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All About Cuban Link Chains

If you’re seeking to purchase a Cuban link chain or bracelet, this section will offer you information and suggestions to assist you in selecting the ideal chain for your taste and preferences.

fort mill, United States – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Even though 5-kilogram Cuban link chains are often associated with infamous rappers and well-known Reggaeton artists, the truth is that these popular and adaptable necklaces may also be stylish and beautiful when worn in moderation!
If you’re seeking to purchase a Cuban link chain or bracelet, this section will offer you information and suggestions to assist you in selecting the ideal chain for your taste and preferences. This information is based on years of assisting clients with their own chains and also wearing them personally.

How Miami Cuban Connections Are Formed
We suggest that before buying any Cuban link jewelry from us, you view a YouTube video on how gold Cuban links are produced. The movie demonstrates the enormous amount of labor and expert workmanship required to create one of these chains. These are handcrafted chains (the only way to achieve this level of quality), and the one shown in the movie is a one-kilo 14K gold chain without a lock (but they can also come with the traditional squared Cuban link lock).

Cuban Link Chains: A Brief History
Cuban link chains (alternatively referred to as Miami Cuban links) are an extension of the late 1970s to mid-1980’s hip-hop jewelry trend. Indeed, many continue to see Cuban link necklaces as an integral part of hip-hop fashion. Nonetheless, their timeless, elegant style is not exclusive to Jay-Z and Daddy Yankee!
The truth is that pinpointing the actual origin of the Cuban link chain is difficult, despite claims by many hip-hop superstars claiming they were instrumental in popularizing Cuban link chains. One thing we do know is that interest in Cuban ties increased significantly after 2012 and has been continuously increasing ever since. How are we aware? We inquired of Google! By entering “Cuban link chain” into Google Trends, we got the graph below, which compares monthly global searches for the term [blue] to the market price of gold [orange] from 2005 to March 2021.

Gold Prices against Google Trends data on Cuban links
Between 2005 and 2012, Google searches for “Cuban link chain” were pretty stable. However, interest started to surge around the end of 2012. Demand during this time period may have been fueled by the increasing attention paid to these chains by high-profile hip-hop superstars. In February 2013, for instance, items such as Jay-30-inch-long, Z’s 5-kilogram [11-pound] chain made their appearance. DJ Khaled also stated the same year that he was instrumental in popularizing lengthier versions of Cuban link necklaces, triggering a “kilo war” (watch the video embedded in this article, where Khaled makes reference to his 2-kilogram necklace).
The truth is that interest in this kind of chain has been gradually increasing in search attention since 2012. This covers a period of declining gold prices (from an end-of-month high of $1800 an ounce in August 2011 to a December 2015 low of $1060 an ounce), as well as a multi-year rise in the precious metal (from 2016 until 2020). Gold reached a record high of $2,067.15 on August 7th, 2020, and interest in the “Cuban link chain” increased as well. December of that year was the busiest month for Google searches, despite the fact that 2020 was also the year COVID-19 made its appearance. Thus far in 2021, we’ve observed a little decline in Google searches for Cuban link chains, despite the fact that the long-term trend seems to be robust. With an unending Central Bank becoming the style du jour of the twenty-first century and so many people fearful of the ensuing hyperinflation, it is not unreasonable to expect the price of gold and demand for Cuban link chains to continue rising in the near future.

