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CD Bioparticles Announces New Protein Magnetic Particles for Bio-application

CD Bioparticles now launches a series of protein magnetic particles for research applications.

United States – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, CD Bioparticles now launches a series of protein magnetic particles that can be applied for a variety of research applications such as immunocapture, biopanning and flow cytometry.

These new product are an addition of CD Bioparticles’ affinity magnetic particles portfolio. Affinity magnetic particles can be used for affinity purification and separation of antibodies, antigens, proteins and DNA/RNA. These particles have high selectivity and capacity, and are ideal tools for separating various biomolecules. The scientists at CD Bioparticles are proficient in binding various bioaffinity ligands to magnetic beads to meet the needs of customers. These ligands include but are not limited to antibodies, biotin, streptavidin, lectins, oligo(dT) and protein A/G.

Various products are launched in this release for scientific applications, such as Absolute Mag™ SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 protein Conjugated Magnetic Particles, Absolute Mag™ SARS-CoV-2 Spike Trimer (B.1.1.7) Conjugated Magnetic Particles, 2 µm, Absolute Mag™ SARS-CoV-2 (Delta) Spike Trimer Conjugated Magnetic Particles, 2 µm, and Absolute Mag™ SARS-CoV-2 Spike Trimer (D614G) Conjugated Magnetic Particles, 2 µm.

For instance, the Absolute Mag™ SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 protein Conjugated Magnetic Particles (# WHM-AB04 #) are obtained by coupling the biotinylated SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 protein to streptavidin conjugated magnetic particles, which can capture the Anti- SARS-CoV-2 antibody or ACE2 protein from cell or serum sample and easily follow up with other tests, such as immunocapture, biopanning and flow cytometry. These magnetic particles can be supplied as lyophilized powder (from 0.22 µm filtered PBS pH7.4 including 0.05% Tween-20 and 10% trehalose).

As a leading manufacturer of magnetic particles and related products for immunoassay development, CD Bioparticles provides a complete list of various sizes of immunomagnetic beads conjugated with different coating materials and functional groups to meet the research and industrial prospect development needs of customers. “Our Absolute Mag™ platform is dedicated to the development of magnetic microspheres for life science applications, such as immunoprecipitation, cell separation, RNA/DNA extraction, and protein purification. We now provide a large selection of protein magnetic particles with particle size of 2 µm.” said Dr. Robin J. Watts, the scientific officer of R&D department of CD Bioparticles.

“We will continue to focus on innovating new products through dedicated research. The precision and accuracy of our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with proprietary formulations and GMP certified production practices, can provide the highest quality and continuously repeatable immunomagnetic beads with uniform size, function and morphology.” added Robin.

For more detailed information about protein magnetic particles or to discuss your project, please visit CD Bioparticles at

About CD Bioparticles

CD Bioparticles is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles and their coatings for R&D and commercialization in a wide variety of application areas including in vitro diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular analysis, cell separation, and immunoassay. It also offers various custom services including chemical surface-functionalized, fluorescent modification, antibody immobilization, nucleic acid and oligo conjugation to meet clients’ specifications.

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Miami Entrepreneur Put His Community First and Pledges To Empower Families in 2022

Kingdom Financial Academy gets a helping hand From global branding expert Rey Perez, who turned a hybrid virtual Christmas event into a life changing moment for homeless teens and survivors of domestic violence in South Florida.

Miami, United States – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

A shocking study involving only Millennials discovered that 84% were financially illiterate. The concern for the financial future of those between the ages of 18-34 is greater today than at any other point in history. The Miami based school, Kingdom Financial Academy, has assisted the underserved communities break free from financial strongholds. However, they (like many non-profits) are dependent on the donations of those who have a desire to make a difference.

Enter Rey Perez, Global Branding Expert, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has spent over two decades building a global branding empire by empowering leaders to maximize their influence and monetize their mission. He accomplishes this by leading entrepreneurs and business owners to “Bring out their inner superhero and share him/her with the world.”

Rey teamed up with Daniel Isaiah Shalach, a local pastor and co-founder of Kingdom Financial Academy, to make an impact in their South Florida community. Shalach, who himself has partnered with many faith-centered entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and is an accomplished digital marketer, was looking for an angel and he found it in Rey.

