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Wise Glass Releases Report on Recent Neo-Angle Shower Door Installation

Hurst, Texas, United States – July 31, 2022

Frameless shower door company, Wise Glass LLC, is delighted to announce that they have released a report on the most recent installation trends of neo-angle shower doors. According to the report, frameless shower door installation in homes with neo-angle showers is becoming increasingly popular due to its sleek and modern look. In addition, frameless shower doors are often considered more affordable than traditional framed shower doors. Wise Glass has been a leading provider of frameless shower doors for over 12 years and has installed thousands of neo-angle shower doors in homes across the state of Texas. “Our experience with neo-angle shower doors has been very positive,” said Kevin Wisecarver of Wise Glass LLC. “We’ve seen a steady increase in the demand for these types of doors, and we expect that trend to continue.”

The report goes on to say that the popularity of neo-angle shower doors is likely due to the many benefits they offer homeowners. Neo-angle shower doors can provide a much wider opening than traditional doors, making them ideal for large showers for those with limited space. In addition, these frameless shower doors are easier to clean and maintain than their framed counterparts. With frameless shower door neo-angle installation, there is no need for a separate shower door frame, which can often be an eyesore in the bathroom and which can also save homeowners money. Finally, neo-angle shower doors can give any bathroom a more upscale look, increasing the value of the home. These are just a few reasons from the report that explain the dramatic increase in the popularity of neo-angle shower doors. This is why Wise Glass LLC has seen such a significant increase in demand for its services over the past few years.

Wise Glass has been in the business of frameless shower door installation for over a decade and has seen firsthand the needs of homeowners when it comes to their shower doors. Customer service is of the utmost importance to the team, and they work diligently to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with the services. Their glass specialists have the experience and knowledge to help residential and commercial customers select the perfect shower door for their space. They also offer a wide variety of customization options to ensure that each door is unique and fits the customer’s individual style. Wise Glass offers installation services across the Forth Worth area, and its team of experts are always available to answer any questions that homeowners may have.

For more information about Wise Glass and its neo-angle shower doors, please visit their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Kevin Wisecarver
Email: Send Email
Organization: Wise Glass LLC
Address: 600 Tumbleweed Dr., Hurst
Phone: 682-900-6614

Release ID: 89079332

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BBB Septic Solution Expands Services to Rogers, AR

Rogers, Arkansas, United States – July 31, 2022

BBB Septic Solution is expanding its septic tank pumping and cleaning services to Rogers, Arkansas. The company is excited to offer its quality services to the Rogers community and looks forward to helping residents keep their septic systems running smoothly. For years, BBB Septic Solution has been the go-to septic company for residential and commercial customers in Northwest Arkansas, where people have come to rely on its quality work and customer service. The expansion to Rogers will allow the company to serve even more customers so that they can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their septic system is being taken care of by a company they can trust.

“We’re excited to expand our reach in Arkansas and to serve the Rogers community,” said Jon Jouvenaux of BBB Septic Solution. “We understand the importance of having a reliable septic system, especially in rural areas where businesses and homeowners may be miles away from the nearest sewage treatment plant. That’s why we’re committed to providing quality septic services that our customers can count on.”

Rogers, AR, in particular, is a good fit for septic services due to its location and the fact that the area is experiencing rapid growth both in terms of house building and commercial growth. BBB Septic and portable toilets are just what new businesses and construction sites need in order to keep things running smoothly. Additionally, the recent population growth in the city has put a strain on the existing infrastructure, making septic services even more necessary. There are several benefits to septic tank pumping and cleaning, including the prevention of overflows, the reduction of odors, and the prolonging of the life of the septic system. Residents are also encouraged to have their septic system properly maintained on a regular basis to avoid any costly repairs down the road, which they will now be able to do with ease with the help of BBB Septic Solution.

BBB Septic Solution is an affordable septic system maintenance service in Benton County, Arkansas. It has been in business since 1987, providing quality septic tank pumping and cleaning services to residential and commercial customers. Their reputation has grown because of their outstanding customer service and willingness to work with customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. They are now the top trusted septic company in Northwest Arkansas with the highest credibility rating. Each septic truck is equipped with the latest technology, and they use only the best products to get the job done right.

