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Making insurance a pleasant and reliable process

Brisbane-based insurance brokerage aims to break down the boredom of insurance, making it a more enjoyable experience for companies across Australia.

August 26, 2021 / /

Insurance is an integral aspect of most businesses. Every company will have some form of insurance, and some will need specific products to protect certain assets. It’s essential that the correct products are found, and at the correct prices. Already, this is starting to sound like a tedious task. Not to mention all the technical and legal jargon that floods the insurance field. It all culminates in insurance being a very unpleasant experience for companies across the country.

Hunter Broking Group has seen this and hopes to flip things around for Australian businesses. With over 50 years of collective experience, this insurance brokerage is keen to make insurance a pleasant and reliable process for all. It will lead to the right products being found with as little stress as possible, delivering clients the protection required to conduct business to the highest level possible.

Delivering Customer Focused Outcomes
Very early on, Hunter Broking Group realised that the key to the insurance industry was focusing on the customers. Consequently, the firm has worked hard to deliver customer-focused outcomes that give clients exactly what they want. They look to build relationships with all of their different clients across numerous industries, learning precisely what each one needs to see the most desirable outcomes. From here, it’s a simple case of picking the correct insurance products based on the needs of the client. Everyone walks away happy, and an excellent insurance product is purchased for an affordable price.

Comprehensive Insurance Products By Reputable Insurers
One of the main stressors when finding commercial insurance is needing to sift through the different providers of each product. Many companies have no way of knowing which providers are the best and most reliable, often ending up with one that lets them down.

This is where Hunter Broking Group really comes into its own. The firm offers a comprehensive list of commercial insurance products, all provided by reputable insurers. As well as forming relationships with clients, the firm forms strong relationships with insurance partners to offer the best options to every customer. It means that they have already done all the screening and background checks/research required to ensure that an insurance agency is trustworthy and reliable. Thus, clients are guaranteed to get a product from a provider they can trust.

About Hunter Broking Group
Hunter Broking Group was established in 2018 by Managing Director Josh Ryan. Within 18 months, Hunter Broking had become a recognised Insurance Brokerage within the western corridor of Brisbane, now employing a team that comprises over 50 years of collective insurance experience.

The firm considers itself technical product advisors with extensive experience in corporate risk reviews and strategic claims management. Hunter Broking Group strives to build its business on the right morals and ethics while striving to maintain a high level of service, knowledge and consistency.

For more information, view the website here:

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Name: Josh Ryan
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Organization: Hunter Broking Group
Address: 2/306 Oxley Road, Graceville Qld 4075
Phone: (07) 3279 6592


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Netstar releases a comprehensive explanation of the Colonial Pipeline hack that cost Colonial Pipeline a $4.4 million ransom

London-based IT support company Netstar explains the security flaws that led to a $4.4 million ransom demand to Colonial Pipeline.

August 26, 2021 / /

Netstar, a London-based IT support company, recently released an article that details the Colonial Pipeline hack and the security flaws that led up to it. Netstar explains how a single compromised password led to a ransom of $4.4 million dollars, and they also explain how companies can protect themselves from a similar situation occurring.

The Colonial Pipeline, operated by Colonial Pipeline Company, is the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the U.S. On the 29th of April 2021, a cyber-criminal gang hacked their systems and caused one of America’s most important fuel distribution companies to go offline. The pipeline carries 45% of the East Coast’s supply of diesel, petrol, and jet fuel. This caused fuel shortages for several days and had major repercussions on a national level.

The cyber criminals demanded $4.4 million in ransom to rectify the impact of the attack. Colonial Pipeline CEO, Joseph Blount, authorised it to prevent any further damage. He told the Wall Street Journal, “It was the right thing to do for the country. I didn’t make it lightly. I will admit that I wasn’t comfortable seeing money go out the door to people like this.”

Once Colonial Pipeline had made the payment using cryptocurrency, they received a decryption tool from the hackers, allowing them to unlock the systems and data that had been compromised. Whilst they were able to restore their functionality, their systems didn’t start immediately. This caused severe financial loss and damaged their reputation.

The article ends with a series of tips to help companies prevent the same from happening to their own businesses. It includes information about dark web monitoring to identify compromised passwords, the use of password managers to create individual passwords for each service you use, and also the importance of multi-factor authentication.

For more information, please refer to the contact details below to get in touch with Netstar. The article in question can be accessed at

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Name: Shannon Dalton
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Organization: Netstar
Address: 75 Farringdon Road
Phone: 0208 911 0164


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Ferguson Law Group Announces Dramatic Increase in Business As Phoenix Returns To Work

The Ferguson Law Group, one of the largest personal injury firms in Phoenix, AZ, is pleased to announce that demand for their services has increased substantially over the last two months.

