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Palatine Chiropractor Urging Clients To Eat Healthily Think Healthily and Get Regular Exercise To Strengthen Immune System Against COVID

Foundations Spine and Well-necessities a locally owned and operated chiropractic office based in Palatine, IL, is advising all of their patients to focus on their diet, mental health

Palatine, United States – September 30, 2021

Foundations Spine and Well-necessities a locally owned and operated chiropractic office based in Palatine, IL, is advising all of their patients to focus on their diet, mental health and to get involved in some type of physical exercise as all of these activities have been proven to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Although it has always been beneficial to focus on the immune system, this strategy has taken on even more relevance with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of which are still being felt worldwide. Dr Vartain Chakalian, owner and founder of Foundations & Well-necessities, is a firm believer in a holistic approach to health and doing everything possible to prevent problems from happening in the first place. Consequently, in addition to providing his patients with a bespoke treatment plan depending on the issues they are facing, he is also committed to educating and informing them regarding preventative measures.

“I entered the medical profession to help as many people as possible, and I am still as passionate about that today as I was when I first qualified,” said Dr Chakalian of Foundations Spine and Well-necessities. “Covid is a terrible disease, and I have thought long and hard about how I could help. Although it might be impossible to prevent anyone from catching COVID, the best weapon in anyone’s arsenal is a strong immune system, which is why, in addition to their chiropractic treatments, I am providing my clients with advice on diet, mental health and exercise.”

Foundations Spine and Well-necessities is a locally owned and operated company based in Palatine, IL. Their mission is to improve the lives of their community, one family at a time. They achieve this by improving the individual health of every member of the family. When all members of the family are healthy and happy, everyone has increased productivity, capacity, patience and love. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Vartan Chakalian
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Organization: Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities
Address: 2070 N Rand Rd, Ste A Palatine, IL
Phone: (847) 512-3963

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Top Estate Planning Attorney Bobbi Thury Reveals The Big Mistakes To Avoid During Probate – Sioux Falls, SD

Leading probate and estate planning lawyer Bobbi L. Thury Co-Founder of Legacy Law Firm, P.C. in Sioux Falls, SD outlines errors committed by first-time executors that cost thousands. For more information please visit

Sioux Falls, SD, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Errors committed by first-time executors could come back to haunt them, Bobbi L. Thury, co-founder of Sioux Falls Legacy Law Firm, P.C., warned this week.

For more information please visit

Taking time from her busy schedule, Thury explained the many mistakes that can occur to an executor when they are actively pursuing an estate settlement.

These include showing beneficiary bias, failing to update creditors, being disorganized, drowning in paperwork, and not seeking appropriate legal help and guidance.

Thury added: “An executor should first understand what they are getting into. Understanding their role and responsibilities is a given if someone is to look after the estate of a deceased person.”

Executors will have to file a petition, complete the probate process, establish a deceased person’s overall financial picture, uncover hidden assets, assess creditors’ claims and pay off any bills and fees.

“It is time-consuming and can be upsetting. But even if they are the named executor, they don’t have to accept the nomination,” Thury said.

The attorney advised executors should admit when they need help, and seek guidance from an estate planning attorney, an accountant, and realtors if it involves property administration. “Professionals are there to serve for the benefit of the estate and work with them.”

Executors are advised to adopt a checklist approach to an estate to help them stay on top of tasks and ensure nothing is overlooked.

“Disorganization does no one any favors, least of all the person whose estate you are trying to administer. Don’t cut corners. Moving slowly and cautiously will minimize mistakes you may have to rectify during the process. Keep everyone involved in the process up to date.”

Thury added: “There are court rules and regulations to follow when administering an estate, and these run to tax filings, form filling, and tracking down assets. Rules are there for a reason, and an executor can’t look favorably on a beneficiary over a creditor when balancing the estate’s administration.

“By engaging with a licensed professional and erring on the side of caution will prevent executors from committing mistakes and bring an estate to a satisfactory conclusion.”

Contact Info:
Name: Bobbi L. Thury
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Organization: Legacy Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 7404 Bitterroot Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: 605-275-5665

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California Personal Injury Specialist Lem Garcia Law Announces Expansion of Their Service Area To Include Whittier

Lem Garcia Law is delighted to announce the expansion of their service area to include Whittier.

