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Alpharetta GA Slate Roofing Company, Braswell Construction Group, Offers Three Premium Slate Product Lines

Alpharetta Slate Roofing Contractor, Braswell Construction Group, transforms homes with elegant Brava, DaVinci, and EcoStar Slate Roofing Systems.

Alpharetta, Georgia – October 6, 2022

One attribute that separates BCG from other Alpharetta slate roofing contractors is that they are one of very few installers of Brava Roof Tile that is certified. Additionally, BCG has recently been awarded ‘Brava Preferred Contractor’ making this the first roofing company recognized for this honor in the state of Georgia. Once named as a ‘Brava Preferred Contractor’, the provider is considered among the best in the industry known for their experience and commitment to quality roofing.

More information about Brava products can be found on the company website via:

Braswell Construction Group also offers Davinci Slate and is recognized as a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor by DaVinci Roofscapes. The program, sponsored by DaVinci RoofScapes, was established to facilitate relations with select contractors in recognition of their expertise and experience in installing and maintaining DaVinci synthetic slate and shake roofing systems. This esteemed accolade and elite status of being named a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor recognizes a heightened level of expertise and experience in installing DaVinci roofing systems. BCG has also been awarded ‘project of the year winner’ in both 2019 and 2021 for a stunning Gainesville, GA and Greensboro GA slate roof installation.

Known for their exceptional reputation in the world of roofing materials, DaVinci offers a long list of products that were created with homeowners in mind. “We are proud to work with a manufacturer that is so focused on the needs of homeowners,” says Chris Braswell, CEO of Braswell Construction Group. DaVinci is committed to quality and the various aesthetic needs of its customers. They go above and beyond to provide tiles that last. Their Slate line is made to bring the beauty of a natural slate roof without any of the problems that come with traditional options.

At first glance, homeowners will notice the superior quality difference of the Slate line. It is created to be both versatile and commanding by bringing together an exceptional look and fit. While natural slate is more prone to physical damage, the DaVinci synthetic Slate line was made to be resilient. Natural slate can often end up with tiny fissures caused by exposure to weather like rain and hail, or from the freezing and thawing cycle that can occur throughout the seasons.

To round out the line-up of premium slate offerings, is EcoStar Slate. EcoStar was established to meet the need for a recycled synthetic alternative to natural slate roofing which led to the manufacture of their first line of synthetic product – Majestic Slate. For more than 25 years, they have been dedicated to protecting precious natural resources by offering their discerning customers products made with recycled plastic and rubber. EcoStar tiles are manufactured with a material made of up to 80% recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic.

BCG offers premium slate roofing options for customers wanting to improve the look and function of their home. The expanding category of synthetic roofing products cater to homeowners, builders, and remodelers who prefer renewable resources that come with the advantage of extreme durability and longevity yet want the look of natural slate roofs. Braswell Construction Group explains that synthetic slate roofing is a mixture of recycled rubber and plastic put into molds that are taken from real slate roofing. As contrasted to real slate roofing, this is less costly, lighter, and is much more resilient and durable because it can be installed without the concern of damaging the product. And just like the real slate, its life expectancy can also last a hundred years.

Advanced materials and manufacturing technologies give the synthetic products better resistance to weathering, greater durability, and longer lifespans than real slate, according to manufacturers. “The material is mimicked to obtain efficiency and also longer life over the natural product,” says Chris Braswell, owner of BCG. “We offer the best roofing materials with these three synthetic slate lines because they perfectly resemble the natural beauty of slate roof shingles, but without the drawbacks and upkeep.”

About Braswell Construction Group:

Braswell Construction Group is a leader in specialty synthetic slate roofing, has been locally owned and operated since 2002, and prides itself on its high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and professional acumen. They have a reputation for always completing its roofing and restoration projects on time and on budget while providing customized service, top-notch customer service, and unparalleled workmanship.

Braswell Construction Group has been featured dozens of times in Yahoo Finance, ABC, FOX, CBS, Atlanta Leader among many others as an industry leader and the top Roofing Contractor in the state of Georgia.

Braswell Construction Group operates from four Georgia locations to service homeowners with all their roofing and restoration needs in Alpharetta, Buckhead, Atlanta, Augusta, Athens, Greensboro/Lake Oconee, Covington/Conyers, Stone Mountain, and their respective surrounding areas.