Phoenix, United States – August 26, 2021

The Ferguson Law Group, one of the largest personal injury firms in Phoenix, AZ, is pleased to announce that demand for their services has increased substantially over the last two months. The company has correlated this increase in demand with the return to work of most businesses as the government has eased COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. With more people using the roads and going about their daily basis, the potential for personal injury, auto accidents, or other incidents which could result in a legal case has increased exponentially. The Ferguson Law Group is now receiving as many inquiries from potential clients as before the pandemic. It is considering expanding the number of staff they employ to cope with the increased demand.

“2021 has proven to be an excellent year for the company following an understandably quieter 2020,” said Jason Ferguson, CEO, and founder of The Ferguson Law Group. “As people have returned to work, the number of incidents and personal injury accidents have returned to pre-pandemic levels. With an excellent reputation locally and a well-established online presence, many of those people are contacting our company to fulfill their legal needs. Everyone at The Ferguson Law Group takes great pride and is 100 percent committed to delivering justice and compensation for our clients.”

The Ferguson Law Group is a locally owned and operated company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their team is made up of a diverse group of attorneys, experts, case managers, and paralegals who love what they do and care about people. They pride themselves on constant communication with their clients in conjunction with compassion, understanding, and fairness. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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Name: Jason Ferguson
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Organization: Ferguson Law Group – Accident & Injury Lawyers Phoenix
Address: 3111 N Central Ave UNIT A207, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 780-1226

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UMH Announces The Opening of Their Latest Retirement Community in Vineland NJ

UMH Properties, one of the leading providers of retirement homes and independent living communities, is delighted to announce the opening of their latest retirement community in Vineland, NJ

Vineland, United States – August 26, 2021

UMH Properties, one of the leading providers of retirement homes and independent living communities, is delighted to announce the opening of their latest retirement community in Vineland, NJ.

The new community offers a range of different options designed to cater to all the different levels of senior care. For seniors who are still in an active life situation, UMH independent living communities provide the perfect solution. These communities will typically offer single-level homes suited for easy accessibility, community-provided landscape services, and curated activities to foster an enriching lifestyle for their residents.

The next level of care is designed to provide a blend of independent living with a more intensive quality of care. Residents will typically have their own room or suite within the facility and can then choose a tailored level of medical care or even daily care provided by the on-site nurse.

For seniors in need of a memory care program, skilled nursing care, or intensive daily health care, then the best choice is a nursing home facility. All three options are available at the new retirement community in Vineland, NJ.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our latest retirement community in Vineland, NJ,” said James, a spokesperson for UMH. “We put a lot of time and effort into the planning of our retirement communities and are committed to providing a range of options and the best care possible for our residents. We are confident that this new community will prove to be very popular, and we ok forward to meeting and getting to know our new residents.

UMH has been in business since 1968, operating as a public company since 1985. The company offers extensive experience in developing, managing, and expanding manufactured housing communities. This experience provides residents with an affordable community lifestyle that they can be proud of. UMH is proud of its ability to reinvest in its communities and provide its residents with top-of-the-line manufactured housing communities. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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Name: James
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Organization: UMH Properties Inc
Address: 3499 U.S. 9 #3c Freehold, NJ
Phone: 1-800-504-0670

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San Diego Realtor Adds Former FBI Executive To Their Team

The FBI’s former head of major frauds investigations in San Diego has joined Shay Realtors. The company is confident that the new hire will ensure that they can continue to deliver a high-quality service to their clients.

August 26, 2021 / /

Local San Diego company Shay Realtors is delighted to announce that they have added Daron Borst to their team. Daron moved to San Diego 14 years ago and was one of the original homeowners in Del Sur.

Daron entered the real estate profession after retiring from the FBI where he served as the head of major frauds investigations, operating in the San Diego region.

During his time working for the FBI, Daron relocated across the company four times. Shay Realtors is excited about the first-hand experience Dan has regarding the process and emotion of buying and selling a home.

For Daron, the main benefit is being part of a team that shares his personal values. He Said:

“I consider myself lucky to be a part of Shay Realtors. Trust, honesty, and integrity are very important to me. Ray put together a team that embodies these qualities. These are exceptional people. Shay Realtors focuses on the relationship with the client.”

He added:

“Ray measures success by the quality of relationships, not the number of clients, number of sales, or dollar amount sold. These are personal relationships, built on trust, which does not end when the transaction closes. This is a team I’m proud to be a part of!”

