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Stanislav Kondrashov illustrates the art of cutting paper

In a brand-new publication, Stanislav Kondrashov focuses on one of the finest forms of expression that have ever appeared in human civilizations: the art of paper cutting and to create authentic masterpieces.

Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland – October 31, 2023

Entitled “The Art of Paper Cutting by Stanislav Kondrashov”, the author clearly states that this form of artistic expression fundamentally requires three fundamental elements: a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, and a vision. With these elements, writes Stanislav Kondrashov, artists manage to create true masterpieces capable of defying all beliefs.

The author also focuses on the history of this particular art form, mentioning the Jianzhi of the Chinese tradition and the Scherenschnitte, which characterized German history. Stanislav argues that the charm of this singular form of expression lies in the delicate balance between complexity and simplicity that is established in every single creation, but also in the visual power represented by a simple sheet of paper that is elevated to an object of ‘art.

According to Stanislav Kondrashov, these paper masterpieces would be able to produce a visually magnificent effect, especially when illuminated from behind, when the light gives life to fascinating plays of shadows that almost give a vital touch to the entire creation, instilling in the observer the conviction that it is a living work.

In this regard, the author recalls that these paper masterpieces – in combination with the effects produced by light – were also used by puppeteers, who were among the first to understand the narrative and dramatic potential contained in these paper objects.

In the paper works, as we read in the text, one can effectively glimpse all the mastery necessary for their creation, in particular in the curves and individual cuts, in which an attentive observer will be able to notice all the patience and precision necessary to arrive to a noteworthy final result.

This art, as the author explains, also exists today, even if modern artists differ from those of the past above all in their chromatic preferences: modern artists are in fact, characterized by a widespread use of different colors and textures, while those of antiquity preferred monochromatic colors.

To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication and watch the video.

About Us: About Stanislav Kondrashov:
Stanislav is a dedicated writer, consistently exploring subjects with depth and nuance. Stanislav’s approach to sharing his experiences is a testament to his commitment to unveiling the stories and philosophies shaping our world. Furthermore, Kondrashov is a world traveler who appreciates every location’s natural wonders. In his travels, Stanislav refined his interests and learned about his passions: architecture, art, history, and local cuisines. Stanislav values connection- both familial and civic.

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M Work Delivers Top-Quality Collision Repairs By Certified Technicians

M Work offers high-quality collision repair services for various car brands, following OEM procedures and staffed by certified technicians.

Columbus, OH, Ohio, United States – October 31, 2023

Accidents are unforeseen incidents that can occur to individuals irrespective of their adherence to safe driving practices. Despite employing precautionary measures and demonstrating responsible driving behavior, individuals remain unable to influence the actions of other motorists on the road. This lack of control implies that even the most cautious drivers may be entangled in accidents or encounter car scratches and damage while parking or engaging in other activities. In such situations, seeking the services of a collision repair shop becomes imperative. These establishments possess the expertise and resources necessary to address various types of vehicle damage, ranging from minor scratches to significant collision repairs. M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair has established a reputation for delivering affordable and top-notch collision repair services for various vehicle brands. Their team of certified technicians, coupled with advanced equipment, ensures that customers receive repairs of the highest quality at competitive prices. With their specialized knowledge, they meticulously assess the damage, replace any compromised components, and restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Car owners can regain their peace of mind by relying on the expertise of collision repair shops like M Work, knowing that their vehicles will be professionally repaired and brought back to a safe and visually appealing state.

In addition to vehicle damage, individuals with knowledge of basic car repairs may choose to visit collision repair shops for insurance coverage purposes. Insurance policies often cover repair costs after an accident, subject to policy terms. When car owners experience vehicle damage, they may opt for auto collision repair shops with established insurance relationships. These shops have expertise in handling insurance claims, accurately estimating repair costs, and navigating procedures to ensure coverage. M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair specializes in collision repair for multiple car brands, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Car owners benefit from high-quality, professional collision repair without excessive paperwork and hassles by relying on these shops. This streamlined process efficiently restores vehicles to their pre-accident condition, minimizing inconveniences and enabling a quick return to daily routines.