Contact Info:
Name: Michelle Bird
Email: Send Email
Organization: Braswell Construction Group, Inc. Roofing & Restoration
Address: 3060 Pharr Ct N Northwest #32nd, Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (678) 283-2551

Release ID: 89082736

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HSL Management Establishes European Subsidiary HSL Management Europe KB To Pursue European ESG Strategies

HSL Management’s new strategies will form a robust portfolio of offerings that invest in businesses with leading ESG attributes as the core objective of a positive environmental impact.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – October 6, 2022

Canada-based financial services provider HSL Management announced it has launched a new European Subsidiary ‘HSL Management Europe KB’ which will focus on core investment strategies alongside a suite of responsible investing strategies that focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. HSL Management Europe KB will operate under the trading name of HSL Management.

HSL Management, a recognized pioneer and industry leader in responsible investing since 2007, employs proprietary fundamental research dynamic ESG data analysis.

“We are eager to introduce our principle-based sustainable investment strategies to a much broader audience of investors,” said Director of Global Asset Management at HSL Management, Nicholas Green.

“Our proprietary research model drives our investment process and enables us to identify the companies that outperform their peers in managing financially significant ESG risks and opportunities” Added Green.

Promoting environmental sustainability and resource efficiency, supporting equitable societies and improved societal outcomes, and demanding accountable governance and transparent operations, are the guiding principles of HSL Management’s responsible investment approach, which form the foundations of its investment process.

“Our research and engagement processes, along with our efforts to support global change initiatives, have positioned us to offer impact-driven, responsible investing strategies and drive environmental change,” added Green.

“Investors are becoming increasingly focused on sustainability, and the launch of these new funds will further demonstrate our commitment to delivering our clients best-in-class and market-leading products and solutions that aligns investor values with financial success.” said Alexander Bennett, Executive Vice President of Trading at HSL Management.

About HSL Management

HSL Management is a multinational investment management and financial services company. Our mission is to create a better financial growth experience fit for a world where digital interactions perfectly combine with human nuances to achieve something incredible.

Contact Info:
Name: Mr. Nicholas Hennessy – Director of Market Research
Email: Send Email
Organization: HSL Management
Address: TD Canada Trust Tower, 27F 161 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Phone: +1 647 846 6280

Release ID: 89082697

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San Diego Gentlemen’s Club Publishes 2022 Performer Bios

Exposé is the home for many of the world’s finest adult entertainers. The club provides cigars from the humidor room or enjoys a hookah with various flavors while watching the show.

San Diego, CA, California, United States – October 6, 2022

Exposé Gentlemen’s Club is pleased to announce that the club has updated their website to identify the products and services available at the San Diego Gentlemen’s Club location. The website includes images and brief biographical information about the entertainers performing at the club in 2022. The venue is available for bachelor parties as well as classes and a sales boutique. Exposé offers private and semi-private nightclub tables coupled with VIP bottle service treatment. For special events and information, the VIP Manager will help with scheduling and bookings.

The Sinistro Cigar lounge provides a location where the world’s most renowned cigars are available so that gentlemen can enjoy the benefits of decades of experience and knowledge coupled with entertainment in a comfortable setting. The Sinistro brand of premium cigars can be experienced in the unique setting of Exposé.

The Hookah Lounge at Exposé Gentlemen’s Club offers a special selection of cigar and hookah products. The selection includes a number of quality brands, such as Padron and Starbuzz. The Hookah Lounge is a true gentlemen’s environment to ensure that clients looking for the perfect smoking experience will find it here in San Diego’s sexiest hookah lounge.

More information can be seen at

Fumari was established a quarter-century ago with the goal of producing better quality hookah tobacco. They introduced a revered Mediterranean tradition by opening the first Hookah Lounge. The Fumari innovation in quality service and flavor provide a smoking experience for clients with various smoking preferences. The partnership with Fumari is an obvious choice for several reasons. They are local, but Fumari also is recognized for the variety and quality of Hookah tobacco flavors.

For guests at Exposé, the cafe provides a choice of food to go along with the entertainment, lounges and boutiques. There is also an online boutique with a selection of products available via mail order.

About the Company:

Exposé Gentlemen’s Club offers the environment of a true club for clients. The venue includes a cigar lounge, hookah lounge, cafe, boutique, and live entertainment. 

