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ScrapeUp – Real-Time Proxy API For Web Scraping

ScrapeUp is a US-based company that offers premium web data extraction services at highly approachable prices.

August 29, 2021

With the advent of technology and rapid traffic of information, the competition between digital brands became far more intense. Companies that refused to upgrade obscure technologies are still manually gathering and compiling data; the time invested in such ventures could be allocated into numerous other projects that could improve various elements of the brand.

ScrapeUp is a US-based company that has developed a convenient, easily implementable solution for web data extraction. The brand offers an exquisite platform that seamlessly combines data extraction and real-time proxy application programming interfaces.

One of the highlighted features of ScrapeUp is the rotation of more than 70 million IP addresses. The company states, “we use a mixture of the datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies to ensure reliability.”

The importance of rotating IPs lies in online visibility while using Google browsers. Usually, Google engines would block users that use such a program, but fortunately, ScrapeUp planned with an eclectic bank of versatile IPs.

“Scrape any webpage page with a simple API call. Never worry about proxy pools and captcha checks again. ScrapeUp uses real Chrome browsers in combination with a highly advanced proxy network. Once you call our API, we will spin up a browser, connect to a proxy and retrieve the website information.”

ScrapeUp is fully committed to customer satisfaction and frequently hosts polls where customers can add suggestions regarding new features that the platform will incorporate in the future.
The brand offers four pricing plans that provide different benefits and advantages to potential customers.

The basic Free package allows new customers to test the platform for free, which offers five concurrent requests, datacenter IP Geotargeting, 10,000 API calls, email support, and standard proxies.

The Hobby package costs $29 per month, and it offers the same benefits as the Free package, with the main changes being ten concurrent requests and 250,000 API calls instead of 100,000.

StartUp package costs $99 monthly, and it offers residential IPs instead of standard proxies, 25 concurrent requests, and a million API calls. The most versatile package for established companies in the Business package that costs $249 per month. It offers 50 concurrent requests, residential IPs, JS rendering, and 3 million API calls.

The ScrapeUp platform can be a valuable tool for multinational companies and smaller brands, as well as entrepreneurs and hobbyists. The platform allows users to “extract data from News Articles, Job Data and Career, Travel, Hotel and Airline Data, Product, Pricing and Review Data, Financial, Crypto & Stock Market Data and many more.”

The deliverability of ScrapeUp paired with affordable pricing options offers potential customers a unique opportunity to enhance the efficiency of their businesses in a sustainable, easily implementable fashion. More information about ScrapeUp can be found on the brand’s official website.

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Bunch of Munchies Opens Six New Locations

Bunch of Munchies Opens Six New Locations

Huntington Beach, Calif. – August 29, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

The nostalgic cereal treats munched on by many are now available for pickup and delivery from six new locations. Bunch of Munchies virtual kitchens provide gourmet treats to consumers on demand. Munchies can be ordered via the Bunch of Munchies website or app, DoorDash, UberEats, or GrubHub.
The six new locations include the following cities:

San Diego
2707 Boston Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

1560 Lewis Street, Anaheim, CA 92805

2353 E 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

1282 Essex Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

720 W Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

San Jose
949 Ruff Drive, San Jose, CA 95110

Bunch of Munchies is a new take on the beloved rice cereal treat. Infused with fresh flavors like fluffernutter, churro, and lemon berry, these tempting treats are the perfect cure for the munchies or a dessert craving.

Bunch of Munchies are available now in 10 different flavors for $5.99 each at A single bag contains six two-bite squares.

About Bunch of Munchies
Bunch of Munchies are made fresh every week by Chief Dessert Officer Jessica Aguilar. Jessica fell in love with baking at a young age, learning that the best treats are crafted with love and butter. In 2018 she founded Bunch of Munchies along with her husband Mark, who is now the company’s Chief Munchie Officer. Together,

they are committed to crafting small batches of gourmet munchie goodness to feed the masses.

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Organization: Bunch of Munchies
Phone: (949) 238-8998

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Taha Drah Disrupts The Media and Business Environment With DRH Media

Innovative entrepreneur, Taha Drah, launches DRH Media, a paid ads agency, to help more businesses enhance their online sales process

Canada – August 28, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Taha Drah has rightly seen it all and probably done it all in the business environment and he recently took his ingenuity to the media and advertising industry with the launch of DRH Media. Taha aims to bring more businesses into the digital space and ultimately help them generate more revenue through paid advertising. The agency specializes in paid ads, with Taha Drah leading a team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals in the digital marketing industry.

