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Amanzzo Disrupts the Industry of Sustainable Fashion with Premium-quality Recycled, yet Fashionable Swimwear

United Kingdom – April 30, 2022

Amanzzo is a brand specializing in luxury and recycled swimwear products. The company was launched by a Liverpool-based singer-songwriter, Kris James.  

Thousands may remember Kris James as the lead voice of the UK’s famous band called The Scheme. After venturing into his solo career, Kris had reached worldwide fame, with single after single reaching enviable positions in the iTunes ranking. 

Kris James has decided to use his popularity to encourage recycling and promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry, and thus Amanzzo was founded. 

Amanzzo is a luxury swimwear brand devoted to creating sustainable products for ocean preservation. According to Chris and his team, Amanzzo’s mission is to develop affordable luxury swim shorts while joining the sustainable fashion movement:

“We love the sea and strive to preserve our planet, so we make sure each part of our business leaves a small footprint. We started by reducing waste in production and using recycled swimwear materials obtained from the recovery of waste collected in the sea, such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, and buoys.” 

Amanzzo offers a host of gorgeously designed swimwear products sourced from polyester fabric. Kris and Amanzzo have partnered with a Portugal-based factory that collects recycled plastic and refines it into a sturdy, flexible material, which has become the main ingredient of all Amanzzo swimwear products. 

The brand offers both smart fit and tailored fit swimwear and matching products for fathers and sons, all of which are made in the EU and are available at highly approachable prices.

Kris imparts that he and his team “don’t believe in fast fashion.” Amanzzo is against mass production for the sake of profit and was founded to promote ethical, sustainable fashion first and foremost. With its Portuguese partners, Amanzzo has succeeded in developing an organically-sourced material that can be used to craft top-tier items while leaving as small a footprint as possible on the environment. 

The second part of Amanzzo’s catalog is comprised of sustainable menswear. These products are made from recycled bottles and nets gathered by Amanzzo’s team. Fashionable, durable, and most importantly, organic-made are the three most important characteristics of Amanzzo’s sustainable briefs, trunks, and boxers. 

According to Amanzzo’s spokesperson, the brand’s ethical mission only begins with sustainable manufacturing:

“Our efforts to change the world of fashion don’t end with manufacturing. We have switched entirely to 100% recycled paper bags, and we want to completely eradicate the use of new plastic at any point during our operations. Also, as we can’t find a sustainable way to deliver internationally at the moment, we only deliver our products in the UK.”

Amanzzo is actively working on bringing new sustainable technologies and creating new product designs for their eco-friendly customers. More information about Amanzzo and the company’s list of products is available on the brand’s official website.

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Dear Rest of America Observes American History, Politics, and Culture from a Conservative Lens

United States – April 30, 2022

Cameron Keegan is an independent researcher that explores the impact of history, politics, faith, culture, entrepreneurship, and political activism among young USA citizens. 

How patriotic are young Americans? What is the cultural and economic trajectory of the United States? These are some of the questions that Cameron Keegan, an independent writer, explores from a prism of a conservative entrepreneur

Cameron Keegan is committed to “publishing content that highlights, preserves, and strengthens the values and ideals of the United States, as envisioned in the Constitution.” 

Keegan’s Dear Rest of America is dedicated to researching politics, faith, culture, entrepreneurship, political activism, and the magnitude of their impact on American millennials and Gen Z members. Keegan also aims to bridge the communication gap between older generations and the sentiments of younger Americans.

Keegan has written about young Republicans interacting with Gen Z conservatives during an event hosted by the Fresno State College Republicans club. In this article, Dear Rest of America dives deep into the nature of this interaction, the protests that almost prevented the event from happening, and the intellectual exchange that took place at the Fresno State College. 

In the article ‘How Patriotic Are Young Americans?’, Dear Rest of America explores the perspective of American millennials and Gen Z members on the country’s history, pointing out that many are ‘changing their minds’ and that the education system is tailoring not only political but also lifestyle views and preferences of the country’s young minds.

Dear Rest of America delivers thought-provoking articles, a reminder and encourager of good values and a website where all people, American or not, can learn more about this great nation. 

Cameron’s posts are thorough, well-researched, but more importantly, objective. Although the focus may be on American conservativism, the main aim of Dear Rest of America is to uncover hard facts through analysis of history, Christian faith, and culture. 

More information about Dear Rest of America is available on Cameron Keegan’s Substack profile. 