West Covina, United States – September 30, 2021

Lem Garcia Law, one of the fastest-growing personal injury law firms in California, is delighted to announce the expansion of their service area to include Whittier. The company is growing exponentially, thanks to the hard work, dedication and results-driven mentality of every staff member. However, the dynamic and driven owner and founder of the company Lem Garcia is determined to help as many personal injury victims as possible, which is why he is focused on expanding the geographical reach of his business.

“Ensuring that our clients receive justice and adequate compensation for any injuries they have received through no fault of their own is my complete and utter passion,” said Lem Garcia, owner and founder of Lem Garcia Law. “My staff and I are determined to ensure that we can deliver our highly regarded level of service to as many people as possible, which is why we are constantly expanding our service area. Recently we have been receiving a significant number of inquiries for representation from people who live or work in Whittier. After conducting our due diligence, I decided that the time was right to offer our services to the city. We are very excited about the current growth and direction of the company and are confident that by adding Whittier, we will continue our rapid expansion.”

Lem Garcia Law is a locally owned and operated company based in West Covina. The company opened in 2014 with one goal in mind: to improve the way personal injury cases are handled and how injured clients are treated. Too many personal injury law firms mismanage cases and mislead clients. Lem Garcia Law is on a mission to improve the industry by setting a higher standard: outstanding personal service and results for all clients. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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Name: Lem L. Garcia
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Organization: Lem Garcia Law
Address: 1720 W Cameron Ave #210 West Covina, CA
Phone: (626) 269-6623

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Ferguson Law Group Georgia Announces Expansion of Their Personal Injury Legal Representation Service To Columbus

The Ferguson Law Group is delighted to announce that they are expanding their service area to Columbus GA

Tifton, United States – September 30, 2021

The Ferguson Law Group, a well-established law firm that is growing rapidly, thanks to their dedicated customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to obtaining the best results for their clients, is delighted to announce that they are expanding their service area to Columbus GA.

The company are currently in an aggressive growth period and are confident that it will eventually become the number one personal injury law firm in Georgia. The expansion into Columbus will take them one step closer to their goal and enable them to continue building their brand and establishing their reputation within a new city. Ferguson Law is also committed to being an integral part of the community; they regularly sponsor local events and are always keen to give back to the local areas in which they operate.

“I am personally extremely excited to be expanding our operations into Columbus, GA, a magnificent community that needs and deserves the finest personal injury legal representation,” said Jason Ferguson, owner and founder of The Ferguson Law Group. “I have huge plans for the company, and Columbus has always been one of the key components of my roadmap, so it is great to finally bring that part of my plan to fruition. Every staff member at the company is looking forward to working with and representing the residents of Columbus and bringing our renowned and committed approach to the city.”

The Ferguson Law Group is a locally owned and operated company based in Tifton, GA. The company has established an excellent reputation within the local community for its dogged determination to achieve the maximum compensation possible for its personal injury clients. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

Contact Info:
Name: Jason Ferguson
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Organization: Ferguson Law Group – Accident & Injury Lawyers Georgia
Address: 225 E 2 Nd St Tifton, GA
Phone: (706) 780-5586

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REOB’s Cathode Material Completes Original Source Patent Registration In Six Countries

Groundbreaking project, REOB, takes a giant stride towards disrupting the global battery market as their cathode material completes original patent registration in six countries worldwide

Seoul, South Korea – September 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

The team behind REOB, a project of HWANGSUNG Corp., has achieved a major feat worth celebrating as the company’s cathode material recently completed original patent registration in six countries in different parts of the world. The company has built a reputation for specializing in secondary battery materials, winning the Korean Presidential Appreciation Plaque in the export sector three times and boasting of the world’s best cathode material technology and patents.

“REOB is developing various technologies and projects to enhance the development and technological prowess of the global secondary battery market. It will be announced.” – REOB. “We ask for your interest and anticipation for REOB’s advanced technology to be introduced soon.”

There has been a steady increase in the demand for cathode materials in recent items, with the electric vehicle market practically leading the park. The cathode material undoubtedly plays a role in the performance of the battery, accounting for over 40% of the battery manufacturing cost as well as contributing significantly to the storage and release of energy within the secondary battery. Unfortunately, many of the available materials are plagued with safety and lifespan issues, which is where REOB is looking to make a difference with their cathode materials.

