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The secret to living happily and happily every day with henho2

In life, we will encounter many undesirable things that make us sad and unhappy. Henho2 would like to share with readers the secrets of a happy and healthy life every day.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – February 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

There is an old saying that “there are many unsatisfactory things in life”. Indeed, in life, we will encounter many undesirable things that make us sad and unhappy.

Actually, having complete joy is not as difficult as many people imagine, just think differently, change a few habits, then joy will come very naturally and simply.

Here are 8 tips to help us be happy in life from henho2, which are easy to apply to everyone:

1. Wake up on time every morning
Waking up at the same time each morning (a little early is fine) may seem simple, but doing so for your entire circadian clock is extremely helpful, can help you both easily wake up and sleep at the same time. feel energetic, vivacious. In addition, getting up a little early is also a daily habit of many successful people who have shared. Waking up a little early will improve work performance and concentration.

2. Simple but live
Complicated, messy thinking will drain people’s energy. It is also often a source of anxiety, sadness, frustration, inactivity, and can even cause crimes that often go unnoticed. Therefore, for homes and workplaces, it is necessary to avoid falling into chaos. Get rid of redundant things, occupying not only physical space but also occupying your psychological space.

3. Be kind to everyone henho2
Kindness can not only be reciprocated, but it can also make you feel relaxed. When you treat others kindly, your brain will produce hormones for you, making you feel very satisfied. This hormone is useful for supplying blood and nervous system. You can both establish good relationships with people, and help the people around you and those around you to receive positive health and positive feelings from you.

4. Redirect problems, turn problems into challenges
Change the pattern of inner dialogue: every time you face a “problem”, a “problem”, see it as a challenge or an opportunity for self-improvement in life. Thoroughly erase from your mind the words “problem” and “difficulty”.
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5. Be generous with others
Forgiveness and letting go and forgetting are essential to achieving happiness, because holding on to resentment and not letting it out means still holding on to resentment, clinging to anger. Negative emotions only hurt you and prevent you from moving in the right direction. Just ignore it, forget the negative reminders, tolerate the positive emotions for yourself.

6. Be grateful for all you have
People who are always grateful for what they have, can more easily cope with pressure, and can have more positive emotions. To capture the positive energy of thanks, the best way is to stay grateful henho2. Studies have proven that gratitude can make you happier, more optimistic, and healthier.

7. Dare to dream
Moving forward, dare to dream, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. Instead of limiting yourself, just have the courage to dream, then you are directing your soul to a bright, optimistic, healthy, positive region.

8. Don’t bother about small things
If the thing you are angry about has passed a year, a month, a week, or a day, you don’t need to be so strict. Why bother bothering all the time? Happy people understand how to get rid of the trivial, petty disturbances in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article with henho2, wish you always be healthy and have a happy life.

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Web3 Doge Project Sets Sights On Doing Major Shakeup In the Industry

24 hours of its launch, the token achieved a total market cap of more than $5,000,000.

February 27, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

The Web3 Doge team moves towards major target as it announced the launching of its project. The goal is to create the Web3 Doge platform for users to use the 3D avatar of their real pets as a way to gain access to the Metaverse.


The team has a mission: to create a space for its users to give their pets the needed training and care. Besides that, they can join other users in missions and activities that will help them find the best companions for their pets.

While earning rewards from the platform, community members are expected to be involved in improving Metaverse’s future.

The Web3 Doge project helps users and its token earn revenue passively by combining gaming, social, and blockchain. This is borne out of the belief that Metaverse and Web3 are multipurpose technologies that can easily be incorporated into the gaming industry and educational community while offering users the best services.

By exploring the Metaverse space, Web3 Doge offers users utility with the potential to scale up its marketing capitalization quickly.

Some of these utilities are:

1. NFT Marketplace

The Web3 Doge team has completed plans to create in-game NFT elements for accessories, food, pets clothing, and accommodation. The limited supply of NFTs minted will serve as an income-generating channel for creators.

2. Play-to-Earn Game

The Web3 Doge users can participate in the project’s play-to-earn games and build kennels, which can be rented, upgraded, or level up. They can also generate income through the in-game NFT marketplace and the deployment of the social NFT Marketplace.

3. $WEB3 Utility

The Web3 Doge or $WEB3 can be used for events, games, and NFTs trading. The native token is the accepted transaction medium in the ecosystem.