Neglecting small repair needs in a vehicle can have serious consequences, making it unsafe for the passengers and others on the road. Safety is a significant consideration for individuals when purchasing cars, and neglecting collision repair can undermine why people invest in vehicles in the first place. Vehicle collisions can result in structural damage that compromises the vehicle’s overall safety. Even seemingly minor damage can significantly impact the integrity of a vehicle’s frame and other crucial components. M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair is widely recognized as a premier destination for collision repairs, offering outstanding service at competitive rates. By visiting a car collision repair, individuals can have their vehicles thoroughly inspected and repaired to ensure they meet stringent safety standards. These specialized shops have the expertise to identify and address hidden damages that may affect the vehicle’s performance and safety. By proactively repairing the damage, drivers and passengers can have peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle is restored to a safe and roadworthy condition, minimizing the risk of further accidents and ensuring the safety of everyone on the road.

Car enthusiasts often have a penchant for purchasing new cars every few years. In light of this preference, it becomes wise to maintain a car properly and sell it at a good price to fund the purchase of a new one, allowing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of driving different vehicles without incurring significant financial losses. This is where the role of collision repair shops comes into play. Many car owners recognize the importance of maintaining their vehicles to preserve value. By visiting a collision repair shop, owners can ensure that any visible or structural damage resulting from accidents or collisions is repaired promptly. Trusted in the auto repair industry, M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair delivers superior collision repair services, accommodating various vehicle brands while maintaining industry certifications. This diligent approach helps preserve the vehicle’s overall condition and appearance, maximizing its resale value. By keeping the car in excellent shape, car owners can either sell it for a higher price or continue to enjoy its aesthetics and performance for an extended period. This way, they can make the most of their investment and use the resale money to finance the purchase of a new car, enabling them to embrace new experiences without significant financial setbacks.

Attempting to repair cars without professional skills and tools can often result in more damage to the vehicle instead in fixing it. This creates a situation where the car owner may spend double the amount to repair all the damages, including the additional harm caused by the DIY repairs. What initially seemed like a minor expense-saving measure can quickly turn into a costly mistake. For this reason, professional auto repair is a specialized profession requiring a deep understanding of mechanical systems that not everyone possesses. Professional mechanics have the expertise, experience, and proper tools to accurately diagnose and repair car issues. They can identify underlying problems that may not be apparent to untrained individuals, preventing further damage and ensuring that the repairs are done correctly. M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair has built a reputation for excellence, affordability, and exceptional customer care. Their comprehensive collision repair solutions for diverse car brands are supported by a skilled team of professionals and state-of-the-art resources. By entrusting their cars to professionals, car owners can avoid exacerbating the initial issues, saving themselves from unnecessary expenses and potential safety hazards. Professional auto repair ensures that the vehicle’s aesthetics, performance, and overall integrity are adequately maintained, providing car owners with peace of mind and reliable transportation.

Auto enthusiasts often visit auto body shops to have their cars modified to suit their personal preferences. Many individuals have a specific vision for how they want their cars to look, including the choice of color and aesthetic modifications. While some may attempt to modify their cars, they often struggle to achieve the desired results. This is why car owners turn to collision repair shops to handle car painting and aesthetic modifications. Skilled car paint professionals possess the expertise and experience to bring car owners’ visions to life. M Work Auto Paint & Collision Repair has access to high-quality materials and specialized techniques that result in professional-grade finishes. Modifying a car’s aesthetics can also contribute to its resale value, making it a wiser investment. Aesthetically appealing and well-maintained cars tend to attract more buyers and command higher prices in the resale market. By relying on professionals at collision repair shops, car owners can ensure that their cars receive top-notch modifications that meet their desires while enhancing their overall value.

About Us: M Work is a full-service collision center that delivers affordable, effective, high-quality auto body repair services. The establishment was founded by two enthusiastic car enthusiasts who obtained Mechanical Engineering degrees, and their dedication has contributed to a steady expansion of their customer base. Boasting an I-CAR certification and a team of ASE/I-CAR certified technicians, M Work ensures that repairs strictly adhere to the OEM procedures recommended by manufacturers. By prioritizing establishing enduring customer relationships, M Work offers exceptional collision repair services at reasonable prices for an extensive range of brands such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Porsche, and more. With their in-house mechanics and advanced equipment, including tire machines, alignment machines, glass machines, and a paint booth, M Work delivers comprehensive automotive solutions.