Investing in Cuban Link Chains (As of March 31, 2011)
We’ve already discussed the financial potential of luxury timepieces (link to blog article here), but is Cuban link jewelry also a smart investment?
If said before, worldwide interest in Cuban link chains may continue to grow as the global crisis worsens. Gold’s spot price hovered around $400 per troy ounce in 2005. From that moment, the metal continued to rise gradually for another 7-8 years, almost tripling in price. This means that if you purchased a Cuban link chain in early 2005, it might be worth more than four times what you spent seven years later! From September 2018 to August 2020, the more recent two-year 69 percent gain in gold would have led to a corresponding increase in the price of gold chains.
However, considering the decline in gold prices since August 2020, some investing purists may say, “Clearly, there are better methods to invest in gold than buying Cuban connections!” Even if their reasoning is compelling, let us not overlook one critical point…
When you acquire a Cuban link chain, you are mainly purchasing it for personal enjoyment, not to speculate on gold’s appreciation (the same is true when you purchase a luxury watch). The fact that Cuban links may maintain or even increase in value as a result of gold’s market behavior is a significant advantage, but only a secondary one. While this additional advantage may undoubtedly provide the purchaser of a Cuban link chain with an increased feeling of security over time, it should always take a back seat to the purchaser’s love for gold jewelry.

Quality – The Secret to Cuban Connections
Numerous jewelers create [or at least try to create] these thick chains with strong, closely spaced links, but only a select few succeed in producing works of exceptional quality deserving of the spotlight. We’ve actually had customers come into our shop wearing Cuban link chains of such poor quality that the only way to save them was to melt them down! Without flawless workmanship, attention to detail, and finish, a Cuban link chain may be better served as a 24K gold bar. For the best-looking Cuban link, we suggest a tighter, flat-link design (also known as a Miami Cuban link), 14K-quality gold or higher (not a 10K chain that contains just approximately 40% pure gold, as many jewelers do), and a high-quality clasp (unless you prefer a continuous, no-clasp design).

A strip of Cuban Links
The image above illustrates many typical Miami Cuban Link chain thicknesses, as well as the two most frequent color combinations. The two yellow gold chains on the left are 8mm and 14mm broad, respectively. Cuban links in rose gold are very popular. On the right of the image, you’ll see two samples of rose gold (also known as pink or red gold) (the 8mm and 10mm-wide chains).

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Julian C Broadus elevates his gaming and wealth by partnering with Voxel X Network

Voxel X Network welcomes Julian C Broadus to their expanding team. Voxel X is a state-of-the-art financial gaming ecosystem that is using smart contracts as an investment revenue to support the gaming industry.

Los Angeles, United States – October 23, 2021

Voxel X Network is proud and excited to announce an exclusive partnership and addition to their team by welcoming Julian C Broadus. Mutual agreements were finalized earlier this week, and this partnership marks the release of Voxel X Network’s largest global campaign to date. The campaign will soon be launching globally; in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

Julian, who is known worldwide, comes with a huge background in the music industry, celebrity real estate and gaming. His first introduction into entertainment began with his father, Snoop Dogg, who brought him around the industry. Guided by an icon, Julian eventually moved forward to pursue his own interests. In 2007, he took his first step to become a more serious online gamer. He has prioritized gaming while building his own brand and mantra. “My favorite part about gaming is the ability to perfect your own craft based on the amount of repetition you pour into it.” Julian said. “It is a very valuable and key lesson I live by to this day.”

Julian has also focused his interests in investments, recently becoming a “Celebrity Agent” in Los Angeles to help his community purchase their next estates. Julian was introduced to the crypto world in 2015 by a childhood friend, just as the world of digital currency had started to find its niche. His quest to find a perfect mix of opportunity and reward has allowed Julian to find the team at Voxel X Network. Julian saw their vision and mission and was eager to join and help push the organization to the next level. Julian will work directly with their operations and outreach teams as he helps amplify the importance of diversification of wealth throughout his community.

“Upon launching we are thrilled to have Julian come aboard the Voxel X team. He brings many things to the table; a young and fresh mindset and a common love for gaming. Many would say he “speaks our language” as he understands our love for crypto. Not only that, he also understands the value of decentralized finance and the impact that Voxel X will have in the gaming and entertainment world.” – Sophie Kovalevskaya, Creative Project Lead – Voxel X Network

Voxel X Network is creating a new standard in which the average person is able to interact. All parties can mutually benefit off the vast amount of resources Voxel X Network has to offer and they strive to make partnerships with people that are passionate about their mission.