“Because everyone is switching to digital, we’ve seen a lot of businesses, big and small, looking for ways to reach new clients online. We’re helping e-commerce businesses and others get better ROI from their paid ads, and work with them to optimize their spend for the best returns,” Taha Drah said while speaking to Digital Weekday about the recent successes of DRH Media.

The internet has revolutionized the way businesses operate and individuals interact, with the emergence of social media and online platforms and tools helping people and businesses to connect seamlessly regardless of their location worldwide. Over the years, more businesses have gone online to improve their internet presence and create more brand awareness. The COVID-19 pandemic that ushered in the new normal has made it even more imperative for businesses to embrace more digital solutions. However, the transition is not particularly easy, especially for relatively small organizations and businesses operating on a shoe-string budget. Consequently, Taha Drah and the DRH Media team are looking to bring more businesses online and aid their transition from the traditional brick and mortar concept to a digital-first economy.

DRH Media has already recorded incredible success stories, including helping over 50 businesses to generate more than $6 million in revenue. Consequently, the company has cemented its place in an emerging space where businesses are demanding quality paid ads.

The advertising firm uses the latest techniques and strategies, leveraging their core team of industry experts to partner with as many businesses as possible, including new organizations and established firms to ensure a seamless transition into the digital space without requiring them to break the bank.

Taha Drah and DRH Media are undoubtedly championing the digitization campaign, which has become imperative with countries across the globe implementing lockdowns to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about DRH Media and the range of services offered, please visit –

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iVitalyze Nutrition Reiterates Canada’s Strict Supplement Industry

Leading Montreal-based health and wellness brand, iVitalyze Nutrition, substantiates the claim from experts ranking the Canadian supplement industry high due to strict regulations

August 28, 2021

iVitalyze Nutrition has grown over the years to become one of the leading names in the supplement market in North America, with the company enjoying rave reviews from consumers across the region. Considering the barrage of regulations and strictness within the supplement market, it is commendable what iVitalyze Nutrition has achieved in a relatively short time.

The global supplement market has witnessed a series of evolution over the past decades, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market. A report published by Grand View Research put the size of the market at $140.3 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will hit $272.4 billion by 2028. Canada remains one of the biggest markets for dietary supplements in the world, with sales revenue amounting to approximately 795.7 million Canadian dollars in the third quarter of 2020. The market is particularly competitive and highly regulated, described by many as the source for some of the most trustworthy and safest supplements. However, the likes of iVitalyze Nutrition have ensured that customers in the country and other parts of North America get the desired results from every product.

iVitalyze Nutrition is undoubtedly a leading supplements store offering a wide range of products that have been certified safe for consumption, each having an NPN (natural product number) to guarantee their authenticity as a natural health product. The store strictly complies with all regulatory bodies in the country, with Health Canada taking the supplement industry more seriously than the FDA.

As part of the company’s goal of helping consumers get the best results from the products offered, iVitalyze Nutrition completely stays away from nutrient spiking, one of the major issues bedeviling the supplement industry. The deceitful practice of nutrient spiking involves the addition of ingredients, other than protein, such as taurine, that falsely show up as “protein” during a nitrogen method testing.

“We are passionate about the health of our customers and go the extra mile to ensure that only the best products made with ingredients certified to be safe for consumption are offered. Our products are 100% manufactured in Canada at a government-approved facility, with strict compliance with the several bodies regulating the supplementary industry in Canada and licensed by Health Canada.” – iVitalyze Nutrition.

For more information about iVitalyze Nutrition and the plethora of supplements for weight loss as well as other solutions offered, visit –

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Address: Montreal, Canada

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Talented Hip Hop Recording Artist Pagne Drops His New Album “Dora”

Fast-rising hip hop act, Pagne, releases his debut studio album titled “Dora” aka Diary Of A Real Artist

August 28, 2021

Vidahl Jordan, popularly known by the stage name Pagnemusic, is set to thrill lovers of good music in different parts of the world with an amazing compilation of great tunes as he drops his debut album. The project is titled “Dora” aka Diary Of A Real Artist, jam-packed with hits all across the board, as the hip-hop act shows his ingenuity and creativity, delivering songs for everyone.

