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60 Wrap$$ Releases New 13-Track Album Titled “Glory of Time”

Fans all over the world have been waiting for this masterpiece to drop. The album is available for stream, play, download, and purchase on top music distribution platforms on the internet

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

60 Wrap$$ is out to entertain hip hop fans with a new trap album titled “Glory of Time”, which went live on December 25, 2020. In what has now become his trademark style, 60 Wrap$$ loads the new album with inspirational messages delivered by exceptional lyrics.

The “Glory of Time” album contains 13 tracks of music that reveal the state of mind of 60 Wrap$$. Each of these songs has been identified by early listeners as a masterpiece in their own rights, effectively becoming one of the best rap trap music to be unleashed in the holiday season. It offers a whole new experience to lovers of hip hop and those who are looking for a unique type of sound.

To listen, play, purchase, or stream the songs, please visit here.

Experts say all the time that the current generation of entertainers is blessed with very few talented musical geniuses, one of which is 60 Wrap$$. He’s a complete artist who seems to understand everything it takes to make quality music. His musical beats are unbelievably catchy, resulting in a new kind of hip hop sound. His mastery of wordplay allows him to deliver lyrics in a way that penetrates the soul and inspires listeners into engaging in deep reasoning.

Under the tutelage of 6ixty Star Music, his own record label, 60 Wrap$$ wants to show the world that he is more than capable of delivering excellence and making it to the top. After all, he’s a man with plenty of talent and incredible experience, which can be deduced from his music.

60 Wrap$$ revealed many years ago that he hopes to do more than entertain the current generation and fans of hip hop. He hopes to inspire the youth into chasing their dreams and living a happy life.

He had a tough background growing up and had to overcome several obstacles to get to where he is today. He believes that young people can achieve anything no matter how difficult, as long as they put their hearts into it. The secret to success is hard work, determination, and getting inspired to take the right steps to victory.

In other news, 60 wrap$$ continues to be at war with renowned rapper, Future over alleged copyright infrigements on his song, “Never Hustle me”. It is reported that the American rapper, Future, may have copied 60 wrap$$ in his hit song “Mask Off”. It is well documented that Future and 60 wrap$$ have been at war since then.

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An Effective Treatment Program With A Holistic Approach

Many treatment centers see a holistic approach as the best way for patients to better meet their mental and physical needs. The Recover Discusses how the best way to locate a local Holistic treatment center.

huntinton beach, United States – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The Recover highlights a trend in health care that has persisted for several decades, and drug abuse and addiction treatment are no exception. A variety of holistic techniques are used in rehabilitation centers in the United States.

Many treatment centers see a holistic approach as the best way for patients to better meet their mental and physical needs. Holistic treatment refers to treating the patient’s “experiences and physical and mental health, such as depression and anxiety.

The techniques of alternative and complementary treatments will also be considered based on practices that stem from cultural traditions. Rehabilitation programs that incorporate holistic techniques incorporate physical, mental, and spiritual models to develop a holistic approach to treating mental and physical health problems such as depression and anxiety. Holistic treatment programs are an essential part of the health care system in the United States and worldwide.

Many treatments are described as holistic, and this trend seems to be spreading. Some complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is used to treat mental and physical health problems such as depression, anxiety, depression, and anxiety disorders.

A critical feature that runs through many of these techniques is that they are designed to treat the entire person, improve overall wellbeing – and not just target a single element of a person’s symptoms or behaviors. In this sense, a holistic approach to addiction treatment should ideally aim to reduce the need to isolate addictive behavior and take due account of all factors that initially played a role in addiction development. A recording navigator is available to listen to your story and start the next steps.

Stress and other emotional problems can help develop compulsive drug use patterns. In this case, a holistic approach is used to complement this approach and address stress, anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health problems.

Malnutrition results from a lack of access to food, water, sanitation, other essential goods, and poor nutrition and hygiene.

Techniques such as Reiki aim to correct theoretical energy imbalances by manipulating the body’s energy. However, it is generally recommended that holistic therapies be used as part of an evidence-based approach to treating mental health problems rather than a substitute for traditional medicine.