“I am very anxious and excited to help bridge the connection between gamers and developers. At the same time, I’m seeing how the crypto gaming industry will be molded by Voxel X!” Julian, Executive Director of Promotions – Voxel X Network

By partnering with legendary partners like Julian, Voxel X Network is spreading the message to gamers worldwide – leverage gaming, expand revenue opportunities, build wealth. They will be giving access to the same advanced technologies that have historically only been available to those “elite” enough, thus making it available now to everyone. Julian joins Voxel X as the Executive Director of Promotions and this alliance is just the beginning of many exciting things to come for Voxel X Networks and they are proud to welcome Julian to their team!

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Swiss Private Intelligence Corporation Helps Business Clients and Investors to Growth with Implementation of Sanctions Regulations

Sanctions of all varieties are created by international authorities and national governments and implemented
and enforced by appointed agencies and institutions of national institutions. Swiss Security Solutions LLC can help Investors and Companies.

Zürich-City, Switzerland – October 22, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Swiss Security Solutions LLC has 220 years of know-how and 80 years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. They are globally operating, and they are authorized by the security department of the state. Till today, they were on the cases worth more than USD 33 billion collectively. They are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance). Swiss Security Solutions LLC is the owner of the Trademarks Swiss Detective Agency™ and Private Investigator Switzerland™

Sanctions of all varieties are created by international authorities and national governments and implemented and enforced by appointed agencies and institutions of national institutions. Most individual countries do not have their own bespoke sanctions regimes and will follow only the requirements of the first framework we will discuss – that of the United Nations (UN) – an organization of which most countries are full members. However, due to their economic influence, certain jurisdictions’ sanctions regimes have wide global significance. The primary sanctions regime of concern for most is the United States, followed by that of the European Union (EU) and then those of other major economies such as the UK. Western countries and organizations have tended to focus their sanctions on similar targets, especially around perceived shared
threats from weapons proliferation and international terrorism, but there are also many divergences. It is also clear that the regimes oriented around ‘western’ policy objectives are not the only ones that businesses need to be aware of, as countries such as China and Russia also begin to develop their approaches.

The UN Sanctions List – also known as the United Nations Security Council Consolidated List – includes two sub-lists of individuals, and entities, and groups. UN sanctions are imposed by the resolutions of the UN Security Council (UNSC), composed of five permanent members (the US, China, the UK, France, and Russia) and 10 non-permanent members on rotation. A majority decision is sufficient to pass a resolution, but any of the five permanent members can bring a
veto. The UN creates dedicated sanctions committees to oversee particular sanctions regimes, but their enforcement is handled by individual member states. All 193 UN member-states are expected to comply with the Consolidated List, making it theoretically the most globally impactful of regimes.

How can Swiss Security Solutions LLC help and support Investors and Companies incl. Wealth Management?
Every serious business is responsible to implement the Sanctions regulations by implementing KYC regulations and sometimes EDD – Enhanced Due Diligence Check, which is more common for investments, banks, financial and wealth management companies. This can be delegated to third-party which is experienced and discreet Swiss Security Solutions LLC with Head Office in Zürich-City, Switzerland.

Global Business Responsibilities
The core compliance responsibilities firms face concerning sanctions can be onerous. Financial institutions are legally required to prevent the facilitation of the designated types of activity with listed individuals, businesses, and organizations. In practice, this means that they must thoroughly cross-reference their customer names (and sometimes counterparty names
– see below) against sanctions lists to ensure there are no breaches. In the event that a potential match with a listed name is found, then it is incumbent on the business to undertake an immediate investigation to clarify whether this might be a ‘false positive’. In the event that there are good grounds to believe it is the listed individual or entity, then the matter needs to be
reported to the relevant national authority (ie OFAC in the US or OSFI in the UK) and the relationship and/or transaction suspended.