The material currently has a source patent in six major countries, including the United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Korea. One of the features of the cathode materials is the use of Mn (manganese) as its main raw material, helping to reduce battery cost and increase battery life and safety. It also boasts of a relatively high level of technological development enough to correspond to the 9th level of technology maturity (TRL), which is the level of mass production and commercialization.

For more information about the cathode materials and other products from REOB, visit – and

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Name: REOB
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Organization: REOB, HWANGSUNG Corp.
Address: 429 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu

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Offshore Protection Offers Customized International Diversification Strategies

Offshore Protection Offers Customized International Diversification Strategies

Panama City – September 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Offshore protection is one of the best ways to protect you, your business and your finances in times of uncertainty. This is not a simple one-time fix of stashing some money away in a foreign country but creating holistic offshore protection plan that includes: (1) making use of an offshore company structure for asset protection, tax efficiency, financial privacy; (2) Opening a bank account or trust to keep your wealth safe diversify and protect investments. Lets take a closer look at each of these solutions and how they can work together to provide a much-needed Plan B.

Problems with Onshore Financial Structures
Keeping all of your money in a traditional onshore financial structure is extremely inefficient, risky, and expensive. If you live in any of a number of developed Western countries (e.g. USA, UK, Canada, and most parts of Europe), chances are you are neck-deep in tax bills. Most of these countries charge their citizens and residents exorbitant taxes at the individual and corporate level. The result is a great loss of efficiency as more than a third of your income is lost to taxes.

Keeping all your money in your home country is akin to keeping all your eggs in one basket. You would have been told that diversification is key to reducing the risk of any financial strategy, but might have overlooked that this should include geographical diversification. Storing your wealth in the confines of a single country’s financial system exposes you completely to the risk of things falling apart there (as is happening all over the world). Political and economic instability, banking collapse, currency devaluation, are all real risks.

Why You Should Go Offshore
The good news is that there are highly effective solutions to the issues we have just spoken about. There are ways to protect you, your money and finances from unfair lawsuits and creditors, unstable banks, high taxes, and lack of privacy. There are ways to enhance your financial freedom, internationalise your life, take advantage of exciting and profitable investment opportunities, maximise your returns, and gain access to the best banking services that the world has to offer.

Taking the offshore protection journey can open up many new doors and opportunities. Some of the many benefits include: Increased personal freedom through second citizenship and/or residency, Greater financial freedom with access to a wider range of financial tools and investment opportunities, enhanced privacy, and more flexibility, Security and stability with sophisticated offshore asset protection tools and high-quality offshore bank accounts,Reduction of costs through optimisation of taxes and cheaper financial services, as well as access to new markets for trading and business operations.

Offshore Bank Account
Let us begin with the most basic and fundamental of offshore protection strategies the infamous “offshore bank account”. Owning an offshore bank account in a foreign jurisdiction is an incredibly powerful way to boost your asset security and returns with minimum hassle, as well as offering many other practical advantages.

Furthermore, it is perfectly legal and safe, and can be set up easily with the right guidance. You do not need to be a resident or citizen of a country to open a bank account there, and in some cases, you do not even need to physically visit to open your account.

Offshore Company Structure
The most popular and versatile structure to choose when incorporating an offshore business is that of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This acts as a sort of hybrid between a sole proprietorship and a corporation. It provides the same levels of privacy and asset protection measures as a corporation, while offering the same kind of simplicity, cost effectiveness, and tax neutrality of a sole proprietorship.

The main advantage of an offshore LLC is that it provides limited liability protection to its beneficial owners, and good degrees of privacy and separation depending on the jurisdiction chosen. In some jurisdictions, the type of structure will go by a different name or form (such as that of the Limited Liability Partnership in the UK) but acts in much the same way as an LLC.

Asset Protection
An offshore company provides powerful asset protection in two ways: Firstly, an offshore LLC creates a legal separation between the owner and the company, meaning that the owner’s personal assets are safe if the company is sued and vice versa.

Secondly, because the company structure is situated in a foreign jurisdiction, there is an additional layer of protection from domestic threats such as lawsuits and creditor claims. This is further strengthened by the fact that the best jurisdictions for offshore company formation offer greater levels of privacy and much more protective legislature which safeguards companies’ assets.

Offshore Protection Solutions
It is up to you to enlist the services of a professional offshore financial advisor and do your own additional research to uncover what else is out there, and to formulate the ideal offshore protection plan to suit your particular circumstances.

