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As Tesla Game Feature Investigation Underway, Major Study Reveals 49% Of Drivers Are Distracted on the Road

Following an investigation into 580,000 Tesla vehicles that allow users to play games while driving, a survey by personal injury firm The Clardy Law Firm found that 49% of drivers are distracted on the road.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States – January 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

A respected personal injury firm in Greenville, South Carolina, has discovered that just under 50% of road users drive while distracted.

This comes after The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into 580,000 Tesla vehicles that allow drivers to play games via the center touchscreen.

The “Passenger Play” feature, initially only available when a car was parked, came to the attention of the U.S. auto safety regulator when a Tesla owner discovered — and subsequently reported — that he could play games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Solitaire, and browse the internet while driving in circles.

The agency’s primary concern is that such a feature “may distract the driver and increase the risk of a crash.”

Following the news, personal injury firm The Clardy Law Firm conducted a survey into the prevalence of distracted driving on the country’s roads.

The survey asked over 2,000 respondents aged over 18 in the U.S. if they ever talk to other passengers, change the music or radio station playing, eat or drink, talk on the phone, read or respond to text messages, or check social media while driving.

While the majority (51%) of respondents claimed to never engage in any of these behaviors, the survey results show that a startling 49% could be putting themselves and others at risk of a crash by driving while distracted.

Talking to other passengers and changing music were the two most popular behaviors, with 28.5% admitting to the former and 27.7% to the latter.

The more concerning behaviors — talking on the phone, reading or responding to texts, and browsing social media — were less frequent, though they still represent a combined 22.9% of respondents. This is particularly dangerous, as evidence shows that our brains are incapable of multitasking. When driving, an act as seemingly simple as holding a conversation or skimming a social media update could mean missing a hazard or not reacting in time.

Additional research reveals that taking your eyes off the road for five seconds — roughly the time it takes to read a text message — at 55 mph is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

The Clardy Law Firm’s Allen Clardy, who commissioned the survey, said, “Distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of death in car accidents, yet it’s completely avoidable. Many people think that taking their eyes off the road for just seconds or having a conversation with a passenger are innocent behaviors that don’t impact their driving, but we’ve seen from experience that the slightest distraction can cause devastating — even deadly — crashes.”

Mr. Clardy argues that the results highlight a much bigger problem: There are around 229 million licensed drivers in the U.S. If we look at the survey results as a representative sample, approximately 112 million could be unwittingly putting themselves at risk of a crash by being distracted, and that’s a concern.”

About The Clardy Law Firm

The Clardy Law Firm is an experienced personal injury law firm in Greenville, SC, that deals with car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, DUI cases, and workers’ compensation claims. The firm prides itself on helping residents get the compensation and protection they deserve and has multiple accolades, including an A+ rating from the BBB, to verify its ongoing commitment to quality and care.

Contact Info:
Name: Joseph Coyle
Email: Send Email
Organization: The Clardy Law Firm

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Air-Tro Recognized as Samsung Dealer Program Champion; Also Designated as Preferred Diamond Contractor by Mitsubishi Electric

Family-owned and operated Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning is recognized by not one, but two major ductless mini-split manufacturers for its outstanding HVAC product installers and service professionals. These prestigious designations both represent significant professional achievement within the HVAC industry.

Monrovia, United States – January 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Choosing a contractor with respected names like Samsung and Mitsubishi standing behind them means you are guaranteed the “best of the best” when it comes to HVAC service, product knowledge, and ductless mini split ac installation.

Our team is thrilled to announce that Air-Tro has been designated a preferred Diamond Contractor by Mitsubishi Electric and also presented with a Samsung Dealer Program Champion Award by US Air Conditioning Distributors. We’re really proud of everyone on our staff for the dedication, courtesy, and solid expertise that led to this recognition.

“Both of these designations are a real honor, and testament to the values each of our team members brings to every assignment,” says Air-Tro CEO Bob Helbing. “We’re committed to excellence, both in terms of the products we offer but also with the service we give. These awards offer even more opportunities to provide our customers with real value and expertise.”