About Shay Realtors

Shay Realtors is a team of local experts operating in San Diego and the 92127 Zip Code. The team has a wealth of international real estate experience and has helped clients in communities such as 4s Ranch, Del Sur, and Rancho Santa Fe.

The company opened on the market in 2011 with the simple goal of building a successful real estate company that works in partnership with the community represented. Ray Shay is a retired SDPD Lieutenant and understands the importance of a community. He believes it is the dedication to family and community that separates his business from the rest.

Clients are also provided with a dedicated Client Care Team, providing effective communication and transactional support. Shay Realtors are constantly looking for new ways to improve their service for clients. The company firmly believes hiring Daron Borst is the next step in accomplishing this goal.

More information about Shay Realtors can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company or Daron Borst can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

Contact Info:
Name: Daron Borst – REALTOR® CA DRE #02145726
Email: Send Email
Organization: Shay Realtors
Address: 16611 Dove Canyon Rd. San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: (858) 449-7355


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Boris Mizhen — Happy To Join NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference

While his entrepreneurship spans many fields and industries, Boris Mizhen has shown an admiration for and interest in real estate

New York, NY – August 26, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

For a long time, real estate experts have used The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) to brainstorm and share insights. The NMHC also allowed the apartment industry to put on a united front. One of their most important events, the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference is set to take place on January 19 at the Hilton Bonnet Creek/Waldorf Astoria in Florida. As a leader in the industry and the real estate world in general, Boris Mizhen is proud to be attending the conference and looks forward to sharing his ideas and gaining valuable knowledge from his colleagues.

While his entrepreneurship spans many fields and industries, Boris Mizhen has shown admiration for and interest in real estate, paying particular attention to multifamily housing. The innovative marketing services he developed early in his career have been instrumental to his success in the real estate world and has used his talents to improve the quality of housing for thousands of people from varying economic backgrounds. He has also actively pursued the discovery of new strategies and kept a close watch on promising trends within the industry, taking direction from inspirations such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Last year, decisions such as making a considerable investment in a new mobile app that could have an incredible impact on the real estate industry showed his dedication to further innovation. Mizhen believes that the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference is the perfect symposium in which to meet like-minded individuals and organizations who are similarly driven to maximize the success of multifamily real estate.

The NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference takes place just before Council’s annual meeting, ensuring that the greatest minds in the apartment industry will be present. It is an excellent opportunity for all who are involved, connected to, or simply interested in the field, as, unlike the NMHC members-only annual meeting, the conference is open to the public. It will be a full day of networking and panels, featuring the industry’s most respected leaders as keynote speakers and moderators. Discussions of trends, statistics, and new developments will help illuminate what we can expect to see from the industry and the economy in the years to come.

Boris Mizhen is a New York-based entrepreneur that has proven himself as one of the country’s leading property developers, business strategists, and investors. His career in real estate was achieved when he demonstrated to be one of the most innovative online marketers in the world. He owns and manages dozens of successful properties across the North Eastern United States, and is continuously looking for new ways to advance the workings of the real estate industry. His passion for buying and improving housing for people of differing economic backgrounds parallels his love for charitable work, including the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and Chabad of the Shoreline, whose festival they have acted as the primary sponsors for a decade.

Boris Mizhen – Property Developer and Philanthropist:

Boris Mizhen (@bmizhen) – Twitter:

Boris Mizhen – Facebook:

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Damned Designs Awes Customers with Oni and Djinn Fifth Knife Collection, Campaign in its Last Leg

The Damned Design collection also includes four other mini knives.

August 25, 2021

Damned Designs is pleased to announce the final countdown to its successful Indiegogo campaign, with a few days left to contribute and get hold of an Oni or Djinn XL knife that is nothing short of raw pleasure. The Oni in particular has ranked among the best mini knives in many lists and the XL versions are sure to be a mainstay in your EDC rotation. The Mini Oni has also been redesigned and is being offered along with 3 new blade shapes.

Contribute today and win a perk:
Oni and Djinn make for amazing pals to carry around, the Djinn with its drop point blade, or the Oni with its comfortable feel. The Damned Design collection also includes four other mini knives. Designed with hands in mind, both knives carry a large enough 3” Tanto or Drop point blade and 4.2” Titanium or G10 handles. Beauty with functionality is the shortest way to define them.

“We listened to your feedback and requests and are proud to present the Oni and Djinn XL. With 3″ blades, Premium construction and great steels, we’re confident the Oni and Djinn XL will be a mainstay in your EDC rotation,” said Adrian D’souza, Owner and designer of Damned Designs.