“They say you get better with time, but this is “PAGNE” b#h this ain’t wine.”

The global music scene has evolved over the years, as more talented songwriters, singers, and other categories of stakeholders in the industry emerge to deliver songs to satisfy the yearnings of listeners. The hip-hop world has undoubtedly championed the evolution, as substantiated by the tons of artists and works across different genres. However, Pagne is looking to take the listening experience a notch higher as reiterated with the release of his debut studio album.

“Dora” offers a unique twist as Pagne mesmerizes his fans and music lovers with his amazing vocals and crazy flows, features that have stood him out from his contemporaries in a relatively short while. Pagne leverages his diverse background and influence from listening to various legendary musicians growing up, to deliver entertaining yet thought-provoking songs.

Pagne draws inspiration from his surrounding, including life experiences and happenings to compose powerful lyrics that anyone can easily relate to. Some of the songs that have announced the talented act to the world in recent times include Champagne, Take You Out, Enemies, Still Care, and Twenty Sixteen. His talent has attracted the attention of some heavyweights in the industry, working with top producers such as Chris Romero, Young Taylor, and Sound Heightz, amongst others.

“Dora” is currently available across all major streaming platforms.

For more information about “Dora” and other works from Pagne, visit Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and YouTube.

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America’s Top Dumpster Rental Service Redbox + Is Now In Arvada CO

Arvada CO dumpster rental is now easy with Redbox +, America’s top dumpster rental service.

Arvada, United States – August 28, 2021

Arvada CO dumpster rental is now easy with Redbox +, America’s top dumpster rental service. With an affordable dumpster rental plan for all Arvada CO projects big and small, customers can get the dumpsters they need to handle your project at a price that won’t break the bank. When it comes to dumpster rental in Arvada CO, they have got what Arvada is looking for.

They offer prompt and professional service that will provide dumpster rental in Arvada, CO of all kinds from construction sites or clean-outs to household remodels. No matter what size the project may be, Redbox+ has a large inventory and affordable prices

RedBox+ Dumpsters offers customer satisfaction as their top priority while providing dumpster services such as those needed by construction companies.

Their goal is timely delivery of quality equipment which they have available in any shape or form, small jobs are possible too.
Whether it’s construction debris removal, household junk disposal, or any other type of project requiring temporary storage space, they have what Arvada is looking for.

This dumpster rental company was able to grow so quickly because of its commitment to providing excellent dumpster rentals and dumpsters for rent at an affordable price. They are always available, reliable, and offer the best dumpsters for any job.

RedBox+ Dumpster rentals in Arvada, CO offers a wide variety of dumpster sizes and types to meet Arvada’s needs. They have containers that are perfect for construction sites with tight spaces as well as large job sites where space is not an issue. No matter what size job the client is working on, they have the right container at the right price.

Their goal is to provide timely delivery of quality equipment which they offer in any shape or form even if it’s just a small project.

The type of dumpster needed for a project is important to know in advance. Redbox+ has been in the business of providing dumpster rentals for a long time now. Keeping up with their reputation, they are always available to answer any questions that you a client may have.

They can help assure that the process goes smoothly by providing a cost estimate as well as delivery and pick up on time!
The right size dumpsters are essential if a homeowner wants to do any sort of construction or demolition work around the house, so make sure they get it delivered quickly before starting anything else.

Redbox+ Dumpster Rentals Arvada is located at 20300 CO-72 Arvada, CO. For inquiries, contact John Doe and his team (720) 664-7410 or visit their website at

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Address: 20300 CO-72 Arvada, CO
Phone: +17206647410

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Redbox+ America’s Top Dumpster Rental Service Provider Is Coming to Fort Worth Tx

Redbox +, America’s dumpster rental service provider, is proud to announce that they are coming to Fort Worth TX

Fort Worth, United States – August 28, 2021

Redbox +, America’s dumpster rental service provider, is proud to announce that they are coming to Fort Worth TX. This will make dumpster rentals much more accessible for residents in the area. They have been providing dumpsters nationwide for years and prides itself on offering dumpsters of all sizes at a low price.

Redbox+ dumpster rentals are the ideal solutions for any type of project. Whether clients need a dumpster rental in Fort Worth TX or another part of Texas, Redbox+ will have what they’re looking for. Redbox+ dumpsters range from small to large and all come with different features.