Our Samsung Dealer Program Champion award, presented by US Air Conditioning Distributors, also ensures that Air-Tro has access to the latest technologies, product information and best practices for service and installation to provide for our customers. With this award, we’re also able to offer exclusive customer financing opportunities, post-sale support and more.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating selects only the top rated heating and air conditioning companies in the United States as their premier-level product installers and service professionals. We at Air-Tro are now eligible to receive additional training, product support and more to help our customers get the very best. One extra perk? Only Preferred Diamond Contractors can offer their customers exclusive extended warranties on certain Mitsubishi products.

Not only is it an honor to be recognized by these industry leaders, but our customers will benefit as well. They can now take advantage of even more from choosing the HVAC company and ductless contractor so many Southlanders rely upon for their indoor comfort.

Contact Info:
Name: Bob Helbing
Email: Send Email
Organization: Air-Tro, Inc.
Address: 1630 S. Myrtle Avenue • Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone: (626) 357-3535

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WebBox Cardiff Web Design Agency Welcomes New Members Into The Team & Rolls Out New Website

With a growing team, WebBox Cardiff is gearing towards taking on a lot of new challenges this year and intends continue it’s growth trajectory.

Cardiff, United Kingdom – January 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

WebBox Cardiff is thrilled to announce that it has added new members to its team, and is still seeking new talents as it plans to continue expanding. The business also turned 13 years old last year and with that, the company launched it’s new proposition and a new website.

In 2021, WebBox Cardiff found itself immersed from one project to another and is poised to have more coming this 2022, prompting the innovative company to find new recruits whose skills will be instrumental in reaching its goals for this year.

The New Talents

WebBox Cardiff has already started 2022 with a bang, having hired five new team members last year to help with its growing demand. The company now has a new project manager, a senior digital designer, and three new developers. This year, a business development director is expected to join the team.

With a growing team, the company gets even more excited. It would be able to offer more services and even better services to clients. “It’s a pleasure watching all the businesses and organisations we’ve helped grow online. We have always been committed to giving a relentlessly responsive service and will continue doing so,” said Will Roberts, Founder & Managing Director of WebBox Cardiff.

WebBox Cardiff Turns 13 Years Old!

Last year, the company celebrated its 13th year being a leading digital agency and recounted how far it had come from starting in a spare room many years ago up to the later years when the company had to change the way it works.

The year 2021 became an opportunity for WebBox Cardiff to adapt and bounce back into the new normal. Business settings were being brought back into the office, but the company adopted hybrid working, which actually suits the company. With the flexibility of hybrid working, it has allowed the company to thrive and deliver excellent results expected of it.

The Completion Of WebBox’s Brand New Website

With WebBox Cardiff turning 13, the company decided to give its own website a makeover. Over the years, the company has successfully completed a lot of projects that it is proud of up to this day, and all the impressive work inspired the company to give itself the same top-notch work.

“We knew that our website was in need of a complete makeover, yet time wasn’t on our side, due to the number of projects that we were working on. We had to make time (somehow!) and prioritise our website in order to get it completed in time for our 13th birthday. Taking what we have all learned over the years since our inception in 2008 from the many web development projects and paid advertising campaigns we have worked on, the team huddled together, and after months of effort, we had put together a website that now reflects the services that we offer (less than before) and it highlights our new company values and case studies,” Will Roberts shared.

WebBox has showcased some of their leading services including (but not limited to):

Nonprofit/Charity Paid Ads & Google Ad Grants Management:
Paid Ads Management:
Laravel Development:
Symfony Development:

For more information about the company, visit

WebBox Cardiff
Fulmar House, Beignon Cl, Ocean Way, Cardiff CF24 5HF United Kingdom
02920 09 19 29

Contact Info:
Name: Will Roberts
Email: Send Email
Organization: WebBox Cardiff
Address: Fulmar House, Beignon Cl, Ocean Way, Cardiff CF24 5HF United Kingdom
Phone: 029 2009 1929

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BisonEV Launches Equity Crowdfunding Offering To Fund Conversions Of Fossil Fuel Burning Vehicles To Fully Electric

BisonEV retrofits polluting gasoline and diesel powered vehicles to fully electric vehicles (EV). Manufacturing will be in a facility in Western North Carolina, upfitted to be net-zero carbon. Equity crowdfunding investing is now open.