Contact Info:
Name: Dino Palmiotto
Email: Send Email
Organization: Exposé Gentlemen’s Club
Address: 5520 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 278-5332

Release ID: 89082740

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TurkeyMed Champions The Hair Transplant Trend In Turkey With Groundbreaking Solutions

Leading Turkish medical center, TurkeyMed, continues to set the pace in the Turkish hair transplant industry with a wide range of treatment options.

United States – October 6, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Hair transplant has become increasingly popular in Turkey in the past few years, as people become more conscious of their looks and find ways of enhancing their appearance and by extension, their confidence. The Council on Foreign Economic Relations Board estimates that the market for hair transplant in Turkey is in excess of $1 billion yearly. In a related development, hundreds of clinics and service providers have emerged to meet the needs of patients. However, TurkeyMed has seemingly mastered the art of overdelivering, uniquely combining relative affordability with quality to deliver amazing results to clients.

TurkeyMed boasts a team of highly trained doctors and surgeons with years of experience in hair transplant, using the latest technologies and techniques in the industry to meet and surpass the expectation of patients. The categories of services offered by TurkeyMed include Beard Transplant, Female Hair Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant Hair Growth, Hair Transplant, and Hair Loss Clinic Services.

The combination of affordability, quality, and comprehensiveness has helped the increasing popularity of TurkeyMed, making it the one-stop solutions provider for persons suffering from different forms of alopecia without sacrificing their natural look. TurkeyMed has also continued to upgrade its offering to ensure clients enjoy the latest treatment techniques in the industry.

For more information about hair transplant services and other categories of solutions offered by TurkeyMed, visit – TurkeyMed also has a growing online community across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About TurkeyMed

TurkeyMed is an Istanbul-based clinic that specializes in providing Hair transplant by FUE, DHI, and Sapphire techniques, Gastric sleeve operations, dental implants and treatment. The clinic has a team of experienced and licensed doctors and surgeons providing treatment options to meet the specific needs of patients without requiring them to break the bank.

Contact Info:
Name: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Organization: TURKEYMED

Release ID: 89082699

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House Carries The Family’s Heart – Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi

The website about Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi provides many beautiful architectural designs.

Vietnam – October 6, 2022

Many people compare the house to a place to go and come back but have to admit that there will be times when someone wants to be outside a little more. The house – a place to regenerate energy – does not always make everybody want to come back after a long tiring day. That may not sound right, but it is a fact worth pondering over.

Talk a little about the issues making a person not want to return home. It could be the family nature living in that house or the house itself. What is not good should be fixed. If the job is not suitable, consider quitting. If a family doesn’t get along, find a way to reconcile. A house designed to prioritize connection between members is a way to reconcile family feelings.

The house is like a human. It has a cycle according to the circadian rhythm of a day, month, year and always has opposites. The corresponding spaces are determined depending on the daily experience or the time and frequency of meetings. A day must have a family gathering time, a month must have at least one relatives/friends gathering, and a year cannot miss the reunion time at the old year end and the new year beginning.

The living room is not only the main house’s interior but also a place for the whole family to gather and chat after a long day of studying and working. Therefore, the living room designer must ensure aesthetic integrity and, at the same time, create a common living space to connect members. Guests should not have to go through long corridors or other house rooms to reach the living room. That will affect the homeowner’s privacy, obstruct the vitality flow and dissipate positive energy. Architecture and interiors need to be arranged to create a sense of solidity, ventilation, lights and especially closeness.

More important space, the kitchen makes a great contribution to family bonding. Whether in Western or Eastern lifestyles, the cooking and eating place is always the starting point for family gatherings and reunions. In a broad sense, the kitchen is not only an area – a room – a cabinet that serves as a place to prepare and serve daily meals but also has entertainment and communication functions. This place is a strong expression of the bond between family members, which the living room has been unable to do yet. Architects must design the kitchen to show comfort and warm space, clarifying the main function of keeping a fire in the family. Kitchen counters should be arranged in an L or U shape, ensuring the distance between the counters and appliances for convenience during use. It is possible to make a set of 3 sinks – refrigerators – stoves to form a triangle with sides no more than 3m to facilitate movement and complete work in the kitchen. The dining table shape is optional, but it should be large enough to hold all kinds of food – the cook’s love.