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Name: Alex Ou
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Address: 4650 Kenny Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
Phone: 614-881-0332

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KPMG China Awarded Weiyun AI & Robotics Group Founded by Leading Pioneer Dr. Dapeng Liu as ‘CUTTING-EDGE DENTAL TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE AWARD’

Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, founded by Dr. Dapeng Liu, received the esteemed “Cutting-edge Dental Technology Enterprise Award” from KPMG China, further solidifying its position as a global leader in the field.

Shanghai, China – October 31, 2023

Currently, China’s oral medical service industry is experiencing a period of accelerated growth. The collaborative innovation and interconnection among oral medical enterprises in the upstream, downstream, and middle sectors are generating new prospects for the industry. Consequently, it has garnered significant global attention and recognition. With continuous advancements in science and technology, several remarkable enterprises have emerged in the oral health care market, setting exemplary standards for others to follow. These enterprises are poised to shape the future trajectory of the oral health care industry.

Based on the aforementioned key concerns, KPMG China conducted an extensive 16-month study that involved field visits to over 60 companies. This evaluation encompassed various dimensions such as technological innovation, market application, and operational management. The outcome of this Comprehensive assessment led to the publication of the “The Report of ‘Top 50 Private Dental 50 Companies in China’ (Dental 50)”. Among the distinguished recipients of recognition was Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, founded by Dr. Dapeng Liu. This groundbreaking technology facilitates the implementation of AI dental care solutions, thereby carving out a distinctive path in the industry. As a testament to its achievements, Weiyun received the esteemed “Cutting-edge Dental Technology Enterprise Award” from KPMG China, further solidifying its position as a global leader in the field.

Unlocking Boundless Potential: China’s Thriving Dental Medical Market

The “The Report of ‘Top 50 Private Dental 50 Companies in China’ (Dental 50)” highlights that Despite its late start, China’s modern dental industry has swiftly accelerated its growth trajectory due to the rapid integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things in the field of dental medicine. These information technology applications have sparked remarkable market growth, propelling China’s dental medical industry into a fast-paced lane of development. Nonetheless, there are challenges such as a limited number of independent research and development enterprises, weak technical capabilities, and a shortage of skilled professionals.

Dr. Dapeng Liu, leveraging his extensive 25 years of industry experience, has taken a visionary approach to address these issues. By combining industrial AI with oral medicine, he has pioneered innovative strategies, including the implementation of the self-developed solution system known as “AI TERMINAL-CLOUD BRAIN System-Smart FACTORY”. It demonstrates the effectiveness and practicality of integrating industrial AI into medical settings, successfully addressing longstanding industry challenges.

Core technology: Innovating for the Betterment of Humanity

According to Dr. Dapeng Liu, the founder of Weiyun, receiving this award not only signifies industry recognition but also serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing AI oral medicine as an advocate and pioneer. Driven by a mission to benefit humanity through medical products and services, Dr. Dapeng Liu and his interdisciplinary team members from around the world continuously analyze the market, making breakthroughs and iterative improvements to their products.

The core product AI SMILE S4 smart intra-oral scanner developed by Weiyun, goes beyond being a medical tool for doctors, providing accurate, efficient, and real-time visual correction solutions. It also serves as an intelligent front-end device that leads the development of AI oral medicine. This device integrates various functions such as edge computing, precise image capture, data acquisition, and 3D true color modeling. Another flagship product, Orthodontic Smart Alignment System Venus 1.0, combines AI, dental aesthetics, and biomechanics to deliver highly customized automatic AI simulation solutions for invisible orthodontics. This enhances the treatment experience for patients and streamlines the diagnostic process for doctors.Looking ahead, Dr. Dapeng Liu envisions Weiyun developing more products to strengthen its presence in the existing market. Additionally, the company aims to gradually expand its technological advancements and business operations globally.

The Future Dental Powerhouse: Unveiling the Next Giant

AI, as a representative of digitalization, plays a pivotal role in transforming the dental industry. Dr. Dapeng Liu recognizes that the conventional model of diagnosis and treatment is gradually shifting towards precision and online approaches. In the era of artificial intelligence, enterprises can gain a competitive edge by embracing oral digital applications and integrating the middle and downstream sectors of the oral industry chain. This digital transformation unlocks the potential of oral healthcare professionals and stimulates the demand for oral diagnosis and treatment, thereby propelling the growth of the oral medical industry.