4. Pet Dao

When users hold and stake the pet NFTs, they can participate in the pet DAO and exercise their governance and voting rights.

The Play-to-Earn Game Concept

New players are welcome to the game with an incentive: a free Kennel. With this welcome bonus, they can rent new kennels and shift their businesses to new kennels as they progress in the game.

They will be rewarded with new currencies when they complete assigned tasks. In this off-chain economy, players can perform four actions which are:

1. Build

They can buy businesses in an action that is synonymous with NFTs minting.

2. Rent

On-chain players are offered the opportunity to mint their businesses and rent them out to off-chain players to enable them to generate higher yields.

3. Upgrade

Players can also expand their businesses as the game progresses for a chance to generate higher rewards.

4. Sell

As a player, you can sell your NFTs through a secondary marketplace such as the Binance NFT Marketplace. The in-game auction is a primary marketplace through which they can sell their NFTs.

The Web3 Doge project has recorded some noticeable milestones since it was launched – In less than 24 hours of its launch, the token achieved a total market cap of more than $5,000,000.

$WEB3 on PancakeSwap

The $WEB3 token is available for purchase on PancakeSwap:


Social Media:


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Ducheinvest: The Revolutionary New Crypto Trading Platform

Ducheinvest has simplified the process of cryptocurrency trading, thereby enabling its users to earn hugely on its safe and secure platform.

United Kingdom – February 27, 2022

Cryptocurrencies are now the world’s preferred alternative to fiat. From its humble beginnings, the market has grown into a trillion-dollar industry, creating enormous wealth for its many users. It has also led to the establishment of exchanges where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a centralized environment. Sadly, despite the numerous assurances, trading on these exchanges is a massive risk on its own.

Every other day, there are reports of hackers attacking a cryptocurrency exchange and making away with its funds. These somewhat regular incidences have kept most people from fully getting involved in the cryptocurrency market. And this is what Ducheinvest wants to change.

Ducheinvest is a cryptocurrency fund management company established with the sole aim of generating revenue for end-users and businesses. It provides the most advanced crypto investment platform that is surprisingly easy to use. What sets Ducheinvest apart from other similar firms is its unique managed investment system which deals with every customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders, on an individual basis.

Ducheinvest guarantees that its users can get the most profit out of trading cryptocurrency on the platform. To make this possible, they have three earning packages that users can choose to invest their crypto and earn income in dollars. Investments on Ducheinvest can be done through BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, Tron, and Shiba Inu. People who don’t have cryptocurrencies are also not left out. There is the option of funding one’s account with fiat (USD) through Payeer.

In addition, the site has an interest calculator which one can use to calculate how much they will earn hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The interest earned however depends on the amount invested in any of the earning packages. But typically, one can expect to earn from 0.15% to 0.20% ROI hourly.

No trading skills are required to earn on Ducheinvest which is unlike other trading platforms. This is possible because Ducheinvest has experienced fund managers that have been trading cryptocurrencies for over seven years. What’s more, there is no risk of price fluctuations when one invests with Ducheinvest. This is a particularly welcome development in a market that is notorious for its high price volatility.

For Ducheinvest, stability is its highest priority and it has gone ahead to prove that with its site. “We give all efforts to provide trouble-free services backed by system and users’ account security, safe investment platform, financial viability, and profound legal compliance.”

With the ever-increasing cases of hackers stealing from cryptocurrency exchanges, Ducheinvest has done all it can to ensure that it is exempt from such incidences. The platform is fortified with state-of-the-art security that guarantees the safety of its funds.

Users of the Ducheinvest platform are guaranteed worldwide coverage which allows them to trade from anywhere. Apart from its multiple payment options, there is also a round-the-clock support team to deal with any issue that may arise at any time.

More information about Ducheinvest is available on the company’s official Twitter account: @ducheinvest.

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Mainstreem Launches World’s First Decentralized Production Company for Content Creators, Announces New Token Presale

The launch of the Mainstreem platform and token is geared towards appreciating the efforts of content creators around the world while providing an opportunity to venture into the crypto space

United States – February 27, 2022

Content creators do a lot of work and do not get the remuneration expected. They are often at the mercy of large corporations, agents, and labels. The Mainstreem platform is rewriting this narrative by launching the world’s first decentralized production company and a crypto token to appreciate content creators. The Mainstreem token will be used to purchase digital and physical items within the Mainstreem platform. It will also be used relatively to fund projects and develop the world’s first smart communal city.