The owners must determine the most important place in the house to express their soul, style and space structure there. Unlike the commonly used models, a special house contributes to promoting the members’ return home feeling. Life sometimes goes by so fast that people do not have time to reflect on how tasteless the days have been. Busy days with work sometimes make many people gradually forget the cozy, comfortable and happy family moments in their dear home. Therefore, let’s make the home a special place to return to, save beautiful memories and take care of all family members.

Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi is a company that provides beauteous, modern, cozy designs and interiors for households, restaurants, shops, businesses, etc. During its operation and development, the company has been successful in many projects of different sizes, receiving much love from customers. Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi’s orientation is to become a companion in building houses for all customers. An advanced company that puts people at the center to create differentiated and high-quality products with a work ethic.

For a reference about modern and comfortable designs at Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi, please visit:

About the company: Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi is a company specializing in providing modern and social trends designs of houses, villas, hotels, shops, etc. Operating with a focus on quality, professional responsibility and customer-centricity.

Contact Detail:




About Us: /UPTOPZ/

Contact Info:
Name: Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi
Email: Send Email
Organization: Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi
Address: 212 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 975 945 433

Video URL:

Release ID: 89082742

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Morehouse Instrument Company launches a new, advanced, budget load cell simulator.

The new Model 8 Morehouse Budget Load Cell Simulator increases customer confidence in their high-end meters by allowing them to check equipment quickly.

Pennsylvania, United States – October 6, 2022

Morehouse Instrument Company is excited to announce the launch of their new cutting-edge budget load cell simulator. This is close to a laboratory-grade compact, lightweight resistance box that can be a helpful tool in troubleshooting equipment problems; the load cell simulator can be used to verify meters are reading correctly, span meters, and as a check, standard to help control drift associated with many digital meters. 

The Morehouse Model 8 Budget Load Cell Simulator can help check for meter issues and help control the stability and drift of meters; this is important is if someone inputs a wrong value into the meter, it often goes undetected until it is too late, and a large amount of rework could be needed. Stability is a significant error source, and the Morehouse Model 8 Load Cell Simulator can help isolate whether the meter or load cell is drifting. If the problem is with the meter, the end-user can decide to replace it, which creates huge savings by not having to shorten calibration intervals.    

“We are launching our new advanced budget load cell simulator to help our customers quickly diagnose issues, perform much-needed cross-checks, and verify the indicator settings meaning programmed values or coefficients have been entered correctly. This will surely help reduce large error sources and help our customers have more confidence in their force measurements,” says Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse, “Our Model 8 Load Cell Simulator is low cost, with potentially big savings to anyone looking for a tool that can save countless hours of unnecessary troubleshooting”.

Top features and benefits of Morehouse Model 8 Load Cell Simulator Include:

  • Perform multiple cross-checks on equipment with eight mV/V settings;
  • Help control stability/drift;
  • Verify coefficients are correctly entered in Morehouse 4215 plus, C705P meter; both use
  •  the actual coefficients from the calibration report;
  • Verify coefficients for other programs such as Morehouse calibration software;
  • Check for linearity issues in any meter;
  • Use as a diagnostic tool to rule out the load cell meter, leaving the load cell, cables, or
  • adapters as the issue;
  • Can be used to calibrate A/D offset and gain setting;
  • Standardize and set up a new indicator before system calibration.

About Morehouse Instrument Company 

Based in York, PA, Morehouse Instrument Company has been a leading name in the American and international industry-grade equipment manufacturing scene for over a century. Founded in 1920, the company specializes in providing cutting-edge calibration products and services that are intelligently designed to reduce measurement risk. Morehouse Instrument Company is renowned for its industry-leading calibration machines, load cells, load cell accessories, and more. The company has worked for a list of elite clientele worldwide, ranging from NASA to NPL to the US Air Force, and more.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Henry Zumbrun
Email: Send Email
Organization: Morehouse Instrument Company
Address: 1742 Sixth Ave York, PA 17403
Phone: 717-843-0081

Release ID: 89082689

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TriexDev’s SpaceWorm Budding Tightknit Community Continues to Grow

TriexDev is the founder of the SpaceWorm crypto project, a hyper-deflationary black hole experiment on a mission to disrupt the DeFi omniverse.

United States – October 6, 2022

People in the DeFi space look for quick flips and short-term “degen” gains, often going for hype, or solely tokenomics-based projects first, and overlooking those with more serious players or plans behind them. 

This is common because the risk behind the pump & dump hype of short-term or “meme coin” projects is more exciting than HODLing and making real, sustained gains.