Marion, NC, United States – January 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

BisonEV Retrofits Inc has announced the launch of a Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering after the submitted Form C has been validated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This offering allows all investors the opportunity to invest in an EV company with the goal of retrofitting existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to fully electric vehicles (EV).

BisonEV’s Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering provides shares at a price of $1 USD each, with a minimum investment of $250 USD. The offering allows for $5 million USD of shares to be made available to the public. It is being conducted through the Castle Placement platform:

The retrofitting of vehicles to fully electric by BisonEV provides an opportunity to quickly reduce the number of fossil fuel burning vehicles on the roads. With a focus on school buses, delivery vans and fleet vehicles, BisonEV will also be helping fleet owners and school districts save money as they transition to EV.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering. This allows investment in not only our company, but also an investment in cleaner air” said BisonEV CEO Hank Venter.

Based in the mountains of North Carolina, BisonEV is dedicated to support the local community while also maintaining the serene and clean environment surrounding its headquarters. BisonEV strives to achieve a Green Globes Certification of its 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility – Green Building Initiative


BisonEV Retrofits Inc is a unique company focused on retrofitting existing gasoline and diesel burning vehicles into fully electric vehicles (EV). The management team includes decades of experience, including Tesla and other automobile manufactures.

With retrofitting, BisonEV is committed to significantly increase the number of zero-emission EV on the roads while decreasing the number of polluting fossil fuel burning vehicles.


Investment in the company is speculative and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of the entire investment. This release contains forward looking statements and such forward looking statements are within the meaning of that term in Section 27a of the Securities Act and may include projections of revenues, income or loss, capital expenditures, business relationships, financings, proposed financings or investments by third parties, plans for future operations, as well as assumptions relating to the foregoing. Such statements are based upon management’s current expectations, beliefs, and assumptions about future events and involve a number of risks and uncertainties.

Contact Info:
Name: Steve Petusky
Email: Send Email
Organization: BisonEV Retrofits Inc

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China’s Top Selling Kitchen Equipment Fotile Launches Officially In Singapore

For 25 years, leading kitchen appliances brand FOTILE has made it their mission to foster conversations and mutual bonding in the kitchen. This year 2022, FOTILE is finally launching in Singapore, to make an impact with their state-of-the-art technology.

Singapore, Singapore – January 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

For 25 years, leading kitchen appliances brand FOTILE has made it their mission to foster conversations and mutual bonding in the kitchen. They do so by curating and creating innovative and effective kitchen appliances that are suited for every occasion.

As China’s leading household brand, FOTILE pays homage to the design prowess of notable countries, including Korea and Japan, and has innovated an impressive arsenal of kitchen appliances running the gamut from range hoods, sink dishwashers, built-in hobs to built-in ovens, and more.

Cleaning made easy with the 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher

Cooking may be therapeutic and enjoyable, but no one likes cleaning the ingredients before the meal and washing the dishes after. Revolutionising the quintessential dishwasher, FOTILE’s innovative creation, the 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher, takes into account three major functions of “sink”, “dishwashing” and “fruit and vegetable washing”.

Dishwashing is thus made faster and can be completed within or less than 20 minutes. The swivel spray arm discharges water in all directions, bringing 360 clean without leaving a stain on your kitchen wares. Most impressive is that it can also sterilise up to 99.9% of the dishes when washed in a 70℃ setting.

Fruits, vegetables, and seafood can all be washed, making meal-prep one step easier. Combined with high-frequency ultrasound and turbulent impact technology, you can remove over 90% of pesticide residues off the surface of fruits and vegetables. The ergonomic dishwasher, thus, makes it easier for your family to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Solve oil fume, innovation brings good air in the kitchen

Oil fumes have been notorious sources of pollution in the kitchen. It is also the main culprit of greasy kitchens. Making this one of their missions to combat in the kitchen, FOTILE has developed a selection of range hoods that boast excellent fume suction and control.