The Mainstreem token is a functionality only on the Mainstreem platform, which aims to be the world’s first decentralized production company, allowing artists, musicians, authors, and actors to audition to become part of a budding community of like-minded people from the comfort of their home. Joining the platform involves purchasing the Mainstreem token or auditioning as an actor, singer, musician, and so on.

Auditioning for a role in the Mainstreem platform is easy. Users can log on to and then apply for a role/job. On the issue of token functionality, the Mainstreem tokens are hyper-deflationary. They are burned periodically, so the supply of the tokens decreases, consequently increasing the value of the tokens. This ensures the community members/crypto investors get a positive experience.

Furthermore, the Mainstream tokens are governance tokens. They give the token holders the right to vote. The token holders will be notified about every casting role, and they can vote to decide whether the person auditioning (actor, musician, etc.) gets the job. If most holders vote in favor of an auditionee, the auditionee gets hired.

In receiving tokens, there are three methods for receiving the Mainstreem tokens. The first method is to go to the official website,, click on the Get The Mainstreem Now link, and purchase the tokens. The second method is to visit Lastly, users can get the token by creating content in the Mainstreem Portal and participating in contests. The platform does giveaways, so the active users are likely to receive the tokens from these giveaways.

The Mainstreem Portal allows users to earn passive income. They can upload their content on the Mainstreem Portal and get rewards if someone streams their content or purchases it. Crypto investors, music, book writing, Spotify, and NFT content creators can take advantage of this golden opportunity to be part of a platform centered around them.

To be part of the ongoing token presale, please visit For more information, join the Mainstreem Telegram Channel or follow on Twitter @Mainstreem_LIVE.

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Zedrium Launches as a Decentralized Token Merging Cryptocurrency and Virtual Real Estate, Sets New Record on Coinscope

The new token is a deflationary token with no tax fee that allows holders to buy virtual real estate on the platform

United Kingdom – February 27, 2022

Cryptocurrency has produced millions since it was introduced in 2009. While there are still ongoing debates about the viability and prospects of digital assets, many people are enjoying financial freedom due to trading and investing in cryptocurrency. In recent times, the integration of cryptocurrency with other sectors of human endeavor has increased the rate of adoption. Today, cryptocurrency has been integrated into sports, fashion, healthcare, real estate, automobiles, and more.

Zedrium is one of the few cryptocurrency tokens whose developers have perfected integrations with real estate. The token primarily allows holders to acquire virtual real estate. With the current trend regarding metaverse, virtual reality, and augmented reality, it is a perfect opportunity to invest in the new world. With Zedrium, crypto traders and investors can participate in the real estate market and become a part of a budding global community benefiting from the possibility of buying and selling properties without the substantial costs of purchasing real estate.

Barely two days after Zedrium launched and began its airdrop, the token achieved a significant milestone which tokens listed for weeks and months on Coinscope have not reached. Zedrium crossed the 5k participants threshold in less than 48 hours, a feat no token has achieved on Coinscope. Furthermore, the token has enjoyed a rave on Twitter, with thousands of users recommending the token and securing its airdrop.

“We feel that if we focus on the virtual real estate market, these services will be a wonderful complement,” explained Mr. Mulla, CEO of Zedrium. “Our platform will make it easier to buy and sell real estate. It uses blockchain technology to bring a revolutionary way for real estate investors to enter the market without facing many of the barriers normally associated with the procurement of large sums for down payment required to enter into virtual estates around the world as well to facilitate our users’ profiles which facilitate the exchange of contact information between users to foster commercial relationships.”

People investing in Zedrium can be rest assured their investments are safe as the platform has implemented an anti-whale feature that should provide stability to the token. Aside from the anti-whale and zero tax fee feature, other benefits of the Zedrium token include periodic token burning to help circulation, 24/7 access, liquidity lock, and more. The token is open to everyone ready to diversify their income stream with cryptocurrency and virtual real estate.

Zedrium’s airdrop is still in progress. The platform hints there will be 2000 lucky winners who will win $20,000 Zed via the airdrop. For more information, please visit or log on to to secure the Zedrium airdrop.

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Dee Agarwal on Mindful, People-Centric Leadership for Healthy Workplace Culture in 2022

Dee Agarwal’s tips on developing a people-centric leadership that improves workplace culture and creates an environment conducive to growth and talent retention.