About Offshore Protection
Offshore Protection has worked with thousand of clients since 1996 specializing in offshore solutions. Their offices offer all the services you need to secure your offshore future, including crypto licenses, offshore trusts and foundations, second passports, and investment accounts.

Offshore Protection has over 25 years of experience conducting business in over 30 jurisdictions offering offshore legal, financial and banking solutions providing an individualized holistic offshore strategy.

Contact Info:
Name: David
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Organization: Offshore Protection
Address: Apdo 0819-10660 Eldorado , Panama City
Phone: +507.838.6842

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Mother Daughter ISH Duo: Is Hosting an Event for Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

The Texas Mother-Daughter ISH podcast duo shares their success to aspiring entrepreneurs in Costa Mesa, California on October 23rd, 2021.

Katy, United States – September 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

This Texas Mother-Daughter Duo is bridging gaps and making connections globally, through their growing community of over 1 million women. Dawn D. Fobbs, an entrepreneur with decades of experience helping women develop their businesses, and her daughter Aungelique P’AJE’ Roberts, a communication advocate for women make up the powerhouse team known as Mother Daughter ISH. They have taken the podcast community by storm and are now branching out into the world of YouTube as well as live events, the first being in Costa Mesa, California on October 23rd. The event will target aspiring podcasters and women with aspirations of launching their own business. The Mother Daughter ISH™ team will be giving away one of their books titled “100 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Business.”

What Mother Daughter ISH Is All About
This incredible mother-daughter duo is authentic, real, and doesn’t shy away from deep diving into the struggles and successes of their partnership, while still being wildly fun and entertaining. They realize that life is full of ups and downs and they are laughing through it all. They literally wrote the book on mother-daughter communication, which makes them uniquely qualified to help their followers do the same. They have ambitions for a positivity movement that has spread like wildfire throughout the globe. The Mother Daughter ISH duo doesn’t just train their listeners in personal development through communication but all areas of business development and professional enhancement. They believe that through communication between women, all things are possible, a rising tide lifts all boats. Their theme song ends with “When mother and daughter are together it is the greatest duo!” and listeners couldn’t agree more!

The Podcast
Their show, Mother Daughter ISH, is your mom’s favorite podcast and the podcast your daughter always wanted. They’re building a community of women that believes in a Global Movement of Positivity, through open and honest communication. This podcast is perfect for women from all cultures and of all ages, as it shows there is nothing more important than connection, particularly between mother and daughter. They live with intention and show their listeners how to do the same, working through differences and creating several successful business ventures together. They’re building a legacy for themselves through longstanding connections and smart business savvy. Mother Daughter ISH is dedicated to building up women from around the world, and those who listen can learn to do the same.

Background On The Duo That is Mother Daughter ISH
Dawn D. Fobbs has been a successful entrepreneur since 1998, supporting women to help them develop their professional prospects all over the globe. Fobbs speaks to women about personal and professional development and has authored over 25 books on the subject. Fobbs brings wisdom, intelligence, and insight into every aspect of their work.

Aungelique P’AJE’ Roberts is a long-standing advocate for communications, focusing specifically on the mother-daughter connection. Roberts’ knowledge of communication techniques has helped hundreds of women bridge the gap and find their way back to one another. Her strong belief in being the change you want to see in the world inspires listeners to nurture positive relationships and become the best versions of themselves in the future.

The Mother Daughter ISH Brand
Created to help women connect and bond on a global scale, their brand is teaching women to harness their power, create a network of like-minded businesswomen, and create a legacy that will last a lifetime. A global connection among women creates internal and external growth, and the Mother Daughter ISH Brand plans to be the premier place to do it. Through worldwide events, Mother Daughter ISH is creating a movement of positivity amongst women of all ages. Giving young women the chance to learn from the wisdom of the women who have come before.

Their Hope For The Future
That all women, from all walks of life, can put their own legacy in place. They hope to offer support, advice, and communication techniques for women around the world. Mother Daughter ISH aims to teach their listeners how to sustain themselves and their families financially and emotionally. To show the younger generation how to build their self-esteem through behavior modeling of the generation of women who raised them. With a renewed purpose after the struggles that so many women faced during the pandemic, the Mother Daughter ISH brand aims to create strong, innovative, independent businesswomen.

