade items such as Apple phones, watches, computers, and laptops, gaming consoles, Digital Cameras, Equipment & Lenses, Graphing Calculators, Pro Audio, Studio, DJ Equipment, Bluetooth & Wireless Home Audio, Printer Toners & Ink Cartridges, and All Types of New In Box Items among other devices.

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Phillips
Email: Send Email
Organization: PayMore – Cash For Electronics
Address: 215 Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA 19355, United States
Phone: +1 610-880-0048

Release ID: 89100250

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MediaX: The Leading PR & Media Agency for Blockchain and Crypto Startups

MediaX’s comprehensive suite of services includes media strategy development, media outreach and placement, press release writing and distribution, crisis communications, event support, social media management, influencer marketing, and community engagement.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Dubai – MediaX, a renowned public relations and media agency specializing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, continues to solidify its position as the go-to partner for startups in the evolving digital landscape. With a proven track record of success, MediaX has emerged as the industry leader, providing comprehensive and tailored PR solutions to blockchain and crypto ventures.

As the world continues to witness the exponential growth and widespread adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, startups face the challenge of effectively communicating their unique value propositions to a global audience. Recognizing this need, MediaX has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of the industry, assisting startups in enhancing their brand visibility, driving user engagement, and building trust among stakeholders.

With a team of seasoned PR professionals, MediaX leverages its deep industry knowledge and extensive media network to craft compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences. Through a multi-faceted approach encompassing media relations, thought leadership, content creation, and digital marketing, MediaX empowers blockchain and crypto startups to achieve their communication objectives with maximum impact.

“We are proud to be the leading PR and media agency catering specifically to the blockchain and crypto industry,” said Suvrangsu Das, CEO of MediaX. “Our mission is to help startups effectively navigate the complex media landscape, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities in this rapidly evolving space. We believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology and are committed to supporting the growth of innovative startups driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.”

MediaX’s comprehensive suite of services includes media strategy development, media outreach and placement, press release writing and distribution, crisis communications, event support, social media management, influencer marketing, and community engagement. By providing startups with end-to-end PR solutions, MediaX ensures that their message reaches the right audiences through the most appropriate channels, amplifying their brand presence and fostering credibility within the industry.

Over the years, MediaX has successfully collaborated with numerous trailblazing blockchain and crypto startups, helping them achieve significant milestones and garner attention from investors, media outlets, and industry influencers. With a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by startups in this space, MediaX has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations.

As the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, MediaX remains committed to staying at the cutting edge of industry trends and innovations. The agency’s passion for the transformative potential of blockchain technology drives its continuous pursuit of excellence in providing tailored PR and media solutions for startups looking to make their mark in this dynamic sector.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Media Contact:

Riya D.

PR Manager, MediaX Agency


About MediaX:

MediaX is a leading PR and media agency specializing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. With a dedicated team of PR professionals, MediaX offers comprehensive services to startups, including media relations, thought leadership, content creation, digital marketing, and community engagement. Through strategic communications, MediaX empowers blockchain and crypto startups to build their brand presence, enhance visibility, and drive growth in an evolving digital landscape.

About Us: MediaX offers comprehensive services to startups, including media relations, thought leadership, content creation, digital marketing, and community engagement.

Contact Info:
Name: MediaX Agency
Email: Send Email
Organization: MediaX Agency

Release ID: 89101275

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This Mental Health Inspired Streetwear Clothing Company Is Ready To Disrupt The Streetwear Fashion Industry

The Sad Face design allows people to wear their heart on the sleeves.

Las Vegas, Nevada – June 30, 2023

The Sad Society, a mental health awareness fashion brand, is excited to introduce the new mental health clothing fashion collection this June 14. With a strong emphasis on mental health, the brand is setting new standards for ethical fashion practices and inspiring consumers to make bold steps expressing themselves.

The new collection is looking forward to continuing the brand mission of creating clothing that allows buyers to express individual style while seamlessly fitting into their unique lifestyle. People can expect the fresh and expressive contemporary styles from The Sad Society innovation. 