Sustainability is what separates a project from being just a meme coin from something worth investing in. Enter SpaceWorm, which brings revolutionary tokenomics to the landscape, without the difficult-to-understand messaging and promises many projects rely on to draw attention and build hype. 

“$WORM is about real, sustainable growth. This project is for people who want to move beyond false hype. At every stage we are being transparent, to make things as easy for the community to understand as possible,” said the spokesperson for SpaceWorm

“The team behind SpaceWorm brings a vast network of DeFi knowledge, finance, and tech connections, and business experience to the technology and strategy of the $WORM ecosystem,” they added. 

The lead developer, @TriexDev, has already started working on an early version of the Wormhub is the forthcoming $WORM token dashboard, as well as a collection of DeFi & Crypto Tools.

What separates the SpaceWorm token from thousands of contemporary alternatives is the “true obliteration” method for burns. While the majority of projects send tokens to “dead” wallets, SpaceWorms contract uses a way to eliminate tokens from existence and token supply, as well as ‘directly injecting liquidity’ automatically on every single transaction. 

This creates a unique synergy where the supply over time is drying up, with the liquidity padding increasing on each buy and sell, thus creating sustainability and longevity for the project. As utility starts to release within the project, the $WORM tokens will become more and more scarce, proving to be a successful store of value and a reliable asset to hedge against inflation whilst offering unique features and benefits to the holders of the project.

By deploying a direct liquidity injection mechanism alongside a more significant burn, the $WORMs token mechanism creates a pump factor & mitigates experienced dumps while thriving in a hyper-deflationary environment. As the scarcity skyrockets, the downsides of injecting only the token to liquidity are circumvented.

The key to this project is transparency and ease. All innovations are prone to replication, but SpaceWorm’s team is not concerned about forks or copies. In this space, some projects obfuscate or confuse info to generate hype, or prevent others from imitating it.

SpaceWorm is all about supporting open and clear information. People interested in deeper details can read more from the @SpaceWormETH medium, or keep up to date on the Telegram channel.

“We’re building a community of people from across the globe, with more joining every day. These are people attracted by the revolutionary ideas and flamboyant aesthetic of SpaceWorm,” said a supporter from the community.

More information about SpaceWorm is available on

Contact Info:
Name: SpaceWorm PR Team
Email: Send Email
Organization: SpaceWorm
Address: United States

Release ID: 89082656

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D4C Dental Brands welcomes new Chief Operating Officer John Williamson

D4C Dental Brands is pleased to welcome its new Chief Operating Officer, John Williamson, who will be in charge of driving operational initiatives across D4C’s entire network of 200+ affiliated pediatric dental and orthodontic practices.

Franklin, Tennessee, United States – October 6, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

D4C Dental Brands is pleased to welcome its new Chief Operating Officer, John Williamson, who will be in charge of driving operational initiatives across D4C’s entire network of 200+ affiliated pediatric dental and orthodontic practices.

Prior to joining D4C, Williamson served as Chief of Staff at naviHealth, where he coordinated enterprise-level initiatives across executive functions in service of more than 10 million Medicare Advantage members. Williamson has spent the majority of his career focused on improving care coordination and outcomes in a variety of roles, including business development, strategy, and operations.

“John is a dynamic, personable leader who brings to our team more than a decade of experience in healthcare operations,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Lindley. “He has hit the ground running to support our practice owners, dentists, and all of our team members in providing high-quality care to thousands of patients each and every day.”

About Us: D4C Dental Brands is one of the largest dental support organizations in the country, supporting specialists in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics at more than 200 affiliated practices in 9 states and Washington, D.C. D4C offers industry-leading operational support that enables our doctors to focus on providing clinically excellent and compassionate care for each patient, while benefitting from the expertise, best practices, and mentoring opportunities provided by our network of affiliated practices.

Contact Info:
Name: Judy Lilley, Vice President of Marketing
Email: Send Email
Organization: D4C Dental Brands

Release ID: 89082727

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Pictory Announces 10,000 Paying Customers For Its Revolutionary Video Marketing Product

Pictory, a powerful AI software tool which enables users to easily create and edit high-quality branded videos, is enjoying rapid adoption amongst video marketers.

London, UK – October 6, 2022

Pictory’s suite of advanced features have proven extremely popular with the 10,000 video marketers who regularly use the platform to significantly increase video production throughput without sacrificing quality.