To learn more about BBB Septic Solution or to schedule a septic tank cleaning or pumping service, please visit their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Jon Jouvenaux
Email: Send Email
Organization: BBB Septic Solution
Address: 4149 Cook Rd #1, Bentonville
Phone: (479) 271-0058

Release ID: 89079333

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Advantage Chiropractic Expands Service Area To Include Brookfield, WI

Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States – July 31, 2022

Advantage Chiropractic is excited to announce that they are expanding their service area to include the city of Brookfield, WI. Due to the growing demand for quality chiropractic care, Advantage Chiropractic has decided to expand its business in order to serve the Brookfield community. This addition will allow even more residents to take advantage of the high-quality chiropractic care that Advantage Chiropractic has been providing for years. With a focus on providing individualized care and treatment plans, Advantage Chiropractic is committed to helping residents of Brookfield achieve optimal health and wellness. “We are thrilled to be able to serve the residents of Brookfield,” said Dr. Zachary Bruley of Advantage Chiropractic. “We believe that everyone deserves access to quality chiropractic care, and we’re looking forward to helping even more people achieve their health goals.”

Brookfield City is located in Waukesha County and is home to over 40,000 residents. It’s a place where people come to raise their families, start businesses, and enjoy all that Wisconsin has to offer. People who live in Brookfield enjoy a high quality of life because of the many amenities the city has to offer. With more activities and events happening all the time, there is a greater chance for people to experience pain and discomfort. When this happens, it’s important to have a trusted chiropractor you can turn to for relief. That’s where Advantage Chiropractic comes in. Providing chiropractic care in Waukesha County is one of the many ways Advantage Chiropractic strives to give back to the community. Residents of Brookfield have trusted Advantage Chiropractic to take care of their neck pain and back pain for years, and now they will be able to take advantage of the company’s expanded service area.

Advantage Chiropractic is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Greater Milwaukee Area for several years. With their natural chiropractic approach, they are able to help patients find relief from a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and more. Their doctors are highly trained and experienced in a variety of chiropractic techniques. They are committed to providing each patient with the individualized care they deserve. Their goal is to build trust within the community by delivering high-quality, neurologically based chiropractic care, giving every person the opportunity to achieve their health and wellness goals.

For more information about Advantage Chiropractic, please visit their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Zachary Bruley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Advantage Chiropractic
Address: 17047 W Greenfield Ave., New Berlin
Phone: 262-505-5610

Release ID: 89079334

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Ditok,the innovative Blockchain short video platform integrated with SocialFi, launched the global public beta that all users can share revenues

California, United States – July 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

In the second quarter of 2022, Diamondtok (Ditok) launched the global public beta and started its first journey in Taiwan to launch a new era of short video and made a new intellectual property realization business model. The platform integrates SocialFI, short video, commerce, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence analysis into a large social video and audio platform.

In recent years, the short video industry is undoubtedly the current tail wind. As of June this year, the number of short video users reached 888 million, the market size is self-evident. Short video has not only become a new way of national entertainment, but also take on more diversified roles such as news, education and learning.

Diamondok(Ditok) launched new economic model that all users can share revenues with the platform and get rewards through the “Self-media” social mechanism. In the future,Ditokplans to build atruly valuable and competitive ecosystem of short videos SocialFI with exclusive artist exclusive NFT, and physical clubs.

Since June 2022, Ditok has expanded its business to Southeast Asian countries, attracting online users as well as offline brokerages. In order to improve the ecology, Ditok connects with major we-media merchants, accumulates and optimizes the quality of video content to realize knowledge production and cultural communication.

Unlike other short video platforms, Diamondtok (Ditok) allows all users to share revenue with the platform to increase everyone’s passive income. For merchants, not only can absorb more high-quality customers, but also get more intuitive service feedback, so as to put things right.

In the following third quarter, Diamondtok (Ditok) will start its first investment campaign in Vietnam. In addition to docking merchants, download Diamondtok (Ditok) users receive free discounts and benefits from many local merchants, Diamondtok (Ditok) also continues to recruit more local influencers. So far, several well-known local Internet celebrities have joined.

Since the advent of cameras, movies and television, humans have moved into a world centered on vision. We are moving into a whole new society.” This new society is obviously dominated by vision, which is is enveloping human beings and affecting their political, economic and cultural life more and more deeply. It is understood that many users in Diamondtok (Ditok) have implemented passive income sharing with the platform, and made profits. Finally, new download users have the opportunity to participate in the activities of obtaining high rewards from Diamondtok (Ditok) for free.