By studying the direction and trajectory of the flow of oil fumes — from its generator to its diffusion, the industry leader has come up with several strategies to combat kitchen grease and reduce air pollution in the kitchen. Range hoods developed by the brand boast a thoughtfully-designed smoke inlet to control smoke too. The Smart Intelligent Air Steward in
the range hoods are designed to adjust air volume accordingly to remove smoke in an instant.

With a good hood, cooking is no longer a stuffy and smelly process. Families would be more eager to cook and only fresh air surrounds them.

Steam, roast, bake and fry in FOTILE’s compact 4-in-1 Combi-Oven
Have a little taste of FOTILE’s new creation and whip up delectable surprises with its 4-in-1 Combi-Oven. Putting the traditional way of simply baking in an oven as a thing of the past, the innovative oven will elevate how you cook and prepare your meals. With 40 built-in smart recipes, you will never run out of ideas for dinner!

The Combi-Oven boasts a high and low temperature steam function where temperature can range from 30℃ to 110℃. With four modes of roasting and regulating by AI algorithm that helps distribute heat evenly, you can guarantee to savour only the best. The FOTILE Combi-Oven also has an air-fryer mode for those looking to eat healthier with lesser to no oil added
to their meals. Finally, the Combi-Oven’s dehydrator function allows you to create snacks without any artificial additives while maintaining its nutrients. From pet treats to baby snacks, you can create anything with Combi-Oven!

Solving oil fume pollution and cleaning problems, bringing diversified cooking methods, and creating a new standard for high-end kitchens, FOTILE’s expansion into the Singapore market holds plenty of promises. If anything, FOTILE is more determined than ever to create innovative kitchen appliances that are everlasting.


Established in 1996, FOTILE Group has remained true to their original aspiration for the past 25 years. Focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of high-end kitchen appliances, they are committed to providing high-quality products and services to people in pursuit of quality life, creating a healthy, environment-friendly, tasteful and cultural lifestyle
so that hundreds of millions of families can enjoy happier and more secure, comfortable lives.

Contact Info:
Name: Stanley Kan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Fotile Singapore
Address: 24 Boon Lay Way, #01-74 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609969

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Best Roofer of Buckhead Atlanta, Braswell Construction Group, Awarded DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor 2021 Project of the Year

Roofing Contractor of Atlanta Georgia, Braswell Construction Group, honored as DaVinci Roofing Project of the Year 2021 winner.

Atlanta, GA – January 27, 2022

Platinum accredited top Georgia Roofer, Braswell Construction Group (BCG), is honored to be selected as the 2021 DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year Award Winner. DaVinci® Roofscapes, a Westlake company, and a leading composite roofing manufacturer, has recently announced that only three residential projects and one commercial project from across the country have been chosen to receive the prestigious award. Qualifications for DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors to receive the award include excellence of installation work, outstanding visual impact, and ability of the roofing work to transform the look of a home or commercial project.

Atlanta GA Top Slate Roofing Contractor, Braswell Construction Group, was selected based on the residential project featured in the photo above. This lakeside, European-style home of Don and Shannon Harvey was re-roofed as part of a home remodeling project, and now features a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof in Smokey Gray. Homeowner, Shannon O’Keefe-Harvey stated, “Chris Braswell and his team worked efficiently to get the job done. We understand our home’s design is not particularly easy for a roofer. However, this crew respected our property and has given us a DaVinci roof that we truly love.”

“DaVinci is known for the best synthetic roofing products on the market today. We are honored to be part of the program and humbled to be chosen as a 2021 Project of the Year Award Winner,” says Chris Braswell, owner of Braswell Construction Group. “Synthetic roofing materials is becoming more widely recognized as the preferred roofing material because it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it stands up to the harshest weather challenges. We love that we are able to offer our customers the best array of products to choose from while providing quality installation and unparalleled customer service.”