Throughout 5 years, The Sad Society has produced a number of unapologetic and streetwear hoodies and fashion pieces, including crop tops, tees, hoodies, and more. By combining fashion, art, and products, The Sad Society looks to raise awareness about mental health. The iconic sad face logo represents the brand belief that it’s important to be oneself and express themselves, regardless of their mood.

Especially as a part of the Sad Face hoodie collection, which pays tribute to the brilliant minds behind the idea of embracing people’s dark side, the Mental Health Streetwear are selling fast and catch the attention of celebrities and KOLs. The exclusive hoodie available in all sizes, thus, made from high-quality soft cotton.

At the heart of The Sad Society’s ethos is to spark conversations and seek solutions through a unique approach, offering a wide range of clothing and lifestyle accessories that complement human look and lifestyle. 

For more information, please visit:

About The Sad Society

Established in early 2017, The Sad Society is a fashion source that stays in the moment, constantly evolving to bring people the latest styles and perspectives. The brand is constantly raising awareness for mental health through fashion and conversation.

Contact Info:
Name: The Sad Society
Email: Send Email
Organization: At The Moment
Address: 2825 Cedar Bird dr n , Las Vegas, 89084
Phone: 7252723402

Release ID: 89101257

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Rashad Ibrahimov: “Customer Trust and Satisfaction are Our Main Profit” Revolutionary Changes in Trade

Rashd Ibrahimov is the CEO / Chairman of the Management Board at Araz Supermarket MMC.

Baku, Azerbaijan – June 30, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Revolutionary Change in Trade 

Today, everyone is familiar with the concept of supermarkets. They have become a part of our lives. However, people’s attitudes towards supermarkets when they first emerged were not uniform. The chains of stores, a vital segment of retail trade, emerged globally in the 19th century, and the first self-service stores started operating in 1912 in the state of California, USA. In 1916, entrepreneur C.Saunders opened the first supermarket in Memphis, USA. This marked a revolutionary change in trade, laying the foundation for the formation of supermarkets. In the old continent – Europe, supermarkets began to appear in the 1950s, after the continent recovered from the devastating impact of World War II. In 1951, ex-navy officer Patrick Galvani opened a store in South London, similar to the American supermarket concept. The novelty drew significant interest from customers and yielded ten times more revenue for the owner than traditional stores.

Store Concept in Former USSR

In former USSR countries, the new supermarket concept was initially perceived as a luxury, due in part to the lack of private trade facilities during the Soviet era. The socialist commodity circulation sphere, unaccustomed to competition, efficient management, marketing, and advertising, didn’t require diverse trade formats due to a limited variety of goods. The consumer sector planning did not correspond to the population’s demands, but was based on production capabilities, with trading volume and product range being determined by upper organizations. With the USSR’s dissolution, state-controlled trade facilities began transforming into non-state institutions, leading to a new market economy and changes in trade structure. Despite initial difficulties, customer attitudes changed over time.

In the 1990s, the shift to a market economy in the CIS countries led to the emergence of retail networks. However, their development was slower than expected, hindered by reduced industrial production, lower living standards, and a lack of significant retail turnover. Over time, as wholesale and distributing companies diversified their businesses, modern retail chains began to emerge

In the post-Soviet space, a complex and contradictory process took place, with the transformation of mutually economic activities of the republics, which were parts of the single national economic complex, into contemporary inter-state relations of sovereign countries. Both the lack of industrial production and emerging international economic relations led to the domination of imported goods in the newly formed retail turnover.

As a result of reforms associated with the transition to a market economy, food markets began to emerge and actively develop in the CIS countries, including Azerbaijan. The 1990-2000s remained in memory with the formation and development of the first retail trade institutions – the contemporary form of trade in the CIS. The first local companies emerged, and the development of network trade began from them. The share of network trade was minimal – less than 1% – because the main customers of expensive supermarkets, the first format of network trade, were middle and high-income individuals.