Implementation of National and Global Business Processes with Swiss Security Solutions LLC
Wealth Management companies, Investors, Financial institutions commonly use a number of ongoings compliance processes to fulfil Sanctions regulations obligations:
• Initial Name Screening: During the onboarding processes of Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (CDD/KYC), businesses will conduct an initial name screening against published sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Person (PEPs) data, terrorist watchlists and Adverse Media sources, in order to ensure that the new client is not subject to designation
or connected to those that are.
• Ongoing Monitoring: Firms will conduct reviews of all existing client names when there have been amendments to sanctions, PEP, and other watch or warning lists.
• Transaction Screening: Usually, domestic transactions are not screened for counterparty names, because of the assumption that other domestic financial institutions have already conducted sanctions checks against their customers. However, it is common practice to check the names of counterparties in international transactions because of the perceived
higher sanctions risk.
• Transaction Monitoring: Monitoring solutions are often configured to look for patterns of money laundering
or terrorist financing, but platforms are also used to identify potential patterns of activity which might
indicate involvement in sanctions evasion.

Smaller businesses with few clients and limited transaction volumes (private banks and family offices, for example) still undertake these actions through manual checks against lists, but even here, this is becoming extremely rare. It is much more common to see the use of automated solutions in all the aforementioned processes in most obligated businesses, the reasons for which are straightforward. Given the increasing pace and volume of business in a globalized economy, conducting
manual searches for every new customer or international transaction is both labor-intensive (and therefore costly)
and prone to human error. Although no system is perfect, the use of automated screening platforms allows
an efficient, consistent and auditable approach that minimizes unintended mistakes.

You may contact Swiss Security Solutions LLC today for help and support in implementation of the Sanctions regulations, Due Diligence, Business Checks and Background Checks.

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Shawn Kilgarlin on the Trials of Catering to Customers amid Pandemic

Being a digital-centric organization, American Screening LLC entered the pandemic with an advantage over brick-and-mortar operators, but the company has still had to overcome a number of challenges to ensure minimal service disruption, Shawn Kilgarlin notes.

SHREVEPORT, LA – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

The way that businesses interact with customers has been irrevocably changed by the ongoing pandemic. “The unprecedented disruption of social and economic systems has created enormous challenges both for consumers and corporations as supply chains came under tremendous strain,” comments Shawn Kilgarlin, medical devices expert at American Screening LLC. “As a company engaged in the production and distribution of critical infection control products and other essential medical supplies, American Screening has experienced in full the disruptive force of this pandemic. Our team had to move quickly to cope with the massive spike in demand, which necessitated close collaboration with our manufacturing and supply chain partners to address immediately any shortages. Even though the situation has improved to some degree, this extremely stressful period has taught us valuable lessons about operating under critical conditions.”

Being a digital-centric organization, American Screening LLC entered the pandemic with an advantage over brick-and-mortar operators, but the company has still had to overcome a number of challenges to ensure minimal service disruption, Shawn Kilgarlin notes. Social distancing measures and lockdowns have forced consumers to rely almost exclusively on online shopping, which has put a massive strain on digital infrastructures. One of the most important steps companies had to take was to strengthen their e-commerce capabilities so that they can handle the surge in traffic. Another key component of meeting customer demand in such difficult times is ensuring the health and safety of employees as these are the people who keep a business running, Shawn Kilgarlin points out. In addition to making remote work the current norm, the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of regular internal communications, consistent guidance from company executives, and relevant policy updates.

What has undoubtedly been the greatest challenge for businesses in this environment is dealing with the disruption in the global supply chains, which has led to shortages of many essential products. Some companies have responded by securing alternative suppliers, while others have pivoted to new products, reshaping their portfolios on a regular basis in response to changing demand patterns. Shawn Kilgarlin says, that resolving supply chain issues has been the top priority for American Screening during the pandemic, but it became apparent that the existing models need to change for the business organization to be prepared for the next big shock. It has beed added that for decades, the focus has been on minimizing costs, reducing inventories, and increasing asset utilization, however the pandemic revealed how fragile the modern supply chain is. Shawn adds that they can already see changes that prioritize resilience and adaptability, which will serve customers well in future crises of similar proportions.