Those who study holistic treatment programs may find it difficult to find research that supports the effectiveness of such treatments. There is not much research on the various holistic therapies, and the research results are often inconclusive. How effective are holistic techniques in rehab, and how well do they work for patients?

For this reason, the effectiveness of these techniques in supporting long-term recovery from addiction is still mostly unknown and sometimes hotly debated. Holistic treatments, however, can attract people who might not otherwise be interested in conventional treatments. This makes them more likely to access them and encourage them to try other research methods – based treatments that offer a greater likelihood of long-term cure. Moreover, the use of therapies can help people feel more comfortable and be a more effective way of dealing with detoxification and rehab challenges.

For this reason, holistic practices can be an effective alternative to traditional evidence-based modalities for treating addiction and recovery.

Most experts agree that conventional research based on detoxification and addiction treatment is not enough to maintain his recovery. When looking at different rehabilitation centers, one has to look at the places that offer holistic services. The holistic label can refer to various treatments, such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation, and other holistic practices.

Although many treatments lack effectiveness in addiction rehab, there is evidence that satisfaction with treatment is linked to maintaining treatment, resulting in a more favorable outcome. It is believed that the application of a holistic approach to complement traditional addiction treatment such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation, and other holistic treatments can, in some cases, contribute to satisfaction with the treatment. Contact the Recover Today!

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Dark Spot Corrector for Face Hydroquinone Skin Serum with Vitamin C & Kojic Acid Melasma Treatment Brand Discusses Causes of Melasma

Admire My Skin discusses the causes of melasma and shares how its dark spot corrector cream helps reverse, brighten and fade the effects of the condition. The serum also helps fade other dark spots and acne scars.

Palm Beach, FL, US – December 30, 2020

Admire My Skin, a husband-and-wife skincare brand explores the causes of melasma and how its dark spot corrector for face eliminates melasma and dark spots. The cream is formulated with hydroquinone to brighten skin and fade dark areas.

Find out more about the skin serum with vitamin C at

A spokesperson from the brand says, “We promise this dark spot corrector for the face will provide effective results within four weeks when used as directed. The hydroquinone brightens and fades dark spots and melasma. The acids gently peel dark spots to reveal brighter skin.”

Melasma is a pigmentation disorder in which gray or brown spots appear on the skin. There are three types of melasma: dermal, epidermal and mixed melasma, a combination of the first two types. Experts believe melasma is a result of excessive melanocytes in the skin. For this reason, people with darker skin are more likely to develop this condition. Other medical causes for melasma include:

Hormonal changes during pregnancy
Birth control
Hormone treatments
Unprotected sun exposure
Use of irritating skincare products

To reverse the effects of melasma, the serum inhibits the production of melanocytes in the skin. This limits the production of melanin, leaving behind brighter, glowing skin. This result is made possible by hydroquinone.

Admire My Skin uses 2% hydroquinone in its serum. “It contains the highest concentration of hydroquinone allowed without a prescription. Use this for four weeks, and you’ll notice the dark spots have faded, and your complexion will be much smoother and even-toned,” the spokesperson continues. According to the brand, the Admire My Skin dark spot corrector is considered more effective than other dark spot correctors and melasma treatment creams.

Customers are sharing their experiences on the skin serum’s Amazon page. “Miracle. I suffer from very large brown spots on both cheeks. It was embarrassing and lowered my self-esteem. It took too much makeup to cover up without looking cakey. I received this on Tuesday, and today (Sunday), the spots have reduced by 50%. I wish I took a before picture, but I had no idea this product would actually work. I have tried everything and was about to look into laser treatment. This works and is very reasonably priced. Also, the customer service is great. I can’t thank this company enough for giving my skin and confidence back.

Update: after one month. My fine lines have disappeared. I am glowing again. I’ve switched from foundation to tinted moisturizer. I’m in love.”

To learn more about this salicylic acid serum from Admire My Skin, please visit the brand’s storefront on Amazon or its official website.




