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Leading Company Ajax Exterminating Scales Up Residential And Commercial Pest Removal Services In Houston

Ajax Exterminating leads the charge in providing reliable and quality pest control services such as ant, rodent, cockroach, and mosquito control to residential and commercial establishments in Houston and surrounding areas.

September 29, 2021

Top pest control company Ajax Exterminating has scaled up efforts to provide complete pest control services to homes and businesses in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.

“A home is a special place where people can feel relaxed, safe, and in control. However, despite making an effort to clean it constantly, it’s inevitable to have unwanted guests. Bugs are pesky and could make their way inside drawers, cabinets, and bedrooms. That’s where Ajax Exterminating comes into the picture,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

Ajax Exterminating pest control is committed to providing the very best service to protect against those filthy pests and prevent them from entering homes or offices.

The company offers comprehensive treatments for insect and rodent infestations, among others. For its ant control services, the company treats the entire yard, including flower beds, and backs it up with a season-long guarantee that if homeowners see fire ants, the Ajax pest control team will come back and treat them again for free.

Ajax Exterminating takes pride in its courteous and experienced technicians who carefully apply products that work fast for customers, their pets and family, and are designed to target places in and outside of homes where bugs are most likely to be.

In providing quality pest control solutions, the company’s licensed exterminators conduct a thorough inspection of a home to check for any insect activity or harborage areas where they hide. They also check for gaps or holes around pipes, doors, and windows that may allow insects or rodents to access the home or business.

The Ajax team of experts then checks the inside of the property, including the garage and attic, for any evidence of rodents or wild animals such as droppings or any other signs. It then reviews its findings with homeowners prior to the service to address any concerns.

The experts then use a unique bait labeled as green by the manufacturer in the attic to treat pests such as roaches and silverfish. The Ajax pest control team will then apply a professional-grade bait product to cracks and crevices in the home in areas that kids and pets can’t get to. The insects take the bait back to the colony and share it, which kills them all.

Outside, the team applies a product that kills and repels insects around window and door sills, foundation, and weep holes. Once this is done, a bait matrix that holds up in the rain is applied to the perimeter of the home and garage, as well as flower beds and areas of insect harborage. The specialists also kill wasp nests they come across as well as remove spider webs. Finally, the team looks for any termite activity after killing any ant mounds it finds in the yard.

Those who want to learn more about Ajax Exterminating’s pest control Houston services may visit the website for more information.

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Le’ Foreign fuses style and functionality in black and white activewear collection

The brand seeks to emphasize the need for peace and equality through its choice of color, strictly adhering to a black and white code that reflects the founder’s belief in what the world should be.

September 29, 2021

Atlanta-based clothing brand Le’ Foreign, has released a collection of female and soon to be male-focused fashion-forward activewear, fusing style and functionality to produce quality clothing apparels that look just as good as they feel.

The brand seeks to emphasize the need for peace and equality through its choice of color, strictly adhering to a black and white code that reflects the founder’s belief in what the world should be.

“Le’ Foreign was founded from my existence as a Belizean from Central America traveling to the United States for entrepreneurial opportunities. Each article is specifically designed with only black and white fabric, as a beautiful and minimalist approach to signify unity, as black and white are shades that represent our world today.”

Created and directed by Sheraine Carter, Le’ Foreign articles are made of 100% cotton, spandex and polyester materials, and include options such as swimsuits, dresses, tracksuits, bodysuits, amongst others, offering women premium comfort-driven street style attires for every season at affordable prices.

The company sells its clothing on its official website and Flying Solo NYC , and also has an array of options that capture the essence of being simple yet stunning, allowing women virtual access to what is arguably the finest women wardrobe collection.

“With a background in culinary arts, I am passionate about delivering a unique and unforgettable experience. So traveling into the world of fashion, I have a vision for clothing that makes you feel relaxed and sexy in your own skin. From this concept, Le’ Foreign was born,” says Sheraine.

Launched in May 2021, Le’ Foreign showcased its unique line of beautiful swimwear at the Miami Fashion Swim week, and has also recently hit the Runway for New York Fashion Week.


For more information, please contact – IG @LE.FOREIGNS

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CdS/ZnS Quantum Dots Are Now Available at Alfa Chemistry

The charm of quantum dot nanotechnology has been noticed by many electronic and biomedical industries. Earlier this year, Alfa Chemistry announces that now CdS/ZnS quantum dots are readily available for customers worldwide.