Contact Info:
Name: Jan Lee
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Organization: Ditok

Release ID: 89079325

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Ditok launched the first blockchain short video platform with socialFi concept to solve monopoly of short video leading market

California, United States – July 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

DiTok launched the first blockchain short video platform with socialFi, using decentralized technology to build a safe, efficient, autonomous, stable and economical short video platform. Users can earn tokens while lying at home, swiping phones and short videos.

DiTok has officially opened the global public beta,all participants can download the App by searching “DiTok” from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei App Store to open the new era of short videos.

DiTok aims to build the first integrated SocialFI community on blockchain based on open finance based on a truly decentralized, friendly and mutually beneficial business collaboration model,focusing on designing and building the most dynamic decentralized DEFI short video platform with blockchain technology to attract and company short video users who are the world’s most collaborative, innovative and striving group, and jointly build the next generation of high-growth, self-generated SocialFi business ecosystem.

The new revolution of short video brought by DiTok is still the same, which has greatly reversed the various pain points existing in the current traditional short video platform. For example, since 2010, we have seen the rise of social media KOL. Earning by creating content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram has become a big trend, with marketers using influencer campaigns to generate staggering marketing numbers.

However, the distribution of revenue on these platforms often works against creators and does little to benefit users who use them. Social media platforms retain the vast majority of the profits, while influencers can only share the profits after they have accumulated a large number of followers, and the centralised flow of data limits many unequal market monopolies.

Blockchain and decentralization play important role in social network marketing. Social network will no doubt be transformed into a powerful ecosystem——SocialFi, which adapts to changing times and performs the best in social finance at present. As a decentralized network, it shifts responsibility of the data ownership from social networks to each user itself. Social activities such as posting, watching videos, liking and sharing comments can also make money regardless of identity. Participation is profitable.

DiTok is set up in seven ecosystems: short video, mall, live broadcast, social, NFT, transaction and wallet.

Ecological participants will get tokens and rewards as long as they upload, like, forward and comment. They can earn revenue by creating content and browsing videos. Platform users can earn revenue by participating in, which solves the pain point of centralized monopoly of income of traditional video platform, returns the rights and interests to all participants, and achieves innovative revenue sharing mode. This is also a pain point on major social platforms like TikTok and IG.

Traditional short video social platforms convert the content or the asset value contributed by creator into their the platform profit sources. Except for a few VIP and star users, other users who spend a lot of time and energy cannot get any direct rewards from the platform. The gap between top streaming and ordinary users is obvious.

DiTok has broken this pattern by creating a network of value exchange and constructing a digital value network with high degree of freedom, purity and quality. Authors , creators and users can also become direct beneficiaries, so that users can get equivalent incentives for their efforts or time and viewers can also gain benefits. In addition, DiTok not only saves time and effort in gameplay, but also has a low threshold for participation with a steady stream of revenue with high appreciation space.

Contact Info:
Name: Jan Lee
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Organization: Ditok

Release ID: 89079322

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Deepak Agarwal on the Benefits of Introducing Entrepreneurship at an Early Age

ATLANTA, GA – July 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

When thinking about the crucial components of a child’s education, entrepreneurship is often left out of the equation, although, according to a survey of high school students in the state of Missouri, nearly 70% want to own their own company someday. While not all young adults are going to pursue their own business venture, entrepreneurial education for young people can be effective in teaching real world skills, such as critical thinking and effective communication, and can spark a sense of creativity in their developing minds. 

To learn more about why introducing entrepreneurial education at an early age may be beneficial for youth, we spoke with Deepak “Dee” Agarwal, long-time C-suite executive and successful entrepreneur, who began his entrepreneurial journey at 11 years old. 

“It’s more crucial than ever before for children to be financially literate and to learn how to think critically, both of which are the fundamentals of entrepreneurship,” Deepak Agarwal says.

Improved Creativity and Innovation

The drive to address a problem is at the heart of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur recognizes a problem and seeks to solve it. Therefore, by putting youth in a setting where they are able to practice creative problem-solving, they will be able to hone in on one of the most in-demand skills in any corporate context. 