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Top Divorce Attorney, Francis King, Reveals How To Avoid Costs Spiralling Out Of Control During A Relationship Split – Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, United States – April 30, 2022

Taking careful steps through the divorce minefield can help couples avoid the fallout of a financial meltdown, leading divorce attorney, Francis King, revealed this week.

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The founder of Law Offices of Francis King, in Nashville, TN, said the costs of a divorce process could quickly spiral unless you apply financial discipline and keep expenses under control.

The lawyer said the priority for anyone during such a highly emotional time is to think clearly, retain the right divorce attorney to fit their needs and keep an eye on fees. He explained: “These are crucial to minimizing the cost of the divorceprocess, and you might also avoid becoming entangled in a long-running dispute that could wind up in court.”

King said: “Take time to assess the best divorce attorney, question them, get to know their experience and once retained, reach a point of trust quickly. That means letting them do their job, having confidence in their abilities with fewer meetings, and doing more to get your own situation balanced.”

“Ensure your attorney is fit for the job,” he asserted. “If you want to settle quickly and amicably, an attorney inclined to just slug it out to the death in court may not be for you.”

Understand how your lawyer charges from the get-go. Be sure of their fees, and if unsure, ask. “Find out what they charge for the work of their administrative staff, what they require as a retainer, and how often you will be expected to replenish that retainer,” he added. “Be clear of the financial outlay you will need.”

“Clients need to communicate honestly with their attorney and never resort to lies. An attorney is only as good as the information in front of them,” he said. “If an attorney learns a truth mid-trial, they will not be properly prepared, and it may not go well for the client.” 

“Remember, everything a client tells their attorney is confidential and protected, so don’t be afraid to admit to less-than-flattering behavior.”

King pinpointed the need for a client to be efficient in their communications – an email with 15 questions, rather than 15 separate emails, will save them time substantially. Also, consider a strategy of timely meetings to review progress and the lawyer’s work for a smoother, quicker result.

Another costly error to avoid is not keeping updated with paperwork and bumping right up against deadlines. Mistakes double the work and, potentially, double the bill for avoidable mistakes.

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Designer Handbag Outlet, Sellection, Brings its New Collection of Top-Branded Handbags to the Marketplace

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 30, 2022

Sellection helps women style themselves with its superb collection of luxury leather handbags from different top-rated brands across the world. Sellection’s luxury designer handbags collection is genuine and brought in from pioneer brands with utmost care. Over the years, the contemporary designs of these branded bags at Sellection have attracted women’s attention with the effortless blend of style and usability.

Sellection offers the most demanded collections of branded designer handbags in Kuala Lumpur, with a modern aim of serving the urban population. The store’s luxury lies in the quality of products it offers. The branded handbags collection at Sellection is elegant, on-trend, and vibrant. Their design approach is steeped in the latest trends, yet it is a mash-up of age-old interpretations that connect with worldwide aesthetics. 

Sellection, as a trusted reseller, has identified a huge demand for stylish and affordable designer handbags among women who take their style game seriously. That is why Sellection goes the extra mile to bring and resell handbags from the world’s top-of-the-line brands to meet the demand. 

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In the words of Nor Rafidah Khairuddin from Sellection, “In the past, only certain groups could wear and buy luxury branded goods. With what Sellection worked on, all sceptics and views are successfully brushed aside. Regardless of age and social status, ordinary people can buy branded bags, accessories, or handbags at affordable prices. All individuals are eligible and entitled whether they are a housewife, small businessmen, teachers, etc. But we also give value by helping customers choose the desired items at the best price. The customer’s dream comes true even if the repeat is wishful thinking, including having a handbag to suit a particular look, style, and event. There are even customers who repeatedly buy because they are happy with our products.”

The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that cater to all age groups and range from economical and mass-market to elegant, high-end design. Sellection is now widely regarded as a game-changer in the country’s luxury leather handbags market. Millions of people trust them, and they have greater average sales for each order. Sellection brings customers closer to fashionable and trendy accessories that complement every style with a vast collection of designer handbags. 

Every designer handbag from their new line is made with 100% authentic leather. They put extra effort into bringing a lower price tag for customers who like to shop for the best products at affordable rates. Sourcing products from brands like Coach, Fossil, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Sellection is all set to make the ladies fall in love with their new collection.

About the Company: 

Sellection is a luxury leather goods store that carries 100% authentic leather products from well-known brands like Fossils, Coach, and many others. Their products are vibrant, trendy, and highly fashionable. 