ATLANTA, GA – February 26, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

As we move forward into 2022, successful leaders should be thinking about how to enhance their workplace culture and push their organizations to embrace an environment of intelligent inclusion. Ultimately, efforts to improve workplace culture through leadership, however well-meaning, depend on strategy and how it is executed.

“Creating a positive work environment is an ambiguous task,” explains Deepak “Dee” Agarwal, longtime entrepreneur and CEO. “Having a clearly defined and written policy and plan of action to improve and manage your corporate culture positions you to strategically define and follow through with your initiatives.”

This year will likely progress the idea of a more people-centric approach to business leadership. Below are Deepak Agarwal’s top three tips for mindful, people-centric leadership in 2022.

1. Define Goals

Developing goals allows you to outline in detail the company’s plan to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture for employees. Following through on that plan is the responsibility of leadership.

“Create goals and include the tactical steps required to complete them,” advises Dee Agarwal. “Schedule quarterly check-ins to determine progress and priorities to stay on track to achieve goals.”

2. Invest in Leadership Development and Team-Building Programs

Scheduling dedicated training workshops focused on internal team-building can help your workplace improvement strategy come to life from a plan on a page to actionable, practical ways your leadership team can deliver against goals in their day-to-day activities.

“Investing in team-building programs that build a culture focused on employee experience demonstrates to employees that you believe in the program,” says Dee Agarwal. “Business leaders must put their money where their mouth is and invest in making their company a positive place to work, grow and thrive for their team.”

3. Listen and Put People at the Center of the Experience

Creating a workplace that allows your team to flourish means ensuring that all team members feel comfortable and confident to make recommendations and provide feedback to leadership. Equally important is communicating the value of everyone’s individual contributions to the team.

“When you put people at the center of the business and really emphasize the employee experience, you are tuned in and paying attention to your team’s concerns, which goes a long way with the company’s people and their sentiment towards the company,” explains Dee Agarwal.

Leading mindfully and developing a people-centric workplace culture creates an environment conducive to growth and talent retention. As we continue into 2022, it is imperative that business leaders think about how to deliver a positive experience for their employees.

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Dee Agarwal on Corporate Talent Acquisition and Retention Trends in 2022

A thought leader and long-time entrepreneur, Dee Agarwal, amidst the Great Resignations, shares his views on corporate talent acquisition and retention trends.

ATLANTA, GA – February 26, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The first two years of the pandemic saw employers having to quickly adapt to new working conditions, with little to no time to plan for the next steps. Things shifted so quickly that almost no industry was left unchanged.

In 2022, business leaders must focus on utilizing these recent adaptations to drive employee satisfaction in order to retain their workforce amidst the Great Resignation. Dee Agarwal – business leader and long-time entrepreneur – has observed a few trends developed throughout the ongoing pandemic that he believes are here to stay.

Hybrid and remote working will likely continue and evolve
One of the most prominent adaptations that has come out of the pandemic is the shift toward hybrid and remote working. While preferences will vary on an individual level, companies that wish to have strong employee retention and satisfaction should foster a flexible working environment to meet employee needs. This goes beyond whether work is done from home or the office: it also includes flexibility in terms of hours and type of work.

“If business leaders want to be successful in 2022, they must continue to listen to their employees’ needs and do their best to provide them with options to accommodate,” says Dee Agarwal. “Setting clear expectations with your employees will help to maintain structure while still fostering an environment of flexibility.”

Talent acquisition and retention from afar
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 4 million Americans left their jobs in July 2021. The majority of jobs lost were in the healthcare and technology sectors. Many of these resignations come as a result of employers’ inability to successfully develop and retain talent from afar, whether that is driven by inadequate pay, lack of balance, lack of team support, or dissatisfaction with culture. In any case, employers must use 2022 to reset their focus on employee retention and satisfaction.

“Establishing an employee retention program and eliciting regular feedback are two easy ways that business leaders can improve talent retention,” says Dee Agarwal. “Making your employees feel valued will go a long way during a time when people may be more encouraged to find a job that more closely matches their needs.”

Creating a people-centric workplace culture
Throughout the course of the pandemic, with virtually no person being unaffected by the impact of the disease, compassion has become one of the most important qualities of successful business leaders. At the end of the day, your employees are humans with families, friends and lives of their own. A company that understands that people come first will be successful this year.

“Putting people first should be every business leader’s mantra,” says Dee Agarwal. “A company without people is not a company. It’s time to focus on creating a people-centric workplace culture that seeks to meet employees where they are and come up with creative solutions to difficult problems.”