If clients are in need of a dumpster rental in Fort Worth TX, then Redbox+ has it. They offer residential and commercial dumpsters to help make each project run as smoothly as possible. From roofing materials removal to concrete removal, their team is here with all the tools and knowledge needed to get it done right.

Redbox+ offers affordable rates that give customers more bang for their buck. You can rent one or more dumpsters depending on how big your job is going to be, which makes it an easy choice if you’re looking for a dependable and reliable company that will work hard so that the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Dumpsters are a big part of any project, residential or commercial. Whether someone is looking for dumpster rental in Fort Worth TX or dumpster rental anywhere else, Redbox + has what their needs might be. With various dumpsters available at low prices, they have an option that will work with every type of project and budget, from small business owners doing some home renovations to residents who need some extra help getting rid of their debris quickly.

Redbox+ dumpster rental Fort Worth TX has a variety of dumpsters, no matter what type of project someone is looking for. From small business owners doing home renovations to residents who need some extra help getting rid of their debris quickly, they offer dumpsters that can handle the task at hand. They also provide affordable rates with more bang for the buck so that the dumpster is worth every penny.

Redbox+ Dumpster Rental is located at 2008 E Rosedale St Fort Worth TX. For inquiries, contact them at (214) 893-5475 or visit their website at

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Stylenations Launches Range Of Designer Custom Furniture Online

Working with a range of furniture makers around the world, Stylenations is a US-wide furniture store that has launched a new range of custom hotel furniture on their online store. This range works with both hospitality industry spaces and living spaces.

August 28, 2021 / /

Stylenations is a female-run business, bringing expertise from interior design, furniture manufacturing, and the hospitality industry to offer a new range of unique and custom furniture that can suit all manner of spaces. This new furniture is designed to help hotels and other hospitality spaces in standing out from their competitors, establishing their own style, and creating a unique connection with their guests.

The vast majority of the new product range from Stylenations is entirely customizable, allowing their customers to ensure that they can create a unique look and connection, specific to their hotel or space, Many of the different aspects of the furniture on the site can be tailored to the needs of the buyer, including materials, colors, and finishes. The site makes it easy to see which options are available for each of the products on display, as well.

Some of the products contained in the store include a wide range of seating (including dining chairs, armchairs, sofas, ottomans, and more), stools (including bar stools and counter stools), tables of all sizes, and a range of outdoor furniture that has goods in each category. Stylenations works closely with a range of designers, acquiring the best products either locally produced or imported from Europe, Indonesia, China and the USA.

The dedication that Stylenations brings to bringing high-quality, fashionable products is seen in the extensive selection of different styles available, the majority of them coming with options that allow buyers to further customise their own unique items. Since these customization features are built into the entire supply chain of the store, this allows customers to create their own looks without the need for a new budget.

Whether you’re a hotel owner, BNB operator or you’re simply looking for some classy, custom furniture for your living space, Stylenations offers a host of resources to help you style your space. This includes their frequently updated blog, a resource hub with helpful tips and solutions for a variety of needs, and a podcast that goes deep into many aspects of decorating commercial spaces.

To learn more about Stylenations, the custom hotel furniture that they have on offer, or any of the other resources they have on the website, you can visit them at

Notes for the Editor: Please send all press inquires to Daniella Menachemson, who can be reached by mail at 7605 Queens Garden Drive or called by phone on 9726262128. All email inquiries can be sent to

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Organization: Stylenations
Address: 7605 Queens Garden Drive
Phone: 9726262128


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PERC Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary in Digital Marketing Industry

Years of experience and a dedication to covering businesses’ digital marketing needs helps ramp up online visibility and boost conversions, publishes

Burnsville, Minnesota – August 28, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

One prominent member of the growing website development and digital marketing sector has reached a significant milestone in its company timeline. Ryan Berkness, Founder and CEO of leading digital marketing agency, PERC recently announced that the company will soon be celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary in catering to businesses’ website design, development, and online marketing needs. Their clients include small, local businesses as well as global corporations. PERC is dedicated to helping companies expand their online presences, improve their rankings in search engine results, and convert leads to paying customers among other crucial aspects.

