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Tony Amaradio – Surveys Show How Charity Increases Happiness

The adage, ‘money can’t buy happiness’ has been challenged by many religious and academic experts

Aliso Viejo, CA – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Tony Amaradio, CEO of Select Portfolio Management, Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc., has highlighted surveys that show how charity boosts happiness. People’s emotions become more positive when spending money on others.

Case studies from Harvard Business School reveal through its paper, ‘Prosocial Spending and Happiness: Using Money to Benefit Others Pays Off’, overwhelming evidence highlighting the notion of spending more money on others to improve relationships and emotional happiness. Tony Amaradio is a longtime supporter of encouraging charitable acts, and suggests they result in more humility and compassion for members in struggling communities. “These benefits are most likely to emerge when giving satisfies one or more core human needs, such as relating to others, competence, and autonomy,” Amaradio states. “There are many examples in the religious community where prosocial spending has had a dramatic impact on increasing satisfaction.”

The adage, ‘money can’t buy happiness’ has been challenged by many religious and academic experts, who monitor the spending patterns of people from high and low-income backgrounds. Results showed that while the behavioral trends may differ, the psychological and compassionate responses from people remain the same. A study by Michael Norton, titled ‘Prosocial Spending and Well-Being: Cross-Cultural Evidence for a Psychological Universal’, suggests that these responses can be seen in children as young as two years old, as toddlers begin to learn about the significance of sharing, helping, and comforting others. As a longtime philanthropist and financial advisor, Tony Amaradio urges all members across different communities to embrace a lifestyle that can advance the emotional development of people across the world. “These studies have confirmed that special feeling we all get inside us. That charity is, in the purest sense, fulfilling God’s wish for us to stand alongside each other, and improve all of us.”

The study concludes by comparing three countries—Canada, Uganda, and India—that differ dramatically in national-level income and donation frequency. It still witnesses a correlation between individuals reporting significantly greater happiness after reflecting on a time when they spent money on others rather than themselves. “In highlighting the potential impact of emotional benefits from prosocial spending,” Amaradio states, “all the research outlines the importance of generosity for human well-being.”

Tony Amaradio is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Select Portfolio Management, Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc. His years of innovative strategic work and applied business vision have enabled him to develop a strong reputation in the field of wealth management. He earned an MBA from the University of Detroit and a BBA from the University of Michigan, with a concentration in finance. Tony Amaradio is a sought-after public speaker who assists non-profit organizations, as well as an author, radio talk show host, and philanthropist.

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South Beach Hotel Invites Ballet Lovers

The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events.

Miami, FL – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

In July and August of every year, the International Ballet Festival takes place in Miami-Dade County. The 24th edition gathers together more than 200 dancers working with more than 20 companies. South Beach Hotel has an ideal location in South Beach Miami, and offered ballet lovers attending the event, the quintessential Miami hotel experience with affordable luxury accommodations.

The International Ballet Festival of Miami has become recognized as one of the world’s premier ballet events. Featuring dancers from ballet companies based in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America, performances took place at top-tier Miami venues such as the Amaturo Theater Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, and the Manuel Artime Theater. Programs included the International Ballet Festival youth Gala; the Contemporary Performances; the Etoiles Classical Grand Gala Performance, in which principal Dancers from more than 15 companies from around the world will be in the spotlight; and a closing ceremony that will offer both performances and an awards ceremony.

Besides fantastic live performances, the festival also hosted workshops on weekdays with national and international ballet masters offering instruction to both intermediate and advanced students, while giving the chance to invited students to learn new techniques in the Dance Master classes. In the Art Exhibit Series, works inspired by dance from renowned artists were on display while the Dance Film Series remained one of the festival’s most highly anticipated events. The festival is presented by the Miami Hispanic Ballet Company, a non-profit dance organization founded by world-renowned dancer, choreographer, and director Pedro Pablo Peña. With achievements such as major stage and film choreography, the foundation of art centers and ballets, and the development and promotion of dance both in Miami and his native country, Cuba; Peña has been honored with many accolades including the ‘key to the city’ to both the City of Miami and Miami Beach.