While most of these adaptations were made at a moment’s notice in early March 2020, we can now reframe them as opportunities for business leaders to take advantage of and strengthen trust within their workforce.

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CryptoGirlfriend NFT Project Unveils A collection Of 6,969 Uniquely Designed CryptoGirlfriends

The game-changing NFT project features beautiful CryptoGirlfriends that were handpicked by CryptoGirlfriend herself. It serves as the first piece of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, which will later include a CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book.

United States – February 26, 2022

CryptoGirlfriend is out to make headway in the NFT industry after launching the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, which features a collection of 6,969 uniquely designed beautiful CryptoGirlfriends residing on the Binance Smart Chain.

“When I was coming up with the idea of this game-changing NFT collection, I thought about the notion that in a bull market, everyone gets girlfriends. That’s where CryptoGirlfriends comes into the picture,” says Juliet Star, founder of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project.

With a unique NFT project in place, Juliet says everyone can have their very own CryptoGirlfriend and mint their own through

The platform will also be launching stake-to-earn games once all of the CryptoGirlfriends NFTs are minted. The games will be available to play, and members will be able to stake their girlfriends to earn other rare collectibles.

Juliet Star, a trance and progressive deejay who also plays some house and breaks and is skilled in using Pioneer CDJs and Pioneer DJM Mixers, says CryptoGirlfriend will also be a marketing resource for other NFT projects by conducting AMAs via Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter Spaces. This paves the way for the next part of the project, which will include an NFT rarity service for other NFT projects.

CryptoGirlfriend is an experienced AMA Host and Crypto Influencer with a massive following on social media platforms Twitter and YouTube. She is constantly conducting ongoing AMAs on her various channels in text, audio, and video format to help promote launchpad partner projects on the NFT Marketplace.

An idea that has been in the works since early 2001, Juliet Star has been a huge fan of anime and comic books.

“I wanted to do something different and continue to evolve the CryptoGirlfriend character,” stressed Juliet.

After realizing that NFTs are becoming more popular, but their utility is still being underutilized, Juliet says CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book aims to address that very issue. The CryptoGirlfriend comic book will not only be an NFT. Physical copies will also be printed and available to only CryptoGirlfriend NFT holders.

For the Q1 of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, two rounds of Pre-Sale Minting will occur before the big public launch date at the price of 0.3 BNB and 0.4 BNB. A marketplace for BSC, FTM, and other chains with built-in rarity service, launchpad, and marketing for NFT projects is also expected. CGF NFT holders will earn fee rewards from the marketplace.

The platform will also open the CryptoGirlFriend Merchandise during QI, where member-exclusive CryptoGirlfriend Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies for NFT holders.

CryptoGirlfriend also has a YouTube channel that features topics on minting CrptoGirlfriend NFTs, a demo of the CryptoGirlFriend Cookie Game, and live interviews, the most recent of which was a conversation with Money Monkeys.

Those who want to learn more about CryptoGirlfriends NFT may visit the website for more information.

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Artist Karen Bystedt, KB NFT Queen, Drops Her First 2 NFTs On Ownerfy

Little Andy World comic strip NFTs by KB NFT Queen drop on Ownerfy in February 2022 marking the artists first two NFTs.

United States – February 26, 2022

Karen Bystedt is the latest artist to step into the NFT space, dropping two of her NFTs through her partnership with Ownerfy. Little Andy NFT is described as “an NFT baby born into this new post-pandemic blade runner reminiscent world who sees each person he meets on his adventure as interesting whether he’s hanging in Compton with a new friend or at the Royal Palace in Monaco with Prince Albert.”

Artist, photographer, and creator of the lost Warhols, Karen Bystedt, is continuing the legacy of Andy Warhol by bringing to life his work. Andy Warhol is a twentieth-century icon whose original photography has now been conceptualized by Bystedt, turning Andy into art. In a rare shoot at ‘the factory’ in New York, Bystedt managed to capture the rarity of the icon. This all began in 2011 when Bystedt found long-lost negatives of Andy’s initial shoots in 1983. Through collaborating with great artists in street and pop genres, Bystedt managed to create the successful Little Andy World comic strip.

Collections of the lost Warhols can be found at the Andy Warhol Museum, The Hearst Foundation, The Armenian Museum of Modern Art, The Astrup Fearnley Permanent Collection, and in the private collections of Prince Albert of Monaco.