NY, United States – September 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

The charm of quantum dot nanotechnology has been noticed by many electronic and biomedical industries. Earlier this year, Alfa Chemistry announces that now CdS/ZnS quantum dots are readily available for customers worldwide.

Among the many types of II-VI group semiconductor quantum dots including CdS, ZnS, CdSe, ZnSe and so on, CdS/ZnS quantum dots have been most intensively studied for its light-emitting potential application in recent years.

“This is because they can absorb excitation light to produce fluorescence, and the wavelength of fluorescence emission can be adjusted by changing the size of the quantum dots. Moreover, in order to enhance the luminescence stability of CdS quantum dots, wideband gap semiconductor particle ZnS is used as the shell to coat narrowband gap semiconductor particle CdS. Through such a way, a core-shell CdS/ZnS quantum dots is fabricated and enjoys not only enhanced fluorescence quantum yield but also decreased cytotoxicity, making it possible to be used in biomedical engineering,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

According to the solubility, CdS/ZnS quantum dots can be divided into water-soluble CdS/ZnS quantum dots and non-water-soluble CdS/ZnS quantum dots. “Currently, we offer cadmuim sulphide/zinc sulphide-PEG-NH₂ quantum dots with a purity of 99.9%.”

Except for CdS/ZnS quantum dots, many other forms of quantum dots are also available, to name just a few here: alloyed quantum dots, cadmium free quantum dots, carbon dots, InP ZnS quantum dots, PbSe/PbS quantum dots, upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs), ZnSe/ZnS quantum dots, etc.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s various offerings of quantum dots, please visit to learn or just email at for more information.

About Application of CdS/ZnS quantum
Compared with traditional fluorescent dyes, CdS/ZnS quantum dots are a promising fluorescent probe due to merits such as high fluorescence quantum yield, stable luminescence, wide excitation spectrum, narrow emission spectrum and tunable fluorescence. Also, CdS/ZnS quantum dots can be used when designing solar cells to make them of low cost, good stability and long life. Solar cells will provide green and sustainable energy. In addition, CdS/ZnS quantum dots are also widely used in many fields, such as light-emitting diodes, cell imaging, biosensors and the others.

About Alfa Chemistry
As a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry is now building diversified product lines, covering catalysts, metal materials, graphenes, nanomaterials, functional polymers, lipids and fatty acids, and more. A comprehensive range of nanomaterials can be easily obtained, including nanocarbon, nanofibers, nanofoil, nanoparticles, nanoprisms, nanorods, nanospheres, nanotubes, nanowires, novel materials, porous nanomaterials, quantum dots, targets/wafers, and more.

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Meet Zinvest, A Stock Trading App For Millenials And Gen-Z In Asia

Online brokerage Zinvest launches new app design, targeting a new generation of investors

ANAHEIM, CA, United States – September 29, 2021 / /

Zinvest Global Limited (“Zinvest Global” or the “Company”), one of China’s leading and fast-growing digital brokerage firms, today has launched a new design of their stock trading app Zinvest in Singapore and India for Apple iOS.

In tandem with their app design launch, Zinvest Global also unveiled the opening of their new service team in the United States to better serve the Southeast Asia region.

Zinvest launches a new app design, with a cleaner, intuitive, and immersive, one-stop investment platform in Singapore

After improving platform efficiency and trading execution for users in China and Hong Kong, Zinvest Global aims to expand outside of their headquartered territory, supporting customers in markets such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore who represent the Company’s ambitious vision of democratizing access to financial markets and investment education for a younger population.

Zinvest, a commission-free stock trading app backed by Zunjia Securities, aims to be among the top three online trading firms for Asia in 3 years, focusing on allowing the younger generation of investors to pursue their financial goals through enhanced market accessibility, fueled by popular interest towards equities such as GameStop, Tesla, and AMC. By providing access to the US and Chinese markets, young investors have greater capabilities for investing opportunities while tapping into varied service offerings such as data options, thereby reducing friction to global investable products.

“Considering the limitations of today’s current environment, we’ve decided to expand into Southeast Asia not for the direct pursuit of business growth, but to further our progress in allowing people improved access to online services and modern financial technologies without borders,” explains Bingshan Song, Founder & CEO of Zinvest Global. “The potential effect of digital platforms, such as Zinvest, empowers investors to adopt financial technology as an extension of themselves and maintain greater ownership of their financial future.”

“With the vast acceptance of a more digital-friendly environment in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, we’ve expedited our pursuit into international markets,” he added. “Financial infrastructure is due for a renovation, and we feel that Zinvest serves as a signal for other industry players to collaborate.”