“We will be celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary in September of this year,” said Berkness, “and we’re proud to have spent the last quarter of a century helping companies adapt to the continually changing demands of search engines and consumers and overcome all the challenges of the digital world. From our humble beginnings creating a website for a small manufacturing company to now, our team has designed, built, optimized, ranked, advertised, and grown hundreds of websites. We may be a small, boutique agency, but we think big and generate major positive results for our clients.”

PERC Digital Marketing offers a range of website design and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors though the company currently specializes in eCommerce websites for the frozen food industry. As a full-service agency, its team provides website development and individual web page design. Additional services include written and visual website content, search engine optimization, paid advertising, video and social media marketing, GeoFencing, and email marketing to name a few of the options available to its clients.

Additionally, the company uses its experience and knowledge of the digital marketing and Website Design sector to develop all-inclusive digital marketing strategies for its clients. Its team provides marketing and website management as well. Analytics is also among the company’s focal points to ensure clients have access to measurable results from their marketing strategies and are able to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Ensuring ADA website compliance is also part of the company’s service lineup.

Concluded Berkness, “We’re committed to giving clients the tools they need to grow their online presences and market their products and services. We’re also proud to make our services available to businesses with all types of marketing budgets. Marketing is just as important to small businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on this element as it is to major corporations with virtually unlimited budgets. We also tailor our services to the specific needs of each of our clients. From improving clients’ online visibility to increasing engagement and fostering conversions, we’re here to cover all their needs.”

About PERC Digital Marketing:

Established in 1996, PERC is a full-service company that caters to businesses’ digital marketing needs. Their team members have been recognized as local and regional leaders in the online marketing realm, and they have extensive experience in their fields.

Contact Info:
Name: Ryan Berkness
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Organization: PERC
Address: Burnsville, MN, 55337
Phone: 612-254-6300

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Marina Kufa Interviews Stars at the Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Cancer Charity 2021

The fight against cancer is an unending one, and the Red Carpet of Hollywood host Marina Kufa joined in support of Harold and Carole Pump Foundation as they continue to raise awareness on cancer

United States – August 28, 2021

The Harold and Carole Pump Foundation has raised over $8.5 million raised for the awareness and treatment of cancer. Striving to push the frontiers of the fight against cancer, the foundation conducts screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, ultrasound needle placements, biopsies, and family practice consultations, amongst other activities.

Every year, the Harold and Carole Pump Foundation holds a cancer charity program. This year, they invited the Red Carpet of Hollywood host, Marina Kufa, to interview the stars that graced the occasion. This year’s cancer charity by the Pump Foundation was held on August 20 at the Beverly Hilton hotel, and Marina Kufa did an excellent job interviewing individuals such as Michael Irvin, Stephen A. Smith, Mike Philips, Chris Mullin, Taylor Dayne, Vince Young, Shaunie O’Neal, and Rodney Peete.

Other guests at the Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Cancer Charity 2021 included Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes, Chante Moore, Mick Cronin, Bryon Scott, Darryl Strawberry, Steve Garvey, David Justice, Kendra Wilkinson, Storm Reid, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Tucker, William “Smokey” Robinson Jr, Andre Reed, Johnny Juzang, Isiah Thomas, Lynn Kendall, Dan Schwab, Donald Penn, Cedric the Entertainer, Gale Greene and a host of others.

Marina Kufa brought her A-game while interviewing guests at the cancer charity, which gave the event a lot more spice than would have been expected. Although this is not the first time, the Red Carpet of Hollywood host will be called upon to interview guests at the Harold and Carole Pump Foundation event. The outbreak of COVID-19 broke the chain for the annual cancer charity, but this year’s event was a success, and it all began with Marina Kufa anchoring the red carpet as she had always done before.

Recently, Marina Kufa announced that her show, Red Carpet of Hollywood, would be aired on ROKU TV. Marina Kufa leverages her connections to feature some of the big names, key players, and rising stars from Hollywood, CA, to movie lovers on the Red Carpet of Hollywood show. Watch Red Carpet of Hollywood on YouTube, and the WE GOT YOU channel on ROKU TV.

About Red Carpet of Hollywood

Red Carpet of Hollywood is a TV show created and hosted by Marina Kufa under the stables of WE GOT YOU MEDIA LLC. The California-based media outfit aims to bring the best entertainment experience to millions of people in different parts of the world.

To learn more about the show and see how Marina Kufa is entertaining movie lovers by interviewing Hollywood Stars, please visit

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Organization: We Got You Entertainment LLC

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