“If cultivated at a young age, critical thinking and problem-solving skills will only continue to develop throughout your lifetime. A firm foundation in entrepreneurial problem-solving empowers children and better equips them to deal with difficulties that happen in their daily life, resulting in resiliency,” Dee Agarwal notes. “I started buying and selling prepaid phone cards at 11, which turned into video game sales, and the success I saw from this empowered me to begin exploring web traffic arbitrage as my first business venture.” 

Being A Team Player

Giving young adults the opportunity to simulate entrepreneurship through projects and formal education on the subject will help them recognize the power of collaboration, and the worth of their team’s collective brainpower and contributions. This mindset will be a powerful tool in all walks of life, from excelling academically, to operating effectively in a business setting.  

“As an entrepreneur, I owe so much of my success to having capable, supportive teams of employees. Being part of a start-up business instills a team player attitude. You learn quickly the power of collaboration to achieve a common goal and that your team members are your greatest asset,” Dee Agarwal adds. 

The Power of Communication

One of the most crucial soft skills to business and personal success has always been communication. In today’s world, being able to communicate effectively with potential partners, team members, or consumers is half the battle when breaking into the entrepreneurial world. Instilling the skill of effective communication in children at a young age will benefit them for the rest of their lives, whether they’re launching a business, or breaking into the corporate world. 

“As they develop in their entrepreneurial journey, youngsters are forced to deal with a variety of people and interactions that push them out of their comfort zone. This engagement and collaboration with people from many walks of life can teach kids vital interpersonal skills,” Deepak Agarwal explains.

How to Introduce Entrepreneurship at an Early Age

Although entrepreneurial education is lacking from the youth’s standard curriculum, and finding age-appropriate ways to incorporate children or young adults into a real-life entrepreneurial setting may pose a challenge, there are many other ways to introduce entrepreneurship to children, many of which can start at home. 

Deepak Agarwal remembered how his parents instilled in him a respect for capital and hard work. “Early on, I was taught the value of ‘money’ through small lessons like my father always turning off the lights when he left a room. I believe that value ingrained early on has led me down the path of success in my business models. It’s crucial to reinforce a strong understanding of these concepts from day one.”

Teaching children financial literacy, how to set obtainable goals, and encouraging creative thinking will not only prepare young people for a variety of career and entrepreneurial paths, but will also help them foster skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Contact Info:
Name: Andrew Mitchell
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Organization: Cambridge Global
Phone: 404-955-7133

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New Digital Men’s Health Clinic Plans To Address The Rising Demand For Testosterone Replacement Therapy In The United States

United States – July 30, 2022

As Testosterone Levels in Men Across the U.S. See Rapid Decline Healthcare Start Up Seeks to Address Crisis with Low Cost Therapy Treatment. 

Immortal Male, an online digital men’s health clinic, certified by Legit Script, plans on treating the rising problem of low testosterone in men by offering affordable monthly treatment options across the U.S. The company plans to expand into all 50 states by first quarter of 2023 and will start operations in Texas, California, Michigan and Florida. 

Immortal Male offers testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as well as other therapies specific to the needs of men’s health by offering accurate at home test kits and video consults with an accredited team of health care professionals who are experts in the field of TRT. There are currently over 20,000 clinics throughout  the U.S. who treat men for TRT and Immortal Male is positioning itself to capture a large segment of that customer population that will be migrating to the digital space over the next 24 months. 

“We are excited to have the support of investors who share in our goal of providing affordable testosterone replacement therapy to millions of men across the U.S.,” said Immortal Male COO Fabian Calvo. “Hormone imbalances is one of the largest misdiagnosed issues affecting men today and we have created a world class treatment team with a pedigree from Vanderbilt and Cornell University among others, to safely and effectively diagnosis and treat hormone imbalances in men in the comfort of their own home.”

In May of 2022 Immortal Male received the highly coveted certification from Legit Script, the industry standard in certification of healthcare companies in the digital space. Immortal Male also treats erectile dysfunction, heart health, hair loss and weight loss. 

“Immortal Male’s approach allows our customers to meet with quality providers online and take accurate lab tests at home. The entire process is user friendly and allows our customers to avoid the hassle and high costs of in clinic visits,” said Michael Myles the companies CTO. 