“Investors are starving for a better solution,” says Brian Cedeno, Head of Product Management (US) at Zinvest. “We interviewed multiple target users from different backgrounds. No matter where they were, from India or Pakistan to Singapore and Vietnam, their goal was the same: to discover an easier, faster way to invest while enjoying the experience of investing. With our ongoing research, we trust that we’ve met this ability of delivering an optimized solution to an industry apathetic towards innovation.”

Zinvest, originally developed in 2019 and catering to residents in Mainland China & Hong Kong, offers commission-free stock trading for users in Greater China and Southeast Asia. Users can invest in stocks, IPOs, bonds, ETFs, options, and other assets through US, HK, and Chinese markets. Zinvest Global is regulated by the US SEC and Hong Kong SFC, insured by SIPC and ICC, and is a member of FINRA.

With the new design of the Zinvest app, users can access powerful tools, such as in-depth trade analytics, advanced market data, after-market hours trading, real-time bids and stock quotes, and 24/7 news updates, combined with the convenience of trading across multiple markets with its own multi-currency exchange system.

Interested users may now sign up HERE

The Zinvest mobile application is also available for download on Apple App and Google Play stores:

App Store:

Google Play:

About Zinvest Global Limited

Zinvest Global Limited (“Zinvest Global”) is a digital brokerage firm transforming the online investing experience in Asia. Zinvest Global and its subsidiaries provides investing services, including stock trading and clearing, margin financing, and advanced market data for Hong Kong, US, and China stocks markets, to individual investors through its proprietary one-stop digital platform.

About Zinvest

Zinvest is a trading platform offered by Zinvest Global Limited, and delivers a powerful investment experience for the next-generation of investors by allowing users to invest in stocks, ETFs, and ADRs – all commission-free. Zinvest enhances the trading process with transaction documentation, up-to-date news, real-time market data, and real-time stock quotes.

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Organization: Zinvest Global Limited
Address: 2400 E. Katella Avenue, Suite 725A, Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 888-598-9878

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Vietnam Tea – The Manufacturer and Trader of Rich Quality Tea

Vietnam Tea tells about the company and its tea products.

September 29, 2021 / /

While some people keep on loving coffee, the vast majority gives more attention to tea. Their favorite drink is a hot drink in their daily routine. Tea is a beverage that can relax them when they need to unwind or awaken them when they need an additional push. Also, it is a pretty healthy beverage that can increase their fluid intake to a great extent, especially in cold weather. Tea comprises theanine, a natural amino acid, which reduces distractions and lets them focus on the job. It improves brain functioning to let them stay alert but also relaxed. However, different types of tea are available in the market, like black tea, green tea, etc. All they should do is to find the ideal brand that provides them with quality. At Vietnam Tea, customers can discover oolong tea, green tea, black tea, flower-scented tea, matcha tea and many other tea products.

Established in 1996, Vietnam Tea is specialized in producing and trading tea. Because of the leadership and the collective effort of the entire workforce, the company has witnessed rapid growth into Vietnam’s largest tea company. Beginning as a small trading company in 1996, the company now comprises 15 tea factories around the country with overall annual export that reaches almost 20,000 tons of tea to more than 50 countries worldwide. Vietnam Tea aims at finding the ideal fit for its customers’ needs. With over 60 tea farms in Vietnam and several trusted partners worldwide and advanced production capabilities, the company always controls the end products’ colossal control. Therefore, we will always ensure customers receive the tea products that meet customers’ expectations, from quality and cost to packaging.

All Vietnam Tea gardens are firmly managed from farm preparation, gardening to harvesting, post-harvest storage. Related factors such as the environment, chemicals, crop protection products, packaging, and working conditions. The workers’ welfare on the farm is of great significance in Vietnam Tea. Also, the company experts keep on applying advanced technology in planting, processing, storing, and packaging tea products. In Phu Tho province, the company contains 21 hectares for its new hybrid varieties (LDP1, Phuc Van Tien, Kim Tuyen), which comprise superior taste and large yields. They are also ideal for manufacturing premium tea like Oolong, Matcha; by utilizing organic methods. When it comes to product safety and quality assurance, it is Vietnam Tea’s top priority.
For more information, click at

About the Company: The majority of people are fond of tea. To meet their demand for quality tea, Vietnam Tea produces first-class and different types of tea for their customers using organic methods.