Festival attendees found the recently renovated South Beach Hotel is in the prime location for their visit to Miami and offered a great deal on perfect accommodations for the ballet fans, who appreciate art in all its forms. The hotel is not only a few steps away from the main festival venue, Colony Theater, but also just a few minutes’ drive away from the rest of the auditoriums and theaters. Also within walking distance is the world-famous Miami City Ballet, one of the largest ballet companies in the United States.

South Beach Hotel is located in Miami’s exclusive Collins Park neighborhood and offers luxury accommodations at a amazingly affordable price. A perfect example of the ‘Streamline’ Art Deco style, it was ensured that during its recent renovation the 51-room luxury boutique hotel retained its stunning appearance and would continue on as one of the jewels of South Beach’s historic Art Deco district. Hotel amenities including croquet sets, bicycles, and beach chairs are available to all guests, along with access to a private beach and rooftop pool.

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Houzeo is disrupting real estate with a new feature letting home buyers submit offers online just launched a new “Offers” feature for home buyers and buyer agents to submit offers online for Houzeo listings. This new feature makes Houzeo the third company behind Zillow and Redfin to provide a way for buyers and agents to submit offers online.

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/, the most advanced for sale by owner platform, announced a new feature that allows homebuyers, with or without an agent, to make offers on homes directly through its website. This new feature comes a few weeks after Houzeo launched their Settlement Agent platform which allows home sellers to select or invite their settlement agent to collaborate with them online on the Houzeo platform.

The new “Offers” feature was launched in Florida first in November and is slowly being rolled out to the 37 states that Houzeo currently covers. This feature ties into Houzeo CEO Amit Dhameja’s vision of making real estate transactions simple, efficient, and transparent. In the current version, the Offers feature allows home buyers to submit offers on homes listed on with a simple 3 step process. The offer is then summarized for the home seller to efficiently review it. The feature also allows home sellers to compare offers if they are in a multiple offer situation. Upcoming enhancements to the feature include the ability to send counter offers and call for highest and best. Dhameja said those enhancements will be released gradually in 2021. He elaborated that the goal of this new feature is to get more offers for sellers who list their homes with Houzeo.

The “Make an Offer” button is another example of how Houzeo aims to simplify the complexities in a real estate transaction. “This feature is useful for the home seller and the buyer, but increasingly, we’ve gotten positive reviews about it from settlement agents as well who are usually some of the last stakeholders to get involved in the transaction, but probably the most critical ones. This feature gets them engaged much earlier,” Dhameja said.

Homes listed on in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Texas now have a “Make an Offer” button notifying home buyers and their agents that they can submit offers directly to the home seller online.

Dhameja said Houzeo home sellers have always been the first priority for the company. Houzeo focused on building out an intuitive listing platform, which has made selling a house by owner much simpler. They are now investing in additional features like interacting with Settlement Agents and this new Offers feature.

“Houzeo’s first phase as a startup has been to redefine the home selling process. We’re at critical mass now when it comes to the number of listings on the platform. We’ll continue to improve the seller experience, but we’re also now investing in redefining the home buying process” Dhameja said.

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Exfoliating Foot Mask Booties Now Even Easier to Use Thanks to Fresh Design

Soft Touch has recently unveiled a new and improved design for its exfoliating foot mask. The new model has made it effortless to repair calluses and cracked heels using this natural exfoliating treatment.

Hickory, NC, USA – December 30, 2020

Soft Touch is pleased to announce that its highly recommended exfoliating foot mask now features a fresh design. Official sources reveal that the new model was created to make it easier to use. This product comprises two packs of peeling booties for removing dead, dry skin and repairing calluses.

To find out more, please visit

With the introduction of the new design, the company advises that users need only wear the foot mask from Soft Touch for 60 minutes and wash their feet after removing the booties. By soaking feet daily for just 10 minutes, peeling starts within 7-14 days. Men and women can use these foot peel booties; they fit up to a size 11 for men.