Daniel’s passion for empowering survivors of domestic violence is rivaled only by his desire to reach and teach teens that have aged out of the foster care system at 18 and find themselves in a homeless shelter. Kingdom Financial Academy serves them by walking them through the steps to gain financial clarity while sharing the secrets to mastering their finances and credit.

“When I first approached Rey, I knew he had both the right contacts and the passion to make a difference. I was not expecting him to feature our non-profit as a beneficiary of his Business Growth Bootcamp. He partnered with several entrepreneurs from across the country who attended his live event and raised $3,300 for our charity. He then pledged to help us raise the rest of the $27,000 we need to empower 1000 families in the first half of 2022.” Shalach said.

Perez, who has appeared in several publications such as and, has spent the last several years perfecting a next-level digital business card app that connects all your media in one place called My 360 Sites. Rey hosts a two-day branding event called Brand in 2 Days where he (along with other national experts) shares with entrepreneurs and business professionals how to generate more leads and sales for their business by leveraging this new revolutionary app.

The Brand in 2 Days December event was where Rey decided to launch his union with Kingdom Financial Academy to break financial strongholds while giving back to his beloved local Miami community in 2022.

“I already have a non-profit called “Influence With”. It focuses on supporting underprivileged children, teaching them entrepreneurship skills, and mentoring them to help them understand that they can be anything they want in their life. We support several youth organizations in the U.S. and all over the world, like Colombia, where the poverty level is devastating. These children (many orphans) only want to be loved and to know they can have an expectancy of changing their future. Partnering with Daniel allowed me to be part of an impact right here and right now in South Florida. Daniel presented the opportunity, and I stepped up without question.” says Rey.

Rey is part of a socially conscious business movement that allows entrepreneurs, business owners, and/or anyone who wants to make a difference to do so by donating their TIME, TALENT, or TREASURE. He is lasering his focus in 2022 to change lives on three levels, locally by partnering with Kingdom Financial Academy, nationally by mentoring his clients on professional branding in a way that properly showcases their skills and passions, and lastly, globally by reaching orphans and youth in other countries with little resources.

If you would like to learn more about supporting this great cause or to connect with Rey Perez, you can reach him and his team at

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Phone: 7865043270

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MetaFootball Launches, Aim To Be A Game Changer For Strategic Gaming

$MTF tokens and NFTs are combined to create digital collectibles, play-to-earn prizes, and DeFi rewards.

December 28, 2021

MetaFootball team is pleased to announce the introduction of its project to the crypto and gaming communities. MetaFootball combines the power of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and play-to-earn to reward players for their efforts. It is one of the most sophisticated football management games at present. MetaFootball is typically for those who desire to generate NFTs and in-game assets while enjoying their own football club management.

The $MTF Token

MetaFootball has a governance token with the symbol $MFT. Users can utilize this token to interact with the MetaFoot metaverse. Users can purchase goods and services using the token, and can also use the token to pay for transaction fees. At the end of each game week, football player cards and $MTF are distributed as prizes to participants. Users can use these rewards to form a stronger team and squad to enable them to compete better.

$MTF tokens and NFTs are combined to create digital collectibles, play-to-earn prizes, and DeFi rewards. Gamers can earn these rewards by participating in quests and tournaments. Users can also contribute to the pool by staking their $MTF tokens to generate revenue. However, the $MTF tokens must remain staked until the end of the round for one to be eligible for these rewards.

MetaFootball Utilities

NFT Fantasy Football

MetaFootball offers a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity to earn real-world money. In traditional football leagues, you only defeat your opponents, but MetaFootball gives you the opportunity to collect cards and can earn money from the cards.

Football Manager

MetaFootball lets you play as a manager of a multiplayer football game, where you can choose from a wide range of playing styles. Additionally, you can serve as an agent, club owner, stock trader, speculator, or a combination of these against other players. MetaFootball provides you with asset ownership, realism, and ultimate control of the metaverse.

Metaverse Game

MetaFootball will be available as a simulation game. You can play amazing games and also enjoy management power and resources to gain control of the game. You can also write your own football stories and dictate the direction of your gaming ecosystem.

Incentive Games

Incentive games are exclusive to $MFT holders. Correctly forecasting a football match on MetaFootball gives you access to rewards and NFT airdrops.

Incentive Wallet

The project collects 6% of every transaction and channels the proceeds to the incentive wallet to keep the community entertained. Additionally, 3% of every transaction goes to the locked liquidity pool MTF/BNB in Pancakeswap.