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Organization: Vietnam Tea – Future Generation Company Limited
Address: R4 building, Office quarter 02, Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
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Jetsip Publishes Available 1300 Numbers List

Melbourne-based communications company publishes a list of available 1300 numbers for customers to activate.

September 29, 2021 / /

In Australia, 1300 numbers are increasing in popularity amongst businesses of all sizes. They present a series of benefits, prompting many business owners into trying to acquire one. Thanks to Jetsip, the process of acquiring a 1300 number has just got a lot easier. The company has just published a new page on its website detailing all of the active 1300 numbers available and ready to be allocated. From here, customers can choose the number they want, activate it on their account, and configure and route the number to have it set up in a few minutes.

Live numbers are constantly updated
The newly published list of 1300 numbers is constantly live, meaning it updates as numbers are added or removed from the system. The whole idea is that it presents business owners with multiple options to choose from. They can view the list, pick any of the numbers on it, and activate it already.

Every single number on the list is live and already in the Jetsip system, they just need to be allocated. The allocation process is swift, with existing customers able to activate them right away. It means that businesses can have professional 1300 numbers extremely quickly, minimizing any potential disruptions to communication.

The rise in popularity of 1300 numbers
What’s made 1300 numbers so popular? Particularly when compared to 1800 numbers – which are common throughout Australia.

Primarily, it comes down to the costs. 1300 numbers operate under a shared cost model, meaning the business and customer will split the costs of a call. Customers only pay a low price that’s regionally set, and businesses pay the rest. It means customers know exactly how much every call to the business costs, so there are no surprises.

It benefits the customer, but it also benefits the business. By splitting the costs, companies can reduce their telecommunication expenses – especially when compared to an 1800 number, where all the costs are covered by the business.

Additionally, 1300 numbers let business owners delegate a mobile phone or landline to take the call, so calls can be answered out of the office. This number format is also highly professional and can improve a brand’s image, and they have been shown to use some of the best analytics to understand customer behaviour better.

It’s easy to see why 1300 numbers are popular, and Jetsip is making it easier than ever to claim one. Businesses all over Australia can view the live numbers on the Jetsip website today.

About Jetsip
Based in Melbourne, with more than 20 years of experience, Jetsip is one of the leading Australian businesses in the IT/telecommunications industry. The company specialises in providing businesses with a variety of communication services designed to improve the way organisations interact with customers, while also providing additional benefits.

For more information, view the website here:

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Address: 10/52 Garden Drive, Tullamarine, Vic, 3043
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Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh – Get the Complete and High-Quality Funeral Services

Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh tells about its company and funeral services.

September 29, 2021 / /

Birth and death are the laws of earth. Every person on the planet has to go through this process. Irrespective of the sorrow or heartbreak, the passing of loved ones is either sooner or later. To show affection for the deceased person, it is always better to make a funeral ideally. Also, this is the valid reason why funeral service was born. Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh is the one-stop destination where one can get high-quality funeral services. These are the post-mortem preparation services for the departed. Taking care of the life after death for the dead person to fulfill their meaning is acclaimed as the responsibility of the living individual. Therefore, at various stages, various cultures, standards and trends of funeral services have some differences. Funeral services involve every essential item, equipment, and ritual needed for a funeral. Based on the financial condition and will of the departed person, relatives will pick the suitable funeral service.

Understand the stress and embarrassment of the family, Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh will always be there to share the pain and the loss of the family. The company offers a family organizational performance program ceremony according to traditional practices, customs, and religious beliefs and simultaneously harmonizes advanced dignified luxury. With several years of experience in the funeral industry, this company’s funeral service has serviced many families to finish the funeral program for their deceased loved ones. It is constantly learning and improving the quality of its services to assist the bereaved family in reducing their burdens and worries.

Although many companies provide funeral services in Vietnam, Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh is highly trusted and always chosen by several families. Several reasons show this company is ideal. Firstly, this is a development trend as well as a civilized step forward in present society. When looking into the world, society is developing faster, and utility services also boost. The cumbersome rituals, customs, funerals images, traditional funerals backed up by neighbors are slowly reducing. Instead, now each family is utilizing a professional packing service more. This will help the family not overlook any rituals, and the funeral program will be pretty modern and strict. Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh’s funeral packages enable family members to invest enough time with their departed loved ones. As the old ways of managing funerals, each family member had to run forwards and backwards to contact to buy a coffin, check the time and date of the burial, the ceremony music, burial place, etc. Rather than this, everything is covered within Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh’s full funeral service. The service package cost is almost similar to the family contacted to employ the services personally, or the family did it. Utilizing its funeral packages helps families save a tremendous amount of energy and time from being with their loved ones.
For more information, click at

About the Company: Dich Vu Mai Tang Duc Thinh is the leading and trusted provider of funeral service package at affordable rates.