About Us: Admire My Skin is a skincare company founded by Amy and Craig Romero, a husband and wife team that are passionate about skincare and helping others achieve the best skin possible.

Admire My Skin products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage. They are exclusively available through our website and on

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New Changes to the Portuguese Golden Visa Program Still Carry Great Investment Potential

The new changes to Golden Visa will bring more focus to less frequent regions of Portugal.

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

As the new deadline for the Portuguese Golden Visa deadline approaches, this is a good time to start scouring prime properties. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed back the deadline for visa applications to March 2021, giving investors more time.

The Golden Visa in Portugal is awaiting prospective applications, and there have also been proposed some changes. For high-density areas like Lisbon and Porto or coastal Algrave, there could be limited applications, while for places like Algarve and other low-density areas, the regular rules will apply. The changes will also not be applicable to fund investment or other investment options, nor will they apply to those who have already applied. In addition, Places like Algarve are more attractive, since they would require low investments in the range of Euros 280-400K.

The Golden Visa program was launched in 2012 and is extremely popular with non-EU investors to become a resident or citizen simply by investing money, such as in real estate properties. The entire process can take five years, and the minimum stay needed is just one year. The new resident status would in turn allow visa-free travel to 186 countries.

The APPII (the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Promoters and Investors) has voiced its concerns about the proposed changes and requested a transition period up to 2022. This will give everyone ample time for companies and investors to align their strategies with the new program.

The new changes to Golden Visa will bring more focus to less frequent regions of Portugal. For instance, Algrave holds great potential and has been ranked as the top vacation destination for three consecutive years. For instance, Lagos on West Algrave offers many 2BHK, 3 BHK, or four-bedroom apartments in luxury condominiums.

As it stands, Golden Visa applicants can still apply under the current guidelines until June 30, 2021. From 1st of July 2021, changes will come into place, which will include increases to the current threshold amounts, as well as limited locations for investment. This means that for those looking for property in Portugal, as well as citizenship, now is the time to buy!

Those interested in applying for the Golden Visa and would like expert advice can get in touch with the Ideal Homes International team. Give a call on +351 289 513 434 or send an email on:

For more information, please visit:

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Altor Safety LLC Receives Grant From New York State

Woman-owned New York-based manufacturer, Altor Safety LLC, receives $800,000 grant from New York State to enhance the production of face masks to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Altor Safety LLC was recently named as one of the beneficiaries of the $4.9 Million in incentives that the New York State is awarding to manufacturers to enhance the production of PPE items as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by two passionate and innovative entrepreneurs, Rochelle and Russell Fawkes, and Jonathan Scott, Altor Safety LLC has become increasingly popular for their quality face masks, a feature that has helped them to access $800,000 grant from the state.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses across the globe. The United States of America remains the worst-hit nation with more than 14.9 million confirmed cases and over 287 thousand deaths. While the second wave of the virus seems to be rearing its ugly head, a number of pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines to combat the pandemic. However, PPE items have not been particularly available as required due to increasing demand, which is where Altor Safety LLC is looking to be of help, particularly with the recently received grant from the state government.

The company produces berry-compliant masks made with 100% USA raw material, distributing about 3 million FDA-approved, 3-ply disposable face masks monthly. Altor Safety LLC has already invested over $2.5 million to purchase machinery, equipment, and raw materials to manufacture and distribute product. The grant from the state government will further enhance their operations as the company continues in the pursuit of keeping as many people across the country safe.

Altor Safety is one of eight companies in New York that got $4 million for making PPE items to combat the pandemic. Consequently, Altor, as required by the New York Empire State Development Grant will steer a minimum of 40 percent of its production of masks and other PPE products to New York.

For more information about Altor Safety LLC and their range of PPE items, please visit – Altor Safety, LLC can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Altor Safety, LLC

Altor Safety, LLC is a New York-based company that manufactures products that help to save lives while building sustainable futures within the community. The company offers a range of premium quality made in USA PPE items, including disposable face masks, hand sanitizers, and pedal-activated touch-less hand sanitizer stand.