Tim and Lynsey Frey started Soft Touch in 2014 to deliver world-class foot-care products. A licensed skincare professional, Lynsey discovered that a combination of pure botanical acids could rid feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. Today, her creation has emerged as a social media sensation. To date, it has received over 15 million online video views. The customer feedback and outstanding reviews speak volumes about this product.

Lynsey Frey explains, “Soft Touch foot peel booties have been formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts and wholesome ingredients, including tea tree extract, castor oil and lactic acid. Acting as an effective peel for feet, the formulation removes dead skin and repairs cracked heels. The product is safe to use because all its ingredients are gentle on the skin.”

In a recently published Amazon review, the reviewer mentions, “If you have any doubts about this, don’t. I have had foot issues for the better part of a decade due to 14 years in combat boots. I can assure you I have tried just about everything out there, and then I came across this a couple of weeks ago. I ordered it, used it that night as instructed, and just as described in the testimonials, my feet peeled in about a week. About 10 days later, I actually got out of the shower and didn’t have to exfoliate soggy dead skin off my feet. They are as smooth as I can ever remember. I am so not used to these guys/gals, I mean it, get this if you have foot issues like me.”

To find out more about Soft Touch and its products, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.




About Us: Soft Touch is led by Tim and Lynsey Frey. They worked together to develop a product that has people everywhere ranting and raving about it. This amazing foot exfoliating product had its beginning in 2014 in the small town of Hickory N.C. Lynsey, a licensed skincare professional, was on the lookout for the latest developments in skincare treatments and ingredients. She discovered that a combination of pure botanical acids could create a product unmatched in ridding feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. Our foot peel mask is a product that leaves your feet feeling baby soft without the hassle of useless tools or expensive trips to the spa.

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Garage Door Services and Repair Inc Now Offers Complete Repair Solutions

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is all set to provide fast and secured garage door repair services at competitive rates.

Houston, United States – December 30, 2020 /PressCable/

Garage Door Services And Repair Inc, a leading Houston based company that offers complete repair services for all kinds of garage doors. Being a leading garage door repair Houston company, it has expertise in handling garage doors, including sectional garage doors, and overhead garage doors, and also high-tech insulated garage doors.

“Maneuvering a garage door is pretty simple. One needs to open or close it either manually or through a remote clicker. The door goes up and down over and over, year after year. Like every other mechanical device, it has its own lifespan. So, if a garage door’s operating well at this moment, doesn’t mean it will go on working forever without maintenance. Periodic inspection and maintenance are highly recommended to keep the problems away”, said Thomas Wang, the chief spokesperson of the Houston garage door repair company.

“Not just the maintenance services, but we provide quality repair and installation Services of all types of garage doors. Malfunctioned cables or worn-out springs may give birth to the faults such as noisy or frozen garage doors. There are other underlying reasons as well that cause faulty doors. To fix the problems homeowners should call a professional service provider like Garage Door Service and Repair Inc right away for fast and accurate service”, he added.

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a locally operated company that offers 360° repair solutions for garage doors. The company goes one step ahead to provide the same-day service that will allow the customers to avail the fast services during emergencies. Along with the residential garage doors, the garage door repair Houston TX company provides fast and reliable service to the commercial doors as well, be it maintenance or any major repairs.

“In case any homeowner needs a garage door to be replaced, we’ll be happy to serve them. We have a huge collection of branded garage doors to choose from. Once customers select one from the list, our technicians will replace the old one with the new one in due time. Our company guarantees customer satisfaction with genuine services at a reasonable price”, Thomas Wang added while interacting with the press.

About the Company

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a Houston-based garage door service provider.

To know more, visit or call them at (713) 730-2797.

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New Online Store Austin Sprinz Introduces Inspiring and Authentic Hoodies, Caps, Sweatshirts, and other Apparel

A new urban clothing brand, Austin Sprinz is introducing comfort and style back into the fashion world.

December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The next best thing to a sweatshirt is a cherry hooded sweatshirt. This cool garment and many others are the creation of the newly launched apparel brand, Austin Sprinz. The online store for Austin Sprinz is now live and offers some finely manufactured and designed urban wear for today’s youth.