In the future, the integration of intelligent delivery, AI-driven decision-making, and multi-level comprehensive solutions will continue to empower the industry in a more interconnected and profound manner. Weiyun, driven by its unwavering commitment to technology, will embrace the responsibility of achieving both social and commercial value. With a vision of pioneering the global stage, it aspires to become a source of pride for China.

Contact Info:
Name: Kiru
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Organization: Weiyun AI & Robotics Group

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Leading labour hire agency Techforce is shaping the future of the mining workforce

Techforce, a premier labour hire agency, is poised to revolutionise the mining industry’s workforce management. With a strong commitment to innovation and efficiency, the company is at the forefront of shaping the future of mining labour.

Australia – October 31, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving mining sector, adaptability and precision are essential. Leading labour hire agency Techforce understands these needs and has established itself as a trusted partner for mining companies across Australia, filling vacancies ranging from rigger jobs to mining chef jobs. The agency’s forward thinking approach to workforce solutions is redefining how the mining sector sources and manages labour.

Techforce’s success lies in its ability to leverage cutting edge technology to match the right talent with the right job. Through the use of advanced algorithms and data analytics, the agency identifies and recruits skilled workers who possess the specific expertise required for each mining project. This tailored approach not only enhances efficiency but also promotes safety and reduces downtime.

In an industry where safety is paramount, Techforce is leading the way by implementing state of the art safety protocols. The agency ensures all workers undergo rigorous training and certification processes, adhering to the highest industry standards. This dedication to safety not only protects job seekers but also safeguards employer reputation and assets.

Techforce is committed to minimising environmental impact in the mining sector. The agency actively seeks out environmentally conscious solutions when selecting workers, an approach that aligns with the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability and responsible resource extraction.

The mining industry’s reliance on seasonal fluctuations and project specific demands presents unique challenges. Techforce addresses these challenges by providing flexible labour solutions. Whether a mining project requires a temporary surge in workforce or a long term staffing plan, Techforce can adapt its services accordingly.

The agency’s expertise extends beyond traditional mining roles. Techforce also supplies skilled professionals for technology, engineering, administrative and chef jobs within the mining sector. This comprehensive approach ensures that mining companies have access to a diverse pool of talent to meet their evolving needs.

Techforce’s commitment to shaping the future of the mining workforce is reflected in its dedication to continuous improvement and research. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements, Techforce ensures that its clients benefit from the latest innovations in workforce management.  

To learn more and to explore current opportunities including FIFO chef jobs in Perth and more, contact Techforce.    


About Us: Techforce is a leading recruitment and labour hire agency in Australia. With a commitment to delivering innovative workforce solutions, Techforce is renowned for its ability to deliver on all staffing requirements across a variety of industries.

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ShakeYourTail Introduces a Revolutionary Platform for Pet Businesses Streamlining Scheduling, Comprehensive Client Management, and Automated Notifications All in One Place

United Kingdom – October 31, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

ShakeYourTail introduces a groundbreaking platform designed explicitly for pet businesses. This innovative solution offers a range of features, including cloud-based management, automated notifications, and comprehensive client and pet management. Tailored for Dog Grooming Salons, Mobile Groomers, and Doggie Daycare centers, ShakeYourTail aims to simplify operations and improve client communication. 

A groundbreaking online platform developed by Petstar, a reputable player in the pet business industry, has been introduced to empower and streamline pet-related enterprises. Geared towards various sectors like Dog Grooming Salons, Mobile Groomers, Doggie Day Care facilities, Dog Walkers, Kennels, and more, this innovative platform boasts an array of features set to revolutionize how these businesses function.

Jessica Lee, the owner of @Paws & Play in Australia, shares her experience with ShakeYourTail. According to Jessica, this platform has completely transformed how they manage their pet daycare. Thanks to its intuitive design and robust features, they have significantly reduced administrative tasks and dedicated more time to their furry clients.

Moreover, she mentions that the support team is always available just a click away, ensuring smooth operations for any pet business. In conclusion, Jessica highly recommends ShakeYourTail for its remarkable contribution to pet businesses.

The platform’s main features include;

– ShakeYourTail utilizes a cloud-based system, enabling businesses to conveniently access their data from any device with an internet connection. This includes PCs, laptops, iPads, tablets, or mobiles. Such flexibility proves highly advantageous for groomers and businesses constantly on the move.