For the next generation of powerful positive women, Mother Daughter ISH has created The “Princess Esteem Program,” which is meant for girls ages 10-17. This fosters self-esteem, courage, and confidence in the young women of the world who are so often overlooked and undervalued.

We can’t wait to see what this incredible mother-daughter duo does next!

Please visit EventBrite to register for the event.

Contact Info:
Name: Dawn Fobbs
Email: Send Email
Organization: Mother Daughter ISH
Address: Katy, Texas
Phone: 832.885.2261

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Industry veterans warn against a monopoly in event-tech as Hopin raises $1 billion in funding

Industry experts have raised their concerns about a monopoly in event-tech after video teleconferencing platform Hopin has raised $450m in funding. Saroosh Gull, CEO of Eventcombo, stresses the importance of smaller innovators.

September 29, 2021 / /

Whilst COVID-19 undoubtedly had a detrimental effect on the events business, the overall industry fundamentals remain strong. Forecasts show that online event ticketing and live music industry revenues are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by 2022. Growth prospects are at approx. $100Bn YoY growth towards a $1.5T size in a few years.

However, the industry is not yet in safe waters and the big investments we’re seeing being made into funding giants such as the $450m just raised by Hopin, threaten to have a more detrimental effect on the ecosystem than the global pandemic.

The monopoly effect

Short-sighted investment approaches have led to people jumping on the “virtual event bandwagon” and possibly creating a new industry monopoly.

Investors need to become a part of the solution and responsibly support progressive and customer focused companies to stimulate true innovation, not a consolidation of numerous disconnected products. Buying technology through multiple acquisitions could be construed as inhibiting innovation.

We have seen this happen across other industries, where once loved brands become too big and public opinion quickly changes due to unintended consequences. Amazon was once loved, now, it has become a poster child for low wages and suspect treatment of its employees. Similarly, Walmart’s pricing has a big cost for local communities. Sinclair has arguably created a dangerous filtering of “news” in almost all communities in the US.

Both Eventbrite and Cvent have received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding over the years. With their mega success achieved through capitalization, allowing the buying of market share, they have enjoyed what appears to be a streamlined path to worldwide success. This proved great in the short-term for founders and their investors. However, for the long-term, this has undoubtedly hurt the industry. In fact, one of the major reasons clients exit Eventbrite and Cvent is lack of quality customer service.

Smaller, leaner startups with innovative technology and a passion for evolution have brought more problem-solving solutions to the table. However, they could never reach close to the same market as heavily funded giants. This hurts the industry and is part of the reason why there was little to no innovation in the last 20 years.

The facts show that unequal playing fields equip monopolies to exercise unfair market control, leverage smaller, more valuable and progressive players out of the market and dictate imbalanced terms for customers.

Hopin: The new monopoly monolith?

Hopin, the London-based virtual platform that started out just over two years ago has just made its fifth acquisition in the last 12 months.

Hopin started out as a “Virtual First” company but after experiencing the reality of in-person events coming back, has now begun to market itself as an all-in-one solution. In the coming years, it will become primarily in-person. For Hopin, virtual will become secondary. This is all fine, but as an evolving business model, which is acquiring a new company every few months, where is it headed? What type of USP is it offering the industry? To become the next Eventbrite and Cvent? It is certainly showing early signs of the same approach.

The purpose of most businesses is to provide services to customers to delight and influence some type of positive change. To combine entities under one parent organization and offer everything under the sun as a $7 billion dollar company, what benefit does this offer customers and bring to the industry as a whole collective? Is there a superior, additional value the company is delivering? Any industry firsts in terms of value to customers? Or an evolved range of services? No.

The most amazing news about Hopin is that they have acquired great technology built by smaller tech innovators. The expected revenue growth in the short period is stimulated by hundreds of millions in funding.

In the long-run, this large amount of funding doesn’t make sense for the industry. It doesn’t make sense for customers. It doesn’t make sense for an event economy, desperately needing innovation and support to bounce back bigger and better than ever.

About Eventcombo:
– Eventcombo is a shift-left #SinglePlatform event technology, event management, and attendee management platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. It has a suite of software solutions for event marketing, registration, and the event marketplace (Uber, Lyft, ParkWhiz, Hotels), which gives direct access to an event’s entire ecosystem in one transaction.