Core Team

MetaFootball is led by ArtAngel, a blockchain expert and the CEO of the project. Other members of the team include Zer0Bug, the lead developer, Sewastoz, the marketing director, and DannyD, the project’s designer.

About MetaFootball

MetaFootball is a blockchain-based football universe. The project aims to transform the sports ecosystem so that sporting enthusiasts can be actively engaged in a variety of ways. MetaFootball combines four multibillion-dollar global markets, namely NFTs, sports betting, football, and video games.

MetaFootball is a play-to-earn NFT game for all football lovers who want to earn NFT and token reflections while managing their own football team. Players own the in-game cards and can also trade them on NFT marketplaces.

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South Beach Hotel –- Ready to Receive Ballet Fans

The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events.

Miami, FL – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Miami-Dade County will be the host of the International Ballet Festival of Miami. The festival will showcase the performances of more than 200 dancers from over 20 companies. Perfectly located in the South Beach Miami, South Beach Hotel is proud to offered ballet enthusiasts from around the globe the quintessential Miami hotel experience with affordable luxury accommodations just minutes away from the performance venues.

The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events. Featuring dancers from ballet companies based in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America, performances are taking place at top-tier Miami venues such as the Adrienne Art Center for the Performing Arts, Amaturo Theater, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, and Manuel Artime Theater. Programs included the International Young Medalists Performance International Ballet Festival youth Gala; the Contemporary Performances; featuring gold medal winners of the Youth America Grand Prix; the Etoiles Classical Grand Gala Performance, in which principal Dancers from more than 15 companies from around the world will be in the spotlight; and a closing ceremony that will offer both performances and an awards ceremony.

Besides fantastic live performances, the festival also hosts workshops on weekdays with national and international ballet masters offering instruction to both intermediate and advanced students, while giving the chance to invited students to learn new techniques in the Dance Master classes. In the Art Exhibit Series, works inspired by dance from renowned artists will be on display while the Dance Film Series remains one of the festival’s most highly anticipated events. The festival is presented by the Miami Hispanic Ballet Company, a non-profit dance organization founded by world-renowned dancer, choreographer, and director Pedro Pablo Peña. With achievements such as major stage and film choreography, the foundation of art centers and ballets, and the development and promotion of dance both in Miami and his native country, Cuba; Peña has been honored with many accolades including the ‘key to the city’ to both the City of Miami and Miami Beach.

Festival attendees will find the recently renovated South Beach Hotel is in the prime location for their visit to Miami and offers a great deal on perfect accommodations for the ballet fans, who appreciate art in all its forms. A few steps away from the main festival venue, Colony Theater, the hotel is also just minutes’ drive away from the rest of the auditoriums and theatres. Also within walking distance is the world-famous Miami City Ballet, one of the largest ballet companies in the United States.

South Beach Hotel is located in Miami’s exclusive Collins Park neighborhood and offers luxury accommodations at an amazingly affordable price. A perfect example of the ‘Streamline’ Art Deco style, it was ensured that during its recent renovation the 51-room luxury boutique hotel retained its stunning appearance and would continue on as one of the jewels of South Beach’s historic Art Deco district. Hotel amenities include croquet sets, bicycles, and beach chairs, are available to all guests, along with access to a private beach and rooftop pool.

To book a room at South Beach Hotel, visit: South Beach Hotel:

South Beach Hotel – Home – Facebook:

South Beach Hotel (@SB_Hotel) – Twitter:

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Shawn Kilgarlin Inspire to Spirituality with Prayer Cards

One of the top sellers in the series is the 75-piece Catholic Holy Card collection, which features masterpieces of Fratelli Bonella’s liturgical artwork on the front and an appropriate prayer on the back.

Shreveport, LA – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Shawn Kilgarlin is a woman who became successful without giving up the things that matter to her most: her loved ones, showing compassion to other people, and relentless self-work. Outside of working as a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC, Shawn Kilgarlin devotes much of her time to speaking, painting, and writing, her goal being to share life wisdom, offer advice on dealing with adversity, and inspire people to look inwards. One of her latest projects dedicated to emphasizing and promoting spirituality is a line of laminated prayer cards that come in packs of various sizes.