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Jason Coombs Book: “Unhooked – How To Help An Addicted Loved One Recover”, Now Available On Audible

Jason Coombs Is Pleased To Announce That His Best Selling Book “Unhooked – How To Help An Addicted Loved One Recover” Is Now Available On Audible

Boise, ID, USA – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Jason Coombs is pleased to announce that his best selling book “Unhooked – How To Help An Addicted Loved One Recover” is now available in audio format at

Is someone you love addicted? Have you found yourself wondering if all efforts to “help” or “fix” your loved one are really going in the right direction? Addictions to prescription meds, opioids, alcohol, and other substances are growing at exponential rates and ripping our families apart.

About “Unhooked – How To Help An Addicted Loved One Recover”
This audiobook touches the hearts and minds of those who have loved ones suffering from addiction, or who are struggling with it in their own life. Jason’s book contains his own personal story of recovery and a raw, gritty, no-nonsense discussion on how readers can not only survive their loved one’s addiction, but ultimately find peace, success, and influence their loved one’s long-term recovery.

One listener of the book commented “I have listened to this book more than once, and every time I have listened, I have learned something new that has helped me in my life. It is filled with wisdom and truth. I would recommend it to anyone ready to learn more about boundaries, forgiveness, and how to have empathy for someone who may be causing you pain. It will help you understand how to protect yourself while letting go of what you can’t control. It also helping spell out how you can stop contributing to the problem. So good.”

Now available on Audible:

About Jason Coombs
Jason Coombs is the CEO and Founder of Brick House Recovery. Brick House Recovery is a nationally accredited, faith-based substance abuse treatment program in Boise, Idaho. Jason has effectively guided thousands of addicted individuals and their families out of the chaos and into recovery. He is in long-term recovery himself and so he’s been there. Jason is a professional TEDx speaker, consultant, and leadership expert.

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America’s Digital Business District Launches in 40 Cities.

Maynestreet is elevating traditional business networking to meet today’s culture and business climate. Now, small business owners have both national and local opportunities to network.

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Maynestreet is adding networking and resource opportunities for small businesses on both local and national scales. The Las Vegas-based company is launching its digital business district in 40 cities and with no membership fee. Business owners who use Maynestreet will be able to create quality business connections for the cost of nine dollars per meeting- less than the cost of a single cocktail at traditional networking mixers.

“The goal is to provide value to our business owners who are having to pivot to virtual networking and business events. With COVID-19 a main factor, and the culture of today’s workforce simply moving to a more work-from-home structure, more business owners are challenged with meeting new contacts. The Maynestreet platform is the solution to this challenge,” said Debbie Harris of PIMedia, LLC.

Maynestreet recognized a need that business owners had and created a platform that is affordable, clever, and effective. USA Today and Wired are two of the many news platforms currently covering the challenges associated with digital networking and online meetings. Maynestreet is different because of the thoughtfulness and purpose provided by the platform in the pre-planning stages.

“Engagement is key. We think of the different types of traditional networking events business owners would go to and then what was their ROI from attending those events. Then, we look at the scope of an online event and how we can make it better for the business owner so the first thing we did was remove presentations to focus time on meeting other businesspeople. When we developed Maynestreet, we wanted to be the only national system for small business networking. Now, as this goal comes into fruition, we are confident business owners will see the quality of contacts and value each one of our events provides,” finished Harris.

Maynestreet’s networking meetings are led by Maynestreet’s hosts- who act as guides for the networking experiences. The platform mixers are focused on small groups to help people better connect with impactful introductions. After meeting people in the first small group, the Maynestreet host will then move the business owner into a new virtual room to meet another small group of people. The platform also offers a ‘Zappy Hour’ event, which is a cocktail social hour over Zoom with the capability to bring 300 people together for chat announcements and more.

Members of the media are invited to try out a Maynestreet networking event, as well as interview Debbie Harris about the platform upon qualified request.

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Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design, Weighs in on the Impact Linens can have on Bedroom Design

Top Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, explores different bedding options as design elements, and how their use can impact bedroom aesthetics.