A businesswoman, wife, and mother of four, Shawn Kilgarlin divides her time among professional obligations, family duties, creative pursuits, and charitable work. With over two decades of experience, she is a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC, a Shreveport, Louisiana-based company founded by her husband. The diagnostic tests and medical supplies provider is among a handful of enterprises certified under MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), which conducts rigorous audits of quality management systems to ensure that device manufacturers comply with the regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions. While fully committed to her work, Shawn Kilgarlin considers her true passions to be writing, painting, and helping those in need. She has authored many inspirational and motivational books, the most recent ones being God’s Love Letters: Overcoming Adversity and Past Tense: 365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You – For Good). Her charitable efforts are focused on Holy Angels – a non-profit organization caring for people with disabilities.

Shawn Kilgarlin – Inspirational Books Author & Speaker:

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Shawn Kilgarlin Discusses Innovations in Drug Testing Technology:

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American Screening LLC Offers a Large Selection of Home Testing Items

The most popular at-home drug tests are the ones using urine samples, primarily because they are easy and painless to run and deliver fast results

SHREVEPORT, LA – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

American Screening LLC (ASC) was started as a company that was focused on offering top notch drug and alcohol tests. Over the years, the company has grown into a premier domestic and international ISO13485 contract manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic tests and essential medical supplies while also expanding its mission to support the fight against drug addiction and mental illness. As part of this commitment, American Screening LLC has made it one of its priorities to maintain a robust selection of home drug testing kits that are both highly accurate and affordably priced.

The most popular at-home drug tests are the ones using urine samples, primarily because they are easy and painless to run and deliver fast results. The kits offered by American Screening LLC can detect from one to as many as 40 drugs of abuse with an accuracy of up to 99%. As defined by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), abused drugs are illegal or prescription medicines (for example, Oxycodone or Valium) that are taken for non-medical purposes. The non-medical purposes for a prescription drug include taking the medicine for longer than prescribed or for a different purpose than indicated.

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Federated Mint Provides Jumbo State Gold Bars to US Citizens in Choice Areas

Federated Mint explains that they are pleased to give collectors this unique chance to obtain extremely rare items at incredible prices.

MASSILLON, OH – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Amongst devoted American collectors of fine metal goods, Federated Mint has a reputation of offering a great customer experience and high quality items. The organization not only carries a large selection of desired collectibles, but also runs special deals that customers can take advantage of. Its latest campaigns centers on Gold Vault Bricks still loaded with four 5-ounce Jumbo State Bars layered in valuable 24-karat gold. Bearing the name of the First Bank of the United States of America and the state they were once destined for, these are the only Gold Vault Bricks known to exist, and Federated Mint is making them available through a limited-time offer to residents of select states.

Federated Mint explains that they are pleased to give collectors this unique chance to obtain extremely rare items at incredible prices. The eligible buyers can claim the Gold Vault Bricks for themselves and keep all the valuable gold found inside but they must act within 48 hours of the publication of the ad. The Mint continues to explain that each Gold Vault Brick contains four bars weighing a full 20 ounces of high-in-demand bullion copper layered in valuable 24-karat gold in all. Under the terms of the special 48-hour release, buyers who make the deadline have to cover only the minimum gold fee set for state residents, which is just $49 per ounce, or $980 for the full 20 ounces contained within these Gold Vault Bricks. To put things in perspective, Federated Mint explains that residents of non-designated states will have to pay $124 per ounce, or $2,480 in total.