One of the top sellers in the series is the 75-piece Catholic Holy Card collection, which features masterpieces of Fratelli Bonella’s liturgical artwork on the front and an appropriate prayer on the back. With an exquisite gold accent finish, these beautiful cards are perfect not only for personal use but also as gifts for friends or family members. Shawn Kilgarlin says that the purpose is to cover every occasion, providing a suitable card and prayer for people of all ages. She continues saying that they offer individual items as well as pack ranging from three to as many as 100 pieces for those who want to spread the message of hope and spirituality to entire communities. She adds that it is hugely rewarding when customers write to them and say that their cards have reached isolated or underprivileged groups, for example, prison inmates or care home residents.

Despite practicing the Catholic faith, Shawn Kilgarlin is above all a believer in the uplifting power of spirituality, which is a hallmark of every major religion. For this reason, the prayer card line has been conceived as a collection that can cater to every denomination, occasion, and need. For some, the cards may be of great help in difficult times, while others can rely on them while looking to strengthen their faith. As a person dedicated to offering others encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual support, Shawn Kilgarlin has written numerous books dealing with the challenges people encounter in daily life and suggesting ways to overcome them. The prayer card line joins a vast collection of Christian keepsakes that can be found at

Shawn Kilgarlin is a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC – a leading manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic tests and medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. The Shreveport, Louisiana-based company is among the few to be certified under MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), which conducts rigorous audits of quality management systems to ensure that device manufacturers comply with the regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions. Despite her professional commitment, Shawn Kilgarlin considers her true passions to be writing and helping those in need. The mother of four has written many inspirational books (including God’s Love Letters: Overcoming Adversity and Past Tense: 365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You – For Good) and supports Holy Angels – a charity dedicated to caring for people with disabilities.

Shawn Kilgarlin – Inspirational Books Author & Speaker:

Shawn Kilgarlin Encourages Spirituality with Prayer Card Line:

Shawn Kilgarlin Discusses Innovations in Drug Testing Technology:

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Boris Mizhen –- Contributes to the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven

The PACE fund is a fund at the Jewish Foundation that awards the UJA-Federation annual campaign gift.

New York, NY – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Boris Mizhen, property investor, has contributed to the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and the Chabad of Shoreline. For a long time, he has donated to these organizations and supported the Jewish Foundation’s “PACE” (Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment) fund and the Chabad of Shoreline’s Jacob Fund. These funds offer food to underprivileged families.

“I am happy to support the wonderful work of the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and the Chabad of Shoreline,” said Boris Mizhen. “I feel very grateful for my good fortune in being able to help such a positive organization.”

The PACE fund, or Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment, is a fund at the Jewish Foundation that awards the UJA-Federation annual campaign gift. These donations from Boris Mizhen, among others, help to pay for Jewish education, camps, schools, and care for the elderly and others in need, both in the New Haven area and in Israel. Mizhen’s contribution to the PACE fund was provided through the Boris Mizhen Family Trust. The Jewish Foundation has long been a trusted and expert source for establishing charitable gifts and endowments. They serve as a partner and essential resource for synagogues, local Jewish agencies, professional advisors, and donors.

The Jacob Fund is operated by the Chabad of Shoreline, in Guilford, CT, and is a charity program, which provides food in a respectable and discreet manner for families undergoing a financial crisis, whether from loss of employment, illness, or other unforeseen events. The program generates food “gift cards” that may be used in select supermarkets throughout Guilford and the Greater New Haven area. Different amounts are allotted to families who may utilize the services for between two and four months, with certain exceptions made based on need. As a longtime resident of Guilford, Boris Mizhen has said he feels a responsibility to help his neighbors in the most respectable and grassroots way possible.

Boris Mizhen is a prominent real estate developer in the New York City area with projects including both residential and commercial properties across the North-East United States. Born with a strong business instinct, Mizhen learned at a young age how to use every opportunity to his advantage. He enjoys spending his extra time and energy by contributing to charities and organizations that offer help to those who need it most. By pursuing his passion for philanthropic causes, Boris Mizhen remains passionately involved with social activism across the world.

Boris Mizhen – Property Developer and Philanthropist:

Boris Mizhen (@bmizhen) – Twitter:

Boris Mizhen – Facebook:

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Federated Mint Makes Available Sealed Vault Bags Packed with Valuable Government-Issued Coins

As part of this deal, buyers will be getting bags loaded with more than two pounds of US government-issued coins

Massillon, OH – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Federated Mint has always been focused on providing great deals and low prices to over 75,000 happy customers. Now, the successful business is ready to bring US government-issued coins from the 19th century. For collectors across the United States, the opportunity to own these valuable coins presents itself through a compelling offer for unsearched vault bags.
“The residents of specific zip code areas are being given a unique chance to grab scarce coins of high collectible value,” says Federated Mint. “Since we anticipate the demand to greatly exceed our supply, we have decided to extend this special offer to US citizens who are eligible as per a distribution list covering certain zip codes in a given state. Those who qualify have 48 hours after the publication of our advertisement to call the National Toll-Free Hotline and snatch some of these vault bags at a bargain price.”