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Address: Ground Floor, 10, Jalan Wangsa Setia 4, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 0341420000

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Rierino Launches Intelligent Commerce Platform to ‘Grow on’ Online Retailers

Istanbul, Turkey – April 30, 2022

The low-code headless solution aims to disrupt the commerce tech space with hyper-flexible modules geared towards infinite scale.

Rierino, the commerce technology company headquartered in Istanbul, announced today the launch of its API-first headless platform targeting online retailers with big growth ambitions. From product information to pricing, recommendations, search, sort and cart management, the platform offers key functionalities as micro-composable components. The low/no-code interface empowers business as well as technology users to easily configure their requirements.

Developed by seasoned strategy and technology advisors with multiple digital transformations under their belt, Rierino Commerce Platform (RCP) is on a mission to free eCommerce businesses from core technology and intelligence bottlenecks. “We have witnessed, at various scale-ups we worked with, that existing technology solutions typically fall short of flexibility and analytics expectations. Companies either try to adapt themselves to the solution, or take on multi-million-dollar gamble investments trying to replatform.” said Berkin Ozmen, Cofounder and CTO at Rierino. “We created a platform they can easily make their own with a much lower TCO and timeframe.”

Rierino’s unique data-first architecture has embedded continuous intelligence capabilities transforming the backend into a ‘smart orchestrator’. From hyper-personal experiences to omnichannel journeys, data informs every flow in real-time. The solution also intends to close the gap between data scientists and business users making sure all AI/ML outputs are usable. With its smart check feature, it proactively guides business operations through automated data quality controls and action suggestions.

The startup is currently implementing the platform in multiple test clients and plans for rapid expansion with an initial focus in EMEA. It is positioned to support a variety of high-growth online businesses promising results in a matter of weeks.

About Rierino

Rierino is a next-generation headless e-commerce platform enabling intelligent business orchestration across channels and geographies. Driving inspiration from the world’s most unique gentle giants, the rhinos, it helps eCommerce businesses in claiming new territories. Made up of fully-customizable packaged modules, it is designed to complement existing and future technology assets. To schedule a demo, refer to the contact details below.

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Name: Mine Ozmen
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Organization: Rierino
Phone: +902129242410

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The Spa Mart Announces Partnership With Starling Capital

Georgetown, Texas – April 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The Spa Mart, one of the fastest growing spa and wellness distributors in the country, is excited to announce its partnership with Starling Capital. Starling Capital is a boutique investment firm from Austin, TX. The investment by Starling Capital reflects The Spa Mart’s desire to push boundaries in the spa industry.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Teddy and The Spa Mart. When evaluating our potential partners, we are always looking for those executives and founders with special qualities that give us assurance we can be successful together even when times are difficult or uncertain. Over the past few years, we have seen Teddy and The Spa Mart truly emerge as leaders in this industry when we all needed it the most and we could not be more excited to see what is still yet to come.” – Ashley Thomas, the President of Starling Capital.

The Spa Mart has recorded amazing feat in recent times, having its highest Q1 ever and becoming the fastest-growing USA Spa distributor. The partnership with Starling is particularly laudable and has been yielding fantastic results, with Starling Capital helping to propel the company forward with their financial guidance and resources.

I have found Ashley and her team’s input invaluable from the very beginning of our partnership especially during this pandemic and with ongoing supply chain challenges. Her team has helped us maneuver strategically with inventory growth and new product development, gain market share over our competitors, and strengthen our operational and fiscal positions.” – Teddy Lester, co-founder of The Spa Mart.

The Spa Mart has also upped their recruitment process and the team at the helm of affairs, as the company now has a Board of Managers, including co-founders, Teddy Lester, CEO and Ricky Marshall, VP of Operations, and Ashley Thomas. The board will lead the company forward following the pandemic and will continue to drive its unprecedented growth.

The Spa Mart has also made some recent strategic hires, including Christine Jones as the new Procurement Specialist, to ensure a strong, consistent supply chain. The Spa Mart also recruited Leslie Owen, a spa industry veteran, as the new National Account Manager, bringing her expertise to the company’s multi-location and corporate accounts. Leslie is a strong relationship builder and product and supplies expert with experience in international distribution as well. “Leslie’s addition to the team cements our commitment to our customers to build long-lasting partnerships, focus on cost savings and economies of scale, and provide all the benefits of one and done supply and equipment house,” says Lester. 