Apart from being an exceptional opportunity for collectors, this offer is also bound to spark huge interest among dealers and resellers, according to Federated Mint. The question of value is always relevant in the collectibles world, but it is also the most challenging one because there are no guarantees, and values cannot be based on the most recent spot prices of gold, silver, or other precious metals as those constantly fluctuate. As Federated Mint points out, these First Bank of the United States of America Jumbo State Gold Bars are the only ones known to exist. The value of the pure 24-karat gold layered content is simply a bonus for those lucky enough to get one of the Gold Vault Bricks for it’s impossible to tell what the actual collector value could be.

Federated Mint was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Massillon, OH. The company specializes in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products, typically notifying interested buyers of its offers through full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide. Relentlessly committed to offering quality products and exceptional customer service, the organization has received the stamp of approval from more than 75,000 satisfied clients. Federated Mint is not affiliated with any United States government agency or bank.

Federated Mint – Coin and Collectible Giant:

Federated Mint Offers Up Jumbo State Gold Bars to Residents in Select States:

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South Beach Hotel is Ready to Receive Fans of Ballet

The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events.

MIAMI, FL – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Every August, Miami-Dade County hosts the International Ballet Festival of Miami. The 24th year will feature performances from more than 200 dancers working with over 20 different companies. Perfectly located in the South Beach Miami, South Beach Hotel is proud to offered ballet enthusiasts from around the globe the quintessential Miami hotel experience with affordable luxury accommodations just minutes away from the performance venues.
The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events. Featuring dancers from ballet companies based in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America, performances are taking place at top-tier Miami venues such as the Adrienne Art Center for the Performing Arts, Amaturo Theater, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, and Manuel Artime Theater. Programs included the International Young Medalists Performance International Ballet Festival youth Gala; the Contemporary Performances; featuring gold medal winners of the Youth America Grand Prix; the Etoiles Classical Grand Gala Performance, in which principal Dancers from more than 15 companies from around the world will be in the spotlight; and a closing ceremony that will offer both performances and an awards ceremony.

Besides fantastic live performances, the festival also hosts workshops on weekdays with national and international ballet masters offering instruction to both intermediate and advanced students, while giving the chance to invited students to learn new techniques in the Dance Master classes. In the Art Exhibit Series, works inspired by dance from renowned artists will be on display while the Dance Film Series remains one of the festival’s most highly anticipated events. The festival is presented by the Miami Hispanic Ballet Company, a non-profit dance organization founded by world-renowned dancer, choreographer, and director Pedro Pablo Peña. With achievements such as major stage and film choreography, the foundation of art centers and ballets, and the development and promotion of dance both in Miami and his native country, Cuba; Peña has been honored with many accolades including the ‘key to the city’ to both the City of Miami and Miami Beach.

Festival attendees will find the recently renovated South Beach Hotel l is in the prime location for their visit to Miami and offers a great deal on perfect accommodations for the ballet fans, who appreciate art in all its forms. A few steps away from the main festival venue, Colony Theater, the hotel is also just minutes’ drive away from the rest of the auditoriums and theatres. Also within walking distance is the world-famous Miami City Ballet, one of the largest ballet companies in the United States.

South Beach Hotel is located in Miami’s exclusive Collins Park neighborhood and offers luxury accommodations at an amazingly affordable price. A perfect example of the ‘Streamline’ Art Deco style, it was ensured that during its recent renovation the 51-room luxury boutique hotel retained its stunning appearance and would continue on as one of the jewels of South Beach’s historic Art Deco district. Hotel amenities include croquet sets, bicycles, and beach chairs, are available to all guests, along with access to a private beach and rooftop pool.

To book a room at South Beach Hotel, visit: South Beach Hotel:

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Tony Amaradio Explains the Influence of Spirituality in Business

Some scholars have argued that religion-based business ethics is a concept irrelevant to non-believers and inapplicable in the secular corporate world.