Both Oni and Djinn are made with CPM S35VN (the ultimate mainstream steel), well known for its toughness, edge retention and other qualities. The blade shapes are the most popular Tanto and Drop Point, the former great at piercing, stabbing and slicing, and the latter making for a general purpose utility as well as slicing. The hold is ideal for small and medium gloves and larger hands can get a good three finger grip.

The design process for these knives took sufficient time to produce the best combination. After trying out various flipper options, the final design carries the front flipper and enough blade to make them legal in most places. The cost too has been kept affordable, and the proof are the sold out perks on the Indiegogo page.


Damned Designs is where timeless aesthetics meets uncompromised functionality. We craft premium products with an unwavering attention to detail. At Damned Designs, our mission is to provide exceptional products that are reliable, effective, and affordable. We offer premium folding knives, pry bars, fidget spinners, knucks and lanyard beads that are priced for everyone. For more information, please visit:

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Organization: Damned Ventures LLC

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American Screening LLC – Ron Kilgarlin – Provides Vast Array of Urine and Saliva Diagnostic Tests

American Screening LLC notes that the opioid crisis in the United States brought the problem of substance abuse into the limelight and united the nation in a fight against drug misuse.

Shreveport, LA – August 25, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

For almost two decades, American Screening LLC (ASC) has been fighting addiction by offering a comprehensive choice of high quality drug tests for a competitive price. This has helped the Shreveport, Louisiana-based company become an ISO13485 contract manufacturer and one of the leading distributors of diagnostic products and essential medical supplies, making it a trusted partner to clinics, laboratories, medical practices, probation officers, staffing companies, and consumers. Over the years, American Screening LLC has been steadily expanding its inventory to include screening solutions for various conditions and substances, personal protective equipment (PPE), and everyday health products, but it has always remained firmly focused on stocking the best merchandise. A source of pride for the company is its extensive range of urine and saliva drug tests, which are the two most commonly administered varieties due to being the most accurate and least invasive.

American Screening LLC notes that the opioid crisis in the United States brought the problem of substance abuse into the limelight and united the nation in a fight against drug misuse. The heavy personal toll is one thing, but alcohol and drug abuse (nicotine included) costs the US economy dearly: according to the Surgeon General, it cuts the national GDP by more than $740 billion annually through crime, lost work productivity, and health care. ASC adds that reducing drug misuse and addiction requires a combination of robust preventive programs, increased public awareness, strong oversight of the prescription medicines market, and an extensive screening in all settings. The company plays an important part in the last area by ensuring that accurate and affordable tests are readily available to any interested party.

American Screening LLC offers more than 80 products in the saliva testing category, covering the range from general screening for unknown substances to identifying specific drugs. Accurate, fast, and reliable, its oral fluid kits can detect the most commonly abused substances, including alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates. Many of the products are carried at reduced prices for bulk orders, which makes American Screening LLC a great partner for large clinics and medical practices. The company is also a leading supplier of urine drug tests, offering kits that enable screening at home, in work environments, and law enforcement settings. Fast and easy to use, these tests have up to 99% accuracy in detecting a long list of illicit or commonly abused substances, among them fentanyl, oxycodone, marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, ETG, K2, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), benzodiazepine, barbiturates, methadone, tramadol, and ecstasy (MDMA). Whether looking for urine cassettes, cups, dip cards, or key cups, buyers are certain to find the right product for their needs, benefiting from attractive prices and the highest quality of customer service.

American Screening LLC is one of only a handful of companies awarded certification under the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP), which designates it as compliant with the quality management requirements of numerous jurisdictions. Established in 2004 by Ron Kilgarlin, American Screening LLC has grown from a home-based operation into one of the leading providers of diagnostic tests and medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

American Screening, LLC – Leading Provider of Diagnostic Tests & Medical Supplies:

American Screening, LLC Now Offers COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Serology Tests:

American Screening LLC Founder, Ron Kilgarlin, on Improved Efficiency in Decision-Making with Rapid Drug Tests:

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Daniel Yomtobian – Explains the Benefits of Innovative Ad Formats

For a time, brands were able to get eyeballs by relying primarily on content, video, and influencer marketing.

Los Angeles, CA – August 25, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Innovation has become a fundamental requirement for companies that want to thrive in the digital age. In the advertising industry, where content overload is making it increasingly difficult to attract the attention of target audiences and keep them interested, an innovative mindset is absolutely critical. “In this excessively saturated market, even the most creative agency can find it a massive challenge to break through all the clutter,” notes Daniel Yomtobian, a prominent entrepreneur and business leader in the online media space. “The ubiquity of ads has led to banner blindness and consumer fatigue, eroding engagement levels and undermining the success of brand campaigns. To their credit, marketers are rising to the challenge and embracing innovative ad formats that often exceed expectations in terms of the benefits they deliver.”