The Spa Mart continues its consultative approach to working with spa partners and strives to create long-lasting relationships operating from its central Texas headquarters near Austin. It is staying true to its core principles of affordable pricing, fast shipping, a consistent supply chain and exceptional customer service, which have continued to drive the success of the business.

For further information about The Spa Mart and the plethora of products offered, visit –

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Barton Creek TX Porcelain Dental Veneers | Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Update

Barton Creek, Texas, United States – April 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The cosmetic dentistry clinic near Barton Creek, TX  is now offering patients high-quality porcelain veneers to hide imperfections and improve the appearance of the teeth.

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With this latest offering, clients suffering from staining, chips, discoloration, gaps, or crooked teeth, can have custom-made veneers fitted.

This procedure uses ceramic porcelain shells, which are bonded to the front surface of the tooth, to replicate the natural look of real teeth. In many cases, crooked teeth can be straightened immediately at the initial tooth contouring appointment, after which a specialist lab creates custom veneers. The whole process can take as little as two weeks.

These natural-looking veneers can be made as white as the customer desires and are stain-proof, allowing them to remain unblemished for many years. Patients can ensure the longevity of their veneers by brushing with toothpaste with fluoride, flossing, and getting routine check-ups.

Flexible payment plans are available through the clinic’s partnership with CareCredit, making this an affordable and realistic option for many people.

Additional information can be found at

For those in Barton Creek, TX  looking for a faster tooth whitening procedure, Westlake Hills Dental Arts offers Zoom! whitening. This efficient bleaching method developed by Philips takes only two hours to show results.

The practice also offers other cosmetic procedures, such as dental implants. This procedure involves implanting a titanium post into the jawbone which acts as a tooth root, upon which a natural-looking crown is added. Implants are like permanent dentures and can last for over 30 years.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Dr. Long is highly skilled and trained in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Her endless drive to enhance her knowledge and refine her skills has made Westlake Hills Dental Arts one of the premier dental offices for veneers.”

Interested readers can find out more and book a consultation at

About Us: Westlake Hills Dental Arts is led by Dr. Rebecca Long, a decorated practitioner and an Academy of General Dentistry fellow, a rare distinction that can only be achieved through further education. Dr. Long’s staunch advocacy for continuing education also ensures that patients get the latest and most effective treatments available in the field.

Contact Info:
Name: Ryan DeBoer
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Organization: Westlake Hills Dental Arts
Address: 1301 S Capital of Texas Hwy A-132, Austin, TX 78746, United States
Phone: +1-512-328-0155

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De Panache Announces Plans For Its Growing Avant-Garde Interior Design Demands

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – April 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

To ensure that every client has the best possible interior design experience, De Panache has launched its manufacturing unit in Bangalore city. The unit was established to cater to the increasing number of clients’ demands from Bangalore, who are looking for avant-garde interior design & execution services shown on the Modular Factory is equipped with high precision automatic manufacturing machines capable of producing modular furniture for big villas in a matter of days.

De Panache made an exclusive deal with Felder KG based in Austria, Altendorf GmbH based in Germany and HOMAG Group from Germany to source machines that were capable of running round the clock with extreme preciseness without the constant need of a human to guide the whole process thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing unit. 

De Panache has also partnered with some of the most quality-conscious raw material suppliers in the industry which will help synergize along with the imported machinery. The company buys premium quality raw materials from all across the globe and uses them in all its projects, including Plywood from GreenPly & Century Plyboards, Hardware from Hettich Group, Germany, Edgebandings & Acrylics from Rehau, Switzerland and Gypsum Boards from Saint Gobain headquartered at France.

Atreyee Choudhury, the founder of De Panache said, “We aim to provide clients with the best possible interior design experience. We are happy that we have been able to deliver this through our new manufacturing facility, which has been built with the help of our new team of dedicated professionals. We are confident that this facility will go a long way in helping us deliver even better results to our clients.”

Atreyee further added, “This facility will be of immense help in our expansion plans and will ensure that we continue to grow and expand our business. We are proud to be a part of the industry and to be able to contribute to the growth of this industry through our quality products and services. Our hand-picked interior designers in Bangalore are always pushed to pursue their Avant-garde interior design concepts.”

De Panache has a dedicated team of expert interior designers and project managers who work tirelessly to make sure that the projects they take up are delivered with the best possible interior design in Bangalore. The company believes that an expertly designed interior can change the entire mood of a home and thus its residents.

About Us: De Panache is a creative powerhouse of interior designing services in Bangalore, India. With a mission to help people transform their home interiors and make them look and feel sublime, De Panache has offered high-quality interior design services to its clients since 2010. Its services include complete interior design, kitchen design, bedroom design, home staging, and interior decorating.