Competition was initially observed between markets and neighborhood shops, as consumers were used to shopping from neighborhood shops. The slow development of local retail companies in the CIS was due to the unstable political system and the multitude of social problems in society. Therefore, retail trade was not considered a promising direction of business. Shareholders thought that there were many risks in this area due to the dependence of retail trade on imports, high inflation in the country, lack of professionals in the retail market, and low purchasing power of the population.

Moreover, the interest rates of bank loans, which were the financial sources of retail trade projects, were very high. Also, the lack of large suppliers, the underdevelopment of the local industry hindered the development of the modern form of trade. The lack of development in information technology and telecommunications markets, the lack of specialized staff for establishing a network business were also factors preventing the development of the new model of trade – markets. At that time, companies operating in the IT market could only offer simple solutions for sales points. Often, companies engaged in retail trade tried to develop by independently hiring programmers on their own resources. The incredibly high cost of communication services significantly limited the ability to centralize the management functions of the network business.

However, despite the existing difficulties, the process of forming the first retail sales networks was launched. The first supermarket in the CIS – “Seventh Continent” was opened in Russia in 1994. Two years later, the “Perekrestok” supermarket started its activity. In 1997, market leaders began to expand their networks with 2-4 new supermarkets per year. In Azerbaijan, the first supermarket chain was created by the “Khyal” company located in the central Mashtagha in the 1990s. Although the company could increase the number of markets included in the network up to 30, it could not strengthen its position in the market. Later, the “Almaly” supermarket chain entered the market, serving customers with 40 markets, but this supermarket chain also could not stay in the market.

The same trend was observed in the CIS. Although the first national networks in these countries went bankrupt due to the reasons mentioned above, the subsequent retail trade networks learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and were able to strengthen their positions in the retail turnover.

Decade of Continuous Growth

From 1993 to 2003, under National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s domestic and foreign policies, Azerbaijan gained stability and a strong economic foundation. The national economic development model, emphasizing the essential role of entrepreneurs and private sector participation, rejuvenated all economic sectors. The “State Program for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (1997-2000)” marked a new era of national entrepreneurship. President Ilham Aliyev successfully continued these policies, propelling Azerbaijan’s comprehensive growth. 

Reforms increased strategic currency reserves, developed the non-oil sector, expanded economic relations, fostered a competitive, export-oriented, innovative economy, and expedited industrialization. Initiatives such as single-window registration for businesses, preferential lending mechanisms for investment projects, and rising nominal incomes stimulated the consumer market, revived retail, and expanded network trade. Consequently, the period 2000-2010 is recognized as the era of supermarket network growth in Azerbaijan, with many current business groups emerging during this time.

In the following years, reducing the number and cost of licenses and permissions, simplifying procedures, applying a single-window principle for goods transit, granting seven-year tax and customs concessions to promote investments, and easing customs procedures for import-export operations all accelerated retail trade development and the expansion of supermarket networks.

Contact Info:
Name: Elvin Hasanov
Email: Send Email
Organization: Araz Supermarket

Release ID: 89101243

If you detect any issues, problems, or errors in this press release content, kindly contact to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 8 hours. Compiles Predictions About The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a website that updates and predicts the latest technical specifications of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Hanoi, Vietnam – June 30, 2023

In 2023, Apple is set to unveil the latest version of iPhone – the iPhone 15 Series. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the pinnacle version of this year’s series and is expected to carry an array of advanced technology features and enhancements. is a website dedicated to predicting and updating information about the iPhone 15 Series and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. has collected some predictions as follows:

On June 12, 2023, Forbes predicted the iPhone 15 Series would be more expensive than its predecessors. Wedbush analyst Dan Ives revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max price could increase by up to $200. Creative Bloq stated that the production costs of the standard iPhone 15 models are expected to rise by approximately 12%, so the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models may be 20% more expensive.