The Cherry Hooded Sweatshirt is a ring-spun, 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend made with combed cotton face yarn. Users can wear this in combination with the Austin Sprinz Dad Hat, a pure cotton, twill hat with an embroidered logo and brass buckle closure, and universal size.

The Austin Sprinz online store features many other tempting garments. Like the Scribble Sweatpants w/ Pockets. These are pre-shrunk, and the fabric is a durable blend of 50:50 cotton and polyester. The fleece is NuBlend pill-resistant, and the waistband is triple-needle stitched and elastic, including an inside draw-cord. With some comfortable, side-entry, jersey-lined pockets and elastic bottom leg openings, the wearer is guaranteed comfort at all times.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of Austin Sprinz. One of our goals with the brand is to create a lasting impact on people by inspiring them to never give up, and go for what they believe in. Our brand also stands for being authentic. We want to inspire others to stay true to themselves, and never change for the sake of someone else,” said a spokesperson for Austin Sprinz.

The founder and team behind Austin Sprinz were recently in news for their trending hashtag, #jellyfruit on Tiktok. The hashtag revived the fortunes of a company that was on the verge of closure when the founder and his brother discovered their last candies in a dollar store. The hashtag went viral and the company sold out the inventory and had a backlog of orders for the next four months. The three siblings were born and raised in Arizona. The founder has played hockey most of his life on a travel team and has been active on social media for over two years.
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IC Media Direct – Content Marketing Software Improves Your Online Reputation

The importance of online buzz cannot be underestimated and can lead to measureable business results.

New York, NY – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

In PR and marketing, it is important to “always control the message.” Because marketing started to include Google results, new software was developed. Called “reputation management” it is the science and art of maintaining control of the client’s message by understanding how to work collaboratively with the Google algorithm. The leader in this new field is Founded in 1996, two years before Google, the company has been a pioneer in perfecting the new techniques of reputation management. IC Media Direct works with companies or individuals in controlling the message across the Internet to project the best possible branding image.

The importance of online buzz cannot be underestimated and can lead to measureable business results. It has been calculated by the Harvard Business School that each star in a Yelp rating increases a business’ sales by 5 to 9%. And a bump up from 3.5 to 4 stars on Yelp typically results in a 19% increase of restaurant bookings during peak business hours. Through its nearly 20 years of experience in the PR and marketing industry, IC Media Direct has developed an effective strategy that affords them 100% control of search results. They employ an experienced and professional team of online marketing representatives utilizing state-of-the-art technology to define and disperse throughout the Internet the specific branding impression that a client is looking for. Undesirable search results can be pushed down and replaced with more positive links generated from reputable media sources. Their PR team consults directly with the client to plan an effective, long-term PR strategy and then efficiently execute it.

With two offices in New York City and Washington, DC, serves a global roster of clients in 49 countries and speaking 49 languages. The list includes Fortune-500 CEOs, athletes, politicians, executive level bankers, and top motivational speakers.

IC Media Direct maintains an active profile within the marketing and PR industry and annually sponsors major marketing events and conferences including Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, SES, ad:tech, and New York City Fashion Week and attends other key industry events like New York ad:tech, Chicago SES and LeadsCon Las Vegas. was honored with the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) two years in a row. The award is the result of an annual survey the SBIEC conducts in different industries to identify companies in said sectors that have achieved above-average success and reflected a high degree of ethics and business acumen.

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Cho Truc Tuyen Enlightens With Some Of The Best Agricultural Product In Their Portfolio

Cho Truc Tuyen provides the agricultural products that make the work of farmers easier.

December 30, 2020 / /

Cho Truc Tuyen is one of the top companies in Vietnam when it comes to the selling of machines, water pumps, hand tools, and much more supporting civil needs, industry and construction, particularly agriculture. As an online market, Cho Truc Tuyen has partnered with several companies and famous brand names like EAGLE, Cro-King, HYUNDAI, Robin, Pandora, Bosch, Kasei, Makita, SATA, TOPSUN, etc. So, one should not worry about the quality of the products on Cho Truc Tuyen‘s website. Also, one of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that they provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

All the agricultural machines on the website of Cho Truc Tuyen are to provide the best for farmers by increasing productivity and decreasing labour work. An employee from the company said that the power sprayer is one of their most popular agricultural machines. At, customers can find various types of stainless steel or ceramic that help in watering plants, washing cars, equipment in cleaning, and much more. In the agricultural world, these power sprayers are used to spread fertilizers and pesticides, to make the crop more nutritious.