To learn more about Immortal Males plans or if interested in investment opportunities please visit https:/www.immortalmale/contact

About Immortal Male

Immortal Male is an online digital health company that deploys a unique proprietary technology that lowers costs of testosterone replacement therapy in men, while increasing access to treatment across the United States. To learn more, visit:

Contact Info:
Name: Fabian Calvo
Email: Send Email
Organization: Immortal Male
Address: Immortal Male

Release ID: 89078958

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Kohle Capital Market (KCM) donates art piece to Lions Club International of Melbourne Ausina at Le Grange Gallery

Hong Kong – July 30, 2022

On 6th and 7th August, in Le Grange Gallery, 1-5 Weston St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia, due to the sponsoring of Khole Capital Markets (KCM), the Art Gallery exhibition will take place. The event is organized to celebrate the Grand Opening of Le Grange Gallery and the Exhibition Featuring the artwork by Hong Guang Jiang.

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) will bid for the art paint from this event and donate it to a charity association named Lions Club International of Melbourne Ausina. It is one of the world’s biggest non-political service organizations, the goal of which is to create and strengthen mutual understanding between people worldwide.

A little more about the artist.

Hongguang Jiang was born in 1966 in Wendeng, Weihai, Shandong Province. He is an artist from Australia and New Zealand who has been studying the art of famous artists since he was a child. He learned about the styles of Chinese painting from artists like Fan Kuan, Huang Gongwang, Xu Wei, Chen Chun, Shi Tao, and Wu Changshuo. Later, he attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing to study Chinese painting. In 2002, he immigrated to New Zealand where he began to study Western art. He was especially interested in the artistic styles of Cezanne, Picasso, Blok, and Mondrian.

From 2014 to the current time he is a chairman of the New Zealand Artists Association, the foreign art consultant of Shandong Painting Academy, the director of Shandong Overseas Exchange Association, and the honorary director of Guangdong Li Tiefu Art Museum. And from 2018 to now he is a chairman of the Australian Contemporary Artists Association as well.

In addition, Hongguang Jiang is enthusiastic about public welfare. He pays attention to and calls for green environmental protection. Organizations at home and abroad have praised him many times. In 2009, he donated a painting named “Capital Animal Protection Association” to an animal protection association. In 2012, he won an award for public contribution from the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

For further information, please visit our website  

High-risk investment warning:

Foreign exchange transactions (Forex) and contracts for differences (CFDs) are highly speculative and risky instruments, and may not be suitable for all investors. The trader may lose part or all of the investment capital, so he should not speculate with capital that he cannot afford.

‍The trader should be aware of all the risks associated with margin trading. So reading the full risk disclosure policy is desirable. 

Restricted countries: Kohle Capital Markets does not provide services to residents of certain jurisdictions including the United States, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea (North Korea). The information above is not suitable for distribution or use by anyone in any of the aforementioned jurisdictions. Such distribution or use may violate local laws or regulations.

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Organization: Kohle Capital Markets (KCM)
Address: Hong Kong

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Swop Launches A Revolutionary App That Connects The Digital World In One Tap

United States – July 30, 2022

Swop, a game-changing platform, allows users to create digital identities/profiles and share them with the world via NFC technology.

Swop has launched a game-changing business tool that allows users to interact and share data and transact using NFC(Near Field Communication) technology.

As the ultimate business platform, Swop does this by providing an easy-to-use website builder, which provides the user with a shareable URL. Users can create up to 5 of these websites and use the NFC/QR to direct their users where they need to go. These websites or “microsite” are attached to a main or “parent” profile that is used to track various data like how many visitors you’ve and connections you have made.

Connections help the business connect with people in a more efficient way than traditional methods by helping users keep all of their connections, which are people or businesses information, in one easy to navigate profile. The profiles can have a variety of information like crypto payment information, social media, venmo, website, or upload something custom.

“On a fundamental level, Swop is a platform to connect people. Compared to its competitors, Swop currently has more tools and capabilities, including the most innovative and secure NFC technology, which enables users to perform secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with convenience,” says Travis Herron, Swop CEO.

However, on a more extensive picture level, Swop will be the platform where users connect and interact with people in the physical and digital world. When they connect with someone on Swop, they are in their database and easily accessible. 

For example, when someone goes to a restaurant with Swop, apart from seeing all the information like menus and social media, the person can connect with the establishment where it can utilize a personal connection to incentivize the person to come back.

Swop will have a non custodial(controlled by user with private key) crypto wallet attached to the users website So now for example a food establishment can now send or airdrop NFTs or tokens to all of their “connections”, and these NFTs can represent a discount or free item. This adds a whole new path to market to the customer and connect with next to no cost that couldn’t be done previously.