Sea Island, GA – December 30, 2020

Designing a calm sleeping space that is luxurious, beautiful, and spacious is achievable with the use of linens. Understanding how to use these different bedding pieces as design elements will help you tie a room together and create a tailored, finished look. Consider something as simple as a duvet cover or bedspread. The difference in the material choices alone can shape the overall design of a room. The same color or style of the bedspread in silk versus cotton as an example, will create an entirely different aesthetic.

Small details such as shams, cases, throws and bed skirts complete a room. You can use pillowcases or shams that match your bedspread for a more traditional feel, or you could choose to buy a separate set to introduce more modern aspects to your bedroom. Throw pillows and blankets are another way to inject color and tie the room together.

Bed skirts can fall into the more traditional category for most people, but there are many very sleek and modern styles available today. For a traditionally styled room, the pleated skirts will often invoke nostalgia. Conversely, straight and elegant bed skirts with modern designs or semi-reflective fabrics will convey a fashion-forward, contemporary take.

Curating linens for your bedroom will allow you to experience a room makeover and can determine the style of your space. Whether you choose a modern or traditional theme for your room, using bedroom linens will tie each aspect together and create a finished look.

About VPI Design by Dina Varner:
Dina Varner is founder and creative director of VPI Design, an Atlanta and Sea Island Interior Design Firm working with both residential and commercial clients. She and her husband have been in the commercial construction industry for many years. Her inspiration comes from over twenty-five years of collecting and selling art and antiques through venues like Sotheby’s, Babcock Gallery, and Christie’s. This love of art and antiques started as a passion and has evolved into a successful business. Dina’s rich southern heritage, in addition to her love of fashion and travel, also act as her creative influence. The VPI Design team work together with a distinct flair for aesthetic insight into unique designs exhibiting elegance and style. They explore the use of light and texture for an organic appealing experience in every timeless interior. Combinations of art deco, vintage, and contemporary styles are combined to create elegance while simultaneously exuding simplicity and comfort in each living space. Her designers enjoy getting to know their clients personally to create a home that suits their individual taste. Dina believes that every aspect of a room should complement one another to tell a unique story.

For more information please visit:

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Organization: VPI Design by Dina Varner
Address: 120 Interstate North Parkway, Suite 154 Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Phone: 770-422-2000

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Joseph Cavallo Details Possible Personal Injury Lawsuits for Firms That Reopen

The most common basis for such claims is negligence, which is likely to underpin the majority of lawsuits against companies reopening for business.

Irvine, CA – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The sudden coronavirus pandemic has caused most activities to stop for the time being. In addition to disrupting personal lives and causing changes for many businesses, the outbreak could cause an economic depression that is worse than the one in 2008/2009. Prominent California-based attorney Joseph Cavallo comments, “After prolonged lockdowns, governments around the world are attempting to strike a delicate balance between re-opening their economies and preserving the health of their populations. Businesses are eager to resume operations since many companies, especially small and mid-sized enterprises, are hovering on the brink of collapse. However, they may be facing another challenge on top of all the disruptions experienced so far: with no vaccine or proven treatment available yet, infections are set to continue, which puts employers at risk of fielding personal injury claims related to this disease.”

The most common basis for such claims is negligence, which is likely to underpin the majority of lawsuits against companies reopening for business, Joseph Cavallo says. When the plaintiffs are customers of an organization, they can be expected to opt for a premises liability claim, which would assert that the corporate entity is responsible for failing to address an unreasonably dangerous condition or warn of it, thus resulting in the customer being infected. Companies are also likely to face lawsuits initiated by employees who claim to have been infected in the workplace. While workers’ compensation statutes generally prohibit members of staff from seeking redress for contracting a disease at work, some states allow exceptions if the employer can be proven to have willfully or fraudulently concealed such a risk. Aside from these two litigation possibilities, businesses may also have to deal with claims filed by employees’ next of kin, with family members asserting that one or more of them became infected because the virus entered the household through the company worker.