As part of this deal, buyers will be getting bags loaded with more than two pounds of US government-issued coins, among them some that are over a century old and worth as much as 50 times their face value. These include highly sought-after or extremely rare collectibles such as the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, President Eisenhower Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, President Kennedy Half Dollars, Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar, American Bicentennial Quarters, Liberty V Nickels, the Indian Head one cent coin, and the last ever minted Buffalo Nickels. Those who make the deadline will benefit from a vault bag fee of just $249 while the amount for the rest has been set at $349, Federated Mint points out.

As with any purchase in the world of coins and collectibles, prospective buyers always wonder about the value of the unsearched vault bags. But the truth is that it’s impossible to predict since coin values always fluctuate, and collectors cannot rely on guarantees. However, Federated Mint can say with certainty that every unsearched bag weighs more than two pounds and is known to contain at least one silver Walking Liberty coin, and that coin alone could be worth $15 to $325 in collector value. As Federated Mint notes, these bags have been securely sealed and the dates were never searched since they were loaded, so there is no telling what other valuable finds are in store for their new owners.

Coin and collectible giant, Federated Mint operates from headquarters in Massillon, OH, specializing in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products. The company typically notifies prospective buyers of its various offers through full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide. Federated Mint is not affiliated with any United States government agency or bank.

Federated Mint – Coin and Collectible Giant:

Federated Mint Offers Up Jumbo State Gold Bars to Residents in Select States:

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Mad Mongoose Token Brings Exclusive Offers of Their Token for Its Valuable Holders

Mad Mongoose is offering a token at an initial price of 0.01 USD / token, intending to raise a minimum of 100m USD for direct investment in the fund. Supply is capped at ten bn tokens.

Philippines – December 28, 2021

Mad Mongoose Token provides an excellent opportunity to invest in crypto and equities while backing tangible assets for the token. It is known as an asset-backed token. All new subscriptions will be fully invested in the fund. As subscriptions increase, so will the token’s be underlying value, providing stability for the token.

Mad Mongoose is a newly issued token in Nov 2021. Its ERC-20 token is available on the Binance Smart Chain, and trading takes place on the pancake swap exchange under the ticker MADD. The total token supply is limited at ten bn, with an initial price of 0.01 USD. The mad Mongoose token is tied to the Mad Mongoose LLC hedge fund and is backed up by tangible assets known as an asset-backed token.

Mad Mongoose LLC is an algorithm-driven fund focused on Nasdaq mega-caps, with a YTD performance of 55%. Using the Mad Mongoose token, individuals can use a proxy to buy and sell the fund instantly, without lockups or high minimum investments. An investment in Mad Mongoose provides an opportunity to invest in stocks and crypto simultaneously. Mad Mongoose assets will grow through a combination of new subscriptions and capital appreciation of the fund. There is complete transparency regarding the principles of the token and fund.

The use of the Mad Mongoose token provides instant liquidity for holders of the Mad Mongoose Fund. It also overcomes the high minimum investment requirements. It means that an investment traditionally only open to high net worth individuals is now available to anyone.

Mad Mongoose LLC (M Fund) is a St. Kitts/Nevis registered LLC with custody services provided by DBS Bank. Assets under management currently stand at USD 1.3m. The fund is an algorithm-driven investment vehicle that invests in mega-cap technology stocks from the Nasdaq 100 Index. Current holdings include Tesla, Meta, Microsoft, among others. The fund was started in 2021 and currently has a YTD performance of 55% as of November 21st, 2021. No leverage is used.

The MMF strategy is a high-Sharpe strategy that should easily outperform the Nasdaq 100 Index at acceptable risk levels. The founders have back-tested the strategy from the period 2011 to 2021. Current holdings include Microsoft, Netflix, Broadcom, among others.

Ulrich Krach is an experienced investment manager of Mad Mongoose, having spent over 20 years at leading investment firms in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The manager has extensive experience in algorithmic investing and trading, and the outperformance from this methodology has proven itself far superior to traditional asset management methods.