– Comprehensive Client & Pet Management: This platform effortlessly allows businesses to handle their clients and pets. Users have the convenience of recording details, adding emergency contacts, noting medical and grooming information, reviewing appointment history, and setting alerts.

– ShakeYourTail simplifies communication for businesses by automating notifications and reminders. It sends appointment reminders, confirmations, ‘Miss You’ messages, and no-show notifications via text or email. This valuable feature ensures consistent and effective client communication, enhancing customer satisfaction.

– Scheduling: The platform offers a robust and user-friendly scheduling system. Businesses can effortlessly book appointments for their team members and quickly overview the color-coded sche­dule at a glance.

– Users can generate and export a range of reports. Additionally, they can add customized services to their appointments and create focused email and SMS campaigns for their clients.

– Online Booking: This feature is currently in development and will be available soon, allowing clients to book their appointments online, further streamlining the process.

– Payments & Deposits: Businesses can take deposits and payments online or over the phone, making transactions smoother and more convenient.

– Contracts: The platform allows businesses to create and send electronic contracts for clients to view and sign online.

– Multiple Sites Management: For businesses operating in multiple locations, ShakeYourTail can manage multiple sites, staff, and appointments under a single login.

– Customer Registration: Businesses can invite customers to register online, capturing all essential contact and pet details.

Several businesses have already expressed their satisfaction with ShakeYourTail. Mathew Spry, Director at Barkingham Park, UK, mentioned, “ShakeYourTail is amazing, helping me easily manage my appointments and reduce my business admin with automated confirmations and reminders.”

Similarly, Stuart Schwartz, Owner of Desert Pet Spa, USA, praised the platform, stating that their pet grooming salon has used the company’s software for over five years. They genuinely enjoy the applications, making business lives much more accessible.

David Woods, CEO of Petstar Limited, expressed, “The redevelopment of ShakeYourTail has been a labor of dedication and precision over the past three years. We are proud to introduce a product that not only fulfills the unique needs of our clients in the pet sector but sets new standards of excellence. Our software has been thoughtfully designed to serve businesses of all scales, from small enterprises to large corporations.”

ShakeYourTail offers a free 30-day trial for businesses to experience the platform firsthand. After the trial, companies can choose from various subscription plans tailored to their needs, ranging from the ‘Free’ program to the ‘Enterprise’ plan, which offers unlimited possibilities.

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, ShakeYourTail is set to become an indispensable tool for pet businesses, ensuring they operate more efficiently and serve their clients better.

For more information, individuals can access the official website.

About ShakeYourTail

ShakeYourTail offers a cloud-based scheduling and CRM platform tailored for pet professionals. Designed for a range of pet businesses, from salons to mobile groomers, it simplifies operations and enhances efficiency. With robust features and a commitment to user-friendly technology, the company is the go-to solution for modern pet business management.

Contact Info:
Name: Emily Woods
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Organization: ShakeYourTail

Release ID: 89111695

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Personal Injury Lawyers Cousin Benny Release Eye-Opening Statistics On Most Common Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Cousin Benny, Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers, has released an updated statistics report on 11 common car accident concerns in the Philadelphia area.

Philadelphia, PA, United States – October 31, 2023

Cousin Benny, an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyers, has released an updated statistics report for Pennsylvania car accidents. The experienced team of car accident lawyers at Cousin Benny provides an array of critical services to assist car accident victims throughout the legal process – and are available to answer any questions or concerns of residents in the Philadelphia area.

Their updated report discusses 11 eye-opening car accident statistics, highlighting the alarming frequency of dangerous accidents involving various vehicles and drivers throughout Pennsylvania. The report answers many questions that Philadelphia drivers may have, from when an accident is most likely to occur in PA to which cars are most commonly involved in wrecks. 

The team at Cousin Benny holds strong in its value and commitment to ensure that every victim obtains the justice and financial compensation they rightfully deserve after a car accident. “We recognize the physical, emotional, and financial toll exacted by car accidents on victims and their families,” said Benjamin C. Hoffman, Esq..