Although multiple lawsuits have already been filed in relation to virus exposure and infection, this is novel territory for civil courts, not to mention that personal injury claims arising from infectious diseases present a number of issues from an evidentiary standpoint, Joseph Cavallo notes. Moreover, governments are taking steps to limit liability, particularly in sectors deemed to provide essential services. Nevertheless, companies should be prepared for possible lawsuits filed by employees, their next of kin, or customers and seek to minimize the risk of litigation by following strictly the guidelines and directive issued by federal, state, and local authorities. Additional protective steps include prominently displayed signs in business premises urging people to follow social distancing rules, wear face masks, and observe hygiene standards, as well as the inclusion of disclaimer, acknowledgment of risk, indemnification, and limitation of liability provisions in service contracts.

Despite being based in California, Joseph Cavallo has achieved prominence nationwide as a criminal defense attorney who aggressively represents his clients, sparing no effort to claim victory on their behalf. He has also been hugely successful as a lawyer in business litigation and personal injury cases, securing over $20 million in cumulative damages for his clients. Joseph Cavallo is frequently asked to share his insights and experience on television, and he has done so as a guest on the O’Reilly Factor, 48 Hours, CNN, MSNBC, and Good Morning America.

The Law Office of Joseph G. Cavallo: Attorney at Law – Irvine, CA:

Joseph Cavallo Highlights the Need to Improve Access to Criminal Defense Services for Low-Income Americans:

Joseph Cavallo Discusses the Case for Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession:

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Federated Mint Provides Jumbo State Gold Bars to Americans in Some States

Apart from being an exceptional opportunity for collectors, this offer is also bound to spark huge interest among dealers and resellers, according to Federated Mint.

Massillon, OH – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Federated Mint has gained a strong reputation among American collectors of fine precious metal goods and coins by offering an amazing customer service and high quality items. Besides providing a large selection of desirable collectibles, the business also offers special deals, which allows collectors to get their wanted pieces for a low price. Its latest campaigns centers on Gold Vault Bricks still loaded with four 5-ounce Jumbo State Bars layered in valuable 24-karat gold. Bearing the name of the First Bank of the United States of America and the state they were once destined for, these are the only Gold Vault Bricks known to exist, and Federated Mint is making them available through a limited-time offer to residents of select states.

“We are immensely pleased to give collectors this unique chance to obtain extremely rare items at incredible prices. Eligible buyers can claim Gold Vault Bricks for themselves and keep all the valuable gold found inside provided that they act within 48 hours of the publication of our advertisement,” Federated Mint explains. “Each Gold Vault Brick contains four bars weighing a full 20 ounces of high-in-demand bullion copper layered in valuable 24-karat gold in all. Under the terms of our special 48-hour release, buyers who make the deadline have to cover only the minimum gold fee set for state residents, which is just $49 per ounce, or $980 for the full 20 ounces contained within these Gold Vault Bricks. To put things in perspective, residents of non-designated states will have to pay $124 per ounce, or $2,480 in total.”

Apart from being an exceptional opportunity for collectors, this offer is also bound to spark huge interest among dealers and resellers, according to Federated Mint. The question of value is always relevant in the collectibles world, but it is also the most challenging one because there are no guarantees, and values cannot be based on the most recent spot prices of gold, silver, or other precious metals as those constantly fluctuate. As Federated Mint points out, “These First Bank of the United States of America Jumbo State Gold Bars are the only ones known to exist. The value of the pure 24-karat gold layered content is merely a bonus for those lucky enough to snatch one of the Gold Vault Bricks as there is no way to tell what the actual collector value could be.”

Federated Mint was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Massillon, OH. The company specializes in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products, typically notifying interested buyers of its offers through full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide. Relentlessly committed to offering quality products and exceptional customer service, the organization has received the stamp of approval from more than 75,000 satisfied clients. Federated Mint is not affiliated with any United States government agency or bank.

Federated Mint – Coin and Collectible Giant:

Federated Mint Offers Unsearched Vault Bags Loaded with Valuable Government-Issued Coins:

Federated Mint Offers Up Jumbo State Gold Bars to Residents in Select States:

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