About DaVinci Roofscapes:
DaVinci® Roofscapes, a Westlake company, leads the composite roofing industry in the greatest selection of colors, tile thickness and tile width variety. The company’s reliable products have a lifetime limited materials warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. All DaVinci high-performing roofing and siding products are proudly made in America. The experienced team members at DaVinci Roofscapes develop and manufacture industry-leading composite slate and shake roofing and siding systems with an authentic look and superior performance. For information call 1-800-328-4624 or visit

About Braswell Construction Group:
Braswell Construction Group is a leader in specialty roofing and a DaVinci Roofer Masterpiece Contractor.

BCG has been locally owned and operated since 2002, and prides itself on its high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and professional acumen. They have a reputation for always completing its roofing and restoration projects on time and on budget while providing customized service, top-notch customer service, and unparalleled workmanship.

Braswell Construction Group has been featured dozens of times in Yahoo Finance, ABC, FOX, CBS, Atlanta Leader among many others as an industry leader and the top Roofing Contractor in the state of Georgia.

Braswell Construction Group operates from four Georgia locations to service homeowners with all their roofing and restoration needs in Greensboro/Lake Oconee, Covington/Conyers, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, and their respective surrounding areas.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Michelle Bird
Email: Send Email
Organization: Braswell Construction Group, Inc. Roofing & Restoration
Address: 3060 Pharr Ct N Northwest #32, Atlanta GA 30305
Phone: (678) 283-2551

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The Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds Still Accepting Applications

Milwaukee Wisconsin Entrepreneur And Venture Capitalist Christopher Nohl Has Scholarship Available For Students Who Are First In Their Families to Attend College.

Milwaukee, United States – January 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The keystone of Society’s development is innovation. Innovation occurs as the product of human interaction, conflict, argument and debate. These innovation fertilizing interactions depend upon diversity in the experience, backgrounds, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs of the secular colloquy. Standardization in testing and in secondary school admission processes tends to homogenize the “acceptable” applicant pool with the result being a conforming entering class. This consequence of standardization runs counter the mission of producing an enriched Society capable of the best innovations.

While hardship and challenge are often the backbone of character, and make for a rich and varied experiential tapestry, those same hardships often de-select the bearers from access to opportunity. In this manner some of the most fortified and varied personalities and minds are kept out of the advanced education sphere where their unique, individual perspectives are both needed and beneficial to the whole. Where hardship and circumstances alone deprive someone of access and participation there is a price paid by everyone. It is with an understanding and respect of the value of the individual, especially those individuals who have been challenged by extraordinary circumstances, that Christopher Nohl created his scholarship program to boost participation where standardization fails.

The Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds aims to assist students who are currently enrolled in a university or high school students who plan on enrolling into one. His scholarship aims to also create awareness for the struggles faced by students who are the first of their families to attend university. Through his scholarship, Christopher aims to shed light on families who are unfortunate enough to be placed under the previously mentioned circumstances. He hopes that his program can generate resources to help students who are in need. The scholarship is open to any student who is or will be attending university with a focus on those who are the first in their families to attend one. The scholarship will award $1,000 to go towards the student’s education and tuition fees. The scholarship fund will be awarded to a deserving student who is the winner of our essay contest. To find all the details about the scholarship and how to apply, just visit the official Christopher Nohl Scholarship application page.

The man behind this wonderful scholarship, Christopher Nohl, is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, debt originator, portfolio manager, Federal Court expert in early-stage, disruptive technology company valuation, and expert in fine minerals and gemstones. Christopher served as a Research Fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin in its Cardio-vascular Research Center where he assisted with quantitative PCR, mathematical modeling, and innovative pharmacological research. Christopher attended Said Business School where he completed post-graduate training in distributed ledger technology. Christopher has spent two decades providing financing for startups that have the biggest potential for growth and social impact as well as for large insurance companies and health care systems. Additionally, he continues to co-curate one of the most important private fine mineral and gemstone collections in the world.