The two NFTs narrative comic strips have passed minting with the 1111 Little Andy world comic strip NFTs dropping first, mid-February 2022. The 1,111 NFTs give holders priority sale access to the Little Andy NFT event and go for $99 (0.034 ETH) minted with Metamask of a credit card. Collectors can mint up to 4 and an exclusive discount to the generative Little Andy before it is released to the public.

The second NFT drop will be taking place later in February, where the 2222 generative Little Andy NFTs will drop in embryotic form. The generative Little Andy collectibles allow collectors to mint up to 9 and feature different hand-drawn accessories ranging from art, designer bags, bitcoin, and rare futuristic elements. Collectors who buy 5 or more receive a free air NFT. Six or more Little Andys attract a Little Andy card. KB NFT Queen notes that “Little Andy is ejected from the metaverse into the universe to reveal our random commonalities.”

KB NFT Queen’s partnership with Ownerfy allows people to pay with credit cards, and Ownerfy generates an Ethereum wallet for users. “You may view the NFT on Ownerfy, or you may import the wallet into Metamask and manage your NFT on OpenSea.” Little Andys can also be forwarded to collectors’ Metamask addresses when purchased with credit cards and Metamask.

Once the second drop is completed, the third comic release will feature special guests and will be followed up by a new website reveal and later the 4th and 5th releases with special guests. Little Andy NFT is also looking at branching into the metaverse and embarking on adventures as well as a KB curated art showcase.

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A Collection Of Hand-Drawn, Community Cultivated NFTs With Extensive Utility.

Crypto Celestials is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated, hand-drawn NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain: consisting of more than 210 unique traits.

United States – February 26, 2022

The presale begins on March 4th, while the public sale starts on March 5th, 2022- both occurring at 6:00PM EST.

Among the sea of new NFT projects emerging in the crypto space, none are as prolific as Crypto Celestials. This collection of 5,555 otherworldly beings is causing a massive uproar among crypto enthusiasts who are flocking to the rapidly growing discord community.

Jordan O’Dwyer, one of the founders of Crypto Celestials and the project’s lead artist, had hand- sewn the first Celestial as a plush toy, and the idea for the Crypto Celestials project came to be.

One of Crypto Celestials’ main allures is that the artwork for these non-fungible tokens is hand-Drawn and cultivated, each asset undergoing an extensive vetting and refining process. Compared to generic NFTs that are currently occupying a significant chunk of the crypto space, Crypto Celestials live and breathe the inspiration and passion that went into creating

Crypto Celestials traits are designed as components utilized for NFT creation. There are more than 210 unique traits from which 5,555 Crypto Celestials are born. Dozens of beautiful backgrounds, outfits, horns, faces, ears, head toppers, tails, and back pieces comprise each Crypto Celestial NFT.

The project is currently in its earliest stages. The first phase of Crypto Celestials roadmap begins in March. Aside from presale and public sale events, the first phase will also consist of a Cool Cat/ Cool Pet NFT giveaway, exclusive merch drops, and full integration with

After completing the first phase, Crypto Celestials will move on to the second phase in April 2022. During this time, the project will present Celestial Plushie airdrops – the adorable physical representations of the digital Celestials. The project will also release the highly-anticipated Celestial Companion line, a brand new set of NFTs inspired by the extensive lore of the original Celestials. An online store for merchandise will also be introduced, allowing holders to access free and highly discounted Celestial-themed clothing and products.

The third phase of Crypto Celestials roadmap is scheduled to kick off in the Summer of 2022. The project leaders plan to create the Celestial Liquidity Pool (NFTX), bring about the second portion of exclusive merch drops, and focus on metaverse character integration.

Once the minting process has been finalized, the project leaders impart that all Crypto Celestial holders will reap a series of unique benefits.

Initially, 10 Celestial NFTs will be randomly airdropped to ten Celestial holders. Additionally, five random holders will be chosen a month after the minting process and be presented with a custom hand-made Plushie designed after their celestial. 70% of all secondary market royalties will be allocated to the Celestial Community Wallet, where holders can vote to sweep floors, give back to charity, fund events, and more.

The project’s first season does not end with Phase 3, but it’s the latest section of the roadmap regarding which information was divulged to the public.

More information about Crypto Celestials is available on the project’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Colton O’Dwyer
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Organization: Crypto Celestials
Address: United States

Release ID: 89065782