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Media Expert Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. Launches the Top Authority Activation Virtual Retreat

The retreat serves as a FREE platform to help female entrepreneurs to be the go-to expert In their fields in a women- based intimate setting.

September 28, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Since the pandemic, the online coaching and consultancy world is becoming more competitive. Entrepreneurs are seen transitioning from a traditional brick and mortar physical space to a virtual space to feed the demands of the working from home lifestyle shift.

According to Dr. Izdihar, one of the ways that female entrepreneurs can stand out from the crowd is by positioning themselves as the go-to expert in their fields. Dr Izdihar further clarified that there are six steps to build your brand as the authority- becoming a bestselling author, getting media endorsements, being featured on high profile publications such as Forbes, being interviewed as an expert on TV, getting interviewed as guests on high profile platforms and speaking on TEDx and other international stages.

Potential clients want to work with the best in the industry and they are more likely to convert to paying clients when they see evidence of a media feature, association and endorsements from globally trusted organizations due to the trust and credibility factors.

However, PR Agency often charge a large amount for clients who want to get such media and publicity. Dr Izdihar saw this gap and this lead to her creating the FREE Top Authority Activation Virtual Retreat to help female entrepreneurs learn how to position themselves as an experts and get media publicity the simplest way possible.

Speaking on her inspiration of creating the retreat, Dr Izdihar said “As they build their business, it is crucial for female entrepreneurs to have a solid brand that is recognized by globally trusted organizations. This free virtual retreat is a safe and intimate space for any female entrepreneurs to learn authority positioning using results-producing methods.”

The Top Authority Activation Retreat is an accelerated method to help female entrepreneurs to be bestselling authors, get in the media, high profile publications like Forbes, get booked in magazines and podcasts, get featured on TV, radio and speak on TEDx stage.

Jessica Fox who is one of the Authority Coach in the retreat said “Izdihar really opened up how simple it can be for someone to truly gain the credibility and exposure media can offer. Media no longer seems so mysterious or daunting. With her simple system and roadmap, I now see that I can truly grow my credibility as a coach and consultant.”

Dr Izdihar Jamil is considered the go-to media expert for female entrepreneurs, having been featured on Forbes, Fox TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, TED Ed and hundreds of media outlets. She is also an 8 x #1 International Bestselling Author of It Is Done! And Yes I Can! In 2021, Izdihar was inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who biography in recognizing her contribution as the top 5% in the industry with Warren Buffet and Oprah. She has also spoken on hundreds of prestigious events and interviews all around the world and was featured on multiple international magazines.

Dr. Izdihar hopes that female entrepreneurs will take advantage of the free Top Authority Activation Retreat to help position themselves as the go-to expert in their fields with her simple no-fuss methods that work.

Sara Ruda who participated in the retreat said “The retreat that Dr Izdihar Jamil held was refreshing and so much fun! She was able to cover all the big topics with amazing energy and she is relentless in the pursuit of her goals and encouraging you to reach yours.”

TEDx speaker Michelle Mehta said the following about the retreat “The retreat is an accessible platform to showcase tips and tricks on how to achieve a particular goal such as being a TEDx Speaker or being an expert on Television. It gives our community of women a taste of what success can feel like and allowing them to be confident in being the #1 go to expert in their field.”

For more information about the retreat and how it can help you to build your authority visit:

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Organization: Diamond Queen LLC

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An Artist Talk with Yury Kharchenko, “Art, Culture and Memory”

An exploration of Holocaust remembrance.

Germany – September 28, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

The LVR-Jewish Museum in Cologne’s Archaeological Quarter will host a panel discussion with artist Yury Kharchenko titled “Art, Culture and Memory.” The event takes places at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne, Germany, on October 5, 2021 from 7pm-9pm. Due to the limited number of seats, registration is required by September 29th. Admission is free.