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Organization: De Panache

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Founder and Lead Attorney Of Bryce Law Appointed As Judge

Atlanta, GA, United States – April 30, 2022

Bryce Law, LLC announces that their lead attorney and Founder, Mark Bryce, has been sworn in as a Judicial Officer! Bryce Law is clearly demonstrating how it continues to spearhead advocacy and leave their footprint in the legal industry. Atlanta injury and family law attorney Mark Bryce has been a staunch advocate for clients through family law issues such as divorce or child custody, as well as personal injury. 

Mark has always sought to approach the complexities of any situation related to family law, child welfare law, and personal injury, with sound reasoning and a broad knowledge base. Now, as a judge, Attorney Bryce will use these skills to help both lawyers and litigants through the legal process. 

When asked about becoming a judicial officer Attorney Mark Bryce had this to say, “I thought it was a good opportunity to help people more directly. It’s a different role that you’re in when you get to be the decision-maker as opposed to just an advocate. I think that doing both helps me to understand where attorneys are coming from and where litigants are coming from, it gives me a better sense of what needs to happen in a particular case.”

Mark Bryce pours himself into every case that he works on. He supports others at their lowest points and shares in their triumphs as he leads them through the legal process. As a pioneer in this industry, Attorney Bryce allows compassion and understanding to be his cornerstone and his desire to help others to be his compass. With an excellent reputation and work that speaks for itself, he is a rising star amongst his legal contemporaries. Regarding his new position as Judicial Officer, Attorney Bryce expressed with joy that he is excited to create a platform to do more community outreach. His desire is to connect the people who have to the people who are in need.

Contact Info:
Name: Mark Bryce
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Organization: Bryce Law
Address: 45 South Avenue, Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (678) 785-9085

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Creative Bioarray Provides Expertise in Delivering Comprehensive Pain Models to Support Pain Studies

New York, United States – April 29, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Acroscell, the mature branch of Creative Bioarray, offers a comprehensive range of preclinical R&D services specialized in but not limited to cardiovascular & neural system physiological/pathophysiological mechanisms with strong scientific support. With innovative technology platforms, the talented scientists in Creative Bioarray are confident in offering high-efficiency service for ion channel drug discovery programs at the most competitive price. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its comprehensive pain models for investigating of pain study.

The development of animal models plays an important role in all aspects of clinical research. Animal models are used in all steps of medical research, especially in cardiovascular or neuronal disease systems, from the diagnosis of disease to treatment, from the efficacy of new treatments to safety testing. All Creative Bioarray disease models are fully validated to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, reproducibility and consistency. In addition, Creative Bioarray offers drug-induced animal disease models.

Creative Bioarray provides the best and most comprehensive animal model services, including but not limited to genetic engineering model creation, animal models of disease, preclinical services, xenograft model creation and genotyping. Besides the high quality animal models including mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits, Creative Bioarray also provides ready-to-use knockout mouse models for in vivo studies through collaborations with other platforms. From genetically standard and disease-specific models to surgically engineered animals.

For pain research, Creative Bioarray provides expertise in delivering best-in-class pain treatment preclinical research, particularly around the mechanisms and development of new treatments for neuropathic, inflammatory and muscle pain. Creative Bioarray has a strong ability to develop precisely tailored research packages to meet client needs. With experienced experts, Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive assistance from project design to project execution, to data analysis and reporting to drive clients’ progress towards IND approval.

Creative Bioarray offers high-quality testing, including in vivo whole animal models using in vitro electrophysiological techniques and through behavioral testing. Its test models can be used for compound screening or to better understand function through molecular biology techniques. The team of experts in Creative Bioarray will always provide clients with expert consultation on the research recommendations they need, and then researchers will promptly provide the highest quality data to drive research initiatives.

“We have dedicated and experienced experts to handle these complex technologies and help our clients achieve their research goals.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “We strive with competence and confidence to achieve your drug development goals with the highest quality.”

About Acroscell

As a mature division of Creative Bioarray, Acroscell definitely will be the ideal and reliable innovation partner in research endeavors. With the support of professional scientists and years of experience, We are capable to provide a knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible service to our clients so as to accelerated drug development and improved research quality for worldwide projects.

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Name: Hannah Cole
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Organization: Creative Bioarray
Address: Shirley, NY 11967, US
Phone: 1 631 386 8241

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