– In 2020 Eventcombo created its own virtual platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fireworks™ by Eventcombo.

– Eventcombo is a robust and comprehensive event management tool that runs based on an unlimited model, offering unlimited attendees, hosts, features, integrations, as well as support, and training.

About Saroosh Gull:
– Saroosh Gull is CEO + Founder of Eventcombo, an all-in-one event technology. Saroosh co-founded Eventcombo after identifying the lack of innovation and one-sided nature of the event industry, in which organizations contributed their business and data to event platforms without any value in return, besides the use of the technology.

– Saroosh’s career dates back to the dot-com era in 2000. His career began at Bluestone Capital within the banking domain. Saroosh has had noteworthy accomplishments within product roles for JPMC’s Quickpay (now Zelle), and Pfizer. He has had the opportunity to pioneer the functional development of multi-billion-dollar products. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Saroosh is passionate about access and opportunity due to his roots, having been raised in the Bronx.

For more information, visit the Eventcombo website at For press enquiries, please contact Anthony Kendrick by calling 03337220189 or emailing

Contact Info:
Name: Anthony Kendrick
Email: Send Email
Organization: Eventcombo
Phone: 03337220189


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What Distinguishes McGee Company Jewelry from the Competition!

Purchases bought online are nearly always less costly than purchases made in shops. We provide a huge range of high-quality goods at the most reasonable rates on the market at McGee Company Jewelry.

Charlotte, United States – September 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

What Distinguishes McGee Company Jewelry from the Competition!
We can now accomplish almost anything without ever leaving the comfort of our homes, thanks to modern technology and the Internet phenomenon. How about jewelry? We order groceries, books, and even clothing and shoes, but what about jewelry?

Every day, more jewelry companies enter the internet sphere, exposing their products to a larger audience. A growing number of consumers and users are being given the option of selecting jewelry in the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to leave their houses.

There has always been a safe bet in the jewelry sector since it adapts to the times, changing styles, and, most significantly, the new generation, which is the age that is more devoted to conducting business online. Many jewelers have realized that the online environment offers a fantastic chance for quick growth.

Why is it getting more common to buy jewelry online?
McGee Company Jewelry has effectively dealt with modern technological advances, allowing us to provide low-cost online jewelry. Mcgee Company Jewelry is a one-stop store for all of your jewelry requirements. And it is that the emergence of new jewelry businesses on the Internet has reached a point of competitiveness where a certain jewelry business is positioned as a leader in the industry because it has the most varied, creative designs, and the best pricing.

Aside from that, the continuous growth in online sales from 2004 to 2017 has shown to be a useful ally for jewelry sellers, especially during festive seasons like Christmas. Because this is the time of year when more online transactions are made, it has swiftly become the major avenue for selling jewelry.

In terms of fashion trends, they vary greatly depending on age group, not only in terms of designs but also in terms of materials utilized, prompting businesses to continuously create new concepts. In contrast, 18 karat gold is ageless and is the most widely used metal in jewelry.

The designs are more minimalistic, which appeals to a younger audience in particular. The most popular are pendants, earrings, and rings with an asymmetrical design that is monochromatic and delicate. This item was created with gold, rose gold, and silver.

We offer a large range of this type of jewelry at our jewelry store, McGee Company Jewelry, which is constantly updated and altered to meet market demand.

The Benefits of Buying Jewelry over the Internet
Nonetheless, despite the fact that a huge number of people buy jewelry online, there are certain buyers who are skeptical of the online shopping procedure.

McGee Company Jewelry is confident of the advantages of purchasing jewelry online and wants to share them with you. We believe the following:
Simple: Buying jewelry online eliminates the need to travel; you can make the transaction from the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night. Online purchasing is even more convenient: simply select the diamond of your choice, and you can even customize it. Add it to your shopping cart, and it will be delivered to your door in a few days. If, on the other hand, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us at no additional cost.
Entertaining: Whether you love shopping or not, making an e-commerce transaction will be a pleasurable experience for you. Because of its visually beautiful and user-friendly design, you can quickly navigate between its sections and choose the items that most appeal to you.

Purchases bought online are nearly always less costly than purchases made in shops. We provide a huge range of high-quality goods at the most reasonable rates on the market at McGee Company Jewelry.
The most essential issue when purchasing online is security. We make every effort to give the best security service available both before and after the purchase process.