For a time, brands were able to get eyeballs by relying primarily on content, video, and influencer marketing, but as consumer behaviors kept changing and new platforms gained popularity, they were forced to consider formats that would minimize intrusion while promoting engagement, Daniel Yomtobian comments. The profound shift to mobile devices and the disruptive force that are video streaming services have created tremendous opportunities for innovation and hugely improved advertisers’ chances of boosting their returns on investment (ROI). Interactive ads have emerged as one of the most effective new formats, allowing brands not only to grab and retain consumers’ attention but also to improve conversion rates and brand recall. By giving viewers the ability to interact with an ad, marketers are enhancing the user experience, which is an important factor in building brand loyalty. Also known as immersive or engagement ads, these creative offerings take the game to a whole new level through the incorporation of 360-degree video, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) for a richer, more impactful, and more personalized experience, Daniel Yomtobian adds.

Just as mobile devices are becoming the platform of choice for content consumption, so streaming services are disrupting the traditional TV landscape and forcing digital-centric companies to re-evaluate their advertising practices. Part of the challenge lies in preserving the ad revenue stream while catering to consumers who have often cut the cord to escape the barrage of intrusive, repetitive advertising, Daniel Yomtobian points out. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that some of the most innovative ideas come from streaming platforms. For example, Hulu and NBCUniversal’s Peacock are rolling out ad formats that carry great promise in terms of reducing disruption, increasing engagement, and enhancing functionality. These innovative ideas include choice-based, transactional, pause, and binge ads as well as product placement in post-production.

Starting out as a web designer, Daniel Yomtobian quickly realized that his true passion is online advertising. Considered a pioneer and innovator in this space, he has led several business ventures to success, of particular note being – a PPC network dedicated to helping advertisers and publishers maximize their ROI and monetize their solutions. In 2014, C-Suite Quarterly described him as a “…young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow.”

Daniel Yomtobian News – Advertising Pioneer and Innovator:

Daniel Yomtobian – Explores the Benefits of Innovative Ad Formats:

Daniel Yomtobian on the Role of Data Analytics in Advertising:

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Ex-Drug Addict, Simon Jordan Takes God’s Healing Power to the Philippines, Records Tons of Testimonies

Jordan establishes online ministry, Marvel Christian Centre in Asia, uses technology to reach people worldwide whilst exercising the healing power of God

Australia – August 25, 2021

Simon Jordan, is using his online ministry to reach people worldwide and he is recording a ton of healing testimonies alongside his wife, Flordelyn. A previous drug addict, Simon and Floredelyn left Australia to the Philippines as missionaries after selling everything. There they began to see the Holy Spirit move supernaturally and heal people from all forms of cancer to blind eyes, to diabetes to a boy waking up from a coma.

Founded on the biblical principles in Matthew 10:8 – to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, their ministry, Marvel Christian Centre is an online church that uses technology by the help of God “the Almighty” to bring salvation and healing to people all over the world. Marvel Christian Centre is centered on leading people to salvation and praying for healing in the name of Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit led preaching.

All services are conducted online and Simon affirms that God’s miracles and anointing is felt at the livestream services. Believers and non-believers experience healings and blessings and they confirm that it is unlike anything they ever witnessed before. Simon Jordan through Jesus has performed so many creative miracles. This includes complete healing from all sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, blindness, deafness, diabetes, strokes, asthma and renewing of people’s minds. Since the church started, there have been multiple testimonies from believers across the world including healing from spiritual attacks, pains among others.

According to Fidelia, she had black spots in both her eyes and that resulted to a blurry vision. She got healed completely after Simon Jordan prayed for her. Fevelyn also testified of being healed from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She has her period after going 4 months without it.

As an online ministry, believers can send in their prayer requests via the church’s website and have their prayers attended to by the church team. Away from performing restoring and reformative miracles, the church is also focused is on making sure God’s children know the love of Jesus who died for them on the cross, and know him in all his fullness.

According to the founders, “God has a plan for all of us and we are here to help you know God and his plans for your life. We are here to lift you up and not knock you down, to teach you and encourage you that you are made in the image of Jesus Christ. You are a child of God no dream is to big all things are possible through your creator the Lord our God.”

For more information on services at Marvel Christian Centre, visit their website

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