Afterward, the customer who wants to redeem the discount or item shows up at the store and taps the NFC. The restaurant has an NFC/microsite that is the point of sale device for this. The restaurant could also now crypto payments in USDC using the swop ecosystem. The system takes accessibility to the next level by offering only about a penny per transaction using blockchains like polygon, compared to traditional payment portals that take 3%. 

Similarly, the combination of the Swop EVM and Swop Web3 browser allow the users to process this transaction since Swop is building their own EVM or layer 2 to provide low cost transactions and easy to use DAPPS(decentralized app/ bypasses gatekeepers like apple/android app store) that let users process these transactions on a secure, transparent blockchain.

“The combination of making a Swop digital identity, our NFC, and our blockchain portion allows all of this to work in harmony,” says Travis.

Swop, now available for download on both Play Store and Appstore, serves as an all-in-one solution for the modern entrepreneur. Subscribe and download the app to be eligible to receive the airdrop that will be given as a thank you to all the early users. The token will act as a utility token to use the various tools the swop ecosystem will offer. Crypto Portion is aiming for release in early 2023.

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:

These profiles have various use cases, including a digital business card that they can customize, a dog tag for their furry kids, a lead generator for individuals to fill out their information on checkout, a direct link to socials, and the ability to send payments or receive payments with a tap.

A verified user wrote in a review: “Swop app makes networking easier than ever. Share information and links with ease. This app runs very smoothly. Can’t wait for the crypto portion to go live.” 

Another user commended the team for taking networking to the next level.

“This has made networking so much easier for me with everything all in one place! The dog tag feature is a nice touch, too,” the user wrote.

Those who want to learn more about Swop and its innovative and unique features may visit the website for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Travis Herron
Email: Send Email
Organization: Swop
Address: United States

Release ID: 89079199

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AE.R Skinlab Introduces The Latest In Laser Technology, Body Sculpting, And Precision Injections

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – July 30, 2022

AE.R Skinlab is a high-end aesthetic clinic that applies its own in-house product lineup, offering a selection of cosmetic injections and laser treatments that deliver incredible results.

AE.R Skinlab, Vancouver’s premier medical aesthetics clinic, has unveiled the latest in anti-aging and rejuvenation, offering treatments that include precision injections, thread lifts, and the newest in laser technology and body sculpting.

Led and directed by a team of established and renowned physicians and professionals, AE.R Skinlab offers a thoughtfully designed flagship location at 1540 West 2nd Avenue executed by award-winning architect Leckie Studio.

Designed to exude wonder and calmness, AE.R’s immersive world encapsulates the ideals of AE.R curated with raw and natural materials connected by a broad sculpture of light. Almost all the walls are clad with impressive panels of grey marble from Vancouver Island. Every slab was given a fine striated finish to imitate the irregular surface texture of the stone.

Its architecture is an exemplification of the wide selection of cosmetic injections and laser treatments it offers. AE.R Skinlab is an industry leader in providing Botox injection, which works by relaxing the muscles in the face leading to creasing and movement. These movements create wrinkles and deep lines. Botox smoothens and minimizes wrinkles and lines while reducing migraines at the same time.

Another highly rated service is AE.R’s Laser Hair Removal By Fotona, which proves a safe and effective hair reduction. Areas treatable include upper chin, lips, lower face, arm, underarm, legs, chest/abdomen, bikini line, Brazilian, and back.

AE.R Skinlab offers a tailored approach to each person. Patients can count on Dr. Charles Scudamore and the team for their skin and body goals – whether they’re looking for  BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane® and Perlane®, Thermage, or various other technologies. I

AE.R’s specially designed skin product line contains natural ingredients sourced from Canada and South Korea. Its comprehensive range showcases the finest quality raw materials and is formulated and manufactured in Vancouver.

Individuals who want to receive a special offer or consult with AER Skinlab’s specialists may send a direct message or subscribe via the website. Others who wish to learn more about AE.R and its impressive line of services may visit its social channels for more information.

Contact Info:
Email: Send Email
Organization: Aer skin lab
Address: 1540 West 2nd Avenue # 207 Vancouver BC V6J 1H2
Phone: 604.262.4111

Release ID: 89079200

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