Cousin Benny Car Accident Attorneys are well-versed in various car accident cases, including but not limited to:

  • Car Wrecks
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Rear-End Impacts
  • Rideshare Accidents
  • DUI Accidents
  • Distracted Driving Accidents
  • Hit and Runs
  • Police Chase Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents

Their team of experienced car accident lawyers serves residents across Philadelphia, including Center City, Northeast Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, and beyond.

For additional details regarding Cousin Benny and the services they offer, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact 1-866-529-2345 or visit

About Cousin Benny 

Cousin Benny is a distinguished Philadelphia-based injury law firm specializing in motor vehicle accident cases. Armed with a seasoned team of car accident attorneys, the firm is unwavering in its dedication to championing the rights of accident victims and securing the just compensation they rightfully deserve.

Contact Info:
Name: Benjamin C. Hoffman
Email: Send Email
Organization: Cousin Benny Car Accident Attorneys
Address: 1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd., #355D Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 1 (866) LAW-2345

Release ID: 89111729

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XSpecial Launches Official Online Store for their High-Quality Blade Meat Tenderizer Tools

Have you heard about XSpecial? It’s an online store recently launched by Investxol Corp. that offers excellent blade meat tenderizer tools for chefs and cooks. With these tools, you can effortlessly prepare mouth-watering dishes from tougher meat cuts. Check out their for more information.

Aventura, Florida, United States – October 31, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

XSpecial announced today the launch of its official online store featuring high-quality and innovative blade meat tenderizers. In addition, the new website offers a user-friendly interface designed to provide customers with an easy shopping experience while browsing through its extensive product catalog.

Since 2016, XSpecial has offered premium-grade products that make it easier for professional chefs and home cooks to transform even tough cuts of meats into mouthwatering dishes worth savoring. With over 125,000 units sold on, including USA & Canada, the brand prides itself as one leading marketplace leader within a niche segment.

“At XSpecial, we strive every day towards creating exceptional customer experiences by providing optimum quality kitchen tools specifically focused around meat tenderness,” said Freddy Hernandez, President at Investxol Corp. “We couldn’t be more excited about this latest development.”

The newly launched Bold XL model comes equipped not only with sharp blades made from rust-proof stainless steel but also crafted ergonomically, considering all aspects any end-user might encounter during handling so that maximum satisfaction is achieved more smoothly than ever. For example, designers invested considerable time in getting perfect weight balance, eliminating wrist fatigue, and reducing the total force needed, yet critical performance improvements like marinade infusion or improved cooking times are still possible due to the insertion needles’ unique tip innovation incorporated developed R&D team placed primary emphasis during testing phase completed last quarter prior production start.

“Our goal here was always clear- To deliver superior convenience without sacrificing tangible culinary benefits what our Blade models already offer,” added the marketing director, who wishes to remain anonymous 

“…as well curating content via collaborations influencers hosting recipe based contests XSpecial social media platforms showcasing creativity community encouraging feedback inputs constantly innovating entire category kitchen above gadgets.”

With its outstanding features, such dishwasher safe option thanks to the detachable unit feature and lifetime warranty Bold XL model from XSpecial stands out amongst others on the market. Furthermore, the improved 60-needle design penetrates deep into muscle fibers in meats, increasing their tenderness while enhancing natural flavors and ensuring vastly enhanced ingenuity within the competitive landscape.

The company’s customer-centric approach has been recognized widely, achieving praise across all platforms, be it or anywhere else customers can purchase, including leading social media channels – creating great word-of-mouth even more critical than ever.

XSpecial offers fast & free shipping to U.S residents nationwide with secure payment options available for preorders placed through its website, designed mobile-first yet optimized laptop large screens alike, providing maximum convenience without usability restrictions.

“We believe every food needs an elevated cook experience,” emphasized Hernandez during a corporate briefing.

“Our promise is straightforward- Deliver long-term value by setting industry benchmarks, thus catering towards anyone who fancies simply exceptional culinary prowess.”

Those looking forward to experiencing heightened levels of juiciness, perfect textures, and succulent taste-packed meals should check us out online! 

About Us: About XSpecial:

Founded in Florida, both owned and operated by Investxol Corp., believes that people deserve top-notch kitchen tools to reduce unnecessary time spent figuring out cooking techniques, ultimately finding them frustrated-“Our idea was centered around delivering something unprecedented safe and simultaneously easy use clean.. something everyone would enjoy every time they cooked” added Freddy Hernandez, “We are here continue building our already outstanding reputation as trusted source exceptionally brilliant meat tenderizer series.”