Through his time and experience with studying and attending college for cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and molecular biology, Christopher realized the important role broad participation plays in laying the foundation for our best shared future experience. He recognized that life’s hardships sometimes deprive the most deserving of access to opportunity and has created several programs such as this scholarship to assist in making up for what he sees as an unnecessary penalty paid by everyone in society for a deficit in understanding, charity, and compassion. Launching his scholarship program, the Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds, is just one of the steps he is making to foster wide and diverse participation. Applications are still being accepted, so students can apply here.

Name: Christopher Nohl

Contact Info:
Name: Christopher Nohl
Email: Send Email
Organization: Christopher Nohl

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BR Williams Announces 2021 Top Carriers of the Year

BR Williams’ relationship with its carriers and customers is integral to its continued success, leading them to win the Top Carrier of the Year award. 

Oxford, United States – January 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

BR Williams, one of the premier transportation and logistics companies in the U.S., is proud to announce the top 12 carriers award winners. This year, BR Williams recognized an extremely high level of excellence across all carriers with an impressive record of matching or exceeding industry standards and established performance measures. 

The top 12 truck carriers in the list include:

● Landstar Ligon, Inc

●  Midsouth Transport, Inc

●  Erikson trucking, LLC

●  Extreme Logistics Transportation

●  J PAR Trucking, Inc – JPARPAL

● BCP Transportation

● Pink Panthers, Inc

● Tranco Logistics

●  Future Logistics Systems, LLC

●  Adams Motor Express ADACAGA

● H&M trucking, Inc

●  KSP Trucking, LLC

Kenton Sprayberry, Director of Operations and Carrier Sales, was quoted saying: 

“BR Williams values the relationships that we have with our contract carriers. Our qualification standards are among the highest in the industry and allow us to work with a core group of carriers that provide excellent service to our customers. We prefer to create long-term relationships with our carriers instead of dealing with ‘one and done transactions. Our contract carriers are oftentimes the ‘face’ of BR Williams and deal directly with our customers at their facilities. Hiring the best carriers allows us to put our best foot forward when handling our customer’s freight. These types of carriers also tend to have better safety records and fewer issues overall.” 

To assure the reliability of their service, BR Williams first seeks out carriers whose values align with their own. Their own set of values is based on ensuring the highest level of client service and meeting the needs of every client. They believe in creating a professional relationship with each truck carrier they choose to work with. To do this, they focus on six main criteria:

● On-time performance

● Communication

● Commitment

● Volume Integrity

● Safety

● Billing Accuracy/Timeliness

As one of the industry’s supply chain leaders, BR Williams has created a unique way to remain successful in these trying times. With its continued investment into new technologies and new partnerships, BR Williams has built a strong foundation of unique solutions which work in tandem to create powerful results.

In 2022, BR Williams expects its business to continue to grow within an optimistic global economy.

About BR Williams

BR Williams is family-owned trucking, warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics company serving clients worldwide. They have operated since 1958 and were founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and service. They aim to provide tailored, client-focused solutions to ensure satisfaction.

In addition to providing value-added services, including brokerage, 3PL, and truckload services, BR Williams also prides itself on partnering with the most reputable companies and businesses in the country. Learn more by visiting their website. 

Contact Info:
Name: Contact Sales
Email: Send Email
Organization: BR Williams
Phone: (256) 831-5580

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Commercial Real Estate Agents Flock To Coworking Spaces To Appease Growing Demand For Smaller, More Flexible Offices.

Commercial real estate agents are looking for new ways to provide a better working environments for their clients who need less office space. Modern coworking spaces seem to be the ideal solution.