Another one of the best – selling products in the agricultural machines is an electric sprayer. The battery-powered electric sprayer is used for spraying insecticides and disinfectants. This product is a good choice for farmers because it not only can spread approximately 16 to 20 litters of insecticides or disinfectants but also is compactly designed to easily carry and use. All electric sprayers at are high quality products from well-reputed brands such as HYUNDAI, Pandora with wide range of models and capacity.

Spray machine is another popular agricultural machine from Cho Truc Tuyen. This helps farmers in caring for the crops. One of the best spray machines is the Makita PM7650H 75.6 ML Petrol Mist Blower, and it comes at a reasonable price of 13,484,000 Vietnamese Dong. This machine vibrates less and runs smoothly with 4 stroke engines. This beautifully designed spray machine is convenient to use because of the presence of a joystick on the spray pipe. There are three nozzles, which one can use according to their needs. This machine is highly durable, and its tank capacity is large, so one can carry a lot of insecticides or pesticides in it. These spray machines have gained specialization in disease prevention sprays and environmental sanitation.
There are several other agricultural machines Cho Truc Tuyen offers. Customers can easily find machines like mist dusters, brush cutters, fence trimmer, chain saws, leaf blower, PVC hose, and much more. To know more about them, click on the link mentioned below:

Besides providing high quality products, Cho Truc Tuyen is known for their customer service and promotion programs. The company usually offers discounts to attract new customers. For example, one can get vouchers worth 300,000 Vietnamese Dong when buying machines at the store. They also offer free shipping using the FREESHIP coupon.

About the Company:
Cho Truc Tuyen is a company that provides tools. They provide delivery nationwide, their products are of high-quality with genuine warranty, and their main aim is to serve customers well.

Contact Information:
Name: Cho Truc Tuyen
Organization: – a website specializing in agricultural, industrial, constructive products, tools, machines.
Address: 290 An Duong Vuong, Ward 4, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: 08 99 00 20 20

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Contact Info:
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Organization: – a website specializing in agricultural, industrial, constructive products, tools, machines.
Address: 290 An Duong Vuong, Ward 4, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: 08 99 00 20 20


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Spend Remaining FSA Funds on First Aid Backcountry Essentials

Employees Stock Up on First Aid Kits for Camping and Hiking Preparations

Woodbridge, United States – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The flexible spending account (FSA) season is ending soon. With the clock ticking, many outdoorsmen enrolled in the program are racing to spend their remaining tax-exempt money before they lose it.

Not all hiking provisions are FSA-eligible. Employees wanting to make their backcountry experiences safe and stress-free will want to invest in FSA-eligible supplies like medical and health-related prescription medications, asthma inhalers, and first aid kits.

Surviveware, a leading camping and preparedness company, has several FSA-eligible products that can be purchased using tax-free dollars. One of the eligible items offered by Surviveware is their Small First Aid Kit. Not only is it a reliable home and office pack, but it doubles up as a portable kit for all outdoor adventures.

The Small First Aid Kit is made of durable 600D Polyester fabric, which is sturdy and water-resistant, durable, and lightweight. The pack fits easily into a camping bag or glove compartment and has MOLLE-compatible straps that attach effortlessly onto backpacks, tents, hammocks, and service dog vests. Conveniently compact and fully transportable.

The small first aid kit has unique labeled compartments that help in the quick identification and organization of the supplies. The contents are kept fresh and dry by being secured in resealable laminate pouches.

Despite its size, the small first aid kit contains 100 life-saving medical supplies used to treat injuries and wounds. It includes a wide variety of bandages, gauze pads, steri-strips, cleansing and antiseptic wipes used to patch up cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. Handy supplies like nitrile gloves, splinter probes, tweezers, triangular bandages, and a first aid handbook are also included along with cleansing, antiseptic, and sting relief wipes.

Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit is recognized as “Amazon’s Choice” in its category and can be purchased on Amazon Prime using an FSA credit card.

Cassandra, one of the company’s Amazon customers, expressed her satisfaction after purchasing a Surviveware Small First Aid Kit.

“This kit is amazing. Durable, rugged, construction with really effective labeling and internal division. The kit is water-resistant and comes with everything inside in waterproof packaging to maintain dry, clean, supplies. The scissors are the best I’ve found in any kit. The size is perfect to strap to the outside of my hiking pack, but would easily fit inside most of the outer pockets. I added some water purifier tabs, travel size wipes (biodegradable from Surviveware also), nail clippers, Neosporin, and Tylenol – so now I’m set for any adventure! I got a mini tactical light and multi-tool from the company as well that fit perfectly into the kit.”

Plan your backcountry safety and use up your FSA funds today before they run out. Get a Surviveware Small First Aid Kit now by clicking here.

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Organization: Surviveware
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Daniel Yomtobian Discusses the Key Metrics to Observe When Creating Social Media Campaigns

The huge body of social media metrics may seem like rough waters to navigate, but this multitude can be grouped into four main categories

Los Angeles, CA – December 30, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

In recent times, social media has become an important part of life. This means that businesses need to include social networks in their marketing campaigns. Despite the incredible opportunities presented by social networks, there are also significant challenges for advertisers, especially in terms of deriving actionable insights from the enormous amounts of data generated through social media participation. Daniel Yomtobian, a highly respected entrepreneur and business leader in the online media space, comments, “Tracking metrics to determine the success of a brand campaign or the effectiveness of a marketing strategy can be a daunting task since there are too many numbers to consider. However, advertisers now have access to sophisticated analytics tools, which leaves the question of which metrics carry weight in social media. The challenge is to identify the relevant data because the important numbers will be those closely linked to the specific business goals attached to the social strategy.”

The huge body of social media metrics may seem like rough waters to navigate, but this multitude can be grouped into four main categories: awareness, engagement, conversion, and customer metrics, Daniel Yomtobian explains. While every element in these categories can offer valuable insights, its overall usefulness will be determined by its contribution to the business objective in focus. In the awareness category, the most important metrics for social media strategists to track are brand awareness, audience growth rate, post reach, potential reach, and social share of voice. Generally speaking, this category provides numbers that reveal the current audience a brand has and the potential new additions. Engagement metrics are perhaps the most widely tracked group, possibly because these numbers are the easiest to obtain, but they are considered of little use when it comes to measuring return on investment (ROI) or customer lifetime value (CLTV). These so-called “vanity metrics” include likes, shares, comments, followers, views, impressions, traffic, and bounce rate. Even though they may not be helpful in measuring business goals, engagement metrics are still important because they allow brands to optimize their content.

With regard to determining the effectiveness of a social media campaign in terms of generating sales or prompting another desired action, the metrics in the conversion category are deemed the best indicator, says Daniel Yomtobian. Among the key stats to track here are conversion rate, bounce rate, social referral traffic, click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The collective data will provide insights into the value of the content for the target audience and determine whether marketers are getting solid returns on their investment. As for customer metrics, these are essential for any brand that wants to be perceived as credible, trustworthy, and committed to keeping its clients happy. In addition to tracking customer testimonials, marketers should also consider utilizing customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, using these additional data to pinpoint areas in need of improvement and refine their message.

Daniel Yomtobian rose from the ranks of web designers to become one of the most prominent CEOs in the online media space. His passion for innovation and product development has been recognized through multiple awards, among them the SFV Business Journal Top 40 Under 40 Award. In 2014, C-Suite Quarterly described him as a “…young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow.” Daniel Yomtobian has been instrumental in the success of several business ventures, focusing his efforts on his number one goal – driving advertiser value.

Daniel Yomtobian News – Advertising Pioneer and Innovator:

Daniel Yomtobian Comments on Projections for Mobile Advertising Spend:

Daniel Yomtobian Examines the Outlook for the Digital Advertising Market:

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