Contact Info:
Name: Freddy Hernandez
Email: Send Email
Organization: Investxol Corp.
Address: 20900 NE 30th Ave., Suite 200, Aventura FL 33180, USA
Phone: 800 7376217

Video URL:

Release ID: 89096592

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Tony Amaradio – Gives Budgeting Tips

The co-author of best selling book, “Faithful with Much” highlighted many principles provided within the Scripture, including diligence, wisdom and self-restraint, that are pertinent when creating a fiscal plan worthy of God’s blessing.

Aliso Viejo, California, United States – October 31, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Numerous people are constantly searching for methods to budget while still being involved with their church community, but nowadays, writing down expenses is uncommon. Tony Amaradio, financial consultant, explains that a faith-based budget is needed when it comes to saving and living like a true Christian. The co-author of best selling book, “Faithful with Much” highlighted many principles provided within the Scripture, including diligence, wisdom and self-restraint, that are pertinent when creating a fiscal plan worthy of God’s blessing.

Written budgets are not popular any longer, but numerous Americans are still searching for methods to save while staying true to their spiritual beliefs. 

In the Old Testament’s Proverbs, Solomon warned that assets must be attentively governed, or risk being lost permanently, “Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds; for riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to all generations.” The King’s words are still true today for those who don’t plan appropriately and spend without purpose, as is his promise for those who do, “When the hay is removed, and the tender grass shows itself, and the herbs of the mountains are gathered in, the lambs will provide your clothing, and the goats the price of a field; you shall have enough goats’ milk for your food, the food of your household, and the nourishment of your maidservants.” Wise and earnest allocation of funds and resources will assist in the prosperity of family and children for generations to come.

When prioritizing a Christian budget, food, shelter, necessities, and stewardship must take prime importance. In order to help realize that God owns everything, and the immense responsibility of His stewards, Tony Amaradio points to Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” A rewarding spiritual budget should account for generous donations to God and others in need before any excess spending, and if an item is not in the budget, it should not be purchased. As told in Proverbs 22:7, excessive debt leads individuals to serve others than the Lord, “The rich rules over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender.” 

With streamlined technology available for computers, tablets and smartphones, budgeting is now more accommodating than ever. Christian Personal Finance offers ten household finance spreadsheets, free for download. The programs are optimized for Excel and its free version, OpenOffice.

Tony Amaradio is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Select Portfolio Management, Inc. After developing one of the first comprehensive wealth management models in the country, Amaradio became recognized as a visionary and innovator within the financial services industry. He has since specialized his strategies to assist Christian ministries and other philanthropic groups in their planning and preservation of funds. In addition to being the host of 20-year radio show, “Market Talk,” he also co-wrote “Faithful with Much” with his wife, Carin. The successful book chronicles the couple’s personal trials with God, while breaking down the barriers to generous giving.

Anthony Amaradio – Visionary & Strategic Philanthropist:

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Passvers iPhone Unlocker Delivers Powerful iCloud Activation Lock Removal Function

“Passvers iPhone Unlocker offers the best-ranking iCloud activation lock removal function to decrypt protection without passwords only by taps easily.”

Hong Kong, China – October 31, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2023 /marketersmedia/ — The industry-leading iOS solutions provider, Passvers, has enhanced its iCloud activation lock remover function to ensure a more convenient new iPhone setup process even if you forget passwords for the connected iCloud account of the devices. Users only need to connect the iOS devices to desktops and launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker, then select the embedded iCloud activation lock remover and a clear on-screen manipulation guide will lead you to bypass the lock with several taps.

Sparkling Features

  • Support all iOS device models (iPhone, iPad, iPod included) on a variety of iOS systems.
  • Quick performance to bypass iCloud activation lock by only several taps and seconds.
  • Work for both disabled, second-hand, or password-forgotten iOS devices.
  • No passwords need to be entered.
  • Enjoy the highest unlocking success rate at the best 100% with great performance stability.

Technical Specifications

It is noted that Passvers iPhone Unlocker is oriented for Windows and Mac systems, and mainly works for iOS devices to process lock removal.