ALISO VIEJO, CA – October 23, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Many successful business owners have been influenced by faith in their decision making. Some of these entrepreneurs include Sam Walton (Walmart), John Willard Marriott (Marriott Hotels), John Tyson (Tyson Foods), and Truett Cathy (Chick-fil-A). In 1905, German sociologist Max Weber published a seminal book in which he argued that the Protestant work ethic facilitated the rise of modern capitalism in Northern Europe as it prompted many people to pursue success and prosperity in the secular world. Over the following decades, scholars began examining more actively the relation between religion and business ethics, most of them concluding that the values and principles underlying the major global religions can be integrated into business practices with highly positive outcomes. Despite their differences, these belief systems invariably promote hard work, integrity, compassion, and social responsibility, all of which are values that have grown tremendously in importance over the last 20 years. Financial expert and published author whose book, Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, is now available on Amazon in Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback formats, Tony Amaradio is convinced that religion can be a force for good in the business sphere, as demonstrated by his own professional success and personal achievements.

Some scholars have argued that religion-based business ethics is a concept irrelevant to non-believers and inapplicable in the secular corporate world. However, faith can still have a positive impact since it introduces universal values which help build inclusive, motivated, and empathetic work environments, Tony Amaradio points out. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), for example, has become one of the principal policy issues in modern business, and its origin can be traced back to the philanthropic activities of the first American tycoons. Charitable giving and community support are endeavors promoted by all major religions, along with values such as tolerance, diligence, and the pursuit of personal betterment. Devout business leaders get inspiration from their beliefs, prioritizing sustainability, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and fitting rewards for contribution. Companies run by such people tend to have fiercely loyal employees and are held in high regard, both by the public and their competitors.

One study in particular revealed the positive influence of faith (in this case, Christianity) on business ethics, indicating that spiritual values remain strong within the younger generations although they may be wary of accepting religious labels. Jenny Main and Emily Lean of Union University focused on Millennials, who are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. As the report notes, this generation is strongly entrepreneurial, but the desire to succeed does not come at the cost of sacrificing morality and personal values. “Christian Millennials are engaging the business world from a perspective entirely different from their forefathers, a behavior common among this individualistic generation […] They are not interested in work for work’s sake but rather concern themselves more with charity work, social responsibility, and increasing consumer value. As far as this group seems to be concerned, people come first, then profit.” The authors write in the concluding part of their report, “Of all the groups compared, Christians and non-Christians had the greatest significant difference in their means on the work values and work ethic portions of the survey […] [The] numbers seem to support the idea that religion has a noticeable influence on work ethic for this generation.”

Financial expert and dedicated philanthropist Tony Amaradio is the founder and leader of Select Portfolio Management Inc and Select Money Management Inc, where he employs an innovative integrated strategy to maximize results for clients. Following the receipt of a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Detroit, he commenced his career in the financial services industry, developing his talent over time to garner a stellar reputation and become recognized as a visionary and an inspirational leader. He and his wife Carin are passionate supporters of charitable causes and are often invited to speak at events hosted by non-profit organizations, many of which rely on his expertise to optimize their capacities and thus improve their effectiveness.

Anthony Amaradio – Visionary & Strategic Philanthropist:

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Antibody/Peptide Discovery at Creative Biolabs Extended to Cover HIV & Hepatitis Virus

Creative Biolabs announces antibody and peptide discovery services for HIV and hepatitis virus to facilitate clients’ valuable viral disease research and project development.

New York, United States – October 22, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Viruses have been humanity’s constant companions, as for a long time, people have been fighting against a vast range of viral diseases like Zika, Ebola, HIV, or SARS-CoV-2 to name but a few. The complicated life cycle and rapid genetic mutations of viruses demand the continuous development of novel medicines with high efficacy and safety profiles. Antibodies and peptides provide a promising outlook as tools to combat the spread and re-emergence of viral infections.