Mad Mongoose is a new asset-backed token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to access a top-performing Algo tech fund to the masses, allowing for 24/7 trading, instant liquidity, and no minimum investment.

Intending users can visit for more information.

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GUT Introduces Passive Income with Farming with Excellent Earning for Its Valuable Investors

GUT TOKEN is developed by its chosen agents to automate certain operations without the usage of delegates. Recently it has brought the offer of Buy GUT and Get 10% on the upcoming new year.

Sydney, Australia – December 28, 2021

The GUT Protocol allows for creating a decentralized and open infrastructure for the minting and settling of financial derivatives without third-party intermediaries. To tokenize crypto assets on the distributed ledger, the Protocol uses blockchain technology. Without actually holding the underlying asset, crypto tokens follow a specified function, such as the asset’s price. The GUT ecosystem includes several solutions that allow users to generate, exchange, and manage synthetic assets on the network.

In a recent development and for the new year, the Guitar Swap launches the exclusive offer of buying GUT Token, and investors can avail of 10 % from the GUT family. The proficient crypto platform will reach 5 million in 45 days in liquidity and 22 partnerships.

GUT TOKEN is a Binance Smart Chain cryptocurrency token governed by a set of rules developed by its chosen agents to automate certain operations without the usage of delegates. The rise and success of cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology. The decentralization concept underpins today’s technologies. It boosts security, privacy, and protection. Decentralization’s most crucial feature is reducing corporate risk and increasing transparency. This method solves the issue of a user’s security or confidentiality being compromised. The GUT is a Binance Smart Chain-based Bep20 token.

Several elements of the GuitarSwap Exchange facilitate decentralized trading: Swapping/Trading Users can trade without going through a centralized exchange with GuitarSwap. Users don’t have to trust anyone else with their coins because everything they do on GuitarSwap goes through their wallets. Moreover, Liquidity Pools on GuitarSwap, users can only swap tokens if there is enough liquidity for them.

Providing liquidity will earn them LP Tokens, which will be rewarded in the form of trading fees for ensuring the exchange has liquidity at all times. Yield Farming By locking their LP tokens into a smart contract, individuals that provide liquidity can earn rewards. The goal is to offset the risk of temporary loss by securing their liquidity. Initial Farm Offerings an Initial Farm Offering is a one-time event that allows users to purchase additional tokens for a short time.

More confidence in the process can be engendered by exposing transaction data against a business framework, resulting in a solid GuitarSwap relationship established on transparency rather than negotiation. Because each transaction is checked within the network using independently verified sophisticated encryption, the legitimacy of the information may be assured.

GuitarSwap is becoming more user-friendly and widespread while also increasing the security of investors’ investments. Many blockchain networks function as public databases, allowing anybody with access to the internet to observe the network’s transaction history. Users have access to transaction details but not to personally identifiable information about the users performing the transactions.

Intending users must visit the website and acquire more information to avail the perks of GUT Token services. Connect on Telegram Now.

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MetaPets: Own a Fur-ever Pet for the MetaVerse

The token is available for sale on PancakeSwap.

December 28, 2021

The MetaPets team is pleased to announce the release of its MetaPets project that allows users to own digital pets of their design. This unique project for pet lovers ensures that they never have to grieve over the loss of a pet since they can own an immortal pet in the metaverse. Not only will this bring comfort to many pet owners, but it will also allow many pet lovers with allergies, to see their dreams of owning a pet of their choice come true.

On top of having their favorite pet for the metaverse as just a companion, users will have the ability to participate in an array of other activities and events. According to MetaPets’ website, “you can show your dog off in a dog show, have your prize cow produce milk to sell, and race your trophy-winning horse in a competition.” Of course, that’s in addition to the unique opportunity to generate revenue from the MetaPets product.

The team behind this project is passionate about helping people with the grief of losing a beloved friend, one that can now live again within the metaverse. Users will have the ability to own pets that will be with them forever through their life journey. Their new friends will always be with them when they are lonely, sad, tired, or craving companionship.

In addition to owning pets, the team will engage the community and assist them in building competitive and fun relationships with many planned games. While playing NFT games, users can dress their MetaPet, train, and breed them to create a permanent bond between them and their pet.

The token is available for sale on PancakeSwap:

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Address: US/NY

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