PhoneMantra noticed on June 16, 2023, that Apple planned to produce 85-90 million units of the iPhone 15 Series, with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max expected to constitute a significant proportion compared to other models. The iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max was assembled by two companies, Foxconn and Shenzhen Luxshare Precision, in Zhengzhou, China.

On June 19, 2023, Ming-Chi Kuo stated on Notebookcheck that Apple was enhancing the ultra-wideband (UWB) capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 15 Series, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The UWB chip may be manufactured on a new 7nm process, a significant improvement compared to the current 16nm process used in the U1 UWB chip.

PhoneArena noticed on June 8, 2023, that the USB-C charging ports on the iPhone 15 Series and the iPhone 15 Pro Max were expected to provide USB 3.2 speeds, which are approximately 10 times faster than the Lightning port. This stems from the European Parliament passing legislation to standardize using USB Type-C ports for smart devices to protect the environment. The law will take effect in 2024, so Apple has already started transitioning to USB-C charging on various products such as MacBooks, iPads, etc. The iPhone 15 Series is predicted to be the next line to undergo this transition.

On May 17, 2023, the Twitter account Unknownz21 tweeted that it was likely that Apple would swap the positions of the Ultra Wide lens with the Telephoto lens, and the camera setup of the iPhone 15 Pro Max would feature a promising lens configuration. On May 31, 2023, YouTube channel TT Technology uploaded a video introducing the iPhone 15 Pro Max, predicting that this device would have a maximum screen brightness of 2,500 nits, which is 1.5 times brighter than the iPhone 14 Pro (1,600 nits) and 1.25 times brighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max (2,000 nits).

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Hanoi, Vietnam – June 30, 2023

The iPhone 15 Pro, an upcoming Apple smartphone, is expected to be released in mid-September 2023. The iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to carry substantial technological and design enhancements, surpassing previous iPhones. is a website that makes predictions and updates information about the iPhone 15 Series, including the iPhone 15 Pro. Some of them will be listed below:

On June 12, 2023, Forbes reported that Apple is considering raising the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max prices by $100 to $200, aiming to create a larger price gap than the other two products in the iPhone 15 Series.

According to Creative Blog, the production costs of the entire iPhone 15 lineup have increased, impacting the starting prices of the iPhone 15 Pro as well. The report indicates that the production costs of standard iPhone 15 models have increased by approximately 12%, while the Pro models, including the iPhone 15 Pro, may see a 20% increase.

PhoneMantra noticed on June 16, 2023, PhoneMantra noticed that on June 16, 2023, the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China is producing the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple may produce 85-90 million units in the iPhone 15 Series, in which the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. The Shenzhen Luxshare Precision factory might assemble the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

HT Tech noticed on June 17, 2023, that the iPhone 15 Pro may not be available in a red color variant, as previously rumored.

MacRumors reported on June 19, 2023, that the iPhone 15 Pro may feature an upgraded Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip to enhance integration with Apple’s Vision Pro headphones. The technical specifications of the UWB chip in the iPhone 15 Pro may be improved, from 16nm to 7nm, allowing for enhanced performance or reduced power consumption for close-range interactions, as mentioned by the Twitter account Ming-Chi Kuo.

On June 2, 2023, Tomsguide predicted that Apple might support the 15W magnetic wireless charging standard for the iPhone 15 Pro this year.

Previously, on May 26, 2023, Macrumors noticed that the iPhone 15 Pro design was thinner and more curved than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. The device’s frame might be crafted from corrosion-resistant Titanium material, ensuring its durability.

91mobiles updated on April 16, 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro may still be equipped with a 6.1-inch OLED display, similar to the previous iPhone 14 Pro model. The technical specifications chart published by Gadgetsnow on June 6, 2023 indicates that Apple may introduce the new A17 Bionic chipset for the iPhone 15 Pro, replacing the A16 Bionic used in the iPhone 14 Pro. The A17 chip offers significantly improved performance and up to 30-35% power efficiency compared to the previous generation.

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