With the rise of remote working and the consequent move to online collaboration via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and similar applications, companies and individuals are increasingly creating raw video content as part of their ‘business as usual activities’.

Marketers are increasingly realizing that video created this way, such as product demonstrations, training and presentations, can be valuable assets, but only if they can be edited and distributed, as opposed to left languishing on their creators’ hard drives.

Developed by entrepreneurs, engineering innovators and marketers since 2019, Pictory makes it quick and easy to repurpose long-form content into short, highly-shareable branded video ‘snippets,’ which are perfect for sharing across social media platforms.

By way of example, video marketer, SEO expert and online course creator, Matt Zimmerman uses Pictory to create short snippets of screen recordings to use as marketing collateral on his website and across his social media channels.

“Previously I’d have to go and use a timeline and chop stuff out and it just took forever”, he explains in a recent interview.

The popularity of short-form content is not limited to traditional businesses. Nonprofits and the faith sector are also enjoying increased reach and greater social media engagement by keeping it short.

Pastor Josh Troestor uses Pictory to create short snippets of his sermons to distribute on social media, “Not everybody has time for 45 minutes, but they usually have time for 2-4 minutes, it creates great social media engagement”, he says.

With the rise of TikTok and YouTube Shorts, it’s becoming increasingly important to be seen and to be short.

Before Pictory, repurposing videos was often prohibitively expensive and time-consuming and therefore simply didn’t get done.

Vikram Chalana, CEO at Pictory, commented, “I’m often amazed at how much valuable video content people create and then fail to make it work for them simply because creating snippets using traditional editors is too hard. Pictory solves that problem quickly, easily and cheaply”. More information is available at 

About Pictory

Founded in 2019, Pictory’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) enables marketers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively edit and repurpose long-form content into short, highly-shareable branded video snippets to create engaging social media campaigns.

Anyone who wishes to find out more about Pictory is encouraged to make use of the following contact details.

Contact Info:
Name: Pete
Email: Send Email
Organization: Pictory

Release ID: 89082698

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Acorn Roofing Launches New Site For Roofing Services In Blackpool

Acorn Roofing is a team of Blackpool roofers that has launched a new website, aiming to help customers learn more about their services and get in touch directly. The new site includes service descriptions and pictures of the team’s latest projects.

United Kingdom – October 6, 2022

Based and operating locally in Blackpool, Acorn Roofing is a business that offers a wide range of roofing services to its local customers. They have launched a new website that will allow customers to learn more about the services they provide, as well as to get in touch, be it directly through the site or through the numbers provided on the website.

Acorn Roofing provides a wide range of services designed to help with roofing construction, refurbishment, and restoration. This includes roof repairs for any issues customers are facing as well as full-scale roof replacements for those in need of an entirely new roof. They also offer work on gutters, facias, and soffits, whether the client is in need of a fix or a wholesale replacement. Their new website offers details on what each of these services entails, allowing customers to quickly find the right solution for them.

Other features of the new website include the ability to take a closer look at the projects that the team has done in the past. This allows visitors to get a better idea of the quality of work they can expect from Acorn Roofing. The site also includes a contact form that allows visitors to leave their inquiries directly, allowing the team to read the details of their request and to get back in touch with a quote. Every feature of the website is designed to help customers learn more about the services on offer and to make them easier to access.

With over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, Acorn Roofing has a lot of history in the community, helping repair and install roofs in Blackpool and surrounding areas like Cleveleys, Poulton le Fylde, Lytham St Annes, Kirkham, and Wesham. Aside from high-quality roofing work, the team makes it their mission to provide good value for money, creating satisfied customers that would recommend them. It’s by building this reputation that they have been able to continue offering their services to Blackpool customers for so long.

To learn more about Acorn Roofing, the roofing services that they offer, and for examples of their past work, you can visit their website at


Notes for the Editor: If you have any press inquiries, please send them directly to the team at Acorn by posting them to 153b Blackpool Old Road, Poulton-le-fylde, FY67RS or by calling on 01253279736. Email inquiries can be sent directly to

Contact Info:
Name: Acorn
Email: Send Email
Organization: Acorn
Address: 153b Blackpool Old Road, Poulton-le-fylde, FY67RS
Phone: 01253279736

Release ID: 89082700

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