The discussion will deal with issues surrounding Holocaust remembrance, the culture of remembrance, and guilt. Yury Kharchenko focuses on what he considers the commercialization of remembrance in both the German and the Jewish context and raises the question as to the extent this process contributes to the disappearance of important moments of memory. As one aspect of this focus, he directs his attention to the handling of Auschwitz “as a taboo, inviolable sanctuary.” To what extent does the incomparability of Auschwitz make the crime and the memory of the victims still tangible and alive? What can an appropriate culture of remembrance look like in the here and now? In his more recent works, Yury Kharchenko has dealt with the Holocaust in an often offensive way, using iconography that takes up well-known figures and ideas from pop culture and mixing them with references to the Holocaust. He confronts viewers with violent fantasies and breaks taboos. We see Scrooge McDuck guarding his money in front of the gates of Auschwitz. Bugs bunny having sex in front of a concentration camp. Goofy prancing in front of Buchenwald. Batman stares at us in front of the gates of Auschwitz.

The discussion at the Wallraf Museum will take up the role of Kharchenko’s art in the context of Holocaust remembrance and the extent it can (or cannot) contribute to social discourse. The panelists include Kharchenko, Rita Kersting (Deputy Director Museum Ludwig), Professor Micha Brumlik (Prof. Emeritus, Educational Sciences University, Frankfurt), and Kay Heymer (Head of Modern Art, Museum Kunstpalast Foundation). Dr. Michael Köhler moderates.

Free registration is required at: and closes on September 29, 2021.

About Yury Kharchenko: born in Moscow in 1986, he studied from 2004 to 2008 at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Between 2010 and 2012 he devoted himself to the study of the Torah, Talmud, Jewish ethics and philosophy as well as the topic of Jewish thought influences in postmodernism with a strong focus on Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas. He lives and works in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

About the Carl Kruse Art Blog – “Ars Lumens:” Since 2016 the blog has highlighted the work of artists, past and present, and focused on wide-ranging movements in art history from Pop to Action Painting to the Art of Atari. The blog previously featured Yury Kharchenko in its October 2020 edition.

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Independent Author Announces Launch Of Second Book In Space Opera Parody Series

Independent author Erick Drake is announcing the release of his new book ‘1960s Purple Sex Gas.’ This is the second book in his parody space opera series.

September 28, 2021 / /

Essex based independent author Erick Drake is pleased to announce the release of his new book ‘1960s Purple Sex Gas.’ This is the second novel in his parody space opera series, Space Scrap 17 that began with ‘The Doomsday Machine.’

The first book in the series debuted to fantastic reviews on Amazon and was a great success for the author.

Erick turned to independent publishing after being furloughed in 2020. He said:

“I’d always wanted to publish my writing, so it was a case of ‘now or never’.”

Since then, Erick has written two novels, six short stories and a stage play. This novel is the second of a three part series.

Erick states:

“After the third Space Scrap book, I have a stack of new projects to get through, the agony is in deciding which to do next. That’s the problem with being an Indie Author – you have to do everything yourself, so time is a precious commodity. But it’s never a chore and the rewards are amazing.”

For independent authors the rewards are not only those of creative control and self reliance – they can also be financial, with many authors reporting six figure annual incomes from their efforts. Better yet, there are no agents or publishing houses lurking to swipe a percentage.

His new novel, ‘1960s Purple Sex Gas’ follows the continuing comedic adventures of the crew of garbage hauler Space Scrap 17 as they encounter a toxic gas capable of mutating humans into eight foot tall, slavering monsters.

“Space Scrap is a parody series, it parodies sci-fi films and books – basically all the stuff I loved growing up,” Erick says. “Doomsday Machine heavily parodied Star Trek (movies, original series and Next Gen). The new book takes in (among others) 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, and Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker. And the Borg from Star Trek. Did I mention I love Star Trek?”

1960s Purple Sex Gas is released in ebook format on September 30th and will be available from Amazon stores.

According to reviewers, Erick’s writing style is a cross between the absurdism of Jasper Fforde and the snark and satire of Tom Robbins, with a healthy dose of Douglas Adams.

About Erick Drake

Erick Drake was an avid reader from a very early age. After his father brought home a computer, Erick knew he wanted to be a writer. His first short story won a Writers News Magazine competition in 1995 and he has written sketches for BBC radio comedy. In 2004, Erick was commissioned by BBC South to write a Doctor Who TV story ‘The Paradox Device.’ However, the production was cancelled after the series was rebooted.

Erick is inspired by the likes of Stephen R.Donaldson as well as Douglas Adams and countless science fiction writers.

More information about Erick Drake can be found on his website. Alternatively, a representative for the author can be contacted directly using the information below.

Contact Info:
Name: Stuart Robinson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Erick Drake
Phone: 07900906994


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