Pay attention that Passvers iPhone Unlocker is not an open-source program, which needs a subscription to activate the final iCloud activation lock bypasser function (device scanning is free for trying under the free trial period). There are 3 optimal plans available to select:

One-Month License: $35.95, 6 Devices, 1 PC/Mac

One-Year License: $45.95, 6 Devices, 1 PC/Mac

Lifetime License: $59.95, 6 Devices, 1 PC/Mac

About Passvers

Passvers strives to provide an effortless, efficient, and error-free experience to help users get rid of all iOS errors that happen from strict iOS locks or unexpected system issues. For years, Passvers has accumulated trusted users from over 100 countries with its excellent performance and instant customer help.

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About Us: Passvers is a company specializing in providing password unlocking solutions. Our main products include iPhone Unlocker, iOS System Recovery, PDF Unlocker, etc.

Founded in 2019, in just about 3 years, our products have been downloaded by 6 million users, and our customers cover 100+ countries and regions worldwide.

Our mission is to meet users’ needs and continuously adhere to R&D to maintain product updates. Our best-selling product, iPhone Unlocker, has been rated as one of the most popular iPhone unlocking software in 2021 by several media and industry organizations.

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Introducing Live it Up: A Fresh Take on Getting Your Fruits & Veggies

– October 27, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

October 27, 2023 – In a world where health and wellness are paramount, there’s a new player in town that’s redefining how we approach our daily nutrition. Meet Live it Up, the vibrant and fun brand that’s making waves in the natural supplement industry. Formerly known as Ensō Superfoods with well known product Ensō Supergreens, Live it Up is all about celebrating the joy of living a healthy life. Their mission is to ensure that getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables through the best greens powder is not just a chore but a delightful experience.

The Rise of Natural Supplements: Vegetable Powders Take Center Stage

In recent years, the natural supplements industry has witnessed exponential growth, with consumers increasingly leaning towards natural solutions for their health and wellness needs. Among the myriad of offerings, vegetable powders, especially the best greens powders, have emerged as a frontrunner. These powders, made by dehydrating and finely grinding whole vegetables, offer a concentrated dose of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They’re a convenient way for individuals to ensure they’re meeting their daily nutritional requirements, especially in today’s fast-paced world where balanced meals might often take a backseat. With their ease of use and the promise of delivering the goodness of whole veggies in a spoonful, it’s no wonder that vegetable powders, like Live it Up Super Greens (and formerly Ensō Supergreens), are becoming a staple in health-conscious households.

Why Live it Up’s Super Greens Powder is Gaining Attention

Super Greens, Live it Up’s flagship product (previously known as Ensō Supergreens), is a blend of over 20 superfoods. Here’s a breakdown of its components and potential benefits:

  • Diverse Ingredients: It contains a mix of daily greens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, which can contribute to overall well-being.
  • Digestive Health: The product includes ingredients that are commonly associated with promoting gut health.
  • Immune Support: The blend of ingredients is believed to aid in recovery and potentially support the immune system.
  • Energy Levels: Some users have reported increased metabolism and reduced feelings of fatigue after consumption.

Features of Live it Up Super Greens

Given the variety of greens powders available in the market, including many claiming to be the best greens powder, here are some characteristics of Super Greens:

  • Natural Ingredients: The product is formulated with ingredients like kale, spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass.
  • Plant-Based: All ingredients in Super Greens are derived from plants, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Ingredient Transparency: The product is free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, gluten, caffeine, and sugars.
  • Flavor Profile: While taste is subjective, Super Greens has a mint flavor, which might be preferable to those who are averse to the typical taste of green powders.

It’s always recommended for consumers to do their research and consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplement into their routine.

In Conclusion

Live it Up represents a growing trend in the health and wellness industry, emphasizing the importance of natural supplements. Their approach to nutrition, as showcased by products like Super Greens, reflects a broader movement towards holistic health and well-being. As consumers become more discerning about what they put into their bodies, companies like Live it Up are responding with products that prioritize quality, transparency, and sustainability.

For those interested in exploring the offerings of Live it Up and understanding more about their approach to natural supplements, a visit to their website here might provide further insights.


About Us: Live it Up is a balance of both. We take nature’s best and provide it to you in the easiest form possible. We unlock the potential and properties of natural food rich in nutrients (aka ‘superfoods’) and leverage technology in how we process and deliver them to you.

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