To facilitate viral disease research and project development, Creative Biolabs employs different immunization strategies for anti-virus biomolecular discovery, dedicated to promoting antibody and peptide discovery for viral diseases to support diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

· Discovery of BNAb and Peptide Targeting HIV

Research has proved that broadly neutralizing antibodies can target specific vulnerable sites on the HIV-1 envelope, mediate neutralization, and target infected cells for elimination. The scientist team at Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) discovery service targeting human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), covering the most potential targets of BNAbs, such as CD4 binding site (CD4bs), membrane proximal external region (MPER), V2 site, N332 supersite, gp120–gp41 interface.

In a context where the scalability of bNAb is limited by the economic cost of production and the mandatory requirements for parenteral administration, peptides are considered as possible HIV-1 treatment. The anti-HIV-1 peptide discovery service at Creative Biolabs can help develop ideal peptides with high specificity and affinity towards their molecular targets.

· Discovery of Antibody and Peptide Targeting Hepatitis Virus

With the established AntInfect™ Platform covering a wide range of techniques for anti-infective antibody/peptide discovery, CRISPR screening, siRNA screening, and small molecule drug discovery, Creative Biolabs offers hepatitis virus-targeted antibodies and peptides discovery service.

This service can be customized for the most common types of hepatitis: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. In addition, scientists at Creative Biolabs are skillful at facilitating clients’ hepatitis virus drug discovery services with deep insight into the most researched targets for hepatitis antibody or vaccine development, including VP structural protein, surface antigen, core protein, envelope protein, etc.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs also provides antibody and antimicrobial peptide discovery for other viruses, including but not limited to SARS-CoV-2, Ebola virus, and Influenza virus. Further information can be found on

About Creative Biolabs
As a leading custom service provider in antibody development and engineering, Creative Biolabs has established cutting-edge technology to support functional biomolecules development for infectious diseases. The service portfolio is comprised of anti-infective biomolecules discovery, CRISPR screening, siRNA screening, and small molecule drug discovery.

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Watch collectors and watch lovers can pre-order Seiko YachtMaster MOD now

Seiko YachtMaster Mod is currently available for pre-order

United States – October 22, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

The Seiko Yachtmaster (YM) is a crowd favourite and consistently one of the most well-loved mods you’ll find in the Seiko mods scene. There are endless ways to execute a YM mod but the key ingredient for this is definitely the YM bezel insert. With its 3D-molded look, the YM bezel insert is definitely an eye-catching design and it’s not hard to understand why these mods are so sought after.

SeikoMod is a business who provides these custom Seiko wrist watches modification and designs. One of the crowd favorites, Seiko YachtMaster MOD, is available to be pre-order currently from the website. There are two current designs available which are the YachtMaster Rose Gold and YachtMaster Gold/Silver. Each YachtMaster comes with the following items: YachtMaster bezel, black dial, sapphire cyclops glass, NH35 movement, stainless steel case 40mm, rubber strap and glidelock clasp.

Both designs are currently being offered at the price of $300.00. One of the unique parameters for this watch movement is the Japanese NH35 movement. This is different from the swiss movement which typically focuses more on being aesthetically designed, whereas Japanese movements are built more with precision and accuracy in mind. Other parameters include the thickness of the case which is 14mm and a strap width of 20mm. The watch structure uses a compact one-piece casing, screwed back cover and barrel.

In addition to that, free international shipping is being offered currently. This will be advantageous for customers abroad from the United States to help save on the extra shipping cost. The company also offers different Seiko Models MOD such as the Submariner Models and RootBeer Models. A wide range of selections for each of the model MOD being offered for pre-order as well.

“Get in touch with us for a more specific design not found currently in the website,” said a spokesperson of the business. “A quote can be provided to you for us to help create a special unique watch that is designed specifically for you”.

For more information regarding the quotation for a specific watch project, do contact us at

About Seiko Mod

Seiko Mod is a business which offers customizable Seiko watch models. Currently the business is focusing on offering pre-orders for the three different models which are the Seiko Submariner, Seiko RootBeer and Seiko YachtMaster. There are a wide range of selection of modified designs for the three models being offered currently and international shipping fees are waived. Customized design watches services are also being offered.

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