Ottawa, Canda – January 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

WorkAway Offices has published its latest article covering why commercial real estate agents are partnering with coworking spaces. The article is available for viewing in full at

WorkAway Offices has published a new article entitled “Why Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Partnering With Coworking Spaces“, which sheds light on today’s commercial real estate conditions, as well as the growing demand for flexible, private office spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporations. Individuals who are interested in learning from an in-depth analysis of why commercial real estate agents are partnering with coworking spaces can view the full article at

The article includes several interesting pieces of information. One in particular is how modern coworking spaces have adapted to accommodate the growing demand for private office spaces for downsizing businesses and how the flexibility for growth and/or downsizing of such businesses remains as good, if not better than before. This should be of particular interest to entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporations because of the clear benefit maintaining flexibility during unsure times provides individuals, teams, and corporations. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

‘Commercial real estate agents are looking for new ways to provide a better working environment for their clients who need less office space. Modern coworking spaces are an excellent solution. ‘

In discussing the article’s creation, Forrest Vetter-Wilson, consultant at WorkAway Offices said:

“The flexibility of modern coworking spaces is exactly what most businesses are looking for in unsure times. Downsizing or scaling up is as simple as switching between private offices. There is no office fit-up cost or maintenance cost. Even the coffee is covered within most memberships. Lastly, most memberships are based per member, meaning per staff you have. Add staff, or relieve staff, and the cost will reflect that those changes.”

Regular readers of WorkAway Offices will notice the article takes a familiar tone, which has been described as ‘forward-thinking’

WorkAway Offices now welcomes comments and questions from readers, in relation to the article, as they are intent on getting real perspectives from entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporations on their thoughts on why commercial real estate agents are partnering with coworking spaces. The reason is simply to provide an up-to-date analysis of the commercial real estate and how it is related to growing, modern coworking spaces to educate freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporations to the modern options for downsizing, upsizing and starting up with coworking spaces.

Anyone who has a specific question about a past, present, or future article can contact Workaway Offices via their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Forrest Vetter-Wilson
Email: Send Email
Organization: WorkAway Offices
Address: 900 Lady Ellen Pl, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z5L5
Phone: 6137913444

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Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars Sydney Launches Brand New Website

The move is in line with Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars goal to make its services readily accessible to users.

Sydney, Australia – January 27, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars is excited to announce that it has completed the facelift of its entire website. The new website launch provides a simpler, fresher and more modern look, which aims not only to delight customers with a design that is more focused allowing customers to review the company’s services, such as the below:

Sydney Cash for Cars:
Used Car Buyers:
Car Scrappers:

Exciting New Features On Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars’ New Website

“Our old site was outdated and we wanted to give our customers a better experience when browsing for car removal services. We’ve included some exciting updates such as more ease in browsing and instant virtual quotes so you can get answers any time of day!” Yasir Alizada, Managing Director of Austick Car Removal Sydney says. It has never been this easy to find out how much cash your car is worth and what kind of service will be best suited for your needs with just one click away from finding all the information you need about removing an old, defective car.

Commitment To Servicing Car Removal Needs Whilst Delighting Customers With Easier Web Navigation

Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars has always been looking for ways to improve the customer experience. The latest update includes a completely redesigned user interface, a more straightforward design that makes it a lot easier for you to find the details you seek, making the entire process of getting the information you need on our services a lot smoother.

Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars hopes that the new website would make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for while also adding value with all the information available on each page. “We really wanted this redesign to focus on usability,” says Austick Car Removal. “The changes we made were based largely on feedback from our customers,” said Yasir Alizada.

Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars is looking forward to continued success with this new site that will make it easier than ever before to find out what you need!

About Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars

Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars is a professional car removal company that specialises in buying used cars and is one of the most trusted names in Australia when it comes to the removal of old, defective and unwanted cars. Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars buy any type of vehicle and offer competitive prices. The company pays you instant cash for every car you surrender. With years of extensive industry experience in this field, the company has grown its business to considerable heights.

To learn more about Austick Car Removal & Cash For Cars, drop by

Austick Car Removal & Cash for Cars
24 Nyora St, Chester Hill NSW 2162 Australia
0480 012 274

Contact Info:
Name: Yasir Alizada
Email: Send Email
Organization: Austick Car Removal & Cash for Cars
Address: 24 Nyora St, Chester Hill NSW 2162 Australia
Phone: 0480 012 274

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