As a result, the general success of online jewelry sales is the result of an iterative process of continuous development in which the client is at the center of the universe of possibilities.

When purchasing jewelry online, every attempt is made to fulfill the customer’s expectations and specifications. McGee Company Jewelry provides rapid shipping management from the moment of purchase to the time of order reception in order for online jewelry purchasing to continue to develop and become the customer’s preferred alternative. We outperform Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and other well-known brands.

Quamane “Q” McGee was born and raised on a farm outside Waynesboro, Georgia. To augment their income, his parents worked in agriculture. Simply put, he and his siblings’ childhoods were not wealthy. His two siblings, Dominick McGee and Marquel Sello, are also renowned experts in their fields. Dominick McGee is well-known for his exceptional efforts and successes in politics and credit restoration Credit Cadabra. It is also worth noting that Marquel Sello is a very successful businessman in the oil industry. Because his grandparents were also jewelers, Quamane had an early interest in jewelry and its designs.

He’d always wanted to open his own jewelry store in his heart. This explains why he has such impeccable choice in jewels. Quamane completed his studies and got his degree after graduating from Burke County High School in his hometown of Waynesboro, GA. His educational path continued with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from Boston University.

More information on Terra McGee and Quamane McGee.

Terra McGee was born in Augusta, Georgia, and has lived there her entire life. She received her high school diploma from Westside High School in her hometown, where she also finished her secondary education. When she was younger, she aspired to be a dentist and attended Augusta University to pursue her studies in Cell and Molecular Biology. She then discovered a love of fashion. That’s when she and her husband decided to start a jewelry company. Years after launching McGee Company Jewelry, she went on to establish her own unique press-on nail company, Sunkissed Nails, during the 2020 pandemic when all nail salons were closed to ensure everyone could safely obtain their personalized manicure designs.

Contact Info:
Name: Quamane McGee
Email: Send Email
Organization: McGee Company Jewelry
Address: P.O. Box 38914 Charlotte NC 28278
Phone: 8666243326

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Rx-o2 Hyperbaric Clinic Researches Using Hyperbaric Oxygen to Help Treat Dementia

RX-O2 has become one of the country’s largest Hyperbaric clinics”, says a spokesperson for Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic.

United States – September 29, 2021

Rx-o2 Hyperbaric Clinic is glad to announce promising new research in the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen to treat dementia. With the recent interest in treatments for dementia and the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Rx-o2 is promoting a form of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that may play a role in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.

“We have over 15 years of treating patients in our prescription level hyperbaric chambers. The owners of Serenity A Breath for Life joined Dr. Alexander and Marvin Borsand to expand access to Hyperbaric medicine in the valley. Now with the ability to provide more than 65 treatments a day, RX-O2 has become one of the country’s largest Hyperbaric clinics”, says a spokesperson for Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic.

This discovery is no surprise to the staff at Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic in Glendale. The center’s medical director and board-certified surgeon, Dr. Marvin Borsand, has been utilizing hyperbaric oxygen in his surgery center since 2007. It was prior research on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cognitive decline that led Dr. Borsand to open the Rx-O2 clinic.

After the loss of his brother to rapid onset dementia four years ago, Dr. Borsand showed a greater focus on regenerative medicine, using stem cell therapy under an IRB-approved study of thousands of patients. Stem cell therapy is advancing however Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT has also been shown to mobilize stem cells, growth factors and reduce inflammation. The use of oxygen under pressure has advanced wound healing ability and is an FDA-approved treatment for inflammation and infectious diseases.

“Clinic supervisor and retired Scottsdale Police officer Shawn Smetzer has been involved in Hyperbaric Medicine for almost 20 years. She has done thousands of hyperbaric “dives” and has first-hand experience seeing neurological changes in hyperbaric patients. Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not approved for the use of cognitive decline”, says a spokesperson for RX-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic.

Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic is currently Arizona’s largest hyperbaric treatment center. The center has built-in single-place chambers designed for individual treatment and two multiplace chambers that can each treat six patients at once. However, due to CDC guidance, the multiplace chambers are only being used to treat families.

RX-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic is a US-based health center with a culmination of over 50 years of hyperbaric experience. The team comprises highly qualified individuals, from a surgeon who used HBOT to help heal wounds to a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist with over 20 years of experience in Hyperbaric medicine.
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